The real Lion’s Gate 2021, Sirius Heliacal Rising

There is so much hyped up commercialized click-bait “spirituality” tied in with “luck” numerology and a smorgasbord of shtick I’m about ready to throw up all the time.

The so called Lion’s Gate which smooshed up the Mayan Calendar Day Out Of Time in late July got enmeshed with the Leo season and extended to a 2-week “Lions Gate” alignment with the star Sirius. Many channeled talk about the Sirians, star beings who apparently created humans for genetic manipulation experiments. There are good and evil Sirians.

Declaration of Independence occurs on July 4 so that the US sun is aligned with Sirius at 12 degrees Cancer. Sirius was worshipped in ancient Egypt as the God Osiris, who was killed and ended up in pieces. His sister wife Isis the head Goddess cloned him from his severed penis and put him back together. Maybe this is where the ET’s interferes with the balance of the masculine and feminine as they recreated the men into something new, and with technology although they are crediting isis. Never thought about it that way before. Sirius rising with the Sun changes date every year. It’s rising indicated that the Nile would flood which meant Egyptians would have fertile soil and be able to eat so it was very important

Sirius’sHeliacal Rising which is what this alignment is actually called, is not on Aug. 8 which is a New Moon in Leo. Read on I like the numerology of 8/8 of course, an annual event. I’m feeling really called to call out all the fakery so that you can source the real deal.

I’m thinking of doing a recorded 8/8 new moon astrology magic workshop. Would you be interested?

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8:8:8 Very rare triple Infinity and luck

The 8:8:8 Lion’s Gate is an amazing cosmic spiritual window of opportunity and 2017 is even more powerful as the 8th day of the 8th month of 2017 reduces to 8:8:8.

888 Infinity Karma Tara Greene 3x's Luck

That is 3X INFINITY. Infinity means that all time is now. That is why I chose to name my blog infinitynow. This means we have a triply empowering time to change past present and future. 

According to some sources, the Lion’s Gate opens every year on the Planetary New Year on July 26 {according to the Mayan’s}and stays open until August 12th. A powerful cosmic Portal or Vortex opens because the Sirius the brightest star and considered to be the most spiritual to the ancient Egyptians has its heliacal rising; meaning it rises ahead of the sun. In ancient Egypt, the helical rising of Sirius coincided with the annual rising of the Nile at Memphis a major event.

Sirius Astrology Tara Greene

In 2017 in PDT Sirius the Dog Star @14+ degrees Cancer in Astrology has its heliacal rising to an altitude of 7 degrees on August 8, 2017, in San Francisco. This beautiful city is the forefront of New Technology; Goddess spirituality; Wiccan pagan and feminist teachings.

“The culmination of this star at midnight was celebrated in the great temple of Ceres at Eleusis, probably at the initiation of the Eleusinian mysteries. Kant thought that Sirius was the central sun of the Milky Way. ” Quote from

We are in the time of LEO the Lion King of beasts. We are having two LEO new Moons consecutively which is quite rare. The New Moon July 23 @ zero degrees LEO and the very important Total Solar Eclipse August 21 @ 28+ degrees Leo. The SUN governs LEO and is associated with GOLD. The Lion symbolizes solar spiritual power.  All Deities associated with Lions relate to this time: Jesus as the Lion of Judah. Durga in Hindu mythology riding her tiger. Sekhmet the lion-headed Goddess in Ancient Egypt.

In the Ancient Egypt, this was a time of joyous cleansing and letting go as the Nile would wash away last years crops and deposit rich new soil for the new year’s crops to feed the people. As we are queuing into that symbology this is a time of emotional letting go cleansing and renewal.

Sirius’ energy is about awakening to higher cosmic frequencies. During the 8:8:8 portal take courage. The Sign of LEO rules the heart and we are getting very strong heart messages now. Roar out your rage at injustice. Live think and love from your heart. Did you know that the heart also has a brain? According to the Heart Math’s Institute, research the heart-brain develops in the fetus before the brain in our heads.

There may be very powerful CME’s during this opening. On a very physical level, we are being radiated bombarded and are mutating with solar winds and plasma from the SUN which affects the earth’s magnetic fields and our own. Be aware of how the SUN is shifting your consciousness.

This eclipse portal open in concert with the Lion’s Gate opening. This is also rare. This is a two-week eclipse gateway of major change. We are aware that the August 21 Total Solar eclipse will cross America from west to east literally dividing it in half. A visible eclipse right across the U.S. hasn’t happened in 99 years. 

