Sun Pluto opposition Tarot Card readings

The Sun Pluto opposition on July 17/18 is an intense a once a year event. A face off between the Apollo the Sun God and Pluto a battle royal of the dark and the light. You will feel it. Shadows of all kinds will be brought to light, This is a good thing.

Tarot card readings for this event, Watch the video.

July 17/18 SUN opposing Pluto is a once a year heavy aspect.  Sexual and power secrets will come to light. This is a good thing. tarot reading for all signs.
Apoll mit den Stunden Georg Friedrich Kersting,
Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

U.S. Public Domain tagTarot Card reading for all 4 elements for this intense Sun Pluto opposition.

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July 4 Happy Birthday America under a Scorpio moon

July 4 Happy 241st Birthday America 

Happy Birthday America,

The planets are making some very complex maneuvers today. Plus this is the U.S. official Solar Return July 4th @ 11:36 pm. That’s when the Sun returns to the exact spot at the countries and peoples own birth charts, which is 13 degrees 19 minutes of Cancer, to conjunct with Fixed Star SIRIUS the brightest star in the skies. The ” dog star.” 

SCORPIO MOON is very active all day, it will be a day of emotional upheaval. Watch out for unconscious emotional bashing with family. It starts with a sextile to Pluto in the wee hours EDT and GMT. 

Another GRAND WATER TRINE today- our cups runneth over.

Scorpio Moon trines MARS in CANCER in the wee hours, then Trines Mercury in Cancer in the evening then Chiron in PISCES later on, July 5th GMT. 

People will be very emotional, sentimental and protective of their homes and families. We are still oppositional from the MARS-PLUTO standoff which we will still be feeling for a few more days. Don’t forget the Sun is moving in to oppose PLUTO on the 8th/9th on the FULL MOON. We will be feeling that power pull between the powers of Life and Death very strongly. It’s important to trash and recycle all old emotional baggage right now. 

VENUS enters GEMINI in the evening to add lots of talking the social butterfly flitting around energy and lots more talk and no commitments. Pres. Trump is a GEMINI who loves to tweet so expect lots more Twitter storms while Venus is in Gemini all month. 

MERCURY in CANCER squares URANUS in ARIES @ 28+ degrees

Those who are old fashioned and traditionally American, all Mom and Apple Pie versus the millennial revolutionaries who’ve been set afire in anger, indignation and a desire for freedom from the old job rat race and the old family paradigm and agendas want to evolve, not devolve into literalistic Biblical ideas of creationism and limiting women’s rights. This is beyond parties or should be at this point. 

MERCURY in Cancer will Trine CHIRON in PISCES on the 5th 

This aspect will tinge our feelings with deep emotional unconscious wounds. It is good to let these feelings come up and to express them. Martyrdom; pain; denial; illusions, false prophecies, emotional addiction patterns and old karmic grudges. We need to talk about our vulnerabilities and not attack and project onto others our own shadows. Dialogue is what democracy all about, not shutting down other people who do not share the same opinions or values. 

Scorpio Moon inconjuncts URANUS in ARIES

A great deal of revenge, possessiveness, secrets, ruthlessness, power, and control agendas are totally incompatible with bolstering any hope of change, new beginnings or renewal. This is frustrating, spinning the karmic wheels. 


Jupiter in LIBRA is the deal maker, the peacekeeper, the go-between, ambassador with great finesse. This aspect is where the dialogue and the peace talks fail. Neptune in PISCES is a spiritual idealist, a projection of innocence and faith, a spiritual dream of wholeness and soul mates. They two are in different universes speaking languages from different centuries with different values. That just about sums up Islamic religion with the modern West where women have more rights and equality in general. If you and any others can’t see eye to eye today its best to just send them love and compassion. 

The MOON enters SAGITTARIUS @ 10:08 pm PDT to bring up some optimism. This aspect occurs on July 5 in EDT and GMT.

The WEST COAST gets the lighthearted optimistic good-humored stuff. 

