Soul-bomb sextile rebirth astrology

Jan 6, 2018

I wanted to call this article prepare a place for a tsunami of healing. Set off by the coming MARS JUPITER conjunction in powerful death and rebirth sign of Scorpio.

Lilith and nagas painting by Napoleon Brousseau

Whereas CANCER is the sign of birthing SCORPIO is the sign of death. We are all born from our mother’s precious wombs in a salt bath. We are amphibian-like then we transmute into AIR breathing creatures. To return to the Source whence we came is symbolized by returning to the water sign of SCORPIO in Death back to the unconditional love which is the cosmic mother’s Universal ocean. 

Scorpio is the realm of birth and death of the shades and our psyches- our shadows and souls. This conjunction will aggressively dig out all the deepest shadows- those parts of ourselves that we do not want to admit to- our jealousy resentment fears deep sexual desires sadomasochistic suicidal and intense pain and suffering so that we can feel it all safely and give it space so that it may transmute into life once again.

NOTE: if you feel suicidal-please call a suicide hotline. Talk to someone. Suicidal energy is the soul’s cry for help and for unconditional love not to end your life.  REMEMBER YOU ARE SACRED. YOUR LIFE IS SACRED no matter how fucked up it seems in the moment. That pain is your soul’s challenge.

I just had the first wave- literally of this energy hit me a couple of hours ago. A deep soul desire to be seen and acknowledged; to be called upon for the depths of my knowledge was triggered.  I started to cry uncontrollably. 

I looked at the chart. SUPER SEXTILE B-Bomb. 

ASTEROID PSYCHE #16 is conjunct to MARS and JUPITER in SCORPIO at 17 degrees. This is exactly on my Ascendant- duh. 

The soul or psyche she is there steering the energies of Mars and Jupiter like a magnificent soul ship. 

MERCURY at 24 degrees SAGITTARIUS is close to the GALACTIC CENTER again.Tune in to this GPS and download the cosmic higher consciousness energy.

LILITH and ASTEROID EROS #433 conjunct from 6-11 degrees CAPRICORN. That’s pretty sexy gotta love LILITH energy. Sex =death and birth.

VENUS the SUN and PLUTO are already in conjunction @ 16+ degrees CAPRICORN!

This feels so intense to me.


It’s a soul bomb sextuple sextile.

The sextiles 60-degree aspects make the energies weave together ever so nicely. 

Individuals and countries with these degrees should get ready for not just a weather bomb or a tsunami but a veritable cosmic soul-bomb awakening. 

This is soul catharsis. A huge releasing of soul detritus. A veritable soul retrieval for the world. I will be doing chanting and using a sacred rattle.

This could be very dangerous- Mars + Jupiter in Scorpio rule  Atomic energy. There may be powerful earthquakes and more Fukushima dangers or other nuclear power disasters. Threats of nuclear bombs will be heard.

Exact conjunctions are on January 9th!

If you have planets at 17 degrees GEMINI that is the FINGER of GOD or YOD aspect.

DONALD TRUMP has his NATAL URANUS at 17 degrees GEMINI!!!

URANUS is the planet of chaos the disruptive revolutionary wild card. He also has his NORTH NODE at 20 degrees GEMINI. HIs NATAL MOON is at 21 degrees SAGITTARIUS.

DONALD TRUMP creates the FINGER OF GOD here.

Oh shit, I am praying he doesn’t hit that nuclear button.

Capricorn is a feminine earth sign and Scorpio is Feminine water.

The midpoint of MARS JUPITER and SUN VENUS PLUTO would be 17 degrees SAGITTARIUS which is the balancing FIRE element.

let’s see what the Chandra symbols of John Sandbach say about the mid-point or balancing point.

Sagittarius 17. A flame dancing at the top of a man’s head. (Omega Symbol) Manifesting/Sensitive

(Degree Angel: Hahahel (HA-ha-HEL) Self-Esteem, Mission)

This degree lives in a state of being constantly reminded of the source, of the spiritual light from which all has been generated. It realizes that no matter how diverse or in conflict the world of phenomenality may seem, that all is ultimately one, and that union with the light is a fact which we only need acknowledge to dispel darkness.

