Fly high, Tarot card daily guide

Fly high is the tarot guidance, in a nutshell, today’s advice from The Muse Tarot and daily astrology.

The LEO moon makes a sweet sextile to VENUS RETRO in GEMINI today


where our minds and feelings are one, this is a good thing. Mercury in Cancer and Venus Retrograde in Gemini, Venus is ruling Mercury now. We may be feeling sentimental and wishing we felt safe emotional, at home, in the good old days.

Thinking through your tummy. Make comfort foods. Talk to your mom or other family members, nurture your mind too. Let it breathe and relax by turning it off.

Play that Beatles Song Tomorrow Never Knows

Moon inconjuncts 3 planets-ouchies. 

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Comfort foods, wet,hard Astro aspects.

Oct 21. Under a soupy warm and sentimental CANCER lunar energies until Saturday afternoon makes us sentimental and want to stay home. Which would be a good idea under this tense aspects with MARS and PLUTO still in effect.  Get on the bus and protect women, the children and your own inner child. There is a square from Jupiter in EDT in the wee hours which should bring pleasant dreams of travel, winning lotteries, meeting great teachers and humor. 

COMFORT FOOD is called for.

Confort Food astrology Tara greene

A Cancer Astro pie

What’s your favorite Comfort food? I like Chicken soup.

There is a square from Jupiter in EDT in the wee hours which should bring pleasant dreams of travel, winning lotteries, meeting great teachers and humor. 

Then there’s a syrupy Moon-Neptune trine

You may be wildly out there in some other dimension.

Be careful of drinking, driving, distracted by texting etc. Inebriation levels are lower with luna Neptune contacts.

Cancer LUNA inconjuncts SATURN in Sagittarius approaching the Great Attractor again

Don’t try to lie the BS detector is in high alert.

Moon opposes PLUTO in morning in PDT and 3 hours later MARS 

This is the mothering principle versus the corporations and the military. Many people are feeling scared about the world’s situation.  The children in Syria against the war machine. This is a high-risk energy, of people losing their tempers, so do be very watchful wherever you go. Tummy upsets are on high alert also. You can expect strange energy going on in your house. Our basement drain got clogged, plumbing and basements have to do with PLUTO’s Underworld energy.

You can also expect strange energy going on in your house. Our basement drain got clogged, plumbing and basements have to do with PLUTO’s Underworld energy. Or in your car, Cancer in the Tarot is the Chariot.

Cancer Moon trines CHIRON in PISCES in PDT in evening, on 22nd in EDT/ GMT

An opportunity to open up and share vulnerable feelings. This is good for establishing intimacy. Asking for emotional support with an addictions issues is also favored.

Moon squares URANUS later even in PDT/ on 22nd in EDT/GMT

Expect sudden interruptions of chaos. This can also be a lightning bolt from the blue a great EUREKA idea. 

SATURDAY October 22.

Cardinal cross energy continues with CANCER moon squaring MERCURY and SUN in LIBRA.

This aspect always produces tension and friction.

Moon goes Void of Course on the 22nd at 12:14 pm PDT/ 3:14 pm EDT

Moon enters fixed fire LEO @ 12:34 pm PDT/ 3:34 pm EDT/ 7:34 pm GMT.

SUN ENTERS Fixed WATERS of SCORPIO @ 4:46 pm PDT/ 7:46 pm EDT/ 11:46 pm GMT 

Scorpio is the most intense time of the year. Obsession, death, sex, money, power is in the air. More about Scorpio soon.


A hot party positive upbeat fun dance the night away kind of energy.

I’ll be on the road tomorrow. And in Washington D.C. tomorrow evening.

Card of the day 

King of wands Tarot Astrology Tara greene


The King of Wands is the Mature part of fire. He represent the Fire of Fire.  As the last fire sign he is the Sage. His fire and his passion are tempered by experience. He doesn’t just spontaneously erupt like an Aries would do. He isn’t egotistical like Leo. He holds his fiery power and uses it judiciously.  You should learn to do the same. Take the high road with yoru power.

I’ll be on the road tomorrow. And in Washington D.C. tomorrow evening. All writing is copyright of Tara Greene. 

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A video I made for the song which I will be presenting at the 1,000 Goddess Gathering 10/22.


777 Numerology

July 7, 2016 = 777  we are in the 21st Century. we reduce 2016 to 7.

7 is considered to be a lucky number, and thrice 7 is Triple Lucky.

The Number 7 represents many things, the laws of cycles and the classical planets in the Heavens, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn symbolizing Divine Order.  There are 7 classical planets, 7 days of the week and 7 chakras. Seven symbolizes the spiritual and the temporal. There are seven Heavens, 7 ages. seven notes on the musical scales of music, seven colours of the rainbow, seven ancient wonders of the world. All of it is based on the 7 planets. The number 7 relates to the cycles of Saturn, father time and our bodies cells to recycle totally every seven years. There are 7 metals in the Great Work of Alchemy.
At seven years we loose our baby teeth. At 14 years we enter puberty. At 21 we are legally adults. At 28 is our first Saturn return. At 35 is mid-life. At 42 is mid-life crisis. At 49 is menopause for women and andropause for men. 56 is second Saturn return. 63 is full seniorship, 70 is an archetypal life span, 77 is age of wisdom, 84 is a Uranus Return cycle. 

There are the seven stars of the Great Bear, one of the main and oldest constellations. also 7 stars or sisters or Rishis in the Pleiades. There are 7 knots in  cords for spellbinding.  There are seven orifices in your head.