Meditating is very important at this time.  The ability to tune into higher dimensions and receive messages from the cosmos is increased as well as astral travel and lucid dreaming.

Set up and alter and do ritual during the 8:8:8 gateway.  Wear Gold to honor the SUN and LEO. Sirius, the Dog Star is the home of helpful star beings. Ask to see your self and mission from a higher plane of awareness. Ask how can I play my part in the great cosmic plan? 

With triple infinity time ALL TIME IS NOW- only triply so. Be aware of synchronistic messages coming in three’s. It is time to release a lot of past life karma which affects the present and the future. You can see how important this is. But first, you need to be aware of what that past karma was. Everyone likes to believe they were a great queen or King of Egypt or Atlantis but the Atlanteans weren’t good people. Those past lives are largely ego desire beliefs and are not true. As my old teacher used to say. What about the millions of people who were servants farmers firemen midwives slaves in past lives? How come no one wants to remember those past lives?  

We need to own up to our bad karma from the past and present days and we have all done it. We have all been the murderers; thieves; outlaws; evil exploiters; mean and selfish; vindictive lovers; criminals; rapists; as well as the victims; the robbed; pillaged and raped. Be brave. Face those parts and aspects of yourself who did all those dastardly deeds. It isn’t all of who you are. You didn’t act alone. I had to face those aspects of myself at a very powerful shamanic healing ceremony I asked for in 1990. I won’t go into details. It’s in a part of my book that I must finish this year.

It’s not like we weren’t good positive helpful loving self-sacrificing mothers husbands daughters or sons in the past either. Good karma only needs to be multiplied. 

Ask for help from your Guardian Angels.  In the Tarot Canis Major is connected with the Hebrew letter Tzaddi and the 18th Tarot Trump, “The Moon”. -from Robson p.34.

MOON #18 QuantumTarot Tara Greene

This letter also called Tzaddik symbolizes a righteous just loving fair honest person with a conscience. 

The idea is that the world is broken so every person must face their own evil and learn to restore it.  

The literal meaning of Tsadde is a fish hook. Righteousness humility and hiddenness are the three defining traits of the Tzaddik. The Tzaddik is hidden because they appear as an ordinary person, despite their great spiritual stature.

Realize with Real eyes that all time is now. Everything we do or say echoes through all times and dimensions. Change your NOW. 

PLease share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene unless otherwise indicated.

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8-8-16 Lion’s Gate Sirius spiritual rebirth

Today 8-8-16, two 8’s, double the infinity and a double 8 in Numerology, is a very ancient celebration marking the Heliacal rising of SIRIUS, Canus Major, Dog-star, the brightest star in the sky. As it rises with the SUN today it’s a powerful cosmic REBIRTH and abundance symbol. 

Dog Star, dog days, SIRIUS, Tara Greene

This star has been worshipped for thousands of years as the embodiment of the Great Mother, Egyptian Goddess ISIS, and as OSIRIS, her consort and their son Horus.

ISIS was known as the protector of the dead. Ancient Egyptians also associated the rising of Sirius with ISIS’s tears shed for her slain husband OSIRIS. Her worship continued throughout history and temples to her were built in Iraq Greece and Rome. She was identified with Aphrodite/Venus and roses are used to commemorate her. 

SIRIUS was a giver of life as its reappearance marked the annual flooding of the Nile. When the star sank in the west and disappeared in the night sky it is invisible for 70 days. This was a time of death and rebirth. The Ancient Egyptian funeral ceremonies mimicked this time period. 

SIRIUS is considered to be the Spiritual Sun of our Sun. As the two stars appear to unite this is a time of spiritual communion and celebration. The entire festival of this star lasts during the month of LEO from July 22 until August 22. If you are

If you are a LEO you are a SIRIAN. 

There is a prayer and invocation to OSIRUS based on the GOLDEN DAWN initition. 

“I am Osiris Triumphant, the Justified One. I am He who is clothed with the body of flesh yet in whom flames the spirit of the eternal Gods. I am the Lord of Life. I am triumphant over Death, and whosoever partaketh with me shall with me arise. I am the manifester in Matter of Those whose abode is the Invisible. I am the purified. I stand upon the Universe. I am it’s Reconciler with the eternal Gods. I am the Perfector of Matter, and without me the Universe is not.”

Sending you many blessings today for a spiritual upgrade, rebirth and much joy and abundance during the Dog Days of summer in the Northern Hemisphere. 