The Chandra Symbol:“A monkey dressed in a brocade coat.” The monkey is dressed in a refined and sophisticated garment but beneath that garment, he is wild, playful, and free.  This is a means of hiding, when needed, as well as taking on roles just to imagine what it would be like to be something else very different from the self. It is good to be a light in the world, like the man of the Omega Symbol has become like a candle. His flame is not steady – it dances, and as it dances at his crown chakra what is signified is the highest most spiritual type of play. Life is always and eternally joyful, and only becomes serious when we lose contact with this truth.

Pleiadian Symbol: Sunlight flooding an altar covered with flowers.

Azoth Symbol: In a fireplace, a fire flares up for a moment and a baby phoenix hops out of it.

Seed degree: Libra 21. The sea as still as a mirror. (Omega Symbol). When inner stillness is achieved, our whole being lights up (the flame at the top of the man’s head).

A magician wearing a live snake for a belt. (Chandra Symbol). Enveloped in wisdom (the snake) we are then free to play with outer forms (the monkey in the brocade coat). 

Fulfillment degree: Leo 22. A giant temple with many layers. It is in the shape of a mountain. (Omega Symbol). When we focus on the highest, (the flame at the top of the man’s head), the harmony of the highest shines down through all other levels of our being.

Sagittarius 18. A satyr chasing young maidens who are laughing and screaming. (Omega Symbol) Manifesting/Receptive

(Degree Angel: Mikael (MI-ka-EL) Revealing the Concealed, Political Authority and Order)

This degree evokes the energy of a realm before civilization, a time when all were free to play and be themselves. Play can untwist the restrictive convolutions of the intellect and undercut fear – loosening up the soul so it is free to breathe again. The joy of sexual, sensual, and erotic energies, expressed playfully, bring constant release and refreshment. 

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “Rose petals scattered on a path.” To make the way easier, more beautiful, so that it is not just a means to a destination but a joy to travel – this is the ideal of this degree. The rose petals lead us onward – they are love, and when we follow what we love as our own true path then we are at harmony with the world. This degree is a fine antidote to the grim and compelling agendas with which the world so often oppresses us. 

Pleiadian Symbol: A man puts his ear to a daisy. Yes, it is laughing. 

Azoth Symbol: A love letter stuck in a holy book.

Seed degree: Scorpio 3. A mysterious food, a small piece of which will satisfy hunger for days. (Omega Symbol). Once the soul is truly and deeply nourished, it is then free to play.

THE MOON for the chart is on this degree.Fulfillment degree: Virgo 22. A fruit whose seeds always produce a new and different type of fruit. (Omega Symbol). Allowing ourselves to be playful and uninhibited we find our creativity expanded and enhanced. 

A woman writing with the tip of her fingernail. (Chandra Symbol). When love softens the path, we are more able to clearly see the messages that chance and coincidences are pointing out to us.

I’ll leave you to ponder this.

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Painting by Napoleon Brousseau




Galactic truths and major sign changes

April 17 Sun in ARIES trines {120 degrees} Saturn and the Galactic Center @ 27 degrees Sagittarius.

Galactic art Tara Greene astrology

This brings fresh new life force energy, optimism, justice, truth and knowing that Sacred Law is backing one’s highest truth up. Believe it, have faith, speak it, enlighten and inspire others with it. I am fully committed to this now in my life.

But we are also feeling the wounds and our vulnerability.

Venus conjunct Chiron @ 26 degrees Pisces square Saturn @ 27 Sagittarius  EXACT on 21st

Old karmic wounds have been re-triggered as Saturn turned RETROGRADE on the 6th. We may be feeling vulnerable and wounded whether we feel self-righteous or victimized.

