Three time lucky, Venus conjunct Jupiter Lovers Astrology

VENUS and JUPITER consummate for their 3rd and final time in 2015 on October 25 @ 15+ degrees VIRGO a very rare and special occurrence. The planet of women, love, beauty, money and the arts and expansive optimistic planet of  justice, power, truth and faith only meet in a series of triple conjunctions once every 24 years! The last time was in the summer of 1991 in Leo.

Love horoscope Tara Greene

Previous cycles include June 9, 1967, the SUMMER OF LOVE!  and going way back in the way back machine, back, back 865 years to Halloween morning in 1150.

read more about this cycle in detail- link below

In 2015 They first made love July 1st @ 21+ degrees Leo,Canada’s Birthday, auspicious for Canada.

The 2nd time was on August 4 with Venus Retrograde at 28 + degrees Leo  

3rd time lucky is October 25 in Virgo @ 15+ degrees. 

Venus rules women, is women and in the most literal sense, her consorting with Jupiter, King of the Gods symbolizes women’s assent to the top ruling positions in the world, BIG POWER. You know who I mean.

But not just Hilary, this aspect expands women’s ‘power and influence throughout the world. Venus rules Libra the sign of Justice and fairness and Jupiter is Sacred law, or higher laws. This combo expands women’s roles  as equals through education, International laws, publishing,  teaching, comedy Amy Shumer for example, and faith, women taking a greater role in religion, politics, spirituality and seeking religious freedom.  


If you are old enough ,what was going on in your life in 1991 in terms of your self-esteem, love and romance, money education and aspirations?  You have completed a major growth cycle since then.

Since the two met up twice in Leo this year in the sign of the heart, and once in a Retrograde they have had a temp. break up which was dramatic and have now come back together in Virgo which is very different love energy.

Venus and Jupiter in Virgo, a mutable earth sign, of perfection, hard work, humility,  concerned with being of service to each other as well as their jobs and community. Making love work is a job and it requires daily discipline and attention to details, with each party carrying their own weight for the same life goals.

These two planets in Virgo,the sign of the perfectionist can sometime be so critical and have such high standards that one or both of the partners is never happy and always complaining.  Issues over hygeine in sex, promptness and order are very important. Being out in nature together is also necessary. Love is organizing and mapping out a 5 year life plan and they will get it accomplished. Love is enjoying their love through every day simple things, like sharing intellectual ideas and feeding each others minds.  This is a more mature relationship, it’s not all about me and my ego needs anymore.  For Virgo love ,all that drama is simply a waste of precious time which could be spent much more productively.Take your cues from the planets, build a practical working, loving relationship. 


ARIES- this is in your 6th house of work and service. 

You may find love through work. If you’re not happy with your health or body, its easy to exercise, diet and you may meet a certain someone, jogging at the gym or at Whole Foods. Ground your fire.

TAURUS – this is in your 5th house of love affairs!

Your earthy sensuality is like honey. A very fertile, creative, open-hearted time for you. There will be many loves to choose from. Pregnancy comes easy so unless you want this be careful. Don’t overspend.

GEMINI- this is in your 4th house of roots, family, coming home.

You will want to nest, set down some roots, stop your wandering ways. You are ready to get serious, this is very grounding for you in all ways. Reconnect with family, share and trust more. This is a positive time for you.

CANCER- this falls in your 3rd house of communications

Take off some armour and open your heart. You will be feeling more emotionally secure and trusting.  The way to many people’s hearts is through their stomachs. Also open to receive love and nurture what you love in all ways.

LEO- this falls in your 2nd house of resources and money

This could be a great windfall if you share. Learning to be less dramatic may be a steep learning curve for you. You’ve got what it takes, present yourself  in a more conservative and humble way. Help others by serving them. 

VIRGO- this aspect falls in your 1st house of self-identity

Virgo your self-esteem is sky rocketing. This is excellent payoffs everything you’ve worked so hard for. It’s easy to relax and trust life. You are coming out of your hermit-like phase and are ready to shine your love-light.

LIBRA- this aspect falls in your 12th house of the Unconscious

Relationships and values are changing. All that glitters is not gold you have discovered. You want a deeper and simpler heart connection. A relationship of equals is what you really desire. It takes mutual work, you can do it.

