Love chaos, raging bull and Miley Cyrus.

Monday November 23. It’s only a month till Christmas! 

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The Moon enters “we hate change” and totally sensuous stubborn Taurus. 

This is a very active and frustrating day and totally Venus/Taurus with a little bit of Mars and Saturn thrown in too for good measure. 

If you are a Taurus batten the hatches, its not safe to go out to those pasture today. 

This day could turn out to be a big bull shit stew with 5 Quincunx’s in it today. !!!!!

Label this one. I can’t get no satisfaction but especially for earth signs All fixed signs will feel it. Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. 

What is a quincunx or an inconjunct? It’s a 150 degree aspect between planets. They are in totally different elements and do not know how to relate to each other. Like chalk and cheese, feminists and the GOP. It may be a terrible face off especially with Taurus, being so stubborn. I see Right wing Bible thumping Republicans refusing to budge but also willing to go after whatever their red flag is like a raging bull. Expect the ante to up.


Bull Moon is inconjunct to the Sun- feeling and will are gnashing their teeth at each other.

Moon is inconjunct to Uranus- NO  to anything radical or with a whiff of change whatsoever. 

Moon is in conjunct to Mercury- no comprende me amigo. 

Moon is inconjunct to Mars- women are from Venus and men are from Mars and they are in two different galaxies.

Moon is inconjunct to Saturn- diagreements in politics, foreign policy, legal reform. 

Venus in Libra is inconjunct to Chiron in Pisces

you know Bieber’s song Sorry? and Adele’s song Hello? These are songs for this. 

Venus is also opposing Uranus

expect freedom to reign in the relationship department. Love outside the box. 

and at the end of the day in PST

Mars in Libra sextiles Saturn in Sagittarius

A little balance enters stage left. 

 It is Miley Cyrus’s 23rd birthday today. She is a freewheeling goofy Sagittarius who loves animals and telling it like it is. Miley has a heavy Moon Pluto Mercury conjunction in Scorpio in her 6th house of work. Suddenly all that sexuality had to come out. Pluto by transit is about to go over her Natal Uranus and Uranus square her Natal Uranus/Neptune conjunction in Capricorn. This is the hallmark of this entire generation who are around 23 years old now. I have been seeing many young people with these aspects and issues coming to me lately as they are confused and don’t know what to do. They need to find their higher calling and change the system. 

These aspects are especially affecting anyone born on November 23rs. These are her solar return aspects.

This is a description of what’s affecting your Sun for the next year. 23 is a strange number. 

Call me up and I’ll advise you how to work this. 

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4th of July, Donald Trump Astrology

It’s an Aquarius Moon on the 4th of July, the Natal Position of the US. Moon in 1776.  The U.S. actual Solar return is Tomorrow July 5th at 11:58 a.m.EDT. The U.S. has a Natal Lunar Return an hour before the Solar Return.  Very interesting.. tune in manana.

I just discovered that the U.S. birth chart has Venus, Mars and Pluto Out of Bounds. I will cover that tomorrow. A renegade country for sure. 

 I just wanted to mention that Vermont Independent Presidential Candidate, Bernie Sanders raised $15 million from only 250,000 donors in the last 3 months. see the link below. He is a serious contender but the mainstream media locks him out.  Sanders drew 10,000 people to hear him speak in Madison, Wisconsin the largest of any Presidential Candidate so far. I believe in his non-corporate agenda. The media only covers that clown Donald Trump and the Republican dynasties. I will look at the U.S. election day charts themselves later. 

The Donald,  a Triple Gemini, born June 14 1946 at 10:54 am in Jamaica,New York  is getting pummeled now because Chiron in Pisces is in square to his North Node and his Sun in Gemini and square to his Moon at 21 degrees Sagittarius. Jupiter, the planet of Luck is travelling through his 12th house of self-undoing. Pluto is squaring his Natal Chiron at 14 degrees of Libra in his 2nd house of self-worth and Pluto is also square to Natal Lucky Jupiter at 17 degrees of Libra in his 2nd house of resources, money and physical assets . Uranus, the planet of chaos is in his 8th house of death, rebirth and transformation which is also in a hard square aspect to his natal Saturn in Cancer in his 11th house which symbolizes wishes hope dreams and the Aquarian ideal of we are all made the same. Uranus is also opposed to his natal Jupiter in Libra. So Trump is Trumping and sabotaging himself.  

