How to deal with Astrology obstacles this week

July 10-16

There are three major planetary intricacies obstacles and incompatibilities to deal with this week. All of them are inconjuncts or quincunxes between major planets. This aspect occurs when two planets are in totally different elements, 150 degrees apart from each other. 

Think of them as mandatory blind dates with people you don’t speak the same language as and who you would never normally want to go out with. How do you resolve this?

Inconjunct aspect astrology Tara Greene


Because they are irritating and difficult to resolve let’s try to get a handle on them in advance. Knowledge is power. One of the best ways of dealing with inconjuncts is to ask the right questions. Use very tight orbs of only 3 degrees when checking on how these quincunxes are affecting your personal planets. 





July 13/14 MERCURY in LEO inconjunct NEPTUNE in PISCES @ 14 + degrees 

The applying planet, the faster moving one- MERCURY in LEO symbolizing the communications function is playing roles right now.  We are imagining that we are the King or Queen, the Big Boss, head of everything. This aspect brings passion, energy, and desire, fun and drama, leadership, and big ego’s into the way we communicate with others, how we analyze and think right now. This is big affirmations and positive self-talk. Communications are key in everything.  This grandstanding EGO or too VAIN. The I LOVE ME! message can be seen as over the top, arrogant, vain, selfish, demanding, and overly dramatic to your soul. The invisible, imaginative, creative, dreamy, romantic, soft, spiritual, empathic, addictive, compassionate aspect of yourself-NEPTUNE in PISCES. The love yourself meme and the ego get confused, muddled and this guru worship thing is easily an ego addiction as well. What spiritual highs are you on? Who have you given your power away to? What illusions have you bought into with the promise of wealth and power? 

On the mundane level which world leader is telling the truth?

What spiritual highs are you on? 

Even if your heart is totally in love with someone the challenge is to be sensitive to them, be careful not to overwhelm their soul and delicate spiritual nature with your needs, your desires, your need to be in command. Otherwise, this won’t work. 

2. July 14 SUN inconjunct SATURN in SAGITTARIUS Retrograde @ 22 + degrees

The CANCER SUN is so nurturing, so family oriented, so protective, so MOMing, so stay at home, cooking food and being a traditional mother role when another part of you or your partner, children, of friends want to go gallivanting off for more exotic adventures. How to reconcile your need to be safe and sound at home with the need for self or others to have space of their own?  Cancer Sun is so emotional and sensitive and doesn’t like to expose its soft underbelly. Saturn is Sagittarius is practical, hard working, serious, honest, expansive, searching for higher ideals and truths. If you are afraid of being in strange places, test yourself to go somewhere you’ve never been. Get out of your armor and take a risk. Ask yourself. What am I so afraid of? Women need to be up to the challenge to speak their truth.

3. July 16 MERCURY in LEO inconjunct PLUTO in CAPRICORN @ 17+ degrees

spiritu of fire Astrology Tara Greene

If you though Mercury inconjunct NEPTUNE in PISCES was a problem. This is where communications shit really hits the fan. PLUTO is the Lord of DEATH, destruction, rebirth, and transformation. You can’t mess around with Pluto. Your feeble ego,vanity and need for rewards, bling, love and attention, acknowledgment, and power mean zilch to Pluto. After all, you can’t take it with you. Unless you are someone who is seriously benefitting others with your leadership, think about why you need all that attention? Pluto is your unconscious feelings and your very soul. In the darkest deepest richest shit filled parts of yourself are your shadows. This is where all the riches are. Your unconscious projects out your shadows onto others. The ego usually compensates for the unconscious unfelt wounds. 

Pluto is your unconscious feelings and your very soul. In the darkest deepest richest shit filled parts of yourself, and your darkest shadows. This is where all the riches are. Your unconscious projects out your shadows onto others and into the world. The ego usually compensates for the unconscious unfelt wounds.  Spend this challenging time examining your deepest desires. That is what Pluto governs. Pluto rules all the biggies, sex, money power, control. Pluto in Capricorn, is the PLUTOCRACY.

Ask yourself what is the most powerful soul message you came here to deliver with your heart? Not the trappings, money or bling. What did my soul and my will, ruled by the SUN, the Light, want me to communicate and to lead with the strength, courage, passion and leadership skills I have?  

I appreciate your suggestions and input. What would you do with these disparate elements?

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