Chiron in PISCES is the real deal shamanic spiritual healer. Traditionally all shamans gain their cred. by being seriously wounded, it is in staying present to their wounds that they go through them, feel them fully and in the process, gain wisdom knowledge, health and wholeness and become shamans themselves. 

The Moon stays in Capricorn until the 19th. It will be VOID of course for very short times this week which is rather unusual. 

On the 19th the SUN enters stable fixed TAURUS

Taurus Moon, Horoscopes Tara Greene

This is time to enjoy the beauty of living in the 3rd dimension. Be sensual, indulge yourself. Start digging your garden, planting your flowers and smelling the roses. Being in nature is very healing and enhances your sense of peace. 

Moon enters AQUARIUS an Airy Fixed sign until the 21st

Aquarius Moon is electrifying, inventive, revolutionary, craves freedom and is pioneering, The Moon in Aquarius highlights collective use of resources and sharing of power which enhances everyone. 

Retrograde Mercury conjuncts the SUN @ 0 degrees Taurus

This is an optimum day to review old resources bringing new light to their uses. 

20th PLUTO turns RETROGRADE @19+ degrees Capricorn-September 28 @ 16+ degrees

Pluto joins the RETROGRADE club. OUr deepest darkest psychological issues and shadows get raked over hell’s coals to purify them. While this can be painful it is necessary and purifying. Doing shadow work is all about peeling off the layers and going deeper and deeper into on’e soul essence.

Mercury enters ARIES Retrograde

A back assed new beginning. Kind of a breech birth of communications. 

April 21 Sun trines North Node@ 1 degree Virgo

Be clear about your intentions. Virgo pays attention to every single minute detail.Stay embodied. Do your diligence with pleasure, work to be of service. Your upper intestine may be irritable or sensitive. Watch what you eat try not to stress.

21. MARS enters GEMINI

Mars in Gemini Astrology Tara Greene

The Mind starts moving at top speed. Get up off of that thing and speak your mind, shout it from the rooftops. You may get so energized you start to multitask. Be careful not to go into your head and become unable to choose what you want or don’t want.

Breathing and centering exercises and listening to old Hindu Mantra’s to Saturn have been very helpful to me. Check them out on YOUTUBE.

PLease share widely, all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Inspirational card of the Day, U R a STAR

SUN conjuncts URANUS today @ 12:09 am PDT/ 3:09 am EST

expect big jolts in the night,  wow inspirations, WHACKY WEIRD dreams,

watch out for Synchronicities today.

This is like being struck by lightning – INSPIRATION – but not like the TOWER in the TAROT

this is more like THE SUN #19 with the STAR- which is AQUARIUS which is ruled by Uranus the awakener.


It will be impossible to hide your light.

ThiNK HIGHER, future possibilities

revolutions, freedom, earthquakes, ego quakes, liberation, explosions,inventions

URANUS rules cyclones, eloping, faith healers,the lower legs, HI TECH,

RADAR- maybe some new light on that missing MH370 Malaysian airplane that disappeared.

spaces ships- UFO’ new discoveries- new dwarf planets discovered



You are the director, the producer and the star in your own movie called your life.

What’s your movie title?

That’s a little shamanic modern psych game. Let me know your title. 

You can change the titles whenever you want.


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SHINING STAR earth wind and Fire   


Download golden ticket Light blessings

Feb 28 @ 8:05 pm PST/ 11:05 EST get ready to download the big GOLDEN TICKET


YES the two brightest lights, SUN and JUPITER create a TRINE @ 10 + degrees PISCES & CANCER

Yes we need this SO MUCH now, in the midst of these intense energies, planets squaring off, turning backwards forwards every which way. Feels like the dark night of the soul, for many…





Faith in the LIGHT

LOOK At where that TRINE FALLS  in your Natal chart, look for the signs of PISCES and CANCER these are RECEPTIVE feminine nurturing feeling signs. Jupiter rules Pisces. The Moon rules Cancer. 

We are merging with the LIGHT.