Donald Trump Astrology Tara greene

Inspirational daily card for July 4 America’s birthday

Trump #2 The High Priestess Thoth Tarot deck 

The High Priestess is the Moon embodied, the 2nd card in the deck. She is the veil and the unveiler of the Mysteries. She shows up after the Magician and before the Empress. She is the Middle Part of the Holy Trinity. Number dos, is about duality, us and them, self and other, and dialogue, communication and relationships. Also reflection. Yes America needs more self-reflection. She is Receptive rather than Active, extremely feminine, she symbolizes the mood, the instincts of the people themselves in Astrology.

The High Priestess as the Moon is all about cycles, as it say in Ecclesiastes 3:4  ” a  time to laugh, a time to weep” and everything moves in cycles. It is not always macho, linear, up. It is Feminine, circular, intuitive, hidden, dreamy, birth, life, death, transformation. 

The High Priestess is mysterious and the Great Mystery Itself. She symbolizes the Unconscious, she is referred to as the masculine part of the Feminine. She is more Lilith to God’s Left hand side than the Shekinah who is more biologically Feminine, the Empress Trump #3.  Wow I just realised this.  These two powerful Feminine archetypes balance the Upper world of creation.

The High Priestess symbolizes fertility, women, women’s power as creatresses, witches, sibyls, seers, psychic, inner knowing. Psychic ability is also available to men as well.

America’s 239th year belongs to everyone getting in touch with their intuitions, their unconscious, their deep feelings. It is the year of the Divine Feminine. Not necessarily Hilary Clinton who is hawkish in every way, a Patriarchal woman. The card symbolizes waiting for the right time to act. Listening to your instincts to know what is right and true and NEVER any outside power, influence or expectation making you act out of synch with your own inner truth.  The High Priestess symbolizes being whole and true within oneself, self-contained. O how I wish everyone could get this level of self-awareness that is what will change the world. It requires un-conditioning at this point to get there. Meditation, reflection, openness, dreaming deep. Listening to Inner Truth.

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Turn, Turn, Turn,  The Byrds 1965

Charming Channing Tatum’s stars of destiny


Channing Tatum is now one of Hollywood’s highest paid actors. The heart-throb starred in Magic Mike which he produced and which is based on his life when he performed as a male stripper which was a huge hit. He is a martial arts champion, a former model, a dancer and went to college on a full football scholarship. He married Jenna Dewan, the dancer he starred in Step Up with in 2006 and they have one daughter.  He seems to do it all, playing comedy in 21 Jump Street and the sequel with Jonah Hill, macho hero roles, serious drama and is an amazing dancer and in top physical condition.He was named the sexiest man alive in 2012. 

Channing Tatum April 26 1980- no exact birth time, noon is used

channing Tatum stars Tara Greene

Channing is a very physical, earthy, body conscious, stubborn, sensual, creative Taurus. With Chiron conjunct his Sun he exudes a sensitivity, a vulnerability, an every guy, ordinariness, underneath his very macho sexy physique. 

Since there is no exact birth time. This chart shows Tatum having a late Virgo MOON. This would make him very focused, bright, hard-working, diligent, a perfectionist and workaholic. That makes sense. The Moon in conjunct Saturn Retrograde giving Channing a serious, heavy, disciplines, mature, focused nature. Saturn rules seniors and his grandparents had a strong influence on him. He was raised in the summer by them. 

His Moon could also be in LIBRA, which could also work, as Libra is ruled by Venus, the arts, socializing, a go-between, charming, needing to be in a marriage. 