SCORPIO- the aspect falls in your 11th house of wishes hopes and dreams

You are more willing to trust in relationships. Love and power are more interesting when shared. Your are open to new kinds of relationships, even open marriage. Radical new love affairs can come from unexpected quarters.

SAGITTARIUS- this aspect falls in your 10th house of world fame and career

Open your heart,  have faith, teach others, lead and show the way. Find your tribe and you will be happy. You need to walk your talk and speak the truth. Many dreams are coming true for you now. Love and work are inspiring. 

CAPRICORN- this aspect falls in your 9th house of travel, teaching, philosophy, justice

You cannot live just for money and power. Follow your bliss and everything will fall into place. Your responsible nature will be rewarded but there is a pay back involved. Nature will remind you of where you are going.

AQUARIUS- this aspect falls in your 8th house of sex, money, power, shared resources.

Your radical leadership and ideals need to manifest .The world is not just  an iPhone. Occupy your body, enjoy love and earthly pleasures.  Your vision must include love, beauty and nature to help change the world for the better. 

PISCES- this aspect falls in your 7th house of marriage and all “others.”

Your soul mate dreams needs to get real. Wishing and hoping and  the laws of attraction won’t cut it. This is the Garden of Eden. You need to create Heaven on Earth. Loving is not martyrdom. Accept your earthly mission of love.


If you are single ladies or gentlemen then make three wishes to attract your special love . You will see Venus and Jupiter  with Mars aligned in the night sky until October 25. Venus herself is known as the wishing star. Jupiter in the Tarot is the Wheel of Fortune. Spin that Wheel make your three wishes. Three times is luckiest. 

Wishing you all the best blessings,


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Feeling the sexual healing, astrology


there’s been a little quincunx to Mercury in Libra  after midnight

small arguments and things out of sorts in our dreams and our realities.  Don’t fret my friends it will change..

But who wants to wake up from such sweet Lucid dreams with a Pisces Moon trine Saturn in Scorpio?

then the Moon is VOID OF COUrSe @  1:05 am PST/4:05 1m EST


VENUS in Scorpio trines CHIRON in Pisces

Venus Pisces astrology Tara


yes which releases us from bondage, secrets, shame, and potentially resolves many an old relationship issues that have been  plagueing us.

There is great healing power and deep compassion for oneself ,especially those from sexual and violent abuse under this energy. Cry as much as you need to that  is very cleansing.

Venus in Scorpio is working overtime cleansing and revealing the pain and getting to the  bottom of deep sexual traumatic wounds. She is a healing balm for sexual abuse.

Note the Jian Gomeshi scandale as part of the secrets will out healing energy. Women admit to being violently abused and find solace and strength in being able to have solidarity with other women around this and media and official acceptance and to feel cleansed of their shame.  

I want to make public that I had a psychic flash November 2 that Jian Gomeshi will commit suicide from his misdeeds and his job loss and public turning on him.He is too proud to face the charges.


art astrology Tara Greene tarot

ATTIREMENT of the Bride Max Ernst 1940

Trying to leave that old beleaguered job,  relationship, or power struggle?

Some major unexpected  chaos is thrown in the mix – for better or worse? It’ll be hard to tell.

VENUS in Scorpio covers herself in mystery and uses her smoldering sexuality  to hypnotize her prey like a cobra.

The independent defenses to resist whatever nefarious manipulations are huge now this is good.

RESISTANCE IS POWERFUL!  November 5 is soon, GUY FAWKES day in the U.S.  V for Vendetta

It’s like that energy.

MOON ENTERS ARIES @ 10:53 am PST for some BAZINGA!

Bright eyed, full of energy and independence, loving the smell of napalm in the morning.


power to the corporations and picking up the pieces from crashes mishaps and misunderstandings

ARIES MOON SQUARES MARS in Capricorn @ 9:52 pm PST 11/4 @ 12:52 am

push comes to shove, Mars rules Aries

double ramming power. Ornery, stubborn, bucking rams and leaping goats butt heads.

It gets worse tomorrow

when Moon squares Pluto and kicks off more cardinal crosses to bare.

