Tune into the highest consciousness in the Yoniverse

Under a Scorpio Moon trine to Chiron in Pisces in the early hours, we feel compassionately inspired. We want to help those less fortunate. I send prayers to those in Haiti, Jamaica, Cuba and the Caribbean being hit with a powerful Hurricane Matthew now. These are amongst the poorest areas in the world. 

galactic consciousness Tara Greene

the Black Hole/Yoni  at the Galactic Center

LIBRA Sun sextiles SATURN in SAGITTARIUS @ 11 degrees

The Vice Presidential hopefuls have their debate tonight. The election is only 5 weeks away! The Sun will be on Donald Trumps Jupiter next week during the last debate. That is very good for him.

Ya got planets at 11 degrees LIBRA or SAGITTARIUS?

SATURN is close to the Great Attractor at 14 degrees SAGITTARIUS, which is 2 degrees away from the U.S. Ascendant BTW. That is why is attracted so many immigrants. That is why it has become the greatest country in the world  since WWII. But the U.S. fortunes are changing simply because it is 2016 and China, and Russia and other countries have enormous wealth too. 

On a personal level this is a great socializing energy. Do Saggy things, Work out at the gym and meet new people. Go to a lecture or a bookstore to learn something new. Go to a lecture, yoga class, metaphysical store or other way of learning and meeting new people. 

DIPLOMACY with foreign countries is the biggest message of the day.

If you have planets at 6-16 degrees TAURUS you are being quincunxed {150 degree angle} from Saturn and SUN. You will be feeling like a Beef kabob.

The Scorpio Moon brings up deep shadows.  It is inconjunct to URANUS in ARIES

There may be surprises lurking in your ad other people’s psyches, those unexplored 12th house,hot bed of projected, unowned parts of oneself. Donald Trump is the best example of projection. Muslims, Mexicans, Woman.  Be careful of the energy you emit as people seem to be a hairs breath triggering to anger patterns these days. We are still feeling the Neptune Saturn square polarizing energies very strongly.

Scorpio Moon sextiles Mercury in Virgo later in the day

You can tune your consciousness to any frequency. Tune into the highest cosmic messages in the YONIVERSE now as MERCURY is at 25-28 degrees Virgo now until October 6th and is squaring the GALACTIC CENTER. This is a great way to get the GALACTIC MESSAGE you need. I will be tuning in.

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P.S. If i am a bit late responding these days, I am fighting off being sick, everyone is sick in my household and I have a ton of deadlines. I need time to finish up an ebook this week.