Serious Retrogrades,slow culture Astrology

I don’t  know about you but Mars Retrograde has me feeling really exhausted. On top of Mercury in its shadow, Saturn Jupiter and Pluto are also Retro. Are you feeling tired? It’ts more to do with where MARS is Retrograding through your natal chart and the aspects its making.

The best thing to do is slow down and just chill. We spend too much time racing around anyways these days. Time some time to value SLOW CULTURE, cooking, slow handed love.


Turtle is a very revered animal to Native Indigenous people’s. North America is called Turtle Island.  Turtle carries its home wherever it is. There is no need to go anywhere else because everything it needs is attached to it. Remember it’s not the vehicle you travel in that matters, it’s the quality of your life journey. Turtle plods along, taking its time to observe and be present. How you travel has everything to do with what you find at the end of the journey. Turtles live to be very ancient wise beings because they never hurried, time operates differently for them.  Turtles see the world and slowly advance, knowing there is no need to rush. This is how to win the race now. Let’s take turtle’s gifts as medicine for the Retrogrades. 

Turtle spirit animals, Tara Greene


Moon enters Sagittarius April 24 which heats things up and inspires philosophical queries, long distance travels, overly honest communications,  and a love of nature, sports and animals. 

Moon inconjuncts the TAurus SUN which is the How do we slow down now issues?

Moon conjuncts MARS late in day PDT

and Monday EST. 

Mars Retro conjunct Saggy Moon wants to trot off into the wild west. 

So i would do a slo-mo review of: past travels, learning experiences, Sagittarius lovers, things you promised and never fulfilled.   Things that happened to spontaneously  combust, travel plans you wanted to take but didn’t for whatever reason, educational courses that didn’t happen,  or you never finished, all those New Years resolutions, failures, inconsistencies, and other areas where Mars was not functioning fully. Just let all that go…more baggage. You don’t need to go slower than slow.

Look back at where you were 2.2 years ago when Mars was last Retrograde from March 1st- May 21st where it retrograded backwards from 27  -9 degrees LIBRA.  What was going on in your relationships at that time? Old lovers may return again.

Don’t push yourself, this wont work, rest as much as you need and can. This is a recharge time. 


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Feeling tired? Mars Retrograde Astrology tonic advice

I’m So TIRED by The Beatles

I started writing this article on Saturday night and what with D.S.T. I got too tired and couldn’t finish.

Yes Mars went Retrograde March 1st on a New moon in Libra and Saturn went Retrograde in Scorpio on March 2 but I won’t talk about Saturn right now.

Mars retrograde takes all the spunk out of all men and sucks up all forward moving  energy, much like a Black Hole was supposed to do.

Mars = Sex and Retrograde it’s not happening. So enjoy the break. Being celibate is a necessary spiritual training. ALL RETROGRADES ARE GOOD necessary healthy Rx. Medicines. 

No PORN for  11.5 weeks. Do it as a sacrifice and see what happens in your life.

Retrograde planet periods are TRICKSTER energy. You can learn a lot by NOT DOING what you usually do or take for granted.

Mars has pulled the plug. I felt and saw it right away. It was rather scary. DID YOU FEEL IT TOO?

It’s S L O W culture time. Especially with Saturn Retrograde and Pluto joins in awhile.

SLOW down, its good for you. BABY now you’re moving way too fast. A song the Beatles covered SLOW DOWN  written by Larry Williams 1964

It affects all LIBRA’s most directly, but also all ARIES and SCORPIO peeps as MARS is their  planetary ruler.

Wherever you have the sign of LIBRA and everyone does- from 27 degrees Libra- 9 degrees in your Birth chart that’s Mars retrograde territory till May 19.

Mark off the house or houses and all the planets that will get a conjunction, square or opposition by MARS retro. Those planets, angles etc. energy gets affected too.

As Libra is the sign of RELATIONSHIPS expect OLD FLAMES to re-appear.

You are also re-evaluating your relationships.

 MARS in LIBRA Retrograde makes us very very indecisive.

I have Mars in Libra in my Natal chart so I live with this aspect. Should I or  shouldn’t I? Just like a Mercury Retrograde its NOT a great time to INITIATE, Aries middle name – anything new. But a great time to finish things off. 

What the blazes? you may well ask Aries..

ARIES, your ruling planet makes your energy BACKFIRE. Sucks it up leaving you feeling unfamiliarity enervated. Backdraft that’s what it is.

What me tired? You hellfire, endless balls of energy aren’t used to this. Well learn to take it easy for 7 weeks for a change. Recharge. R-E-S-T. RESIST, REflect, renew, reinvent yourself.


