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Are you a STRANGER THINGS fan? I haven’t yet watched the Grand Finale to its conclusion yet but am watching the news of how the music from the hit Netflix show is surging old music hits from the 1980’s to the top of SPOTIFY’s charts.

The latest song from the 1980’s to hit the top SPOTIFY charts like Kate Bush’s Running Up the hill is the Heavy Metal band Metallica who, 36 years ago on March 3,1986 released Master of Puppets on ELECTRA records which character Eddie Munson plays in the Upside-Down to lure demo-bats away. It’s his piece de resistance and heroic swan song.

The astrology chart for the song’s release.


It’s North Node at 1 deg.Taurus conjunct T. Mars July 5 opposing the SOUTH NODE the PAST and PLUTO Lord of wealth, dark things, and soul.

Mercury at 0 Aries was touched by expansive Jupiter May 10, Jupiter again expands it October 19-28 and Dec. 21.

NEPTUNE the planet that rules music has been sitting on its VENUS at 23 degrees PISCES for more than a year probably when the songs and episodes were being recorded.

Transitting Venus in Gemini is opposite Natal Mars Moon and Juno in SAGITTARIUS and square the PISCES SUN from the original Release date.

Transiting Saturn in Aquarius is sextile NATAL URANUS in SAGITTARIUS making this an unusal unexpected karmic reinvention.

PLUTO in Late CAPRICORN is square to the NORTH NODE at 1 degree TAURUS and will continue to apply into 2023-2024. Success for the Heavy Metal Band on a more long term level can be sustained.

Have you watched STRANGER THINGS? Are you a HEAVY METAL fan? I relly dislike Heavy metal myself.

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Watch this before it’s deleted

This video is 5 days old still on YouTube for now. seen over 6 million times already

The truth is coming out. There are some really interesting issues. Ive known this all along, but most people dont. Everything you have been taught is a lie. 

digital photo bride and groom Napoleon Brousseau

Lies Lies Lies by Napoleon Brousseau digital photograph 1999.

LSD was used by CIA to programme people then it went mainstream.  

The AGE of AQUARIUS is mentioned here and it may also be a programme, That’s why I keep feeling its double edginess. The people who made this are aiming for a better, more positive, pure, loving, not satanic, controlled world. That is what the media can do best because it’s so powerful.

Plus I remember how traumatized I was a child when my Mom took me to see Bambu when I was about 5 in the movie theatre, It terrified me. 

Watch and let me know what you think,

My mission statement has always been to help you wake up.

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Stranger Things parallel universe being opened by US scientists now

American Scientists are trying to open a portal into a parallel universe right now. It’s synchronous to see this now as my old teacher Stuart Wilde talked about seeing and experience Parallel universe he called them “the Morph” since 2000. He taught others how to disappear and re-appear in and out of these and I witnessed one of his protege’s do this at a workshop

It will be very interesting to see if scientists can open the portal. As hollywood and the media tend to be prophetic or are actually programming the public to get used to any ideas,

The popularity of STRANGER THINGS and the demi-gorgon stepping into our world is pretty freaky to think about. WHERE IS 11?

read the article

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