How to put up Psychic shields

While the Moon is still in Pisces, December 7th in PST.,EST. and GMT we are more sensitive, empathic, emotional and moody. Pisces is the sign of psychic energy,  dreams, the hidden, unseen, spirits, the unconscious, the imagination.

The Moon makes some very hard squares to the SUN and SATURN today. So make sure your protective shields and psychic boundaries are up all day and every day.

NOTE: the Moon then goes Void of course at 6:05 am PST/ 9:05 am EST/ 2:05 pm GMT until the 8th at 2:15 am PST/ 3:15 am EST/ 8:15 am GMT.  That’s almost 20 hours of a lull, a twilight reflective period. Take advantage of it. 

We are a  week away from the next Super MOON in GEMINI on the 13/14th

Pisces Moon squares the Sun in the wee hours in the above time zones tonight and four hours later the Moon squares SATURN, this will all happen before most of us go to work in the morning. The energy will be in effect until the morning of the 8th. Pay attention to your dreams as they can be great opportunities for very lucid dreaming. 

Make sure your protective psychic shields and boundaries are up. Just like in the old Star Trek shows. “Shields up” says Captian Kirk instructs his crew and Dr. Sulu. 

Psychic protection, astrology Tara Greene

Don’t know how to do put up your psychic shields?

It’s really very simple.

  1. Draw an imaginary circle around your bed where you sleep at night or anywhere you are. Start out straight ahead of you and always move in a clockwise direction. You can spread out your arms out to your sides to feel the boundaries of your protective circle as well. This helps to strengthen it and is a good thing to do when you are alone and when you are first starting to practice this defensive action.
  2. Imagine this circle with your mind in white or ultraviolet light. You can also physically do this by using your index finger as a magic wand and draw out the boundaries of safety around you. If you have a pointed clear quartz crystal or amethyst or other type of crystal wand I would hold that in your hand and use it as your magic wand. This will increase the power of your intention as crystals hold energy. It isn’t necessary though.
  3. You can call in Archangel Michael the Watcher of the East who has a fiery sword of protection. Just say ” I call upon the Archangel Michael into my circle to help protect me. 
  4.  State out loud. “I create this powerful shield and circle of Light to protect me from all entities, energies, and spirits with any negative intent.  This is a banishing. 
  5.  The invocation and intention.  “I allow only positive, loving, supportive, emotions and people inside my boundaries. So mote it be.”
  6. It is very simple. You must emotionally feel the shield being created. Try doing it with your eyes closed at first. Call it up on command. You must remember to set up your shields constantly when around dangerous people, situations, and around psychic vampires, which are actually everywhere.  
  7. Try this out and experience it for yourself and see if this makes a huge difference in how you feel spiritually and emotionally. It should make you feel clearer, stronger, more stable and lighter. Listen to the angels sending you signs and talking to  you as well. 
  8. The Moon also inconjuncts positive Jupiter in LIBRA in A.M.
  9. You may have to hug your inner child and keep her or him very safe. Be the loving parent to your inner child. Be careful of getting drawn into backhanded compliments, or social scenes that don’t feel right. Trust your intuition. 
  10. VENUS ENTERS AQUARIUS @ 6:51 am PST/ 9:51 am EST/2:51 pm GMT

Venus aquarius Tara Greene astrology

  1. This will shift the energy quite a bit and we should be able to feel more detached, more logical, scientific and cool.  I will write more on Venus in Aquarius where we let our freak flags fly. 
  2. The Pisces Moon conjuncts Chiron in the afternoon for EST and GMT 
  3. There may be major disappointments in the news especially at STANDING ROCK where the EPT has gone ahead and is continuing to drill in spite of what President Obama said and the Army Corps of Engineers. The situation on native land to protect the waters may get very dire again. There was a day of grace. 
  4. Keep practicing with your psychic shields as many times a day as you need. See how much better you will feel. It isn’t that you aren’t aware of what’s going on around you. It’s also that the volume of the negativity decreases. This helps you from getting sucked into other people’s emotional dramas and traumas. I’ve practiced this for years. As a very empathic natural psychic,I sometimes feel overwhelmed with the emotions of the world. I have to have my shields up all the time. 
  5. Blessings TARA
  6. please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene
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RIP Mr. Spock, Leonard Nimoy’s “fascinating” stars

Leonard Nimoy,the actor who portrayed the pointy eared half-Vulcan Mr. Spock on Star Trek fame passed away February 27 from COPD at 83 years old. Millions of Trekkie fans are in mourning. William Shatner, the original Captain Kirk, NASA, astronaut Chris Hadfield and thousands of fans poured out tweets and tributes to Nimoy in a tribute to how much he had enriched and touched their lives.

