The Summer of Love 2012, Retro, Unexpected, Solstice astrology from Tara Greene

Summer in the Northern Hemisphere 2012 starts June 20 @ 4:09 pm PDT/ 7:09 pm  EDT

Winter arrives in the Southern Hemisphere  – 6 months to You KNow What!

Since I live/love on the top half of the world I  forecast Northern Hemisphere  Astrology 

Summer Astrology Tara Greene Toronto

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The Astrology chart,  the blueprint for the next 3 months  shows an exploding WHOOPEE CUSHION of Gargantuan proportions with {Soul} Pluto Retrograde opposite the newly minted Cancer 2012 Sun also in a tight square to Revolutionary Uranus -exact in 4 days.

we’re sweatin’ already, Egypt is once more in major melt down mode, the economy! forget it. Its creaking over the line, there’s only so many false crutches the FED can pretend to hold this dung heap of a fiscal sham together before ….

the rules of the world are changin… like Mr. Dylan said in 1964- “He/she not busy being born, is busy dying”

The MOON, ruler of our feelings is also being held hostage by Pluto and sitting pretty at the mid 15th degree of Cancer warming a spot for the Sun.

“bringin it all back home” was the aptly titled album   Feeling INSECURE anyone??

The trigger she is pulled very tight. Iran, Syria, Egypt, Israel, Greece,

Moon and Mercury are squared by a sobering reality check { sounds like hocket terminology} from Saturn Retrograde – only 5 days more  serious “I’ve got nothin left to lose feelings.” Sounds a lot like the USA has turned into one Grand Ole country music hurtin song.

not to mention Canada who should be screaming the blues from being held hostage by the Conservative Fundamentalist Terrorist, its arrogant undemocratic Prime Minister

“somebody’s gonna get a hurtin’.”- Canadian Indian comedian Russel Peters.   It’s cryin’ time again

+ Neptune  Retro and Chiron {the wounded healer} in Spiritual forgiveness sign of Pisces both square Jupiter and Retro Venus {going direct June 27} in GEMINI- cant make up their mind/hearts

and that’s  a BIG HURTIN’  HEALIN’  from reversed polarities , WTF is going on man? Old loves, new hurts, new loves, old hurts, I YI Yi!

as above so below…The North Node in Sagittarius{ highest spritual goal}  is opposite Venus

 South Node  { the past} is conjunct Venus and Jupiter . Love can feel like BIG tooth ache Love, if you hang onto those old sticky achy breaky heart stories as they both Square Neptune and Chiron. LOVE HURTS.  These planets perform a love hurts  extraction  contraption as they both Square Neptune and CHiron.

It’s the only Up and Up place to go, North Node Sagittarius  is TRUTH Optimism, the Galactic Center 

enough is enough already. let the tears flow, feel the wounds, and then healing happens…

Lay down your arms. The song that I intutited for the Solstice is by Sade

Mr. Dylan again. “It’s alright Ma,it’s Life and Life only.”

simplify your life. do what holds real emotion for you. we are being changed on a DNA level now.

Be pro-active, Choose your destiny,you are not a victim of life unless you are unconscious. it just appears that way

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Soldier of Love by SADE