MOON opposes VENUS in GEMINI @ 10:38 pm PDT/ July 5 in EDT and GMT 

A very tumultuous day. Scorpio Lunar energies make emotions run high and deep. Scorpios fave color is BLACK, dark, Goth, fascinated with death and decay. The undertone is to be enamored with sex, power, money, and control. 

The Scorpio moon energies on the U.S. solar return indicates massive changes lurking underground in the collective Unconscious. Which most likely will bust out in October when Jupiter enters Scorpio. Sex scandals will be revealed in the highest places all over the place.

I’ll do the U.S. Chart separately tomorrow. 

Have a great safe enjoyable Holiday to my family, friends, and clients. 

Please be kind and share with correct attribution to this website. All writing is copyright of Tara Greene. 

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Solar Power oppositions,do love different

July 7 The Moon is still in gregarious dramatic LEO all day. It will be a dramatic day.

There are 3 very important planetary aspects today which in itself is very rare.This is a super Cardinal T-square energy. Tensions will be felt. 

Mercury in Cancer opposes PLUTO in the wee hours and the SUN opposes PLUTO 11 hours later. 

Sun opposite to PLUTO is the opposite of where we were when the Sun and PLUTO were conjunct January 5th 2016 @ 15 degrees Capricorn. Think back on what you initiated then, what were your career and long term goals? You’ve come half way in that cycle on intention.

The SUN in CANCER has the spotlight on women, old fashioned needs to feel safe, homeland security and is very emotional. Pluto in Capricorn is the PLUTOCRACY, the 1% the to the death for the profit. Pluto in Capricorn can be ruthless, Hitleraian, the New world order or the soul’s journey to build its mission on earth and bring the material world into a place full of soul. We can see the players in this archetypal movie as the three candidates in the American presidential election of course. 

How fitting that Hillary Clinton just got cleared of her email investigation by the FBI.  Clinton was under lucky transits. 

This is a VERY powerful stand off. All oppositions are stare downs. This is the SUN staring down the Lord of DEATH. Life versus death. In every situation in every moment that is really all that is going on. 

This is indicates a rising up by women from traditional roles as stay at home moms and limited in their power in the world to seek and obtain higher realms of authority and power in the world. 

If you are a woman who understands and knows her soul purpose than make a vow this day to achieve it. Pluto in Capricorn is patient. Use the SUN”s energy to source your deepest darkest most soulfull presence and use that light in the dark to guide you. 

Sun opposite Pluto Astrology Tara Greene

Use this energy to empower your vision, your soul’s true purpose and turn the light onto you souls mission.  This occurs at 16+ degrees Cancer/Capricorn.

Beside the Moon canoodling around with A trine to Uranus and an inconjunct to CHIRON  meaning your moods will be all over the place and spontaneous combunstion is highly likely- do avoid BBQ’s and handling dangerous items. 

The other BIG TRANSIT of the day- and its rare to get three of these in one day and on a lucky numerology 777 day. 

VENUS in CANCER is square to URANUS in ARIES @ 24+ degrees 

This totals the days transits to create a A wide Supreme Cardinal cross. 

This can present in many ways, my intuition said it could be an unexpected pregnancy, or a sudden change in your family, some chaos,can be leaking plumbing, children acting out, rebellion against MOM runs high. Think higher consciousness and out of the box to avoid being stuck at loggerheads with the same old same old issues. This is an opp to break free of the old family patterns. Freedom is good, Change is good. It is a higher evolutionary energy for women in general. 

Let me know how this energy affects you. Especially if you have planets at 11-29 degrees of Cancer Capricorn Aries and LIBRA  you are being drawn into the cross. 

The energy will get back down to grounded as the Moon enters VIRGO @ 3:41 pm PDT/ 6:41 pm EDT/ 10:41 pm GMT.