Mr. Spock Leonard Nimoy astrology Tara Greene

 Star Trek first appeared September 8, 1966 with  Nimoy portraying a very cool, half alien, half earthling first officer of the Star Ship Enterprise who would logically comment on our all too human emotional reactions.  He portrayed an alien Jekyll and Hyde type of character. We all know why we loved Mr. Spock. 

Nimoy was much more than Spock. He was also an also a film director; Star Trek III: The Search for Spock” (1984) and “Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home” (1986) which he helped write. He also directed the hugely successful comedy Three Men and A Baby in 1987. He  was also an accomplished photographer, poet and made music. He was nominated four times for Emmy awards. 

He created the famous split fingered gesture, the “May you Live long and Propser” hand salute  is based on Jewish blessings from the Cohen High Priests.  Nimoy came from an orthodox immigrant family and took up his Jewish roots again later in life. 

Lets look at the stars in Mr. Nimoy’s chart. There was an asteroid named after him, Mr. Spock. #230,. There’s also an Asteroid called Enterprise #9777, and a hypothetical trans-Mercury planet called Vulcan which I also included.

There are two different birth times on the Internet for Leonard Nimoy one has 8:30 am which is unvalidated and apparently he revealed he was an Aries with a Scorpio Ascendant. 

I’ve rectified his birth chart to 10:30 pm with the transits of the Star Trek premiere Sept. 8 1966

Leonard Nimoy astrology tara greene

Leonard Nimoy was a quadruple Aries with SUN, North Node, Uranus and Mercury in a tight “stellium”. At any birth time this quadruple Aries indicates an ambitious, independent, strong willed leader. A unique, rebellious, communicator whose ideas are ahead of their time, futuristic, inventive, with a detached way of seeing things from a Higher Intellect who thought he was an alien. He was also famous for his resonant voice, Mercury rules speech.

His Moon seems to be in Cancer in this chart. If he was born earlier in the day at 8:30 a.m. the Moon would have been in late Gemini with a Gemini Ascendant. That chart could also fit his personality.

Venus in Aquarius indicates a love of the unique, the different, the alien. Venus in Aquarius is detachment, inventing, organizing. Aquarius rules the stars, and it rules outer space and pioneers-

” To boldly go where no man has gone before.” the Enterprise Star Trek motto. 

Neptune is Retrograde in Virgo and widely opposite Venus. If this chart is correct it is the highest placed planet in his chart and carry’s the most influence. Neptune rules fantasy, photography, writing, poetry, the arts, spirituality, Hollywood and addictions. Neptune in Virgo brings down to earth Neptune’s dreams and fantasies. It literally created this Sci-Fi fantasy in everyone’s TV boxes in the 60’s.  Nimoy was a hard-working and practical dreamer, a very creative and spiritual man. I loved his The Full Body Project of 300 pound nude women. 

Leonard had a natal Jupiter Pluto conjunction in Cancer which symbolizes a person with regal bearing, a soul of great wealth, power, emotion and depth. Saturn in Capricorn is opposite Pluto and square to his North Node Uranus Mercury conjunction.This man had a powerful destiny to change consciousness which would bring him fame.

The Saturn Pluto Uranus T-square is generational, yes. With Mercury and his North Node involved this indicates he was destined to build a long-lasting career {Saturn} based on changing {Uranus } and alien {Uranus} communications {Mercury} concepts and ideas {Mercury} of the Collective unconscious. {Pluto}.

His Natal Mars at 29 degrees Cancer indicates he was a loving, sensitive, compassionate person, who was very connected to his roots, his family and to nurturing others.

The Asteroid Enterprise was at zero degrees of Aquarius  close to Saturn in Capricorn { Nimoy’s karma and his past} opposite his Natal Mars. Saturn in Capricorn is career. 

The Asteroid  Mr. Spock is conjunct his natal Chiron in Taurus. I find this “fascinating” as Mr.Spock would say. Chiron in Taurus is about struggling with the very sensuous, dense, earth realm by embodying the wounded healer. Isn’t that what Mr. Spock was? 

The hypothetical trans-Mercury planet called VULCAN was at 2 degrees of Aries conjunct Nimoy’s SUN! Yes he really was a Vulcan. 

On Star Trek Premier date

A SUN Mercury conjunction on his M.C. with transiting VULCAN at his highest career point with the Uranus Pluto conjunction in his 10th house of fame. Venus is opposite his Natal Venus and conjunct his Part of Fortune for this chart. Jupiter in Cancer is almost on his Natal Mars.

