Show the pain, Sun conjuncts Chiron

The eclipse aftermath. We did a ceremony, it felt emotional, old wounds came up and were discussed. I found out Bernie Sanders won MICHIGAN! That is so awesome and I predicted he would. It is so incredible to see real democracy take place in front of your eyes.  I had some work to do after the ceremony and then had a good sleep. I woke up feeling good. 

Moon entered ARIES march 9 @ 2:40 pm EST and MOON TRINES MARS @ 1:51 pm PST/4:51 pm EST

feeling all primed and new, all fired up. ARies Moon is the archetypal new beginning cycle every month.

March 10 is  fire water air mix and most importantly 

SUN CONJUNCTS CHIRON In PISCES @ 21+ PISCES @ 8:26 pm PST/11:26 pm EST March 12 @ 4:26 am GMT

This is a once a year event. The SUN is the Light the Source, God, life. 

Chiron the wounded centaur, healer, symbolizes the wound of being separated from the mother, rejected in any form, and separated from source energy. Chiron was rejected, cast out,but used his own vulnerability to help serve others through compassion. 

Chiron in PISCES is indeed the energy of the Great Mother, or Christ consciousness, unconditional love, true compassion, not judging, not casting stones. 

This is a truly healing day if we see out wounds from another LIGHT, the Light of the highest source which is LOVE.

Compassion for self must be our guiding Light. Trust, optimism. 

The SUN is #19 in the TAROT. Pisces is symbolized by the MOON # 18. This also symbolizes a New Moon. 

Sun Tarot Card, Tara Greene tarot card reader

Moon, Astrology tarot tara Greene

Pisces 22. According to the CHANDRA, Omega and Pleiadian symbols of John Sandbach

“All sorts of things trying to distract a man { very Pisces-denial} as he engages in a creative endeavor.”

(Degree Angel: Mehiel (MAY-hee-EL) Casting Yourself in a Favorable Light, Vivification, invigoration, enlivenment)

This degree is about getting slowed down against one’s will, which can result in a great accumulation of frustration – unless the right attitude is focused on. The right attitude is to become non-reactive and to allow one’s creative impulses to flow with and around the obstructions, and to know that whatever appears to be going against one is there to increase one’s focus and ability to be non-attached.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree “A blacksmith creating an ornate garden gate.” This degree is about making the best of even the most difficult situations. And to do so, of course, one has to go out and find all the most difficult people and situations that can be discovered. At best this degree is a hard worker who is doggedly determined to turn around even the most seemingly unredeemable state of affairs. The dangers here are (1) getting worn out or burnt out – hard working become abuse. (2) Continual failures creating successive layers of frustration until a mountain of it is built up.

The key here is adopting the right attitude. If the attitude is bitter, egotistical, cynical and self-righteous – hard like the blacksmith’s iron – the goal will never be reached. If the attitude is loving, and receptive to guidance by higher forces, the iron can be heated and worked, and will yield to fulfilling the blacksmith’s creative vision.

Pleiadian Symbol: A scientist discovering new equations that more completely explain the nature of the universe.

Azoth Symbol: Sailors about to be lured off course by the sound of seductive singing.

Seed degree: Sagittarius 24. A man in his imagination inventing flowers, the seeds of which magically appear. (Omega Symbol). Intuiting how easy the creative process is capable of being, we forge ahead with it, becoming eventually immune to everything that thwarts us.

A statue of Goddess Isis covered by a transparent veil. (Chandra Symbol). Seeing with our inward eye – although imperfectly – an inner vision of wholeness, we are inspired to patience and dogged persistence in attempting to fulfill that vision.

Fulfillment degree: Cancer 30. “A woman with eyes in the palms of her hands and the soles of her feet. (Omega Symbol).” I love that symbol. ” The sincerity of our striving draws to us the goddess of mercy who offers to rescue us from the clouds of discord interrupting the flow of our inspiration. “

Eye in Palm, psychic , Tara Greene

Wild grapes growing everywhere. (Chandra Symbol). What has been arduous, difficult and recalcitrant eventually gives way to unbridled fecundity.” 

WOw this feels totally synchronous. 

Otherwise tomorrow also has  the Cardinal crosses from the moon.

Moon inconjunct Jupiter in Virgo 

I gotta go.

Blessings to you all

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