C’est La vie.

NOTE Planetary changes coming soon-

NOVEMBER 8  MERCURY re-enters Scorpio

Nov. 9  A beautiful VENUS square JUPITER at 21 degrees SCORPIO/LEO to get all dolled up for

Many Baby  Boomers have their natal Pluto’s in this degree range including MOI.

16-26 degrees Scorpio- Leo TAURUS and Aquarius get the big beautiful shimmering star.

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so make sure your fallout shelter is well stocked.

In the arms of an Angel Sarah McLauchlan 






Pee Wee’s Playhouse is back. I know you are… from the New York Times by J. Hoberman Oct 15 2014 DVD 

Pee Wee’s Playhouse for the uninitiated after a ten-year wait is now available on BLU RAY from SHOUT! Factory

PEE WEE was and always will be a mind-blowing fun romp of an ambiguous anarchic totally artsy children’s Saturday morning show that was wholly original. Something visually creative is juxtaposed with something else and everything is moving. It perfectly captures that age’s art movement in the late 80’s. If you want to be a big kid and HEH HEH like Pee- Wee you’ve gotta steep yourself in the Playhouse.

Some famous Pee Wee-isms- “I know you are but what am i?”

Pee-wee Herman (Paul Reubens) and Miss Yvonne (Lynne Marie Stewart) on “Playhouse.” CreditShout! Factory

Some performers invent personas so boldly stylized that they refuse to break character, at least in public. Mae West was one. As were Harpo Marx and W. C. Fields. Stephen Colbert broke character only recently; but Pee-wee Herman -PAUL REUBENS  held on for years.

Like Mr. Colbert, Mr. Reubens used a regular television show as a vehicle for his invented personality: a manic, nerdy man-child in a too-small gray suit, red bow tie and lipstick. “Pee-wee’s Playhouse” (broadcast for five seasons, starting in fall 1986, in the Saturday-morning cartoon ghetto) was a fully realized private universe. It was also, as demonstrated by the complete 45-episode series and one Christmas special out on Blu-ray from Shout! Factory, a series of strongly conceptualized pieces. As packed as each episode is with outlandish props, linguistic pranks — many based on each week’s meant-to-be-screamed “secret word” — and running gags, PLAYHOUSE  is far too rich to binge-watch.

One of many Pee-weevian paradoxes was the instant popularity of Mr. Reubens’s hermetic spectacle, which made its debut, on CBS, the same month that Blue Velvet  David Lynch’s darker but not dissimilar exercise in personal fetishes and weird Americana, opened in movie theaters to an equally passionate response. “Playhouse,” which originally cost a sizable $325,000 per episode and was shot at first in a cramped SoHo loft, took viewers to a candy-colored world of sexual ambiguity and a realm of total anthropomorphism.


Cowboy Curtis (Laurence Fishburne),MORPHEUS  left, and Pee-wee Herman (Paul Reubens) on “Pee-wee’s Playhouse.” CreditShout! Factory

Every object was potentially alive: the window, the chair, the floor. The creatures who called the Playhouse home included miniature dinosaurs, sentient machines and a refrigerator of foodstuffs that enjoyed an ongoing fiesta. The mise-en-scène was wildly cluttered, and the show offered a veritable taxonomy of animation styles, combining puppetry, clay animation and video effects, while excerpting Depression-era cartoons on the living TV monitor, Magic Screen.

As Pee- Wee was an adult who acted like a child, so the “Playhouse” aesthetic blended high and low tech, the avant-garde and the vulgar. Art world precursors and analogues include Betty Boop, Red Grooms, the underground animator Sally Cruikshank, the midnight movie Forbidden Zone, East Village performance art, neo-Pop painters like Kenny Scharf, and Raw magazine (an early publisher of the cartoonist GARY PANTER, who was one of the show’s three original production designers).

The Playhouse was further distinguished by its racial diversity and frisky gender bending. Jambi the blue-faced genie (John Paragon) and the elaborately be-wigged Miss Yvonne (Lynne Marie Stewart), “the most beautiful woman in Puppet Land,” each in their way evoked drag performers. Dixie the cabdriver (Johann Carlo) and Reba the mail lady (a pre-law & Order S. Epatha Merkerson) were notably assertive women, while Cowboy Curtis (Laurence Fishburne) and the various hunky beach boys who drifted in and out of the Playhouse were bashful and flirtatious.