The transiting NORTH NODE which symbolizes being accepted by others is at 18 degrees of Taurus exactly conjunct to the Asteroid Mr. SPOCK! It is Leonard’s fate. Neptune is at 19 degrees of Scorpio conjunct to the South Node, indicating a destiny connected to acting.This forms a transiting T-square, which is opposite Asteroid Mr. Spock and his natal Chiron and squaring his natal Venus in Aquarius..  

At his death Feb 27, 2015

The Planet URANUS is exactly conjunct to where it was when Leonard was born as well and his North Node. This is most definitely a symbol of returning to the Universe. Nimoy died from COPD which is a lung disease. Mercury rules the lungs which was conjunct to his North Node, indicating a fated weakness. Pluto is exactly squaring his Nodes, Uranus and Mercury too which is a soul call to return to Source. The transiting North node is also conjunct to his South Node in reverse position to where it was at his birth. 

Venus is just passed and Mars is exactly conjunct to his SUN at 5 degrees Aries indicating the outpouring of love and meaning which Leonard held for generations of Star Trek fans.

Leonard was experiencing a Neptune opposition with Chiron the wounded healer at 15 degrees of Pisces opposite to the Mid Heaven if this chart and conjunct his IC or his roots.

The Sun and Neptune are conjunct to VULCAN indicating another highlighted spiritual return to the Light and source, even an imaginal source.

The asteroid Enterprise is at one degree Leo conjunct to his natal Mars in Cancer. Star Trek will always be remembered.

Jupiter is in Leo trining Nimoy’s Uranus, North Node, Mercury which is a great big-hearted blessing.

Saturn is in Sagittarius sextiling his Natal Saturn making a wide trine to his Natal Sun. This indicates a blessing.

We will always remember you Leonard and Mr. Spock.  His last tweet

Twitter Mr. Spock, astrology

We cannot thank you enough Leonard. I loved your photography too. You will always be remembered. 

PLease share widely

All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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New York Times tribute

Kaddish traditional Hebrew prayers for the dead for Leonard Nimoy

Inspirational card of the day,Star Trek,take the red pill,

May 20 Inspirational Card of the Day

Felt like we need something lighter on the Uranus Pluto Exact 3rd square today.

I’ve drawn from the Inner Child Cards a beautiful Tarot deck transformed through Fairy Tales.

9 of swords

Inner Child Tarot cards Tara Greene

This card is usually considered to be a heavy card. Swords are thoughts, the mind, consciousness. 9 is the number of perfection. 9 symbolizes  limits, boundaries, the end of the road.

The Inner Child card shows a boy surrounded by 9 swords. Symbolically he is imprisoned by ideas and mental constructs keeping him imprisoned. A whimsical dragon is in the forefront of the image. The Dragon symbolizes  the defensive energy, pain and protection, the denial of Self.  The beast is a shadow part of the Self that must be befriended, not slain, as an ally to get to the hidden treasure within, the authentic Self.  Dragons always protect the gold of Self. Be aware of your self-imposed limited viewpoints and philosophy.


Going beyond the limits of known ideas and space. Old thoughts, are ready to dissolve. Nine is completion.In Taoist symbolism the dragon is revered as a spirit that shows “the way.”  All Fairy Tales and modern Myths, like Star Wars, Shrek, Avatar, etc.  have powerful archetypal significance.

Be like the Star Trek crew and bravely go beyond the limits of your own outworn ideas. Seek your inner dragon and let it guide you towards a transformed vision of your future goals. Take the red pill, as in the Matrix. End your mind games.

Star Trek Tara Greene

Be willing to free your mind and self to explore exciting new visions. Dare to go where you haven’t been before.

VERY synchronous for the Uranus Pluto square. Squares produce friction, like rubbing two sticks together, their aim is to ignite a spark. Uranus is Higher consciousness, higher mind. Pluto is the shadow, the dragon, Death. Both are powerful allies. Fantastic! I love it.

PLEASE SHARE WIDELY so that many may benefit.

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Mind Games By John Lennon 

“We’re playing those mind games together,

Pushing barriers, planting seeds,
Playing the mind guerilla,
Chanting the Mantra peace on earth,

We all been playing mind games forever,

Some kinda druid dudes lifting the veil.
Doing the mind guerilla,
Some call it the search for the grail,
Love is the answer and you know that for sure,
Love is flower you got to let it, you got to let it grow,

So keep on playing those mind games together,

Faith in the future outta the now,
You just can’t beat on those mind guerillas,
Absolute elsewhere in the stones of your mind,

Yeah we’re playing those mind games forever,

Projecting our images in space and in time,
Yes is the answer and you know that for sure,
Yes is the surrender you got to let it, you got to let it go,”

All writing copyright Tara Greene