Saturn is squaring VENUS in Gemini and Neptune Retro in Sagittarius. 

He is able to morph into many roles with Venus in Gemini, he has endless charm, and a youthful curious mind. Neptune square Saturn makes Channing a serious dreamer, one who can make dreams real and can work the illusion into a reality. Neptune rules Hollywood, glamour, dreamers, artists. 

Channing is a #3 Numerology soul and Personality.

The Number 3 is the Empress in the tarot, like Venus. Very nurturing, caring, creative, romantic, artistic, wealth, sensuality, relationships, balance, go-between are all part of this numerology

Channing has Mercury in Aries exactly opposite Pluto Retrograde in Libra

He is an initator, an independent, high energy  man with lots of new refreshing ideas, and a great communicator. With Pluto opposite Mercury, Channing has deep soul connecting power, and his strong desire nature is what comes through so powerfully in his roles. He does everything with 200% commitment.  

What makes Channing a natural STAR?

Mars is at 28 degrees of Leo conjunct the old place of REGULUS the Royal STAR of Raphael.This is the star of kings, royalty. He has the North Node at 26 degrees Leo conjunct Mars. Channing’s highest spiritual goal is to be a leader, a star, a warrior, a spokesperson, courageous, charming, the source. 

His JUPITER is at zero degrees VIRGO conjunct to Mars and the North Node. Jupiter the planet of expansion is in a new exploration of work, humility,and service to others. This is also the position of where REGULUS the “fixed star” has moved to since the last few years. Channing is the new royalty, approachable, an everyman, down to earth. 

Channing has Uranus in Scorpio square his Mars North Node. 

He is a unique person, strong-willed, unusual, he pushes the edge, pushes himself to be better and to always be fresh. He is restless, moves like lightning, very focused on what he wants and how to get it. He is an unusual person, of great passion and creative self-expression. 

2015-2016 Predictions

Channing is in for some very good energies on his 35th birthday with Jupiter on his Ascendant. He will experience his Jupiter Return in August this year which is super positive and expansive. He may become a father again. Uranus will contact his Mercury and oppose his Pluto later this year. There may be some very unexpected roles or changes in his life. He may produce or get involved in some very interesting projects which benefit humanity in general.

He is having a very important Transit of Chiron at 20 degrees Pisces {already!} in square his Natal Venus in Gemini and oppose his Saturn in Virgo and square his Neptune in Sagittarius. That is a Grand Mutable Cross. There may be more vulnerability in a new role Channing acts in. Saturn will square these points in 2016. Channing will reach serious new maturity and status, an Academy award? Fatherhood, and also a senior close to him could pass away. 

Are you a Channing fan?

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Happy Birthday Justin Bieber, Adult Astrology

Justin Bieber, for those who care- 60 MILLION TWITTER followers- { he ranks #2 after singer Katy Perry} will break Twitter on this day wishing their boy Happy Birthday I bet.

Justin who was just a wee cute lad a scant year or so ago it seems is officially an adult March 1.  Congratulations Justin.

You’ve had a rough year and a half or so with fans booing your disgraceful audacity and arrogance.  Multi-run ins with the law. Acting so rude, peeing in public- didn’t some other Canadian band have a hit single titled that? Disgracing your self with ho’s in South America because you forgot they might use their cell phones to video it all? Car crashes, egging your nabes. Your first love Selena, finally left you. You haven’t had a hit record since 2013. Posting in your Calvin Klein’s is just posing. TMZ is always after you.

So What will your first year as a legal adult bring?

Lets look at the star map.

                                                 NATAL chart

Justin Bieber astrology

Justin Bieber astrology


Being an adult and growing up is all about being more mature and taking responsibility for yourself and your actions. In astrology terms, those qualities are the domain of planet Saturn, the planet of reality, the father, testing, limitations and karmic responsibility.  