Seven is the number of The  CHARIOT in the TAROT.

Tarot cards Tara Greene CHARIOT

The symbol of the Chariot, Major Arcana associated with # 7 is full of very old mysticism related to the Kabbalah.
The Chariot on the most esoteric level is about the body being the Vehicle of the Soul. It is assigned the Astrology symbol of Cancer, the most maternal of all the signs of the Zodiac. We all come into the 3D realm through our mother’s wombs. Cancer is ruled by the Moon, symbolizing the Feminine, reflection, the unconscious, the maternal waters of all life on this planet, and memories and instincts.

Seven consists of the 3 Archetypal realms of Heaven and the Soul and the 4 elements of the earth and the body, it is the first number which contains both the spiritual and the temporal.

The seven-headed dragon appears in India, Persia, the Far East, especially Cambodia, and in Celtic and Mediterranean myths.

There are 7 Hathors as Fates and 7 jars the Priestesses of Hathor have. The number is Sacred to Osiris.
There are 7 great Holy Days in the Jewish Year.
The Ka’ aba is circumambulated 7 times.
There are 7 branches on the Tree of Life.
Seven is the number sacred the Greco-Roman Sun God Apollo whose Lyre had 7 strings.
To the Buddhists 7 represents the seven steps of Buddha symbolize the ascent of the seven cosmic stages transcending time and space.
The seventh day is archetypal the day of rest, when God took a rest after creating the Universe.

Always make affirmations that what you desire is manifested in the present tense. For Example: I am healthy and glowing with energy, I am a loving being who receives all the love and greatest goodness of abundance which I joyfully share and give to others. I am at peace with myself, my body.
I send you lucky 7 energy thrice times over.
SO mote it be.

Please share widely, all writing is copyright of Tara Greene 

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I am also sending blessings to the families and friends of the two black men who were totally and unnecessarily murdered by police officers.

Alton Sterling who was shot unnecessarily in Baton Rouge and another one I just saw a live phone video of on FB of Philando Castile being shot for having a broken tail light in Minnesota on July 6. The cell phone video is on my Face Book page. were shot 



World Tarot Day Earth trines

May 25th is World Tarot Day, created to honor the wisdom of the Tarot by Den Elder in 2002. I first heard about it in 2004. I got so excited I sent out emails to a bunch of Newspapers. Reporter Mike Strobel from The Toronto Sun came and interviewed me for a long time about the 2004 Federal Elections. The article was published in The Toronto Sun the next day. With a photo of me and a quote .”I always trust my cards.” I correctly predicted the Liberal win. 

I do hope that you work with the Tarot and delve into this amazing monumental fount of wisdom. There is so much scholarly and new research into the Tarot these days and an explosion in TAROT decks.


 I am currently collaborating with Gabi Angus-West, the creatress of the BONEFIRE Tarot. Which will be published in November. 

Bonefire Tarot

She is just beginning to produce the new Tarot Deck, called Blue House Tarot, loosely based on  a certain woman artist icon. I am feeling it in a much more archetypal sense. I am in idea stage and we are working together in cyberspace. I  am very honored and pumped to be working on this amazing project with her. 

Under a steadfast CAPRICORN Moon, with a GRAND EARTH TRINE between the Moon MERCURY and JUPITER. 

This is a god day to ground. Triangles are always magic trinities to work with. 

Moon is sextile Neptune last night- how were your dreams?

The Cardinal Crosses come up again. Moon conjuncts PLUTO and squares URANUS in ARIES. 

Mars Retrograde rules Aries so are things a bit slower? 

The Cappy Moon is setile Chiron in Pisces in PDT. sleep on the sensitive vulnerable parts of  you.


with Neptune at 11 degrees PISCES in the mix, 2 degrees away. 

VENUS in GEMINI and PLUTO in Cap make a difficult aspect today a sesquiquadrate a rather irritating 135 degree angle. Its a 90 degree square + a 45 degree semi-square. 

The angry dad trying to keep his flirty daughter under cover, is one theme that comes to mind. Control may be an issue, and there will be plenty of outrageous excuses made.

 Inspirational Card of the day

Princess of Wands, Tara Greene Tarot cards

COSMIC TRIBE  Princess of Wands

This is the ELEMENT or Root of FIRE, the Princesses in the Crowley System. This is the EARTH of FIRE

It is Venus in the Fire SIGNS. She is the daughter of Fire, she is fearless as is shewn on the Card, she is traditionally grabbing the tiger of fear by the tail.

She is HOT, passionate, explosive, burning, like LAVA GIRL, insatiable, hungry for life, fast, flaming, dragon like, powerful. She is not containable like a fire. She is lustful and seductive. She has great courage and inner light.

She is like DURGA the Hindu Goddess, who was called in when the world was about to be totally destroyed by all the demons. She rode in on her tiger and like the Strong Mother, quenched the demons and killed them all.

Durga, Hindu Goddess


She or a man with this as his ANIMA, can be lacking in warmth,  can be selfish and heartless. She/he can consume everything and everyone in their path. They can be as destructive as a volcanic explosion or a forest fire gone wild. They can be cold and numb, shut down, trapped and caught up in the dramas. They can be caught in a torrent of self-immolating flames which they themselves have lit.

I am going to have a quiet internal Tarot Day this year. As it is my last day in Sedona before I leave on Thursday. I have a to recollect and finish.

I will do a WORLD TAROT DAY SPECIALS offering on the 13th, befitting MARS RETROGRADE.

Please share widely. All writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

The specials will be $66 for a half hour: I’ll put up a special button on my website tomorrow.


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