PLEASE SHARE WIDELY, all writing is copyright of Tara Greene 

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BDSM Canadian sex scandal Jian Ghomeshi

This is a Canadian media sex-scandal. If you don’ know who Jian Gomeshi is, at 47, he was one of the Canadian Broadcast Corporations most popular radio hosts. His show was also broadcast to  public radio stations in the U.S. He had been working for the C.B.C. for the last 12 years.  He created his popular Q radio interview show , interviewing many famous personalities.  Q aired five days a week across Canada on CBC radio and was very popular and acclaimed over the last 7 years. Gomeshi was also a popular Canadian TV Host.

JIAN was a musician playing in a band called Moxy Fruvous before getting into radio. On August 14, 1997, their song “YOU WILL GO TO THE MOON” was used by NASA to wake the crew of STS-85. Note the song title.

 Jian was born in London England, and is of Iranian descent. His family moved to Canada when he was a boy. He is a Canadian Citizen.

His father recently passed away and on October 24 Jian said he was taking a leave of absesce to deal with family matters.

On October 26 2014 the CBC announced that  “information came to our attention recently that in CBC’s judgment precludes us from continuing our relationship with Jian” He was fired. Later that same day, Ghomeshi announced that he planned to launch a $50 million lawsuit against the CBC “claiming general and punitive damages for among other things, breach of confidence and bad faith”. He later released a statement asserting that his dismissal was related to allegations that he had sexually coerced a past girlfriend into engaging in BDSM activities against her will, Jian asserts that this is a smear campaign.– read link below

Four women initially came forward, some 27 years his junior stating that Ghomeshi  brutally assaulted them physically and sexually. One woman had worked for The CBC and claimed sexual harassment but nothing was done about it but an  investigation is starting. New evidence has come out on October 29 with one famous Canadian actress stating that Gian choked and hit her without her consent. Three other women have also added their names to the list of grievances against Mr. Ghomeshi

Lets look at Jian’s astrology chart to find out who he is, I started this on October 26

JIan Ghomeshi CBC Toronto scandal Tara Greene

Jian is a GEMINI, he has a dual nature, a light side and  dark side and needs to learn through experiencing many relationships.Gemini personalities can be viewed as a bi-polar personality. He also has Athena Goddess of wisdom conjunct his 6th house Sun.

All Gemini’s can be charming and are  wonderful communicators, they are like big kids who always have a million Questions. Gemini’s are curious, immature, irresponsible, intelligent, analytical, non-committal.  A 6th house sun makes Gian also very Virgoish, the other sign that Mercury rules. Jian is a workaholic, a perfectionist, relentlessly in his head, nervous, always ruminating. This placement can make people OCD and difficult to get along with.

Gian’s Ascendant is 29 degrees Sagittarius. As the Centaur to the max, he is an inspirer, a philosopher, somewhat wild, animalistic, naive and uncivilized. Ruled by his jolly lucky Jupiter in Leo he is all about the fame game. 

My intuition told me to put the Asteroid Toronto into his chart. Yes there is an asteroid named after Toronto. It is at 1 degree of Capricorn when Jian was born, right on his Ascendant indicating that Toronto was a place of destiny.

Wow I love ASTROLOGY don’t you?

He is an extreme Sagittarius, too honest, a philosopher, easy-going, casual, a teacher, always questioning ,judgmental.

MOON is conjunct Mercury in Cancer in the 7th house

Jian’s feelings, the Moon and his head, the planet Mercury are inseparable. He is detached emotionally even though the Moon in Cancer is the most emotional  and sensitive  can overpower him.  He is extremely moody and be caught awash in unconscious mood swings. Moon in Cancer men tend to be mama’s boys. Cancer men also wear big  protective suits of armour to protect their soft underbellies.  They can be very defensive. He is sentimental deep down and very close to his family. These planets in the 7th house of marriage, are focused on relating and nurturing others if healthy. 

The Moon Mercury combo focus a T-square to  MARS in LIBRA in the 9th house and SATURN in ARIES in the 3rd house.

MARS opposite SATURN is a Classic difficult SADO- MASOCHISTIC pattern. And even more complex when tied into the Moon and Mercury.

Wherever Saturn is there is  karmic difficulty, obstacles, testing and  restrictions.  Mars in Libra acts nice and charming but is frustrated because the natural masculine energy can’t express freely, it is weakened. This implies a need to be punished for being weak.  Mars opposite Saturn is repressed anger -the need to dominate. There are some major father- Saturn, Mother- Moon complications in Jian’s psyche. They may be from past lives not only this present one.

Jian has an EXACT JUPITER VENUS conjunction in LEO in the 7th house of relationships.

