The 23rd degree Sun Mercury quincunx Saturn Alchemy

The Sun conjunct Mercury July 16 in Cancer brings a golden opportunity for emotional mental fusion. A focussed golden time to meld our hearts and minds bathed in the heart of the sun, the Source of light.

But The Sun and Mercury at 23° Cancer Are both Inconjunct to Saturn 🪐 Retrograde in Aquarius at 23°.

The 23 degree in Degre Theory Astrology is the degree relating to AQUARIUS where Saturn, ruler of Aquarius is. The 23rd-degree is about cutting, crossing, cutting across, to interrupt, divorce, a high place, flying, airport, high tech, engineers, engineering, new technology, helping others, friends, organizations, network, electrician, electrical, high wire, electrocuted, suicide, easy and fast ways

If you have planets at 23 degrees Fixed Taurus, Aquarius, Leo and Scorpio -Taurus or water – Cancer Scorpio PIsces you will be impacted the most.

Saturn, the planet of reality, maturity, history, testing, obstacles, the father, career, the old boys network like the Supreme Court in the US that overturned Roe versus Wade, the forces of conservatives, and karma brings a heavy weight to anything it touches. Saturn is the architect and the builder of all matter.

Saturn’s metal is lead and the Sun’s metal is gold. These are amongst the two main symbols of alchemy whose purpose is turning lead- which is the old negativity, the ancient depression, the failures, the weight, the father’s legacy, the history into gold, a transmitter of energy and the light is our sun which warms life and all the stars.

I know everyone is going through very intense emotional transformations right now with the South Node in Scorpio. As an empath and light worker and from speaking to many clients, It feels like we are going through a Collective dark night of the soul and I am certainly feeling it.

When Mercury which symbolizes consciousness is sitting in the golden heart of the sun it is invisible, hidden in the light. In this way, we see that consciousness may be hidden, or aspects of our consciousness is in the shadows but it is still filled with light. TheSun Mercury Cazimi can help us access those hidden sparks of light in the dark so that we can integrate them and be more fully conscious Light and dark cannot exist without each other, light and the dark balance each other out.

Whatever the challenges we are going through, remember that what we seek is always hidden deep within our own hearts our bodies and in our own invisible soul. Remember the pun of the Sun which was called Sol/Soul. The light of the sun is the soul shining and spirit inspiring us and radiating the spark of life and action.

Light is always birthed from the dark, the receptive cauldron of the void the void which contains all potentials.

When we are going through these heavy challenges, Saturn in Aquarius is tasking us to liberate and free ourselves from the heavy burden of our past karmic burdens, personal and collective.

Use these aspects July 16

The Sun in Inconjunct’s Saturn at 7:34 am EDT Mercury Inconjunct Saturn at 11:55 am and Sun Mercury conjunction at 3:38 pm

To reflect, to feel, to see and understand the complementary dualities.

Feel the alchemical transformation within you as mercury and sun 🌞 become one. It is a golden blessing, and become aware of your blind spots which Saturn symbolizes. The blond spots are your weak points embrace these. It can be hard and painful work but it is at the very root of total transformation.

THe world is asking no less of us now. It’s our karmic responsibility to endure the dark night of the soul/sol and reinvent and free ourselves from the negativity of the past and clear the way for a present where we command our own reality.

Saturn in Aquarius rules all things technical, mechanical, the internet, futurism, the myth of “progress” and cryptocurrency. Saturn is testing the limits of all of these new inventions. Saturns in air sign Aquarius tells you to be mature, to think for yourself to break away from herd mentality.

Sending you many blessings

Please share widely all content us copyright of Tara Greene

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Mercury Golden Retrograde, Upbeat weekend

After the powerful Sun Mars Conjunction called cazimi yesterday I did ritual during the hour of Mars and made a tincture.

Mars in Libra makes you scared to express anger or say what you’re feeling. Venus in Sagittarius amps up courage to speak your truth Oct. 9

The SUN and MERCURY meet October 9. Another CAZIMI, it seems rare to have two days of Cazimi’s very auspicious.

Mercury will be at the heart of the Sun at 9:18 am PDT/ 12:18 pm EDT/ 5:18pm GMT. at 16 degrees 35 minutes of Libra. Look at where this degree is in your astrology chart Remember you have to have planets or angles within 17′ of either side of this to qualify for the Cazimi gold prize otherwise Mercury is combust and burned out by the sun.

It’s A very potent magical time. CAZIMI- I love that word- meaning in the Heart of the SUN. Any planet right in the Heart of Gold of the Sun is considered to be really blessed and positive and charged up. It’s the biggest blessing a planet can get.



Mercury is Retrograde so this is like the GOLDEN OLDIES. A good time to reflect on when things seemed golden, when you first fell in love, those HALCYON DAYS, when life seemed totally abundant rich, sun drenched and golden.

