Fire up serious new cycle, weekend Astrology

Dec 9  Has very hot hot hot aspects today


Saturn Retrograde astrology mystic Tara Greene

ARIES MOON Trines the SUN and SATURN in SAGITTARIUS at 17-18+ degrees

This gives blessings which mature one’s goals and outlooks, one’s educational aspirations and adventures. Passionate and serious at the same time. That means you can make your bliss become a real career with longevity. The Sun lightens up the most morose, depressed Saturnine nature. Have some fun. Good day sunshine, its seriously optimistic. It takes hard work to be happy. Bringing to light depression, sadness, talk about it. We all get sad, we all feel grief. Saturn is old age and seniority. The Sun says lighten up and enjoy the journey.  If you have planets at these degrees of LEO you’ve got a fire Grand Trine going

speaking of the Sun in Sagittarius and Saturn planet of longevity, Look at KIRK DOUGLAS 100 years old today. Dec 9 

Kirk Douglas, 100, Sagittarius, tara Greene

Played Spartacus and Vincent Van Gogh, went from abject poverty as the son of immigrant Russian Jewish parents, rose to be one of the most popular actors of Hollywood’s Golden Age. Douglas fought against McCarthyism by hiring blacklisted writer Dalton Trumbo for Spartacus,Director Stanley Kubrick’s first major feature film. Kirk has donated millions of dollars to charity, especially for Israel. The father of actor and film director Michael Douglas, is a Sagittarius born on a Full Moon in Gemini.  Happy 100th birthday Kirk. 

This is good old-fashioned spirit which will go to the top of the mountain. 

Moon squares PLUTO opposes JUPITER in LIBRA and conjuncts URANUS

It’s a CARDINAL CROSS energy day. The cross-hairs, balancing the revolutionary fires. 

SUN SEXTILES JUPITER a very nices relationship booster.

This is a nice lucky positive aspect. Jupiter expands relationships, harmony, the ability to listen to the other and to be “nice.” This is all very gracious, very artsy, good for salons soirees, cocktail parties and just UP energy. 

Moon sextiles MARS in AQUARIUS

Do something weird, wild, offbeat, quirky and kinky in the bedroom, or in some radical place. Spice it up anywhere.

Dec 10 


Pay attention to your dreams as Mercury in Capricorn moving slowly may bring on that SATURNINE theme of devils, bosses, father issues to the surface. 


The planet Saturn has a bad rep. He is known as Satan/ The Devil in the TAROT 

the Devil Tarot Tara Greene

TRUMP of the Devil #15 Thoth Tarot

Old Father Time, father issues, limitations, obstacles, Karma, Testing, seriousness.

Better the Devil you know than the one you don’t? This is an annual event and symbolizes a new reality cycle.  In SAGITTARIUS our new reality is being serious about politics, the truth, honesty, foreigners, justice. 

John Sandbach on the 18+ degree of SAGE Wisdom says:

Sagittarius 19. An old abandoned garden, everything under a blanket of ivy. (Omega Symbol) Manifesting/Responsible

(Degree Angel: Veuliah (vay-OO-lee-AH) Defying Gravity, Prosperity)

This degree wants to let everything be what its going to be – without coercion, effort, cultivation, or manipulation. It manifests a genuine naturalness that can sooth others and encourage them to be themselves. This is not a case of laziness, but rather a desire to not impose the self on the world, so that the world is free to go its own way. The agendas of nature are here allowed to take precedence over the egoic agendas of the self.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A monstrous sea creature dead, washed up on the beach.” Things not usually or often seen are revealed. This degree is about bringing things to the surface, especially those things that are hidden in the depths of the self.