Jian is proud, strong, macho,  charismatic, powerful, domineering. He needs to be the big star, an egotist, vain, self-centered, childlike. This is also a classic very fortunate, very lucky aspect but can be too much. He is the undisputed King and  expects everyone to love him, to do exactly what he wants. IN other words narcisistic. He thinks he is  beyond impunity. Conjunct Venus there is a love of beauty,  women, big romancer. Venus in Leo – he likes younger women he can feel more powerful than. He attracts riches, wealth and power.

That regal  Jupiter Venus Conjunction is also Square to his  Scorpio SOUTH Node and his NORTH Node  at 6 degrees Taurus in the 4th house.

The Scorpio SOUTH NODE sits right on top of his 10th house his highest PUBLIC career position like a spire.

SOUTH NODE is past lives or the story we unconsciously are imprinted with when we are born. I read this as meaning that Jian has also been famous before, he has had lots of power. South Node in Scorpio is all about  sex, power, control, secrets, manipulation, unconsciousness, psychology, death,  transformation, kinky sex, taboos, spitefulness, violence. The South Node is where anyone is the most vulnerable, as we tend to fall back unconsciously into our own entrapments.

The North Node is where Jian needs to direct his intentions 

4th house NORTH NODE is in the most private part of his chart. A Taurus North Node is very grounded, practical, earthy, humble and sensuous.  It is creative, also relates to communications and is ruled by Venus. Jian needs to let go of his need for sex money fame power and manipulation and become a simple hard-working , private, self accepting man. The 4th house is home, parents, roots foundation, emotional security, children, nurturing others and endings.

Jian was born in the 60’s with a URANUS PLUTO Conjunction in Virgo in his 8th house of  revolution sexual, freedom. He is a creative genius, someone who always marches to his own drummer. He is a malcontent. The planets square his Gemini Sun. He believe she is fighting, acting or promoting a revolutionary idea through his work and his beliefs.

NEPTUNE the planet of spirituality imagination creativity, self-undoing, addictions,delusions, in Scorpio- sex addictions,  and his only Retrograde planet in the 10th house of worldly success and fame. HE HAS DONE THIS BEFORE.  Neptune is squared by his Natal JUNO at 20 degrees of LEO. Juno is the feminine form of intelligence and genius. they even have Juno awards in Canada for music. Some very smart outspoken women will be the downfall of his romantic illusions.

Jian also has a quincunx or inconjunct from Neptune in Scorpio to LILITH in ARIES in the 3rd house. HELL hath no fury like a woman scorned. This shows a huge split in Gian’s psyche. LILITH and Ceres are in a square to each other -there is friction, and tension around women and sexuality and controlling them, that demands release.

He is a mama dominated boy, with CERES the Mothering principle in CANCER where it is smother, and square to LILITH. This is the classic MOTHER/WHORE Split. Ceres is also conjunct Jupiter and Venus in Leo furthering amplifying MOM in his split psyche which he acts out unconsciously on women.

CHIRON the wounded healer is at the very last degree of PISCES. This degree has been called the last stop or the last incarnation degree. Jian is suffering the self-undoing, the unconscious addictions, the feeling of being suffocated from within his own psyche. He has reached maximum falling off point.  Chiron in Pisces is incarceration, martyrdom, endings. 


SATURN conjunct his natal NEPTUNE in his 10th house of fame.

A KARMIC self-undoing about SCORPIO issues, sex, secrets being outed, power, control manipulation, revenge. A public fall from fame to ignominy.


PLUTO in Capricorn in his 1st house of self is opposite his natal MERCURY in Cancer at 12 degrees in his 7th house of relationships. URANUS in Aries is also squaring his communications planet from Aries in his 3rd house. Unexpected chaos, death, humiliation, scorn, revenge, the soul and the identity unravelling, dying. 

Pluto brings death, his father just recently passed away. Pluto will destroy our sense of self- the 1st house to lay us low to learn who we rally are. We must confront our own fears, our own self- hatred.Pluto rapes us into consciousness.

PLUTO is the Soul, our shadows. Jian has undone himself big time. his shadows are now out in public for all to see. He revealed his BDSM issues to fend off the accusations which has only made it worse.

Transiting North Node is conjunct his MARS in LIBRA which is in the CARDINAL CROSS Fire from Uranus in Aries in his 3rd house of communications and PLUTO in Capricorn. He will never be seen as Mr. Nice guy ever again.

Transiting Jupiter in LEO is square to his Neptune his dreams, illusions, delusion. addictions. Jian had gotten too cocky, too proud, Jupiter also conjunct JUNO. Smart women speak out.