Justin has had NEPTUNE, the planet of addictions, illusions, delusions, glamour and creativity conjunct his natal Saturn in Pisces- means literally his father, who he was partying with. Neptune was opposing his hard-working CHIRON in Virgo, where he is the most vulnerable, for the last year making him dazed and confused, lazy, in denial and deluded. Chiron in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces is in a drug haze, a mental daze, unthinking and unorganized.


Now Justin has SATURN, in Sagittarius, the cosmic cop squaring his Natal Saturn in Pisces exactly. Squares apply pressure. This is a good sobering thing. Saturn in Sagittarius is truth, honesty, reality and the law. Justin will be tested and he will have to prove { Saturn} he has talent {Neptune} and is justifiably creative. Saturn will be in square twice this year. He needs a hit record. It may be really difficult for him. Justin may return to his more conservative roots through religion with a Natal Pisces Sun. His music may become much more spiritually oriented. The world is also going through this energy now too. He may be in more trouble with the law {Sagittarius}  if he doesn’t settle down and do the hard work.

SATURN  will continue to square and challenge Justin’s identity and persona even more so in the fall of 2015 as it exactly squares his 10 degrees Pisces Sun from Sagittarius. He will have to shape up and man up or he may be finished. There will be lots of travelling for Justin. He needs to inspire his fans. Higher education is important to Saturn in Sagittarius. Perhaps Justin will go back to school. He may be forced to do community work for a misdeed. This is also a philanthropic indicator of Justin giving away to charities and helping to raise money for education.

Justin has been affected by hard SATURN TESTS as Saturn crossed over his North Node, Pluto and Ascendant all in the last degrees of Scorpio,  last year. That Natal conjunction is what has made him so wealthy and famous. These are the most difficult degrees in the Zodiac. He is set to go through two more even bigger tests and initiations from Saturn from mid-June to mid-September when Saturn retrogrades back through those very heavy, sex, money, power, death, rebirth, wealth and emotions of Scorpio again, then moves forward. Justin is somehow the archetypal boy for these transits also affects the collective the same way. This is a very critical year for Justin. He needs a mature guide to help him. I think they tried and he didn’t listen. Now I think he will.

NEPTUNE, the planet of spirituality, dreams and debt is also close to Justin’s Sun this year. He may still have to wrestle with his angels, the drugs, illusions, the glamour even more so. He must not believe in his own ego at all or that he is All powerful. He would be wise to surrender his ego to God.

Justin is being influenced in numerology by the symbol #12 this year. That is the card of The Hanged Man in the Tarot which is surrender. His fans project {Neptune} that he is a Godlike figure.  The Neptune illusion may wear off in the Light of day {the Sun}. He could also O.D. or self-destruct as Neptune rules self-undoing and martyrdom.

Chiron, the wounded healer was on the roots of Justin’s Natal chart, which symbolizes the shaking of his foundation. Chiron in Pisces was directly opposite his Mid-Heaven, his highest career point and worldly fame last year. This made him look weak and vulnerable. Chiron is about to conjunct his Natal Venus by April’s end and into August and again in 2016. In order to heal himself, he must surrender his arrogance to the feminine. He needs to trust his intuition and his dreams, {Venus in Pisces}  to God, {Pisces} and he may go through some deep hurt by a woman or women. Rejection? It could also be wounding or loss of a woman close to him in his family.

Justin could go through a total make-over in his tastes, and style as Uranus planet of freedom, revolution, inventiveness, and new technology squares his Natal Neptune in Capricorn in July. Even bigger more intense change come in 2016 for Justin when Uranus exactly squares Neptune and opposes his Natal Moon at 24 degrees Libra. Big Changes in his relationships, and with women and especially his mother.

I could talk about Justin’s Solar Return chart but that’s enough for now. I am overdue on other projects and fighting a cold.

I can’t promise it will be all good. It is up to Justin himself to do the hard work. These are tough transits to deal with at any age. I believe Justin chose his time of birth and his parents and all of these events in his life. He must now choose wisely. It is crucial that he does take himself and his influence seriously. I wish him all the best. My daughter Leah, 17 is still a fan.

