Crushing love illusions Mars Rx and Neptune

Mars Retrograde at 18 degrees 33 minutes ARIES October 22 as SCORPIO season begins which Mars rules or governs as a traditional ruler.

NEPTUNE at 18 degrees 33 minutes PISCES as I checked by astro charts.

The number 18 in HEBREW made up of the letters Het-Yud spells the word Chai  usually pronounced in English like “hi” or “high,” This is a word and symbol which means “life.” You may have heard in Fiddler On The Roof the common Jewish toast “l’chaim” which means, “to life!” often said at celebrations in anticipation of all good things to come.

The two planets are 30 degrees apart, This aspect is called a semi-Sextile. It is a minor favourable co-operative supportive aspect. It has a range of 3+ or Minus degrees. So check out where 15-21 degrees ARIES and PISCES are in your natal chart to see how this aspect affects YOU personally.

Both planets are in their own home signs where they are particular strong. Mars is a personal planet and Neptune Transpersonal. The two signs and elements they are in, fire and water are not harmonious to each other.

This aspect indicates that shocking breakups in relationships that were based on illusions, projection, co-dependency, dreams, toxicity and are unrealistic are exploding now because Mars retrograde is doing that along with the large unrelenting energy of PLUTO SATURN and JUPITER.

Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, death, breakdown, toxic substances, and recycling and renewal in Capricorn is the modern ruler of SCORPIO and works with MARS. JUPITER is the traditional ruler of PISCES and in Capricorn, these planets with Saturn are MAKING IT REAL.

Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter, Mars Retro in Aries & Mercury Retro in Scorpio are affecting many signs Aries & Scorpio ruled by Mars & Pluto Sagittarius & Pisces ruled by Jupiter Capricorn & Aquarius ruled by Saturn Gemini & Virgo ruled by Mercury Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Libra, are immune, Check out all the planet you have in these signs.

Many women are devastated by these sudden shocking revelations. Many still do not want to believe what is real. They are in shock, but I feel that all the shocking Tower like Tarot card energy also like Uranian chaos and unexpected explosions are for the better. Blasting away old karmic, gluey, messy, self-sabotaging, self-sacrificing, martyrdom energies which were never about real love.anni

When one had identified with being a victim their entire lives, and it is not their fault but a learning experience. It is hard to envision or see oneself in any other way. Self-sabotage makes one feel one does not deserve any better than cruelty, neglect, misogyny, disrespect and abuse. The lack of self-worth poverty identity, the self-negation and guilt, and clinging desperately to the pain, confused as love for a still-raw unhealed trauma is hard to let go of. Because it is all some people have ever known on one level. Who are you without that identity? Who are you without that wounded victim story? It feels like annihilation, Pluto territory to the ego.

It is TRUE freedom, to not have a story to repeat. To not have to create a reality fit a distorted unhealthy, addiction to suffering and lack of self-worth-that is freedom but also unknown. Aquarius is known as the sign of Freedom, this is also the truest freedom one can have. Spiritual emotional psychological freedom which then reflects and trickles down or out on the mental choices and physical ones.

COVID-19 can offer a perfect time to take out to heal oneself. To heal the wounded, abandoned, betrayed, rejected inner child. The unloved child, the unmothered child is what needs to be kept close and isolated, much as a mother of a newborn was sequestered for 6 weeks after the birth of her baby and allowed to “lie-in” with her baby where both mother and babe were nurtured fed and supported. In these times one must provide for oneself as best they can and focus solely on the work of healing your own inner child. To allow the Great Mother to come and hold you and your inner child to her breast, to draw down her love and energy, to bring her into your heart and womb, and allow the innate natural love for a helpless babe to flood your cells. You know how to do this, you experienced it on some level. We are all human and imperfect but the living Goddess will open your heart unconditionally and let you love yourself and mother yourself to an unknown or forgotten wholeness again.

Tune into the healing potential of these potent times. I am sensing this phenomenon and hearing about it from clients a lot. As we tune into SCORPIO energy it is the dark time of death and renewal. Let go of the old patterns which do not suit your soul’s evolutionary growth. This is what you came here for. This is why we are all incarnated now.


Sending you many blessings

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