Mercury just turned RETROGRADE DIRECT exactly on his natal MARS in LIBRA in his 9th house of justice and honesty, turning inside out communications about other people’s, especially in relationship opinions are of him.

Chiron in Pisces has been squaring his natal Mercury and Traniting Neptune is blinding his Moon.

read the sordid details here

The  SOLAR ECLIPSE on April 29 2014 at 8 degrees of Taurus and the more recent October 23 Solar eclipse at zero degrees Scorpio triggered Jian’s Nodal axis- the South and North nodes which also hit his 10th house of worldly fame .

One last thing, on the day the CBC  announced that it had fired Jian, MARS the planet of action, war and aggression exactly crossed his Ascendant, his persona and conjunct his Asteroid TORONTO.

Who could make this stuff up?

I expect Jian’s career to be totally ruined in Canada, he may face a court case. Although he could resurrect himself  in another country like his home, England or in the U.S. I bet Howard Stern would love to talk to him. Jian has his Mercury conjunct the U.S. Sun and the Star SIRIUS the star of death and rebirth so I would literally expect him to have a new career on  SIRIUS RADIO– who could make this stuff up? He is a talented interviewer, despite his violent nature.

Doing violence to women though is a grievous charge. Not one woman went to the police at the time and filed a report on him.  Women stating that he assaulted them must still be proven. With Sagittarius on his Ascendant there will likely be a court case that Jian will be dealing with over the next 2-2.5 years when Saturn enters Sagittarius on Christmas this year.

Not until Saturn crosses his Ascendant  in December of  2017 will Jian be fully reborn. 

I had a psychic flash on Halloween that he would commit suicide. A narcisistic person could not deal with the shame.

What do you think about this story?


all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Day out of time DOG DAY SIRIUS RISES channelled messages

It is the DAY OUT OF TIME July 25

You don’t have to  be into the MAYAN CALENDAR..

it is the culmination of the 13 Moon- natural time cycle, every woman who is menstruating is synched into the natural lunar cycle.

13 lunations X 28 = 364 days

the Sun and the Moon realign every year on this day.So an extra day is added.

The 13 moon calendar also synchonizes with the 260 day Sacred Day count Calendar of the Mayans and other indigenous Meso-American peoples. 13 x 20 = 260 which is the average length of  a human gestation period .

On this day the DOG STAR STAR sirius RISES with the SUN.

this day was worshipped in ancient Egypt as it signified the flooding of the Nile to which all of Egypt’s food supply was dependent on.

The Dogon people of Mali have known of, worshipped and could accurately describe Sirius which is composed of 2 main stars,Sirius A and Sirius B and the 50 years it takes to make one orbit. The DOGONS  say they are descendants from this “blue race” os SIRIAN’s.

Every 49.9 The two stars come close to each other, creating huge magnetic storms between them. As they approach they flip flop and interchange places. The energy they releases is eventually released on magnetic fields back to the Sun which  sends transmits it like a lens, out throughout the system.  Their intertwining in a DNA pattern much like our own DNA. Ancient Hopi Indians also workshop Sirius as the Blue Kachina.

SIRIUS is a Very important STAR one of the birghtest in the Sky and the U.S.’s Sun is aligned to this Star. Known as the Sun behind the Sun.

Many channeler’s channel entities from SIRIUS.

All cultures worldwide celebrate this day. It has been ongoing since 1992.

Part of the legacy of Anthropoligist Jose Arguelles who passed away in 2012. Argueles was one of the founders of Earth DAy and the creator of the HARMONIC CONVERGENCE which was celebrated world wide at sacred energy spots  on Aug 16-17 1987.

I was living in Sedona, one of the Sacred energy sites in 1987 on those two days and doing movement meditation at two separate vortexes. Ten thousand people came to celebrate in a town of only 7,500 at the time. People gathered at the Great pyramid in Egypt, at Machu Pichu, Mt. SHasta, Niagara Falls and Stonehenge. The  Harmonic convergence garnered world wide news coverage

THE DAY out of TIME is totally summed up by THE  FOOL in the TAROT.  ZERO  naught nothing

Rumi Tarot The Fool Tara Greene

“Be Foolish, so that your heart may be at peace.” RUMI

so be still, meditate on Galactic synchronization. Your feelings, the Moon in synchronization with the SUN, the STARS, and the galaxy.

3 trines today from Moon in Pisces to Jupiter MARS and MERCURY in CANCER.

See this day as a day to dream.