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Happy Birthday, Solar return astrology

Today is my birthday. I was born November 29.


Yes that makes me an 11:11 by birth.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all my fellow Sagittarian’s also 11/29’ers like one of my hero’s,visionary painter Alex Grey.

Sophia Alex Grey Art Tara Greene

CARD OF THE DAY SOPHIA Goddess of Wisdom by Alex Grey

On the calendar, my birthday is today. But the astronomical year is not always the same length, sometimes there are leap years.  According to Astrology, my SOLAR RETURN, which is when the Sun reaches the exact same degree and minute as when I was born, 6 degrees 25 minutes of Sagittarius, was yesterday. Your solar return can change each year too.

Solar Returns are quite common tools in the astrologer’s tool kit. That specific degree of the sun and where all the planets are at that moment is a yearly birth chart called a solar return,which is used to diagnose the next year. It is calculated for your current location on your solar return. Some people travel on their birth dates to get more auspicious angles in their solar Return charts. Really.

Here’s mine with my Natal chart.

solar return astrology Tara Greene

The Moon is at 27 degrees Aquarius on the IC or the most private, root charkra, my home, childhood, showing a need for emotional privacy, safety, security. The Moon is also connected to the “crown chakra” of the chart, the M.C. my highest career point and visibility in the world. Emotionally I am feeling detached, tuned into the moods of  the tribe, the group soul, and I am serving as a vessel for bringing down the higher consciousness frequencies of freedom, innovation, and working with new technology. The moon is squaring Saturn by transit so this is a  karmic serious duty.

Saturn in Scorpio and Mercury in Sagittarius are in my first house of SELF. I am newly “reborn” and taking on new responabilities and new ways of communicating. Teaching, writing and publishing are a big part of my upcoming year.

CERES the dwarf planet, Mother Goddess in the Greek myths, who governs fertility, children and the earth is conjunct my Natal Moon in my 1st house. Working with women, teaching women’s connection to their moon cycles and the connection to the earth, ecology, natural birthing, mothering and healing are also very important  tasks.  I am blessed to have two beautiful children born in two different generations, both were born at home 100% organically all natural with many midwives. I nursed both of my kids for a total of 7 and 1/2 years and loved every minute of it. 

VENUS in Sagittarius is also conjunct my Moon in the house of self. Venus means money, values, art, beauty, creativity is something I will be teaching, travelling, lecturing and presenting workshops with women this upcoming year. Yes I love all of that, bring it on..

Vesta, Goddess of the hearth, focus, devotion and the Sacred tantric sexual fires is on my Mercury. I am writing an e-book about how to use sacred sexuality to nurture and heal your body and how to reach higher states of ecstatic bliss. You can do this alone as well, you don’t need to be in a relationship to do this. Interested?

Pluto is in my 2nd house of resources is opposite my natal Uranus in my 8th house of transformation and square Saturn in Libra in my 11th house still. That is where the Cardinal Cross is hitting me in the fixed house. My soul is transforming how I use it as  a resource for helping others to transform their lives.

MARS at 25 degrees Caprciorn is in my 3rd house and squaring my Natal Neptune Venus conjunction in the 11th. I am driven by a wordly desire to communicate about and manifest dreams, higher soul connections, creativity, dance, art, and visions in community.

NEPTUNE, at 4 degrees Pisces is on my Natal North Node. I am definitely feeling Neptune’s spiritual, visionary, psychic, mystic, foggy, creative, dreamy, idealistic, meditative, exhaustive, energies. It has been hard for me to focus. It frustrates my Virgo South node no end. As a person with almost no earth in my chart. I rely heavily on that Virgo South Node.  I will be a spiritual creative dreamer this year and bring in the highest energies and channel more of these energies for my clients. 

Chiron at 13 Pisces is still squaring my Natal Moon. Yes I have been feeling very sensitive to the world soul’s wounds. I am finding that very exhausting. I pray regularly and send healing to the world all the time.