The sea creature is not monstrous to itself or its own kind, or to the others of its natural environment – it is only our fears -That is SATURN, the DEVIL in the TARot} that turn it into a monster. As we study it we begin to take in its beauty and to realize that there are other worlds where energy and consciousness has assumed forms far different from our own. How enriching! In this way we expand our vision of the universe and are more able to accept what comes our way and just let things be whatever they are, and whatever they want to become as time passes, like the garden of the Omega Symbol.
A woman with a gold tooth. (Chandra Symbol). Reclaiming one’s power allows one to address old patterns and syndromes. “

If you have planets at 18 degrees GEMINI, VIRGO SAGITTARIUS or PISCES you will feel the full impact of SUN conjunct SATURN. The SUN lights up even Father Time, the DEVIL, or death itself.  The SUN in Sag. brings hope faith, optimism, no matter how dark, hard, difficult, depressing, challenging things seem.

Wishing RIP to singer Greg Lake of Emerson, Lake and Palmer who died on Dec. 8 

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Lucky Man Emerson, Lake and Palmer 1970

Positive karma is coming

Dec 4, 2016 The Moon is in Aquarius and its an easy breezy Sunday with the Moon sextiling the SUN.

Moon makes an airy trine to JUPITER In LIBRA

This is a great open house energy and beneficial for GEMINI’s as well.

Moon Sextiles SATURN

and all is good as we can see things from a detached, accepting our weirdness, idiosyncrasies and with an appreciation of  nerdity.

From now until DECEMBER10th the SUN and “he’s so heavy” planet SATURN are getting ready to rendezvous @ 18 + degrees SAGITTARIUS, the sign of justice, foreigners, and truth.

The Sun is the Light and Saturn is rather dark and heavy, stern, restrictive, an old school, Patriarch. Bringing the light to what is heavy, dense, outworn, old-fashioned is one way to look at this.  The SUN is always positive energy to whatever drudgery, hard work, limitations pain and suffering, or exams that we face. We can face the Christmas season more joyously under this aspect. In Northern Hemispheres the days are getting shorter and shorter. Many people actually suffer from S.A.D.

SAGITTARIUS is the sign of hope and faith and many Democrats and those who believe in human rights need all the renewed energy they can get to face the very big serious obstacles ahead.

PLUS ASTEROID PSYCHE squares Sun and SATURN in VIRGO approaching Dec. 10 energies.

Cupid and Psyche astrology Tara Greene

Cupid and Psyche by Annie Swynnerton (1891)

Asteroid PSYCHE represents the soul, the anima. Psyche means the soul. Psyche square SUN SATURN greatly enhances embodied psychic energies, gut instincts. Begin to work with Goddess PSYCHE and learn to make your intuition more real, solid, trustworthy. This happens through practice and discipline. Daily meditation. Learn to sense what you know by instinct.

If you have a project to launch, a serious speech, commitment, a passion that you wish to commit to December 10th is the day to do that.  Use this next week to build up your momentum. Do what feels good and energizes you.


We all tend to think and speak negative thoughts about others, things in the world and usually ourselves the most. Many tend to be negative, complain and act and feel depressed. I do this to, we are all human. The Sun’s conjunction with SATURN will assist us in building a solid practice of changing those unconscious negative habits. Make practicing positive affirmations your yoga.  It’s a two-step process. First you must first become aware that you are thinking or speaking negatively. Self-awareness is the first step.

2. ALTER THAT INTENTION. You must immediately change that energy by taking a breath, thinking of what would be a positive reworking of the thought and

You must immediately change that energy by taking a breath, thinking of what would be a positive reworking of the thought and doing it.You must reframe that energy into something positive. It takes practice.

This doesn’t mean turning everything into all sugar coated sweetness and light or ignoring real harmful, dark, injustices of which there are millions of in the world and in interpersonal relations all the time.  It’s all about awareness. Learn to discern. See everything in your life as an opportunity to bring more Light in.

Even if your life is a struggle to pay the bills, instead of cursing your bills, bless them and state positive intentions that the universe provides you with the money and the means you need to pay the bills. If you are alone and miserable, find the light buried in the dark and access it.

“There’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.”


PLease share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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