Sirus and Pyramid alignments


Sit comfortable and have one candle, blue if you can. Light some incense and begin to breathe into your heart.

You will surround yourself with the highest frequencies of Light as you go on this journey.

Call in the 4 Archangels starting with Michael in the East, Gabriel in the South, Ariel in the West and Raphael in the North.

sit and breathe deeply relaxing more and more.

Focus on imagining the Night sky overhead and within you.

See the Star Sirius its a brilliant bright white blue color

Feel Sirius calling to you, calling your name….

Keep breathing deeply and feel, sense an umbilical cord of light reaching out to you from Sirius.

Follow this cord of Light into the heart of Sirius.

When you are inside the cord of Light that is Sirius, you will see, sense how bright it is.

The Light is highly charged with energy and it vibrates at higher dimensional frequencies.

You will have  full heightened  awareness to be able to absorb, understand, decode, assimilate

there will be lessons and instructions that will be shown to you

if you are ready and are willing to learn to expand your understanding.

So ask from deep within your heart and ask

“What do I need to do right now to assist myself and humanity in raising consciousness, which

is also  the most important spiritual lesson that I need right now”

and wait. You may see higher dimensional beings, you may simply sense their loving, subtle presence

you may also hear them speaking to you telepathically. They may take you on journeys,

you may feel that you are on a light ship. They may take you back to earth to show you things you haven’t been aware of.

Just sit and relax and allow, surrender knowing that whatever you need

will occur. You may feel that you’ve gone to sleep that is OK

you are still being imprinted with the knowledge deep down in your unconscious.

Take as long as you want to be there. Give thanks.

When you are ready simply come slowly back to your body.

 Write down whatever you felt, saw, heard. 


July 26 is also a Galactic Celebration day as it symbolizes the new start to the Year.

O.K. so get into NEW YEAR’s MODE right now-

what do you want to initiate? what do you want to begin?

Where do you want to be a year from now?



Sirius/ Eye in the Sky -Alan Parsons Project

Feb 22 Star Bird Spirit Guide meditation

This day Feb 22 is an auspicious day for me and for you too

 It’s the Anniversary of a powerful  and real spirit guide who appeared on this day in 1979 in Isla  Mujeres, ISLAND OF WOMEN

Two witnesses and myself saw the STAR BIRD a real actual inter galactic spirit messenger in the sky 

It showed itself and displayed  a very powerful symbol, presence, vibration and awareness to us and to whoever else witnessed it.

AS all time is NOW   YOU can experience it too. 

this is the INFINITY SYMBOL which the STAR BIRD made

Join me in the meditation and tune in for yourself

watch the VIDEO I made last year on the anniversary that was the integration of the Star Bird’s message

prophesied to me in the early 90’s about the STAR BIRD completing itself Feb 22 2012. 

NOW this is the first year after the STAR BIRD’S completion.

and read about it

WATCH And listen as I tell my story, imagine that you are there in spirit with me and the two others,

one was my ex-husband and another lady from Germany who was a follower of OSHO and a spiritual disciple.

close your eyes and see the STAR BIRD Come into your mind’s eye.  It is dark around 10:35 pm on the beach looking out 

over the sea. LISTEN and allow the STAR BIRD’s energy and message looking like a WHITE DOVE the symbol

of Aphrodite, Venus, CHRIST but with an eagle’s wings to me. See the INFINITY SYMBOL being created from left downwards and curving back

over and around and then right. 


Breathe in the ancient memories and knowledge buried in your cellular consciousness. 

we are the STARS, we come from the STARS, many ancient civilizations world-wide honor and remember and know.

Just like that popular Rhianna song SHINE BRIGHT like a diamond, 

I believe that is a spiritual message song. 

Various shamans and channeler’s have told me the STAR BIRD is a messenger from SIRIUS.

ALL who channel  the SIRIAN’s   Patricia Cori in ROME and many  others, know the high vibration of their energy.

Others have suggested it was a UFO sighting but I don’t believe that. NOt that I don’t believe in UFO’s I have seen them as has my husband.

Allow this energy to move through you. I will be sitting in mediation tonight at 10:30 pm EST

if you care to tune in with me vibrationally we can meditate together. 

then please let me know how it was for you.

I send this to you with great love,



Wish upon the Stars-Tonight, Orionids Meteor showers, adviceTara Greene

Get ready to stay up to the wee hours Saturday Oct 20 and be ready to wish upon lots of falling stars, as

The annual Orionid’s meteor showers fly by at the rate of 25- 60 an hour tonight in North America

Appearing to come from Constellation Orion- the 3 very visible large stars in the Belt of the Hunter Constellation. Just above the belt is the bright orange star Betelgeuse, pronounced BEETLEJUICE ,  the meteorites are actually debris from Haley’s comet and they will appear to arise from there.