Not surprisingly, “Pee-wee’s Playhouse” quickly attracted the attention of academics interested in what was not yet known as “queer theory” or “gender studies.”

“Perhaps what is most unsettling about Pee-wee is the way he straddles the line between sexual knowledge and ignorance, as if he were somehow pre- and post-pubescent at the same time,” Ian Balfour wrote in one of three scholarly articles on “Playhouse” published in the special “Male Trouble” May 1988 issue of Camera Obscura: A Journal of Feminism and Film Theory. Perhaps it was this ambiguity that caused a career-stifling public outcry during the summer of 1991 when, with the show in permanent reruns, Mr. Reubens was busted for indecent exposure in an X-rated movie theater. Pee-wee was post-pubescent after all!

Evidently, Mr. Reubens grew tired of “Playhouse,” and the Shout! box is unavoidably front-loaded. Mr. Panter moved on after the first season; the original King of Cartoons and his herald, Dixie, soon departed as well. Many of the most memorable bits of business occurred in the show’s second season, including Pee-wee’s giant underpants, the pajama party during which he marries a bowl of fruit salad and the appearance of the friendless alien Zyzzybalubah.

The cast thinned a bit during the final three seasons. Jambi and the King of Cartoons receded while the more conventional performers Miss Yvonne and Cowboy Curtis became increasingly central. (Truly, having played a teenage Army grunt, a villainous Ike Turner and the guru Morpheus, as well as this Jheri-curled buckaroo, Mr. Fishburne is among the most versatile actors of his generation.) Still, the show remained remarkably consistent.

First telecast on Nov. 3, 1990, “Camping Out”is a great episode, featuring a real-time bathroom break, a cameo by Sandra Bernhard, a seeming glimpse of Big Bird in the fridge, and excerpts from two classic animations, Oskar Fischinger’s “Alegretto.” and Ub Iwerks’s “The Pincushionman” (a.k.a.”Balloon Land”). It is also the show in which Pee-wee throws caution to the wind: His camping trip with Cowboy Curtis is largely a single-entendre discussion of “wieners” and “buns.”

Shown two weeks later, the final episode, “Playhouse for Sale,” is even more self-reflexive. The secret word is “word.” Magic Screen functions as the host, while, confounded by the obtuseness of either Globey the globe or Pterri the pterodactyl, the ever-sunny Miss Yvonne nearly breaks character herself: “I think I’ve taken one too many trips to Puppet Land!”

My husband Napoleon worked on building the props for the first season in New York in 1986. He built CHAIRY and the Fridge and the animated food props.!press—pdfs

Almost the Saturn Return of Pee Wee’s first broadcast September 13 1986. Saturn was at 4 degrees of Sagittarius. The North and South Nodes were almost virtually reversed. Jupiter is now exactly trining where Uranus was then at 18 degrees of Sagittarius.

Pee Wee Playhouse broadcast Astrology

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TEQUILA by Paul Reubens  

Wedding Astrology,revealing George and Amal’s marriage

Congratulations to George Clooney and his beautiful bride Amal Alamuddin on their marriage.

George Clooney Amal Alamuddin marriage Tara Greene

They exchanged vows in Venice at 8: 18 pm Saturday Sept 27 but aren’t legally married until Monday September 29 when they will exchange vows in a civil ceremony.

I had written an earlier article delineating both their charts and why they are soul mates destined to be together. See

I will use the actual date and time of their wedding as the Natal chart symbolizing their  marriage.

I have included asteroids. These often have synchronic, literal connections. AMOR, LOVE in Italian amore- it’s what their water taxi said.  EROS=erotic love and PSYCHE, the Soul. Also an asteroid named George. AMAL’s name is of Hebrew, Sanskrit and Arabic origin. It means labor, pure and hope. There is also a very powerful star called HAMAL which is close to the name Amal. Hamal was once the foundation point, the Aries Equinox star, now still in the Constellation Aries at 7 degrees 40 minutes of Taurus in Tropical astrology.


george clooney marriage Astrology Tara Greene

The Clooney marriage has its IDENTITY and vitality as a LIBRA SUN, with a strong Virgo overtone in the 6th house of work and service to others.

