Brand New Cancer Full Moon

December 22 @ 9:48 am PST/ 12:48 pm EST/ 5:48 pm GMT

Cancer North Node Astrology Tara Greene

Sidney_Hall_Urania’s_MirrorCancerThe restorationist, Adam Cuerden, requests attribution

At Zero degrees CANCER, this Solstice Full Moon signifies a brand new cycle as well as a culmination as signified by the Full Moon. It is the Alpha and the Omega. O and 22 in the Tarot. Further connections to that too.

Cancer is a Cardinal Water Sign, governed by the Moon. This makes all Cancer Full Moons especially womblike. We unconsciously wish to return to the safety and total nurturing we felt within our mother’s wombs. This makes this a most feminine, pregnant, fertile, emotional, moody, sign of family, home, emotional security, children, nurturing, nourishment, and the unconscious, the womb, our memories and our mother lineages. 

Cancer rules the stomach and tummies will be especially sensitive during this Full Moon. Do be careful of what you eat. All your nerves will be felt in your stomach. Mercury is conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius, remember to breathe and really this is super optimistic energy. 

The sign of Cancer is related to Card #7 The Chariot in the tarot. 

Our emotional bodies are the vehicle which our souls and emotions use to accomplish our karmic work in each lifetime.

It’s a rare full Moon conjunct the Solstice, and won’t happen again until 2094. 

As we begin the new season, Winter in the Northern Hemisphere and Summer in the Southern Hemisphere we start at zero which is the symbol of the Fool in the tarot and 22. The Fool symbolizes the whole innocent trusting Magical child. This Full Moon is definitely a call to nurture, nourish, and pay attention to our own Inner Child, the Magical Child as well as all the children in the world who need protection. This includes all the animals and creatures on the earth who are Mother earth’s children too.


The Full Moon includes that beautiful Venus conjunct Ceres in Scorpio trine to Neptune a very romantic, uplifting, compassionate, spiritual, creative, loving energy.  You may be feeling like your head and your heart is in the clouds. You can be feeling too high, confused and lost under this transit too. 


At 9-10 degrees they are conjunct to the Fixed Star Uriel the Protective Star. Jupiter rules Pisces too and lends real fairy dust, sparkles, unicorns and rainbows to this Full Moon. It is very spiritual and psychically uplifting.

The SUN is in Capricorn at zero degrees with Saturn, Pluto and the South Node. There is lots of earth to help empaths and psychically sensitive people stay grounded. You may need to have your psychic shields up as the Full Moon which increases the tidal pulls even more.

Chiron @ 27 Pisces is square to the Sun and Moon and to the Galactic Centre

There is a lot of emotional energy during this Full Moon. Let yourself cry, and release all the emotions you can. Mars conjunct Chiron further pushes our desire for Galactic healing, cleansing, renewal. 

Uranus in Aries Retrograde @ degrees inconjuncts the Sun and sextiles the moon.

This aspects further increases sudden unexpected changes, as we have seen President Trump and the chaotic nature of the Stock markets in the last while.

LILITH and VESTA in Aquarius square VENUS +CERES in Scorpio and square JUNO in Taurus

This is a power pact GODDESS T-square. Cancer and the Moon are always associated with the Divine Feminine. The Dark Goddess LILITH and VESTA, the fiery, grounded, ocussed,Goddess is pressuring the Love Goddess VENUS and CERES, the Great Mother to change and transform and JUNO, the Goddess of Feminine Genius sits solidly in Taurus to help us practically embody all of these fine aspects of the Divine Feminine as Maiden, other, and Crone.

This is holiday time to spend with Family and make sure you do reach out to loved ones. Cancer is sentimental there will be lots of reminiscing and a traditional tone to the Good Old days holiday season.

This is the last Lunar cycle of 2018, spend time looking back at what you intended to create for the year and what happened. The solstice energy lasts 3 days.  Sit in contemplation as much as you can.

Moonstone is the mineral to work with on every full moon and especially this one.

Plan out your next quarter with the full Moon energy. 2019 will be a smoother ride than 2018 was. 

Guided Meditation

with details here is my article from a Christmas Full Moon in Cancer on December 24, 2015

I’m wishing you and yours all the best blessings for the Holiday season.

please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Grande Earth Trines, by Tara Greene Astrology

May 15 a triple planet VIRGO LUNA Grand EARTH TRINE @ 17 degrees on the material plane.

PLUS Virgo grounding Moon opposes NEPTUNE in PISCES and then conjuncts JUPITER in VIRGO. 

VENUS herself trines the NORTH NODE at 19+ degrees Taurus/ VIRGO today exact.  

This symbolizes following the North- the highest spiritual  SGS point- bringing love forth on the physical plain, knowing that your body is sacred, that this earth is the Garden of Eden and seeing beauty everywhere, all around you. 

W are experiencing  such great big beautiful earthy trines to manifest our dreams lately. It is wonderful.Are you feeling it?

When Mercury Goes direct  May 22 we will see the action fall in to place. Earth is patient. 

Mercury Retrograde Tara Greene astrology spiritual

  Mercury by Hendrick Goltzius 1611

Mercury was patron of the arts and god of eloquence and communications. Mercury is recognized by his winged helmet, the snake entwined caduceus and a rooster. At Mercury’s feet lie drawing instruments, a carpenter’s square, a compass, a drawing and a book with model drawings. Behind him stands a girl sticking out her tongue and holding a rattle and a magpie. This painting also unites his intelligence and stupidity: the girl symbolizes foolish babbling. Mercury is also connected to Merlin, Trickster energy and commerce. Mercantile, Mercenary are words etymologically connected to Mercury. Called Hermes by the Romans he is connected to the Ancient Egyptian God of knowledge Hermes Trismegistus. 

The Moon does Square Saturn in Sagittarius which can be used to get more serious and strong.

It takes a lot of muscle to shoot lead arrows. 

VIRGIN Moon trines Retro Mercury in Taurus, 

Virgin Moon trines PLUTO in CAPRICORN

PLUS Virgo Moon trines VENUS in TAURUS 

Grand Earth Trine horoscopes Tara Greene


this is very good grounding energy 

Visualize your dreams for work, health, harvesting, accountability, organization and being of service to the highest degree manifesting. 

There is an inconvenient Inconjunct to Uranus late in the day 

go to bed early if you can and avoid the chaos. 

Moon opposes CHIRON in PISCES at days end PDT

your body may be feeling some pain, and this is good as it is part of the healing. 

We are 6 days away from a powerful Sagittarius FULL MOON will write about that soon

Gotta go, love you all.

am going to make a bunch of video while I am in Sedona