Uranus at 12 degrees Aries in my natal 5th house is opposite my Saturn and exactly square to my Uranus in the 8th. Kind of like a mid life crisis, its should I stay or should I go? I am reinventing myself, revolutionizing and freeing myself up. 

North Node in LIBRA is in my 11th house and is on my Natal Neptune Venus. I have to serve my highest, most spiritual, idealistic, creative visions and have total faith. I need to organize and help others to do this as well, through coaching. This is what others are draw to me for.

Juno Goddess of feminine genius is squaring my Ascendant from Leo with Athena right on my Ascendant! I will be flying high and having awesome night vision. 

Lilith is at zero degrees of VIRGO having just entered on November 28. She is right on my Mid Heaven, screeching away. I love Lilith and love teaching about her. She will be guiding my position in the world. Very interesting.

JUPITER in Leo is exactly on my Pluto in the 9th house of teaching, publishing, travelling. Everything that I adore to do, that I have always seen myself doing for the last 20 years. This is called the millionaire’s transit. I will be working on finishing my book, teaching workshops in exotic locations. I need to be teaching on the many subjects that interest me.  Astrology, Tarot, women’s spirituality, menstruation, natural childbirth, art, dance, moon cycles, being a high priestess, meditations.. If you’d like me to come teach for you- send me an email-

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BIRTHDAY by the Beatles  

Hottest club, Art, DISCO, lucky stars,Solar returns

It’s my birthday today. November 29. I am an 11:11 in Numerology. Happy Birthday to all the other 11 11’s out there. It’s not a very common day to be born on. One of my favourite artists William Blake was born November 28. One of my favourite artists, visionary Alex Grey is also born November 29.

C.S. Lewis creator of Narnia, Howie Mandel,Gary Shandling, the Coen brothers- Movie directors, and actresss Dianne Ladd, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to YOU.

I wrote about yesterdays beautiful Venus, she rules artists, in Capricorn and Jupiter in Cancer opposition and how it was beneficial to Capricorn’s, Cancer’s Libra and ARIES, and also peeps with planets at 19 degrees of those signs.  I was thinking about my husband who has his Natal Venus in Capricorn in his 10th house at 20 degrees. So the Lovely expansive GOOD LUCK energy was bang on for him. So yesterday with all the Giving of Thanks, Hannukah, Comet ISON brouhaha, I then realised it’s also bang on for me too. I have VENUS conjunct my Neptune exactly at 20 degrees of LIBRA, a great blessing for my year ahead. Thank you Gods and GODDESSES. So it should be a great year for us and our family.

Napoleon Brousseau Art

Slumber party 30 cx 22 ” Charcoal drawing by Napoleon Brousseau 2002

Your birthday is called your SOLAR RETURN in actuality. It’s when the Sun return’s to the exact degree it was at the moment you were born. It doesn’t always fall on your exact birthdate, it can come one day before or even one day afterwards.  It is an important chart to get a reading with as it is a predictive tool for your entire year ahead.

YOU SHOULD HAVE YOUR SOLAR RETURN READING for your own birthday gift, whenever it is in the year.


Buy now, reading is done on SKYPE

Speaking of art . I’m watching to see how this will play out.

A book came out recently reviewed in NEW YORK magazine-about one of the hottest clubs in New York in the 80’s AREA.-see link below My husband Napoleon Brousseau, yes its his real name,  was one of the Area Art Directors for a few years. He was responsible for designing and creating those huge art installations which the club was famous for. With a crew of 40 people working with him every 6 weeks, huge new installations were designed, they had gigantic budgets. Those were the days. Napoleon returned to Toronto, you can see his CAMERON HOUSE ANT SCULPTURES on Queen Street West. See more of Napoleon’s works 

Napoleon is represented by ANGELL GALLERY 12 Ossington Avenue in TORONTO where he is currently showing erotic, dark charcoal drawings and paintings. If you’re in Toronto this Saturday November 30. The artist will be present form 1:00-4:00 .m. Come by and meet him. I’ll be there too.