This is a marriage of equals, a KARMIC collaboration. Both are here to work together for justice, both are involved in human rights. I wouldn’t be surprised if George runs for office in the U.S. with Amal at his side or they both work through the U.N. or some other peace keeping associations. They serve as Archetypal partners because they are so famous. This gives us all hope that such equal relationships exist and that we can create them.

The website legal cheek said: “George and Amal’s coupling heralds the end of the bimbo age — quality men don’t just want arm candy anymore, they want women who are their equals (or betters) in looks, intelligence and accomplishments.”

This is a very evolutionary and liberating symbol. Uranus Pluto energy. Yes ladies if you want to catch the attention of someone like George, it’s time to be known for your brains first, good looks are nice but real beauty is in the soul.

SUN is in Square to PLUTO in the 9th house.

This is another powerful, soulful connection. Yes they are definitely the very wealthy Pluto Power couple. This marriage’s soul/SOL  is in their shared vision. The Sagittarian 9th house vision is practical in Capricorn , is political business and justice. Education, teaching, travelling, philosophy, learning, foreign affairs, good humor and growth. To inspire each other and  to search for their soul’s truth is what this marriage is. They must operate with the utmost integrity always.  See more about Pluto below.

the MOON

The Moon is the emotional core essence. Their instinctive connection, empathy, intuitive feelings between the two is at the all-powerful 15th degree of Scorpio right on the Descendant or House of Marriage. Emotional sizzle. Scorpio Moon is powerful in tense obsessive.The 8th house Moon gives all, is the death and rebirth full soul surrender, a total fuze union. This is a tantric marriage. They  fulfill each other in ways that they may have never dreamed possible. Telepathically connected, they may finish each others sentences. They always know deep down what the other wants. Super sexy and powerful. This is soul richness. A lasting intensely emotional and fulfilling marriage.

MOON is squared by JUPITER  in LEO in the 5th house of creativity, children, generosity, and love.

This denotes, a love which is regal, rich and big-hearted. They will treat each other like King and  Queen. Jupiter in Leo is expansive, joy, charisma, power, wealth, status, generosity. Jupiter expands fertility, especially in the 5th house, Amal may be pregnant in a moments notice. They definitely want children. Her father mentioned it in the wedding speech. Traditionally marriage was always to procreate and to increase wealth and the love.

Amal’s Legal work, ruled by Jupiter may be done from wherever their homes are and there will be lots of travelling.  They will be engaged in philanthropic activities and give to and create their own foundations to help the arts flourish. They may both be speaking, publishing, starting educational foundations together, working for children and especially girls rights. They are on a big mission. Amal is also serving as an iconic new leader for modern non-traditional Muslim women. Jupiter rules religion and their marriage goes beyond organized religion to heart centered. It is non-sectarian.

JUPITER IS IN A GRAND FIRE Trine with MARS in Sagittarius and Uranus Retrograde in the 12th in Aries

A very auspicious energy. A fire trine just never quits burning. Extremely positive, energized, expansive, inspiring,  revolutionary, exciting, searching for more learning and an unquenchable thirst for spiritual liberation and fulfillment.

CERES dwarf planet is conjunct their Moon

also very fertile, the Great Mother. They will nurture and care for each other impeccably. They will also raise awareness and money to nurture the environment.

MERCURY  is at the “critical 29th” degree of LIBRA in the 6th house

Marriages must have great communications to work and they will have the utmost in caring about what the other thinks. Communications will be balanced, graceful tactful, artistic. Amal had 20 modern paintings on the walls at the wedding. They will host many cocktail parties, soirees and events. Mercury is conjunct to asteroid George,  at 21 degrees of Virgo. They will have the utmost in good taste, fashion, trend setters.

Mercury is squared by the Asteroid Goddess JUNO at 25 degrees Cancer in the 4th house. Juno or Hera in Roman mythology was Zeus wife. Zeus was always unfaithful but Hera stood by him. Juno also signifies specifically Woman’s Feminine genius. I do believe that George has given up his philandering ways and Amal will rule the roost. George adores her innate Juno.