Halcyon Days’ came into English language around the 13th century. But it originated in the Greek Myths. The saying soon lost its associations with a specific time in the calendar and became symbolic, suggesting a period of blissful tranquillity. Today, it refers nostalgically to the long, seemingly sun-drenched days of youth, despite originating from a time representing seven days before and after Winter Solstice. Halcyon Days evokes a glorious period in the past, in which someone or something was content and flourishing. This is a totally fantastic description of this Retro Mercury Sun conjunction. Reflect on old conversations, ideas and times where life was more balanced. From this original article

The Sun, by virtue of its heat and light, and Source of all Life, makes this an Alchemical process, a melting, molding, transformation in the Sun’s heart. This is truly ALCHEMY, turning Lead or in this case- our mental processes, our communications, our thoughts are turned to Gold. 

In this case, silence is not golden but our words are. Today symbolizes a need for balance and moderation in everything in these extreme oppositional time, conversations and point of view.

“Golden thoughts and words flow from my lips benefiting all beings.” is today’s manta

Be especially conscious of every thought you think and word you speak. This is an excellent, excellent day to do positive affirmations. REMEMBER that any ideas you write down or intentions you make will not move forwards until the next MERCURY CAZIMI when Mercury is Direct and once again in the heart of the Sun on November 28/29 at 7 degrees 10′ SAGITTARIUS. This is on my SOLAR return and a very big birthday for me. I am very very happy to know this is coming. I know this is auspicious and means i will be writing and teaching and inspiring and speaking my truth. Check out if you have planets angles at 7degrees 10′ Sagittarius.

Mercury in the Tarot is the Magician #1 indicating that our magical tool our permanent magic wand which no one can take away from us is our minds, our state of consciousness, our ability to think, analyze and communicate.

Mercury the God was the messenger of the Gods, he is the Trickster, the God of Merchants, the Great PSYCHOPOMP another word I dearly love, he is the God of Thieves, The Magical child, changeable, adaptable, he is our twin sided mind, and Messenger of the Gods. 

Spend time tuning into your thoughts. Speak only golden words. Praise and beauty slide off your tongue. This is a great day for Libra and Libra placements to reflect on their golden gifts as communicators.

If you’ve been feeling the heavy drama since the new Moon and Scorpio Moon too, the energy shifts big time today.

A lot of optimistic energy today. Saggy Moon conjuncts VENUS to brighten your mood, your values your need to fight for justice to speak your truth.

MERCURY Retrograde Conjuncts MARS in LIBRA

a repeat of the SUN MARS conjunction You get to refine the message.

Sagittarius Moon conjunct Venus & Retro Mercury conjuncts Mars. Old conversations with lovers that were never properly completed need to be addressed. If you are no longer in touch with that person, Put your 2 cents in and finish it.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene unless referenced.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends family and clients.

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Serious Reality Check today

The Sun is busy today conjunct MERCURY in LEO at 9+ degrees this morning. It later opposes SATURN at 11:14 pm PDT/ Aug. 2 at 2:14 am EDT/ 6:14 am GMT.

It’s also LAMMAS or Happy Lughnasadh. We are half way to Autumn Equinox today a cross-quarter day in the ancient pagan calendar of sun and earth workshop. It’s a thanksgiving for the 1st harvest and gratitude day. John Barleycorn must die is a famous ancient song of this day.



This annual event helps us see the opposing forces at their heaviest. Saturn always restricts, limits, is leaden, obstructs, it is the Patriarchy the old boys network, it is karmic tests. The SUN is our ego our identity the source of all life, Its bigger than Saturn yet Saturn has the reputation of ending life. Saturn is depressing, you may be feeling quite down with a morose outlook. Saturn is the reality check so it can also give you an objective reality check from the “everything is sunny” blinded by the light view.


A big heavy day. Our ego and our limitations are being tested. We may feel depressed, heavy and limited. Frustration levels will be high. Important decisions and turning points can occur today. Issues with fathers, authority figures and restrictions in the news.

A Quote from the book ZODIAC: Life Epitome by Walter H. Sampson:

Me, the everlasting Saturn, the devourer of children, the wearer-out of youth the heart-breaker, soul-crusher, flattener-down, whose gigantic hand now upon your neck shall never be moved until your head automatically seeks the ground, turned irrevocably to the past, idealism, once the lovely, lightening deity, of your most beloved sanctuary, now the soiled, tearless, bedraggled captive long since past despair, subjected to a mockery more bitter than death, compelled to dance to inspire spoilers to new spoliation, prostituted beyond recognition, deface and defamed and, worst of all, cited as the instigator of all that she holds loathsome Do we exaggerate? Well, the concentration of things which normally occupy much time and space into the small spaces of a few pages cannot but seem to, and yet, excluding this particular error, I believe not.”