Mars as your ruler and SATURN in SCORPIO is like DOUBLE TROUBLE DEMENTORS SUCKING OUT your  life force.

All happiness and sexual energy is gone. You feel cold, barren, depressed, unmotivated, dispassionate, blasé, filled with ennui. You know how Scorps obsess and get in those black goth depressions….

Is that all there is?


Not to mention that MARS is a cross dressing transsexual with MARS in VENUS’ S house of LIBRA for 5 3/4 months in 2014.

Rebalancing the inequality between the sexes is very important right now.

Men need to let go of being in power over, aggressive, domineering, unconscious, competitive aggressiveness. Men suffer  from the Patriarchy too. The unfeeling uncaring tough macho model is mainly inhuman. Men have left their own feminine side, theirs souls, anima, alone, alienated. They have left themselves cut off from life, from love, from vulnerability the great strength, unfeeling, cold, calculating, dishonouring the feminine everywhere. Men have an unfathomable deep wound from bashing the Great Mother and they know that somewhere. 

Men chose death over life, hatred over respect and fear over Love 5,000 years ago and made it an institution. Time for a change. That is what these CARDINAL GRAND CROSSES ARE ALL ABOUT.

This PLANETARY alignment is a DIVINELY orchestrated opportunity

for males to reclaim their own feeling nature, to cry, to be vulnerable, to commune with other men, their brothers, to support and protect women. To stop seeing them as objects, chattel, things to be used for their own immature, egotistical, sexual satisfaction alone. To stop fearing homosexuals, transgender and effeminate men, to open themselves up to experience more of their own nature, which always has a masculine and feminine part. It allows creativity to flow.

Jared Leto /Rayon  from Dallas Buyers Club Masculine and Feminine sides of men 

Like Jered Leto winning the Academy Award for playing Rayon in Dallas Buyers Club. The talented, beautiful Capricorn rock star, , is into Astrology and I am sure he did his transits in advance knowing that the stars were aligning exactly now to help him. As above so below. I’ll check into the fascinating Mr. Leto’s chart soon.

Try a little cross-dressing, explore your feminine side guys. It’s ok. Women need to also see men in a new way. They are hooked on the old macho hero. The modern hero is chivalrous, expresses his feelings, shares household chores, cooking, nurturing the children and respects feminine strength and her need to do her own thing.

This vacuuming up of all the testosterone on the planet makes macho posturing guys furious little boys throwing angry temper tantrums. Mr. Putin anyone?

MARS RETROGRADE in LIBRA is about letting yourself be less than NICE.

You know those perfectionist seeking Socialites Librans? Mars Retrograding allows you to cross over and  allows your shadow side to come out. The work of Debbie Ford in THE DARK SIDE OF THE LIGHT CHASERS was very important in owning your own shadow, your shame, faults, what you worst fear would be, the worst anyone could say or do to you in public. Use this time to feel it. What would be so terrible? 

REhearse it, feel it, allow it, let it go. =FREEDOM.


all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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MARS RETROGRADE, Red alert! Never fear,it’s all good,fromTara Greene psychic Astrology Meditations

Mars Retrograde Rx Just what the Dr. ordered.              
Alfred E Newman MAD magazine

Mars Retrograde What Me worry?

You know the FEARMONGERERS 2012, It’s the END OF THE WORLD! blah blah blah. I tell you NO NO NO, It’s all good!  Take it E Z, This is American language E long ZEEE. It sounds like EE Zed to Canadians and The British.

Red Alert

Red alert

Take it EASY

RED ALERT!! or Take it E-Z? It’s your choice.

Mars Retrograde will slow everything and all of us down like molasses so might as well kick off yer shoes and enjoy it. This is SLOW communities, slow food, slow economics.  Listen to THE EAGLES sing Take it  easy 

MARS the RED PLANET Retrograde

MArs,  known as the God ARES to the Romans. Mars  rules all the Masculine energies,  men  in general, especially generals, the word martial comes from the root word Mars of course, war, action, passion, libido, leaders, the life force itself and defences. Testosterone levels will plummet. Mars need not be a hero during this time period. MArs retro will definitely Curb Your Enthusiasm.

From Jan 23 – April 13 Mars will be Marching backwards

So for these 11 weeks or so, S_L_O_W down. Review your actions. Mars will be Retrograde in Virgo an Earth sign, work, service to to other, perfectionism, health, accounting and accountability, completion. So all of these elements and activities  will be reflected upon and rehashed.