Asteroid George is conjunct Asteroid ATHENA, Goddess of Wisdom, which Amal embodies and is conjunct to the North Node=the collective Point of Fate at 18-19 degrees of Libra, and conjunct the Vertex a karmic intake point.

What George  communicates through his choice of movie productions and roles as an actor and other endeavours is to serve others, governed by intuitive wisdom, Athena, she always had an owl on her shoulder. Perhaps they will do some important community service in Athens. Their duty is to serve the collective.

URANUS is opposite their North Node in Aries. It is time to leave the EGO behind in a most radical freeing way. Uranus is in the 12th house of the collective unconscious, freeing up old karmic issues for both. They weren’t expecting this. It looks totally different. Being united gives them more freedom.

VENUS is at 27 degrees Virgo conjunct the ASTEROID AMOR.

More 6th house emphasis of a love of the intellect and perfection. Work as beauty, service, community, pets, health, discipline, writing.  Their love is embodied in their work together, doing what they love.


MARS at 9 degrees of Sagittarius in the 7th house conjunct Fixed Star Antares /Archangel Ariel.

Mars symbolizes the driving passion in this Union. In Sagittarius it symbolizes the erotic drive for higher truth in the 7th house of commitment. Yes there is a fiery lust for higher vision in education, laws, spirit.  Mars is in square {90 degree angle} to Neptune in Pisces which is conjunct to the archangel star Fomalhaut or Gabriel at 3 degrees Pisces. This occurs in the 11th house of Aquarian higher consciousness, giving Love, wishes hopes and dreams. Mars is also square to CHIRON, the wounded healer. This union is a spiritual, compassionate, healing campaign to bring higher consciousness to each other and to our collective cosmic wounds. As the Masculine, George was totally driven by his Guardian Angels to marry Amal. 

Ariel is one of the Four main archangels.  Ariel’s name means rival of Mars. The name also means the Lion Headed God,  which the ancient Egyptians and Hebrews worshiped The LION of Judea.  The name is another name for the Holy City of Jerusalem. Ariel is seen in different ways. Sometimes as a very destructive spirit- the name is also associated with Ahriman. Rudolph Steiner called it Ahrimaic or Luciferian forces of darkness. Power is simply power, it is the intention for which it is used.

Archetypal people such as George and Amal can embody the highest spiritual truths. It is fascinating that Amal’s name means Lamb. The symbol of the Lion of Judea where Mars is literally, means the marriage of the Lion and the Lamb. Never mind Twilight or Jesus. It is an Alchemical symbol.

The symbol of the Alchemical Marriage in the Tarot, is Trump #14 traditionaly Temperance. In the Thoth Tarot it is called Art and represents this Sacred Marriage Union as Alchemy. One being is transformed into the other to become a new union. 

PLUTO at 11 degrees Capricorn in the 9th conjuncts Asteroid EROS at 6 degrees. The theme of soul mates for justice, politics, philosophy, higher education, honesty, is further manifested here.. Pluto is of course in the Cardinal Cross with Uranus in the 12th conjunct the south Node in Aries. This is an evolutionary new relationship, rising from the ashes of the old  ways for both parties.

 Asteroid CLUNY was the closest sounding name to  Clooney.

At 16 degrees VIRGO in the 5th house opposite Chiron the wounded healer in Pisces in the 11th.

The Clooney’s are all about Virgo practical work, manifesting, analyzing  communicating and healing information for themselves and to enlighten others. 

Asteroid PSYCHE which means the Soul, is in the 10th house of Public acclaim at 8 degrees Aquarius opposite Jupiter in Leo in the 5th squaring the Taurus Ascendant. Psyche ties into that 7= degree Taurus Fixed Star Hamal or Amal.

Again a powerful signature of the liberating idealism, grand giving, creativity, artistic soul that this couple will manifest through supporting the arts, with Taurus energy.

The Total Lunar Eclipse on October 8 will involve their 12th house unconscious motivations with the Moon there which is very much a sign of Unexpected Fertility. I do believe that we will hear about Amal being pregnant right away.


