April Fool’s Resurrection Day

Happy April Fool’s Day 

In the Tarot the Fool is the wisest card in the deck. The Fool is numbered ZERO and 22 a Master Number. Zero symbolizes enlightenment. It is wholeness completion- a round a cycle of infinite movement.It is nothing or the Void of total potential.

The Fool is the first and the last. The Alpha and the Omega. As in the Book of Revelations ” I am the Alpha and the Omega the First and the Last the Beginning and the End.” Which was always the ” Charge of the Star Goddess” I am that which has been with you from the beginning and will be with you at the end.” 

The Fool symbolizes the soul embarking on a new journey into incarnation. The Fool symbolizes Trust and innocence. The very first time a person has a Tarot reading they are embodying the energy of the Fool. 

SUN conjuncts MERCURY RETROGRADE in ARIES at 12 degrees

Relight your mind. Focus the Sun’s light to burn the old scripts. Revisit old mental grooves that do not compute to who you are and with what you are growing into and where you are going right now. 

All new beginnings need to be revisited. Mental frustration is high. Aries hates to stop slow down or be told what to do. 

MARS and SATURN conjunct April 2 at 9 Capricorn squaring Sun/Mercury 

Mars Saturn Conjunction Tara Greene

 Mars rules Aries and he is in Saturn’s rulership.This is a fated heavy end and beginning of a new cycle. Be very clear to release old karmic debts and scripts and take responsibility for what you have created. There are always two sides to karma- and Mercury is dual natured. 

There is a trickster aspect going on here as well. Don’t let your mind play tricks on you. Use the Sun’s clarity to decide what is yours and what is theirs and where you responsibility lies and what you can do to build a new foundation.

MARS is aggressive and Saturn is reality and holds down that impulsive Martial spiritual energy.Saturn makes you responsible disciplined orderly and mature. If you work very hard with Saturn he will give you great benefits.

So plan now for when Mercury goes Direct and resolve to honor Saturn’s hard working ethics to get great rewards. Sun conjuncts MERCURY and Mars conjunct SATURN-The Light and The Dark. The two heavies Mars-Saturn get together to provide structure limits and bones to review old mental karmic scripts which may be purged now.

Mars/Saturn in CAPRICORN dispels Neptunian illusions delusions and projections energies as MARS/SATURN sextiles the dreamy planet. 

Yes, the Mars/Saturn energy is very heavy and can bring on feelings of depression of restriction and limitation.Depression is also part of the healing journey if done in awareness.What is the depression all about? Rather than avoiding and avoiding it through addictions and reflexive- stiff upper lips- all business Capricorn and Pisces energy. Welcome the depression as an elder wise guide.Everything is energy and everything has at root a positive intention if it can be transformed. 

This aspect on EASTER is very synchronous as one of my Favourite writers James Hillman the late Jungian rebel psychotherapist said in his compliation book A Blue Fire.

which also rings so well with this rare BLUE MOON.

“Depression. Becasue Christ resurrects moments of despair darkening and desertion cannot be valid in themselves. Our new model insists on light at the end of the tunnel;  It must be necessary for it appears in the crucifixion and it must be suffering but staying depressed must be must be  negative since in the Christian allegory Friday is never valid per se for Sunday- as in integral part of the myth is preexistent in Friday from the start. 

” Yet through depression, we enter depths and find soul. The true revolution beings in the individual who can be true to his to her depression.” 


or as Poet Robert Frost said: “The best way out is through.”

Wishing you a blessed Easter Resurrection and fertility time. Easter is Eostre/Ostara ancient fertility Goddesses whose symbols of reproduction and new life were eggs and rabbits. 

please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene unless otherwise indicated.

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Think positive, Mercury conjuncts the Sun

The SUN and MERCURY meetup today @ 4+ degrees SCORPIO. This is good and positive for anyone who has a birthday today. It was Hillary Clinton’s birthday yesterday turning 69 and this benefits her as well.

Helios Sun Astrology Tara Greene

Think positive! On the sunny side, be optimistic. This aspect strengthens the ability to shine the light into the darkest SCORPIO waters of the soul which can be like a cesspool. All of our rotting shadow material, the uninspected, reflected and worked on material becomes the hummus and enriching environment and turns into compost.  

A good day for clear thinking strategizing and communications. If you have planets at early degrees of all Fixed Signs this also benefits you. TAURUS, LEO, and AQUARIUS.

The MOON has entered LIBRA just now in EDT. remaining in the sign of balance until Saturday night when lots of Halloween parties are going on.

This is a relatively easy energy day, which is good, we need to be able to take a short breather right now.


Mars in CAPRICORN is the warrior and defender of corporations, of the Patriarchy. This is complex because on the one side, all world governments except for Iceland, Bolivia, China and Russia are corporate backed, owned, signed sealed and delivered. The 1% run the world not just America. Trump, even though an independent is a totally Patriarchal kind of old school white boy and is a business man. Hillary Clinton is owned by the Corporations too.   The soft sextile helps us show the folly of our ways. There is a wounded, exposed,vulnerable underbelly to all of this. The image I get is David and Goliath. Many people are waking up to and angry about corporations running the world everywhere. That is a great measure of Trump’s appeal to many despite his personal drawbacks.That’s what Brexit was all about. The people are trying to take back their power. 

