Charleston shooting, Saturn in Scorpio,

Another very sad day in America and the world as a21 year old white manDylann Storm Roof sits in on a Bible study class at historic Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston South Carolina for an hour on Wednesday June 17 in the evening. He then  shoots and kills nine people with a .45 calibre gun and woundis many others. This was apparently a hate-crime.  A roomate said he heard Dylann say that he wanted to start a civil war, wanted segregation.

An eye-witness said he heard Dylann stating  “I have to do it. You’re raping our women and taking over the country. You have to go.”

Dylann was given the gun recently as a birthday present from his father. Dylann was caught Thursday morning in Shelby, N.C. and was co-operative when police arrested him. The police gave him a bullet proof vest to wear to protect him and no handcuffs. Why? He  had been previously picked up for two minor crimes one involving drugs. Apparently Dylann moved to about four different schools, had no job, stayed in his room.  His Facebook photos showed him being a Confederate and wearing anti-apartheid patches.

South Carolina is home to 19 hate groups including active Ku Klux Klan chapters. It is also one of only five states that have NO HATE CRIME LAWS. In South Carolina, you don’t need a permit to buy any type of gun.  South Carolina law states that an individual has  a legal right to kill anyone you think is a threat or who they think is a threat to somebody else. The State officially encourages vigilante behavior. Given these shocking laws, Dylann thought he was acting within his legal rights. 

President Obama statement. “I’ve had to make comments like this too many times,” He has spoken after mass murders at least six times during his presidency. “At some point as a country, we have to reckon with the fact that this type of mass violence does not happen in other advanced countries.” This is very true. The U.S. is the most murderous country in the world by far, not an advanced country in those terms at all. 

A very sad day when worshippers souls are murdered in a House of God. I am sending prayers to all the victims, the parishioners and all who were affected by the horror of this crime.

   Lets look at who the murderer is. Dylann storm Roof astrologyDylann Storm Roof Born April 3 199 4 in     Columbia South Carolina { ?}  no birth time. 

dylann Storm Roof Astrology Tara Greene

Can we predict if someone will commit a violent crime from a birth chart? Is hate something we can see?

Dylann is an Aries, a hot-headed, impulsive sign linked to independence, anger, war,  guns, the military, danger and recklessness. He has Jupiter Retrograde in Scorpio inconjunct to his Aries Sun natally. Jupiter expands whatever it touches. Jupiter rules the Law,Sacred Law. This intuitively feels to me like a past-life memory vendetta. Scorpio is a sign famed for; at the lowest vibration revenge, needing to be in control, hate, secrets, obsessions, death,power, murder. I would say Dylann unconsciously murdered those poor innocent Black people because he was unconsciously getting revenge for being murdered himself in another lifetime. This in no way makes him any less culpable.

Dylann has a Very Heavy NATAL aspect in this chart.

His SOUTH NODE in Taurus is conjunct to Fixed Star ALGOL, Medusa’s head the most infamous Star in the Heavens. The most notoriously Star of  danger and EVIL.  And even more importantly his North Node at 24+ degrees Scorpio is conjunct to PLUTO= Death {also Retrograde} which is also connected to ALGOL.  These aspects  should start the warning sirens going off loudly. Pluto Retrograde in Scorpio, which Pluto co-rules, gives Pluto immense DARK powers of being a tyrant, especially if the person is unconscious. Pluto in Scorpio is obsessed about being in control, having power, death, deceptive, fearless. The Retrograde aspect means that these dark energies are very strong. This person needs serious therapy to work out their anger and tyrant complex..   

This is a very heavy, dangerous aspect to be born under and there are thousands of people who were also born with the same aspect. This is a generation very much in danger now.

Pluto in Scorpio conjunct the North Node in latter degrees of Scorpio is being triggered, sorry to use that word, by SATURN’s last stand in Scorpio for the next three months. 

Dylann also has Saturn {his father} in PISCES Natally opposite Chiron the Wounded Healer in Virgo squaring Pluto and that Scorpio North Node. These planetary alignments could literally mean, Satan {Saturn, death,father, authority} by a wounded Chiron, deluded Piscean on drugs in a Pisces place of worship, a church. His Natal Chiron in Virgo is conjunct to Fixed star Regulus which was in Leo when Dylann was born. He feels physically and mentally wounded if he doesn’t have absolute power like Royalty. 

Natal Mars conjunct Mercury in Pisces means Dylann may have appeared quiet and meek but was into sublimated violence, probably porn. He buried his anger, Mars in Pisces is weak and wishy washy. He was busted for drugs, he is an addicted personality. I am betting that there is probably sexual abuse {Mars in Pisces } alcohol, drug or emotional abuse in his family history. He was motivate by his his own unconscious {Pisces} feelings of powerlessness. Pisces  are martyrs. 


Pluto in Scorpio conjunct the North Node in latter degrees of Scorpio is being triggered, sorry to use that word, by SATURN’s last stand in Scorpio now. This is a Fated karmic aspect. Saturn is Karma..  Saturn has also been squaring Dylann’s Natal Venus in early Taurus making him feel very lonely.

CHIRON the wounded healer is exactly on Dylann’s Mars now at 21 degrees Pisces. There is a huge inconjunct from Chiron his Mars and transiting Jupiter in Leo making Dylann explosive. Jupiter in Leo is Pride, arrogance, rage, from his own wounds. 

Uranus in ARIES is exactly in square to  Dylann’s Natal Moon in Capricorn and also his Natal Neptune {delusions, fantasy, addictions} which is conjunct Uranus,  this makes Dylann more radical, impulsive, angry, unconscious, governed by chaos, trigger happy.

JUPITER  is also involved again inconjunct to Dylann’s Moon,indicting issues with nurturing, emotional security, his mother. Jupiter is squaring his North Node in Scorpio he may be motivated by unconscious fame seeking.

Jupiter and Uranus are in Trine to each other now. There is a “Finger of God” formed because of transitting Jupiter in Leo to transitting Mars on his Natal Chiron in Pisces to his Natal Capricorn Moon. These are all serious explosive aspects. 

Pluto is still squaring his Aries Sun. Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto crossing his Moon will ensure he will be locked up in jail for many years to come. He may plead insanity.

We must be aware that Saturn in Scoprio will bring out into the open the dark secrets in the collective psyche which must be addressed now.

My prayer is that America wakes up to its own approval of violence and murder by allowing guns to be purchased anywhere. This is an outdated law. Innocent people will continue to be murdered by delusional wounded people who are also product of a  crazy violent Macho culture.

 what do you think?

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