All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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KISS of LIFE Sade 

Astrology forecast- complicated, inner child healing, from Tara Greene

July 7- 10 

The MOON rules your emotional mood swings. Use this chart and to understand where everyone is coming from.

It’s very useful in business as well.

Week begins with Moon in darkest SCORPIO waters July 7- 8

MOOD is honest and optimistic with Moon SAGITTARIUS @ 6:24 pm PDT/9:24 pm EDT

MOOD is dry, practical and all business as Moon  enters CAPRICORN July 10 @ 8:24 pm PDT/ 11:24 pm EDT

CAPRICORN FULL MOON JULY 12 @ 4:24 am PDT/7:24 am EDT/ 11:24 am GMT 

I’ll just write in detail till Thursday but here’s the overview..

July 12 @ 8:07 pm PDT/ 11:07 pm PDT MOOD is detached, weird and freedom oriented as Moon enters AQUARIUS

FOOD FOR THOUGHT, MERCURY ENTERS CANCER July 12 @ 9:45 pm PDT/ July 13 @ 12:45 am EDT

I ‘ll do the first few days in detail then stop. Want to keep you coming back.

ITS REALLY COMPLICATED MONDAY  July 7- Your love life that is.

Someone may want you to make a serious love choices Monday as never get committed Venus in Gemini is quinxunx -150 degrees- to Saturn in Scorpio then later squares Chiron in Pisces. Feelings will be hurt. It may also be a false sucker punch.

SCORPIO MOON is INTENSE< OBSESSIVE< deeply sexual, 50 shades of grey, secretive, power and control freaks, 

Whenever SCORPIO MOON makes hard aspects- squares, conjunction, oppositions, and quincunx’s that is when the dark parts really hang  out.

Its HIGH ROMANCE in more ways than one, as Moon TRINE NEPTUNE in PISCES early in wee hours PDT

you should see sexy soul mates in your dreams.

SAILOR MOON anyone? 

Sailor Moon planets Tara Greene

INSPIRATIONAL CARD of the DAY Sailor Moon with Uranus Neptune Pluto

Moon sextile PLUTO an easy aspect- all very shadowy and scrumptuous. Emotional bedfellows with the Dark Lord.

MOON TRINE SUN in CANCER- another water trine -get them while they last water signs.

Moon quincunx URANUS in ARIES

false alarms, unexpected agendas, don’t expect anyone to be in any kind of set mood. Fireworks and electric shocks.


a great  time to take an emotional vow to yourself or to someone else, your Boss, wife, husband, lover for something concrete that your soul deeply desires. 

Moon trines Chiron in Pisces in late evening

Ok that stubborn bastard that you cant forgive Scorpio can be someone to sympathize with. Imagine forgiving them.


July 8 

SUN squares URANUS- @ 9:23 am PDT Universal WHOOPPPEE CUSHION.

homeland security alarms sound. How  can you ride a tornado? 

Scorpio Moon quincunx Mercury in Gemini

flumoxxed, bewildered, don’t even try to explain it.


Another water trine,  the late Cancer peeps are sucking up the last drops of this beneficial bath.


Moon squares NEPTUNE early in the A.m. 

aim for truth romance and higher consciousness


Very emotionally healing day, family reunions, compassion forgiveness, blood is thicker than water, but spirit encompasses all. Embrace your inner child, play with them, honor your own innocence.




July 10 very very busy

Sagittarius Moon squares Chiron in Pisces –

too much honesty hurts, a lesson Sagittarius never seems to get.

Moon quincunx SUN in CANCER-

Sagittarians just wanna have fun. We don’t want to go visit the family.


Opposites attract, a fun chatty lively sparks fly time.

Moon sextiles Mars in LIBRA- 

Sagittarius gets Mars to come out and play frisbee


MERCURY is an antennae for downloading the Highest conscious channels at this time. Do tune in. Sort the static from the real deal.

Moon quincunx JUPITER in Cancer

Jupiter is the father of Sagittarius- squabbles with your dad. Don’t you hate summer school? Don’t fence a Sagittarius in, no matter how fantastic a library, ball court, inground pool you have.


ALl writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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God Bless the Child- Billie Holiday 

INNOCENCE – Avril Lavigne