Also check out the INVISIBLE GRAND TRINE spot of 10 degrees SCORPIO which completes it.

Draw a grand trine on your chart. 3 planets at 120 degrees- 4 signs apart. A pyramid shape.


For yourself and others you know need it and for the entire World.


Gold, gelt, money, yen. Can be gold chocolate coins, money, big $ amounts. Jupiter’s metal is TIN.

Wear Royal PURPLE for Jupiter and GOLD for the Sun. Dress in rich silks and fabrics. You want to act and feel already wealthy.

ALso bring red wine to drink a glass as an offering and to celebrate.

Use patchouli incense, or frankincense. Use smudge if you have that, any incense will do.


Belgian high quality chocolates, super foods or whatever appeals to you.

4 candles one for each direction. 

Use BERGAMOT OIL to attract money. Drink Earl Grey tea which has bergamot in it.

A statue or object which represents wealth and abundance or health which you can anoint.

 2 bowls, 1 bowl of water with rose petals or rose-water.

Pillows for comfort.

1. Cleanse yourself with incense/smudge and clear a  sacred space.

2. Dress yourself up in your finery.

3, Light the candles starting in the EAST the SUN. And invite the SUN’s LIGHT in to your circle.

ALways turn clockwise like the Sun’s motion,

Light the 2nd candle in the SOUTH and call in the elements/spirits of WATER, emotions, the heart

Move to the WEST and call in the elements of EARTH, the Goddesses,physicality, intuition,

MOve to the NORTH and call in AIR, wind, wisdom, open receptive mind.

This is a very upbeat celebratory ceremony.  Simply focus on your breathing. Close your eyes, and  focus on the SUN above you, as if you are outside on a warm summer sunny day. Feel the warmth. Allow the SUN’s LIGHT, the SOURCE of all life, to relax you and bring your joy. See yourself surrounded in golden light. Breathe in the golden light. Be in the awareness of being on the SUN but safe. Sense your whole body being bathed in golden rich honey like LIGHT. Feel your body as the Source of the Sun’s LIGHT itself. Which is what it actually is. Allow the Light to permeate every atom cell neuron and synapse of your consciousness. It will feel awesome.

Feel, sense and visualize yourself as the SOURCE of Light sending blessings to planet JUPITER. IN Greek Mythology Jupiter is also a God. JUPITER represents wisdom, planet of the master teachers, he is like Yahweh, hurling lightning bolts of awareness.  JUPITER expands, optimizes, brings trust and faith, and he is most compassionate in Feminine, receptive, emotional CANCER.  Jupiter is  like Santa Claus so you could compare this aspect to another CHRISTMAS/Chanukah celebration energy.


Keep breathing in golden light from your crown chakra into your root.

Feel innumerable blessings coming to you. Erasing all doubts, all fear of success, lack and abundance.

Know the Golden Light is you and the Sun and the Planets of abundance and you can RECEIVE it, this is Feminine, YIN water energy. Into your heart { Cancer energy} and into your will. THE SUN is WILL POWER.

MAKE water offerings, ZHAMBALA is the buddhist god of abundance or you could call in LAKSHMI Hindu Goddess of Wealth, Qwan Yin, Tara, or whoever appeals to you. 

Pour water over the gold coins, your object, statue  or into another bowl, or your hands one at a  time. as you affirm out loud the felt sense of the receiving of these GOLDEN BLESSINGS OF LIGHT, LOVE AND ABUNDANCE. YOU can also send blessings to anyone you wish or simply send them to the entire earth.


Offer some food and wine to the SUN. He was personified as Apollo or HELIOS. Also invite JUPITER and offer him to partake. This is  an ancient custom to share your wealth with the SPIRITS/ Gods/ elements.  

Drink the wine, eat the delicacies and savour each bite and taste. Enjoy, be happy, feel the feeling of richness, health, love as if you already have it. BECAUSE YOU DO.


THE more you share this the more people can benefit.

All writing is copyright of TARA GREENE.

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