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It Was the Hottest Club in Town.

Another review with great photos

MOON ENTERS SCORPIO Friday night – expect intense this weekend.


80’s ART

July 4th U.S. Astrology, Happy Birthday, Solar Return

It’s July 4th the U.S. Independence Day Birthday. 237 years young.

Fourth of July Tara Greene

But in Astrology Terms the U.S., like any individual has its birthday when the Sun reaches the same degree it was at in the natal birth chart. The U.S. birth chart is a hotly debated topic by astrologers, varying the times of day on July 4th or even saying it occurred on different days than the signing of the declaration of Independence.

So the real Sun’s return or Solar Return for the U.S. happens on Friday July 5 at 12:22 am EDT

The U.S. is 237 years old and the planet mercury makes a synodic return once every 79 years, in other words like a birthday cycle. The U.S. is experiencing its 3rd synodic Mercury Return this year!

Yes the 3rd time round for MERCURY planet of communications, ideas, analysis is back in synch with 1776.

The 1st Mercury Synodic cycle occurred in 1855

and the 1st edition of Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass was published,the first railway train travelled from east to west.

the 2nd occurred in 1934 when

Alcatraz became a federal prison,the first Edwin Hubble photo reveals as many galaxies as stars in the skies

and now 2013. This Mercury station re-activates all the tumultuous ideas from the U.S. founding. thanks to Astrologer Gary P. Caton for pointing this out.

With the recent Edward Snowden outing of surveillance secrets, certainly a covert Mercury Retrograde operations this year is going to be critical for the U.S.

Lets check up on the U.S. Solar Return chart which symbolizes the entire year ahead through the transits to the Natal planets and angles.

U.S. solar return 2013

The most obvious thing that pops out is Moon which represents the mood of the PEOPLE @ 9 degrees of GEMINI directly conjunct URANUS in the Natal chart in the 6th house of work, community, service/servants. THE PEOPLE will take to the streets in rebellion just as they did in 1776, but it is also an information revolution, Uranus rules the Internet, Hi- tech.Uranus is freedom, invention, individual rights.The People may also be faced with having to battle the hi tech surveillance already embedded within the system.

Transiting URANUS at 12 degrees ARIES is in the Natal 4th house- the HOME literally, roots, the foundation, women, mothering, nurturing, food,endings, which is exactly square the U.S. SUN at 13 degrees CANCER which is conjunct the FIXED STAR SIRIUS. URANUS also importantly opposes the U.S. natal SATURN at 14 degrees LIBRA in the 10th house of FAME. Saturn is history, the old boys club, time, limitations, obstacles, karma, seniority, senitors, seniors, hard times. What SATURN structures and builds, what is time tested, URANUS blows up, revolutionizes and restructures. URANUS is also of course in square to the ASCENDANT of the chart So REVOLUTION is here.

The song is OBVIOUSLY “There’s something in the air”  by Thunderclap Newman in association with Pete Townshend of The WHo fame.


PLUTO at 10 degrees CAPRICORN RETROGRADE transiting through the 1st house, of self-identity is also approaching an opposition to the U.S. Natal SUN. PLUTO is death, rebirth, transformation, recycling, refuse, the shadow, secrets, power, control, fascism. Its showdown time, this is the famous Uranus Pluto T- square closing in on the SUN the vitality,ego and identity of the U.S along with the U.S.’s own KARMA to boot..

MARS is also just passed its return at 24 degrees GEMINI, natal MARS is 21 Gemini in the 7th house of “marriage” and business relationships. Could be a lot of fast moving heads, immature yakking and not much substance. The speaks with forked tongue variety. Much energy directed towards “others.”

JUPITER planets of expansion, opportunity, higher thinking, religion, travel, foreigners, truth,optimism, hot air, philosophy, is also in the 7th house of marriage. Its getting pretty crowded, at 2 degrees of CANCER conjunct the Natal VENUS at 3 degrees in conjunction to Natal Jupiter at 5 degrees CANCER. The U.S. is 2 years away from having its 20th Jupiter ReTURN. CANCER is all about home, family MOM, apple pie all the stuff the U.S. is supposedly so sentimental about. Yet women’s rights, access to abortion and protecting of families and children’s rights is still being fought over.