A report today that two thirds of all animal wildlife will disappear by 2020, which is barely 3 years away now shocked me. We are also animals even though we believe we are more conscious. The old Patriarchal ” and God said” which translates as some guys huge ego and insecurity made this up,  “go out and proliferate and DOMINATE THE EARTH.” from the old Testament is what Patriarchy and a corporate world is all about. This is thousands of years in the making actually.  If the animals go we go too. Destroying forests, habitats, overbuilding, overpopulating, pollution are all destroying animal habitats. Extinction is forever, Its not like new species appear just like that. Gone is gone. This scares me. If you love your dog, or cat, think of all the wildlife on the earth. Your beloved pet comes from that group animal mind and consciousness. Rather

Rather than spoil your dog or cat with useless crap they don’t need, this is a billion dollar industry of silly anthropomorphized animal consumerism. Your animals only need your love and healthy food. They don’t need exotic beds, coats, toys. etc. Donate that money to help save endangered animals.

Boycott McDonald’s. They are one of the worst environmental travestoes as they mow down millions of Acres a day in Brazil just for bad unhealthy burgers and fast food.

Meatless Monday: Stop eating animals. If everyone did this and it is a very simple and healthy thing to do for yourself and your families all the money saved could be used to create animal preserves. 


There is some intense chaotic energy going on out there. I had one of the most chaotic days yesterday with clients changing start times and actual dates for events that were booked weeks ago for events. One event planner cancelled an event on me for Saturday. It was no it’s not happening yes its happening. This is one of the busiest times of years for eventsThe MARS URANUS square is approaching exact October 28 in the evening PDT and on the 29hth in the wee hours EDT and GMT. 

This kind of energy escalates aggressive, chaotic, unexpected, earthquakes and there were some in Italy yesterday. Unexpected turns of events are to be expected.  The offensive against deasch is escalating. There is a huge danger of nuclear weapons and wars. Do be careful driving, and handling anything dangerous.

Try to stay balanced in the turmoil and the chaos. sending you blessings.

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TBT -Be optimistic Shirley Temple 1938

Red flag, Mercury squares Mars, conjuncts the Sun

Mercury owns this MONDAY. He is the closest buddy planet to the Sun. Known for governing thieves, he is a trickster planet. He reminds me of the swift meeping road runner in the cartoons, who outwits Wile E. Coyote. Coyote is also known in Native Teachings for being the trickster too. This is the two sides of Mercury as he is an androgynous planet. He is both roadrunner and coyote, a dog chasing his own tail, another version of the Orobouros snake. All the wisdom in the world can be surmised through Loonie Toons of course.

I was thinking that during a Mercury Retrograde in Virgo such as this one, that we need to plead for Mercury Mercy.  It’s a red Flag Retrograde Mercury day. 

The MOON  is still in “eats anything” Goaty Capricorn which trines MERCURY in EDT and GMT in the wee hours.   

which trines MERCURY in EDT and GMT in the wee hours.   

Moon sextiles CHIRON in PISCES

Do watch what you consume on all levels.

Moon squares URANUS, still in wee hours and at 3:00 am PDT goes VOID OF COURSE.

A cardinal cross to bear in our dreams here in PDT and EDT. It will be 10:00 am GMT when Moon goes VOID.

The trickster in VIRGO squares MARS in SAGITTARIUS

for a convivial, fisticuffs-friendly punch-up or a rousing rowdy row of words in the afternoon. All in good fun. Expect tempers to flare and hackles to be raised in the morning to afternoon.

MOON is VOID OF COURSE until 2:28 pm PDT/5:28 pm EDT/ 9:28 pm GMT when it enters AQUARIUS the double Lightning sign.  I think all the signs need to be renamed and reGoddesized.

Lightning MOON trines JUPITER in LIBRA 

this is only the 2nd aspect since Jupiter enters the sign of Balance on the 999. Get that thinking cap on and take notes. 

SUN conjuncts MERCURY which is the end of a Mercurial cycle and the beginning of a new one tomorrow. Mercury moves into a masculine phase now at 4:40 pm PDT/7:40 pm EDT/10:40 pm GMT.

Remember to stay centered and grounded. Walk in nature as much as possible. The latest trend is Shinrin Yoku 森林 浴  which is translated as Forest bathing. Robin Hood knew what he was doing. Walking in the woods, spending time with trees  is incredibly healthy.  


We are barely over the last eclipse and heading for the next one on Friday Sept. 16 with a big powerful Lunar eclipse of epic healing proportions at 24+ degrees PISCES smack dab on CHIRON the wounded healer, opposite Mercury in Virgo RETROGRADE and squaring Mars in SAGITTARIUS.  The Pisces Lunar eclipse is

The Pisces Lunar eclipse is governed by NEPTUNE at 10 degrees PISCES still Retrograde and exactly square to SATURN in Sagittarius. Yes that soft-focus Neptunian lovething versus that hard-edged cold steel unavoidable tax man Saturn is still upon us. No squirming away from it.

MARS at 23 Aquarius and ATHENA at 21 Aquarius are in sextile and form a YOD or Finger of God to VESTA the Goddess of investments in CANCER at 20 degrees.  

Vesta in CANCER is in sextile to MERCURY and the SUN in VIRGO which forms a YOD back to ATHENA in AQUARIUS! 

Then ATHENA is again involved in a sextile to ERIS and URANUS still in an exact conjunct at 23 degrees + a few minutes which are both forming a YOD to the SUN in VIRGO and very close to Mercury too. This is a real wild card. 

That’s a triple YOD involving ATHENA, with the SUN, MERCURY, MARS, VESTA .

ATHENA the warrior AMAZON Goddess, is clearly putting her spin onto this Lunar eclipse. More about this shortly.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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