Moon is in Virgo until July 10. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene 

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Bloody Monday, Sun opposite Pluto, Frida Kahlo

Monday bloody Monday. The Moon is in soft pastels, watery lagoons of creative, romantic, dream time  as the Pisces Moon trines Sun in Cancer, and tickles Pluto in a sweet sextile

I’m flowing along with the tide wherever my imagination takes me. I never knwo what I am going to write most days. I can’t stop  writing. Neptune is at the mid-point of my Sagittarius Sun and Moon. Do I write too much?    then…

WHAM BAM THANK YOU MA’AM the SUN and PLUTO face off in the morning  

The big corporate Plutocrats  are facing off with the Cancerian country,home, feeling-led Greeks.

reigniting the Cardinal Cross energy from 2014- 2015 at 14+ degrees Cancer this of course is a near hit to the U.S. Sun. You may feel a lurch in your stomach. 

After holidays may be a rude beginning in the world markets today what with Greece’s NO vote. 

Neptune, the oceanic ruler of Pisces is also in an easy sextile to Pluto and in a Grand Trine to the Cancerian and U.S, SUN.

Neptune rules DEBT, illusion, things that aren’t real, fantasy, escapism, spirituality, the SOURCE. 

Moon later conjuncts Chiron in Pisces because yes it will hurt. 

Moon ends the day in an awkward quincunx to Jupiter in Leo in PDT and next morning in EDT. 

there will be much ballyhoo and belly aching and big egos and heads rolling.

What to do: Ignore the fracas and ruckus and tune into your own Higher self, a good day to meditate and dream. Every Pisces Moon is a chance to step away from reality and the 3-D demands of work, and living in the material world, especially as the world will be fussing about the material things or lack of them. You stay centered and calm with the world raging around you. Be the symbol of the Chariot in the Tarot. Be creative as well, dance, paint, sing, chant Holy mantras. 

Happy Birthday to His Holiness the Dalai Lama turning 80 today born in Tibet, may he live long.  China overtook Tibet in the 1950’s and continues to smother and desecrate this sacred land and culture. 

Happy Birthday to one of my art heroine’s Frida Kahlo born July 6 1907 

The Love Embrace of the Universe 1949

Frida Kahlo the extraordinary artist had an extraordinary astrology chart too. 

Frida kahlo astrology Tara Greene

with her Sun conjunct Fixed Star Sirius and Neptune {and the U.S. Sun} at 13 degrees Cancer,  the planet of artists, spirituality, and addictions close by, it was natural that she would rise to fame.  Frida had her Moon at 29 degrees Taurus conjunct to ALGOL the Star considered to have the worst reputation and to bring evil. This is also conjunct to the Pleiades, the famed 7 weeping Sisters. With a  Pluto Venus conjunction in Gemini, Frida was a creature of opposites, dual-natured, bi-sexual,oozing charm, attracting wealth, beauty, strength, and she was an amazing communicator. Jupiter and the North Node conjunct in Cancer -she was  a huge soul, the Madre of the earth, who knew what her mission was. With an unusual Retrograde Mars and Uranus conjunct in Capricorn in the 5th house, Frida had enormous discipline, a hard work ethic, she was a fiercely independent woman who came to finish off her karma with men in her life and to change the traditional path for women. The 5th house is traditional the house of children, love affairs, and creative self-expression. She did that in spades, her bus accident- Mars/Uranus left her in pain her entire life with over 30 spinal operations and the inability to have children. Her artworks were her children and she treated her twice married husband Diego Rivera as her baby as shown in the painting. With Mercury in Leo  Frida was a charismatic, beautiful and powerful woman  and was a natural leader, strong-willed, big-hearted, dramatic, ruling like a Queen from her imagination {in the 12th house}. Saturn in Pisces made her a martyr, very creative, a loner, with great spiritual and imaginative depth.  Frida was a Goddess. Her career has eclipsed that of her husband. She is an inspiration to all who see her works. I swear I wrote an article where I deciphered Frida and Diego’s charts and I can’t find it anywhere, Weird. 

inspirational Card of the day 

“The Devil” in the Tarot Garden of Niki de Saint Phalle, Capalbio, Italy 1990’s

“Better the devil you know than the one you don’t.” Is this what Greece is doing? 

The Devil is about buying into the lie of the physical material world Greed, Temptation, Bondage. 

about Frida

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