So whatever sign you are including all MEN and WOMEN and VIRGO‘S ESPECIALLY review your Virgo tendencies to workaholism, your fanaticism to your diet, your yoga, gym or work out routine, your endless worrying and nitpicking about everything, stop being such a big control freak.

Mars Retro in Virgo { earth sign ruled by planet Mercury, the mind} helps us all to let go of all the endless monkey mind chatter chatter. Time to relax, let down your machismo, your heroic efforts to live forever, to be perfect, to live a perfect neat and tidy life.

 Best to take it E-Z.  As MArs Retrograde makes Mars 

                                                                                      MARS MALLOWS! or Mars Mellows!

 All Virgo’s and Pisces will be most affected. Sagittarius and Gemini as well a  Mars will square that sign. All Aries and Scorpio’s will be strongly affected as Mars is their ruling planet as the Retrograde slows down their initiative and life force. All countries and activities governed by Mars will slow down. Martian ruled countries include France, Germany, Poland, England, Syria, ALgeria, Norway, Zambia. Mars rules cities include Washington D.C. New Orleans, Liverpool, Halifax, Naples and Florence Italy. 
With Syria in that list I predict the Syrian goverment will likely fall during this time period.

 Jan 23 – April 13. All Retrogrades Rx is their symbol are Prescriptions, good medicine.
 So for these 11 weeks or so, S_L_O_W down. All Retrogrades give us the Gift of Time to Re-view your past actions.  All words beginning with the Pre-fix RE apply. RE-lax, Re-flect, Re-fine, etc.

Mars will march back from 23 degrees 6” of Virgo  to 3 degrees 41”. 

Mars takes on a backwards journey through earthy hard working Virgo. There was also a pre Retro and Post retro phase which runs from Nov. 18 2011- June 19, 2012, those are the degrees the planet moves back and forth between.

Mars rules leaders and indicates that heads will roll as has already been seen in the  changing of heads of governments and countries during these times such as in Greece, Italy, Libya, Egypt. Expect much more of the same.

The down side may be WAR as machismo when caught by the balls re-acts and defends. But its better to LAY DOWN YOUR ARMS as Joni Mitchell sings

While Mars is retrograde in Virgo, Mercury, Virgo’s ruling planet is important to watch.

Yes work will slow down. The testosterone levels will fall. We will reflect on our accounting, there will be big money reversals, big change ups.

The market may go haywire. The usual forward running motion is halted. Mars Retro is amiable, directionless.

Please note that since July 2005 the Progressed Mars in the U.S. Natal or Sibly chart turned retrograde at 19 degrees of Libra,and will remain so until 2085.

 While Mars is retrograde, Mercury its ruling planet moves through Capricorn into Aquarius and Pisces. Mercury opposes Mars on Feb 23.

MERCURY GOES RETROGRADE on March 12 @ 6 minutes 49 minutes of Aries. So we will get a double echo retro effect. A RE RE effect.

Mercury goes Direct on April 4 @ 23 degrees 51 minutes of Pisces. 

VENUS opposes Mars on FEB 2, which is Imbolc/ Ground Hog Day

Now there’s a movie about going backwards in time! Don’t ya love it! This is a perfect perfect symbol of what Mars retrograde teaches us. The protagonist is an angry, bitter, cynical man, he wakes up on Groundhog day to discover his life is repeating over and over again, No matter what happens to him he wakes up alive the next morning. Its a Bill Murray classic. 

Venus enters Mars territory on Feb 8  So this is an interesting twist of fate. While the masculine is laid back, Venus the Goddess is amping up her libido in Aries. Now Venus is also weak in the sign of Aries her opposite sign.

March 5 Venus enters her home territory of  TAURUS

Where she is at her most earthly regal, grounded, sensual, practical, hands on beautiful.

Venus enters GEMINI April 3

Which is Mercury, Virgo’s ruling planets home sign. So Venus is helping Mars out here.

MEDITATION on MARS Retrograde and WAR, Anger Revenge, Hatred, Fear

Mars as rulerof Aries represents the life force itself. Usually seen as the active, Masculine sperm or seed, the Light that illuminates, that fire which ignites life, the  principle that exists along side and partners with a totally Feminine Universe.

Mars is not necessarily destructive, that is a negative Masculine expression. But one which we have come to think of as a natural as we have been indoctrinated into a Patriarchal masculine world view based on defending one’s possessions, war and domination. So MArs retrograde is a time to look at to review and understand one’s motivations,one’s desires, attachments, aggressions, defensiveness. To reflect on what one fears, hates, seeks revenge on,what angers and enrages.Fear and hatred, defensiveness is the root of all violence anger and war.


Sit comfortably, war loose clothing,

Take 9 deep breaths,