Orion, Egypt Pyramids,meteors

The Great Pyramids in Egypt were built to align with the 3 stars providing the pharaoh a straight pathway to these stars. Which was written about in the Orion Mystery by Robert Bauval which has been documented on BBC. see link below

Several planets will also be visible. Planets DO NOT SPARKLE or twinkle unfortunately they are not vampires.  Jupiter and Venus, the brightest objects in the night sky, will be arranged in a triangular configuration with Sirius, the Dog Star, during the pre-dawn moments of Oct. 21. Mars should also be visible as a red object in the southwest shortly after sunset.

see more at this great site which shows many world locations for viewing:

A  first-quarter moon is setting around midnight, leaving the night sky very dark, the best conditions to watch the stars fall. Best viewing is away from city lights. You can expect around 25 meteors to shoot overhead per hour during the shower.Patience is necessary  but well worth the spectacular show. Make the skies clear with your mind’s intent for tonight.

Make lots of wishes on every falling meteorite you see. And always make wishes for others. I will be up watching the skies. 

My Grail Lady name and spiritual name is TARA, Lady of the STARS.


July 25 Mayan Day out of time- Sirius magical realism,dog days, Astrology and more Tara Greene

July 25 On this day the Flying DOG STAR SIRIUS rises with the SUN.

Worshipped in Ancient Egypt as the goddess ISIS and her husband OSIRUS the rising of SIRIUS  signalled the flooding of the Nile. The Pyramids in Cairo show how the alignments of the constellations are precisely attuned to the Kings chamber.

The day is also marked on the Mayan Calendar an extra magical day thrown in every year to even out the calendar  much as we have a leap year, the Mayans were much more precise and elegant about it all.  Let’s do the Time warp again!

Sirius Pyramids astrology

This day is observed as a day free of time in the 13 Moon Calendar. It is a day of reverence and cultural appreciation for the concept ‘Time is Art.’ This ‘free day’ is the closing of a 13×28=364 day year. This is related to Jose Arguelles interpretation of the Dream Spell and Harmonic Convergence and Dec 21 2012 itself.

The Day Out of Time re-aligns the 13 Moon calendar to the solar year and re-aligns humanity into renewed appreciation for our inherent divinity and connection to nature.

Known as the Dod Days of Summer when the heat is most intense, that expression is about the Dog Star,woof! woof! not Lassie, or RIN TIN TIN…

so lets do magical realism, that’s an art style,

realism fantasy painting

Amethyst by Linda Garland

and  random things for a literal day out of time – check this out

Johnny Depp day out of time

Johnny Depp aka Captain Jack Sparrow as a Dutch Old MAster

Moon is  still in Libra, you wish, for the stillness that is, very arts oriented Libra is

The Day out of time takes a serious- no pun intended twist when the Moon conjuncts SATURN @ 8:22 am PDT

Now the moon does conjunct Saturn once a month its true. But this combo signifies making MAGIC REAL!

And I say HO to that!

Magic is all around us, we are magic.

The Moon is void-of-course after the heavy Saturn Moon connection,

You then get till 7:29 pm to relax drift in and out of alternatives realities magical lands,

Void of course Moon times are always Twilight zones,  worlds between worlds and this day EXTRA specially so!

Huichol art peyote visionary mayan

would be agreat time to have a mini vision quest, day dream believer, go to ItchyKoo park

Itchykoo PArk day out of  time Sirius

MOON enters Sexy and you know it SCORPIO

and trines NEPTUNE

ruler of art fantasy dreams, the veils

so go with the flow dream on, drop out of time

the classic AS  TIME GOES BY

do nothing ,call in sick, stay in bed, make love

The Moon will be in simmering Scorpio till late Friday evening PDT. and you know what that means

Solar Flare alert-Black Hole Sun-Full Moon, 4th of JULY,Tara Greene Psychic Astrology

We are in a very high CME Coronal Mass Ejection period. Very high magnitude solar flares  July 2 and more expected almost X-class, m3.8 have been reported.

see for up to the minute news

THE SUN is the heart,the Source of our solar system. If the Sun is showing sun spots which are visible to the naked eye, the Sun is  speaking to us VERY LOUDLY  in Solar Logos or solar flair pictograms.

