4 square date Numerology ARIES Trumps all Tarot Astrology from Tara Greene

FAb Numerology Today 4/13/13 that’s a lot of 4= Emperor energy in the TAROT.

Tarot Trump EMPEROR Tara


Yes DONALD TRUMP, I always laugh at his name destiny.

Kim Jong Un are acting like the most NEGATIVE aspect of the total  EMPEROR these days. All ego, supreme commander, dictator.

The emperor is ARIES energy and there are 5 planets in Aries today with Mercury entering the initiation sign tonight.

WOW. that’s a NEW NEW beginning. Behold all is new!
If your SOUL # is 4 or 22 the FOOL then this is a very significant day for you.

the number 4 is all about POWER, foundation, 4 squared, 4 elements. It is balanced. So take your NEW POWER and use it wisely.

THE NEW HEAT will be on till APril 15 when VENUS leaves ARIES for her home territory Taurus I am writing a whole sign forecast which will be posted later

Need to find out your SOUL TAROT TRUMP NUMBER?

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Blessing TARA