Numerology 1 17 2017

The Numerology of today, well It just looks nice. Like a code, some kind of Fibonacci sequence?

The significance of 17 in 2017, The Number 17 in the TAROT is THE STAR

“I am always growing with wisdom and spiritual knowledge.”

Affirmations for the Everyday Goddess by Pamela Wells

This is a traditional but non-traditional take on the Star. The card is a symbol of joy and hope. Literally wishing on the stars. The star is always VENUS, the wishing star so bright at her Western elongation now in Pisces. Most people think the STAR is a water related card but it is not. It symbolizes AQUARIUS. The Goddess pouring water symbolizes cosmic consciousness. Water is the emotions, the karmic element.

AQUARIUS is a detached air sign of higher consciousness. It is also a symbol of revolution, bucking the system. Anonymous, hackers, freedom fighters. This card signifies seeing beyond the minutiae in your physical reality and beyond it to a higher perspective. Send your consciousness out to a star at night.

MEDITATION to work with the energy of the STAR #17

Go outside at night. Get grounded to mother earth first. Then look up at the night sky and sense a star that is calling you. Take your time. Remember planets don’t sparkle and blink but stars do. Send your consciousness out to this star.  In your imagination sense that you are traveling at light speed, which you are in your consciousness to that star. Remember that our nearest Galaxy is a number of light years away. Most of the stars we see our hundreds of light years away in distance. It only seems that way. Travel to the star that you feel drawn to. When you arrive look back at the earth. You will have to sense hard to find the tiny little insignificant blue dot where you came from. Feel the earth and the 7 Billion people and billions of animals, the forests, the oceans, the ice caps. Allow whatever feelings to come up. From this detached perspective allow a higher consciousness to enter your mind. Ask for your cosmic mission to be revealed to you. Wait. You will get an answer a feeling an image, a word. Something will come to you even if you are not aware of it.  Take as much time as you need. Then thank the Star, thank Goddess TARA of the STARS, thank the cosmos the galaxies singing, and come back to earth with your newfound direction. You may also hear sounds or music in this meditation, that is the music of the spheres or stars singing, the OHM of the universe.

Stay connected to the higher Star consciousness as you land back on earth. Know that you can always reach this state of higher awareness.

You will feel lighter calmer and more eternal. 

Please share your meditation with me. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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