FULL MOON July 3 @ 11:53 am PDT/ 2:53 pm EDT/ 6:53 pm GMT

and a very powerful FULL MOON at that. Ushering in the U.S. 4th of July BIRTHDAY CELEB.

The MOON is situated @ 12 degrees CAPRICORN, directly opposite is conjunct Fixed Star SIRIUS, and the U.S. SUN

the SIRIANS are a highly evolved spiritual group of entities who are overseeing humanities leap into higher dimensional frequencies.

Sirius was the Star of very bright magnitude which the Egyptians worshipped as OSIRUS.Sirius rising signalled the annual flooding of the Nile hence fertility and continued life.

PLUTO Retrograde is conjunct the MOON  making this a very SOULFUL deep, powerful and  intensely felt  full moon.

We are in the midst of the first Pluto Uranus squares which started June 24 XACT. These outer planets produce generational changing world events. ALways best to look into the past to check this out.

The last time the 2 planets squared off was in 1932-34 at 20-24 degrees Aries- Uranus to Pluto in Cancer. Note that Saturn is currently opposite to that Uranian placement and square to that PLuto placement, further highlighting the karmic intensity of what was shall be underscored now for deeper meaning. We are condemned to repeat the past if we don’t learn from our mistakes. That is KARMA plain and simple.

This time period saw the GREAT Depression, FDR’s New Deal, creation of FDIC,CCC and FCC.

The rise of dictators Hitler, Stalin and Mao- the great murderer of all time. Fascism is on the rise. Not just neo-nazis, or anti-Muslims, but the new NDAA law in the U.S. can mean anyone who mentions conspiracy theories or who speaks against the state, this is not CHINA, can be thrown in jail with out trial for up to 90 days. people could be disappearing soon. Hitlerian fascism is back. in Canada Stephen Harper has renamed Canada’s government in his own brand name! WTF!!!

ON a more positive note many important scientific discoveries were made in quantum mechanics and radio astronomy.

There could be a danger of Japan’s failed Nuclear power reactors being damaged through high tides on the this PLUTONIC full MOON.  Solar flares can also interfere with any computers. We are all very vulnerable with our dependence on new technology.

Just a few days ago Sun opposed Pluto with the Uranus Square and Mars entering Libra today will further amp it up.

This is all potential quite explosive.

The Sun OUR STAR, our LIGHT, our father, as progenitor, who art in Heaven, is speaking to us.

 The SOLAR LOGOS is just coming to me as I write this. It is something Stuart Wilde,a writer and spiritual teacher I have read, attended lectures and respect talks about, It comes from metaphysical visionary Rudolph Steiner. Stuart says the Solar Logos is the Returned Christ Light. This is a good thing.

People born during 32-34 who are now hitting 80 are going through enormous change and potential liberation. People who’s natal planets are being affected by these transits may be choosing to leave the planet.

I wrote this late last night. Was looking for something on the net and went to look at photos I took from almost one year ago  exactly at the MOCCA opening for This is Paradise in Toronto. I was looking at some great portraits, one was of an old friend of my husband and myself, artist Sybil Goldstein. I thought oh what a great photo of her we’ll have to go see her soon. She has this funky little country place at an old leftist Jewish Mother and babe’s camp callled Camp Nyveldt or new world, 

Artists Sybil Goldstein RIP photo by Tara Greene

Went to sleep. Woke up, went to FB only to find out that Sybil had passed away suddenly yesterday night! A big shock.

I send Sybil many blessings, she was a strong woman,a very talented artist, a devoted mother of one son.

We hardly know anything. For me to do my best psychic work I have to be in a state of not knowing, humility.

Life is always  unexpected. The sudden death of a friend punctuated with solar flares and on a Full Moon packs an even more powerful punch through our hearts. It is always a good day to die. One cannot live unless one confronts death and change.

then I found this

We hardly know anything. To be fully alive is to not know, allowing conscious awareness, and the Light in.

The URANUS PLUTO SQUARES and the SOLAR FLARES and you can rap it too. impacts each one of us with the fact that all we can do is love totally, live at 200%, be present, give, be conscious. Ask for forgiveness from our humanness.

Sybil painted the Cameron House Art Bar’s Queen West landmark hot spot’s ceiling wth cherubs. She was part of the Chromaliving collective and  a well known Toronto artist for 30 years.

Sybil Goldstein Toronto artist

I leave you with one of her paintings which seems to illustrate the Capricorn Full Moon.

With every death there is a rebirth.

I leave you with this song by one of my fave singers LAURA NYRO and when I die

blessings TARA