This is very very expansive for WOMEN, and WOMEN will be the ones to speak the truth and speak THEIR  truth. large groups of women must gather to push for more liberal laws, protection for their rights, for children’s rights, for FOOD and E+WATER basic CANCERIAN necessities.

NEPTUNE planets of dreamers, spirituality, addictions, illusions, delusions, oil, drugs, Hollywood, glamour,denial, institutions, fog, water, art,escapism is at 5 degrees PISCES traveling through the 3rd house, clearly squaring  Natal URANUS in GEMINI in the 6th house.  SPIRITUALITY is revolutionizing peoples’ ways of thinking, consciousness itself.  This is a true spiritual and hi tech revolution of cell phones, ipads, meditation, yoga, eastern mysticism which is not religion based. Hypnotherapy, a Neptunian technique will also assist in the change of consciousness. Also beware of hidden subliminal programming which will be revealed. Danger of people escaping into fictional 3D hyper virtual worlds. HI Tech drugs to enhance peoples’ awareness will become very popular. But who creates the content? The illusion of genetic supremacy,or that hi tech is the religion for all will be challenged. 

VENUS at 9 degrees LEO is just passed the U.S. NOrth NOde at 6 degrees LEO in the 8th {SCORPIONIC house} of birth, death, sex, transformation, power, secrets. Venus rules Women, love, values, money, art. THe U.S. has always had secret money reserves, The Federal Reserve is a private bank. What was the original agenda?  VENUS in LEO, is all about the QUEEN ruling the Hive,women need to take back their inherent power. Rle from the heart. Ruling through LOVE. Is the all mighty buck the GODDESS of all?  What is the U.S. highest destiny? Thant is what the North Node symbolizes. 

SATURN at 4 degrees SCORPIO Retrograde in the 11th house squares the North Node and VENUS. Karmic lessons from the U.S.’s past will come to bear on women and the values,  relationships, the power tripping, secrets, cruelties, lies, manipulations, treachery, back stabbing of what it did with the assets received {11th house issues} = think the banking bailouts= will come back to haunt the U.S.

Again women/VENUS  must break free from old historical shackles in every way possible now.

CHIRON at 13 degrees PISCES is also exactly SQUARING the ASCENDANt of 12 degrees Sagittarius and the Descendant of 12 degrees Gemini. These times are a HEALING CRISIS, or Chrisis as i originally wrote it. Identity crises, difficulty in relationships with all “others” that is non- Americans in the wORLD, vULNERABLE, WEAK. OIL/Pisces will prove to be a weak point for America to have so obviously depended on this fuel for far too long. Who controls the world’s oil supplies really? Who is  in control?

 ALL IN ALL, I think it will be a fabulous year, never a dull moment,a  revolutionary year. Perhaps a CIVIL war, over gun rights, many citizens will be imprisoned in prison camps which have been built, prepped, made into commodities on the market. Yes many people will be suffering, and for this I send healing prayers in advance. This is just the beginning, the next 2 years will be more of the same. What was planted in the 60’s is bearing fruit now. The people the U.S. need this to happen, it is an evolutionary necessity. We are running out of resources worldwide and polluting our basic needs for water, clean air, and descent nourishing food. Most people are asleep ,and their lives are spent in a dream state. 

Better get back to the land and set your soul free as Joni Mitchell foretold in her song Woodstock in 1969. America must find its soul, if its soul was ever aligned with true revolution and democracy and not this 2013 devolutionized version of consumer capitalism and misinformation and the prison camp of the free to choose the brand you are told to, pseudo democracy veering on a fascist state.

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SOMETHING IN THE AIR by Thunderclap Newman 

WOODSTOCK written and sung by Canadian artist Joni Mitchell [youtube=]