Gore Vidal,celebrated author, writer, social critic, astrology of a genius by Tara Greene

Gore Vidal, who the New York Times called an “elegant, acerbic all-around man of letters who presided with a certain relish over what he declared to be the end of American civilization” died at his Hollywood Hills home Tuesday July 31 at age 86.

novelist author Gore Vidal

He was awarded for his distinguished contribution to American Letters and received a National Book Awards in 2009. He published his first novel Williwaw at 19 years of age. In total he wrote 25 novels, two memoirs,he was an essayist, screenwriter, playwright- THE BEST MAN an, outspoken social critic and bon vivant.

His epitaph in his own words should read “Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn.”

 Vidal was famous for writing Myra Breckenridge which was made into an infamous  movie starring Mae West and Raquel Welch..

Myra Breckinridge Gore Vidal

Except for Norman Mailer or Truman Capote, Vidal loved being a public American figure. He twice ran for office- in 1960 as a democrat and in 1982 for the senate. He was also famous for arguing with William F. Buckley at the Democratic convention in 1968 calling him a “crypto-Nazi.” Later Vidal publicly lashed out at his colleagues, like  former writer friend  Truman Capote stating “Capote I truly loathed. The way you might loathe a filthy animal.”

 In the 90’s he became a recluse and in  2010 Christopher Hitchen s wrote that he believed that the aftermath of the September 11 attacks had “accentuated a crackpot strain” in Mr. Vidal “that gradually asserted itself as dominant.”

 Occasionally an  actor, in animated form on The Simpson’s and Family Guy, and he played himself in Tim Robins movie BOB ROBERTS.

In his memoir he boasted that he had over 1,000 sexual encounters with both men and women by the time he was 25. Yet for 53 years he had a live-in companion Howard Austen who he never had a sexual relationship with.

 Distantly related to Vice President Al Gore. His mother, who he detested as an alcoholic ,divorced his father and remarried the stepfather of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.He was an aristocrat who divided his time between Italy and America until recently.

 So lets look at Mr. Gore from his Astrology chart. Born October 3, 1025 in West Point New York at 10:00 am a verified birth time.

Gore Vidal astrology Tara Greene

From what I know of his personality I would expect lots of SCORPIO, ARIES and VIRGO, as he was very sexual, a fighter, a writer and social critic, a perfectionist.

 THE FAMOUS WRITER, Unique libertarian

It’s plain to see in his chart. A LIBRAN, sign of the artist, with the Sun in the 10th house of WORLDLY FAME who loves being the center of attention, a dominant personality, with Mercury the planet of communicators, rules writers, conjunct the Sun and to sexually powerful MARS.

 Gore Vidal’s chart is very simple and focused. His Sun, his ego and identity in the FAME position is the focal point of a T-SQUARE with PLUTO {the Soul} at 14 degrees of Cancer in the 8th house, the natural Scorpio-sexual, power and control issues, fantastic researcher, with  JUPITER at 13 degrees of Capricorn in the 2nd house of wealth and resources.


Is also the modern day ruler of SCORPIO located conjunct to the U.S. Sun and Fixed Star Sirius, worshipped in ancient Egypt. Mr. Vidal had strong contacts with his family, especially his Grandfather {CANCER} as well as deep psychological issues with his Mother {CANCER}.The 8th house also brings benefits from family wealth.


The Great Benefic @ 13 degrees of Capricorn, exactly conjunct the U.S. SUN  in the 2nd indicates someone who works hard and has practical powerful resources and gets lucky. Jupiter opposite Pluto usually brings wealth, power, influence and Gore had all of these in spades. He was born to actualize all of that talent, power, prestige, and influence in the world.

 His  MC or Highest Standing  in the World

At 11 degrees of VIRGO- Virgo known for perfectionism, intellectual prowess and hard working ethic  is  ruled by Mercury in the 10th house of fame in Libra which is ruled by VENUS Goddess of the Arts and Letters. 


The Ascendant is how Gore was known in the world, for voracious sexual appetites, his ability to be abrasive, unflinching, dark, and secretive.

 VENUS and SATURN {KARMA} in SCORPIO in the 12 houses of secrets.

Venus in Scorpio is the sexiest placement for Venus. Scorpio, known for being in control, power, research, sex, money, and Vidal had Saturn here, so he came to work our a lot of love affairs and past life karma. He also had a secret live-in lover whom he never had sex with for 53 years.  Vidal loved to be in power, push peoples’ buttonsThe planet sin the 12th indicate alcoholism, {his mother} addictive behaviours and hidden things, conspiracy theories which he loved.


Mars the ruler of sexuality, in his 10th house of fame. Vidal prided himself in being a Casanova. In a dual sign, Gore was a bi-sexual in his younger years. He loved people, and being in the social limelite. Mars is considered weak but it rules his SCORPIO Ascendant.

MOON in  ARIES in the 5th house of LOVE  AFFAIRS

 The Moon represents his deep feelings and his Mother whom he stated he hated. In ARIES, his emotions ate everyone else alive. Fiercely competitive and easily bored Vidal moved quickly from one conquest after another. Deep down he was hurt and could wound others because of his need to battle his own psychological ills. HE was a firece fighter, competitive and easy to anger.


The only other major “hard” angle in his chart is Venus square Neptune. Venus in Scorpio in the 12th house is the insatiable sex addict, a man who needed money fame power. In Square to Neptune, Neptune rules all creative peoples. In the 9th house Gore loved history and wrote books and screen plays about ancient Rome, the U.S.etc. He saw the world form a higher perspective. He could be seen as Delusional, egotistical with Neptune in LEO. This denotes an addiction to power.


 Rebellious planet Uranus is at 22 degrees Retrograde in his 4th house of home, early childhood, his mother, privacy. Uranus is part of a GRAND TRINE in Gore’s natal chart. Uranus makes a person a genius, someone who goes against the grain, is the Kook, the oddball, one who challenges society’s outworn morals, and this is who Gore Vidal was to the core. A unique creative genius who truly saw behind the surface {Scorpio Venus in the 12th, Saturn in the 12th} to Pluto in Cancer the traditions of  the collective. Pluto is the symbol of the collective Unconscious and Vidal loved conspiracy theories. He went against the grain of everything that traditional society stood for.

 His NORTH NODE at 2 degrees of LEO is CONJUNCT LILLITH in the 8th house

This is interesting because the North Node is your highest spiritual goal. In the 8th SCORPIO natural house. All that we link to SCORPIO plus the Royalty, ego, being the boss, power, control, leadership, fame and all of it describes Gore to a T. Conjunct Lillith indicates that Gore loved being an outsider, the OUTCAST and that is what LILLITH Stands for. The more rejected he was in some ways the more power he felt he had. He refused to give in to anything anyone else wants including God.

 At his Death on  July 31 2012

THE MOON {the unconscious, mother} and PLUTO are exactly square to his natal SUN at 9 degrees of Libra. Transiting Saturn {DEATH} is at 23 degrees of Libra opposite his natal Moon {his mother} and Chiron the wounded healer. The Sun is at 8 degrees of Leo exactly square to his Natal Saturn at 12 degrees of Scorpio.  Chiron at 8 degree so Pisces is conjunct to his 4th house cusp or IC at 11 degree so Pisces.

 He will be more famous POSTHUMOUSLY

Pluto will conjunct Vidal’s Natal Jupiter in a few years. He will be hailed after death as a true libertarian, future seer, and political and societal critic. His genious was acknowledged as a writer but his potent insghts into AMerican politics were too threatening during his  life for the mainstream.

 Gore, wherever you choose to go,may you continue to be true to yourself.

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