Dreams move now

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Yay dreams get a full stream ahead signal now as Neptune turns Direct @ 18+ of its sheltered home sign Pisces. Whatever wishes dreams, internalized emotions that have been percolating in the 12th House of the unconscious can now move forwards.


We could blame Neptune and Saturn as the colleagues in the Covid-19. Neptune moving DIRECT moves people out of their stupor. Its like if you went to sleep in 2019 and suddenly woke up in the midst of Covid-19 you’d think the world had been invaded by aliens and everyone was crazy. That kind of a clear-sighted WTF is going on? happens now.

This may not be a good thing for COVID-19 and FLU season although secrets will out. I do believe people will not want to stay cloistered, shut in and feeling victimized now. You will see more and more protests. Pisces rules MENTAL HEALTH and there will be more support for people to share their experiences.

Neptune turned Retrograde June 22, 2020 @ 20 degrees + 58 minutes of Pisces

Neptune in the Tarot is related to the Arcana #18 The Moon which is Pisces

The card of the Moon is related to the Dark Side of the Moon, the Unconscious, nightmares, fear, magic, mystery, spirituality.

NEPTUNE is Modern Ruler of Pisces, with Jupiter the traditional ruler of Pisces

Pisces rules many things: Hollywood, glamour, illusions, delusions, gurus, ashrams, addictions, jails. mental illness, drugs, oil, the unconscious, psychology, image, projection, denial, fear, psychosis, spirit, Source, the oceans.


You would have felt this most directly as Neptune was right on your Sun’s. ANY sign with PISCES planets around 14- 22 degrees Pisces would have felt Neptune’s pull back the most intensely and would also feel the release and forward move the most now as well. Get moving, there are so many hurting your compassion is the best medicine.


The NORTH NODE IS AT 19+ GEMINI pointing the way for everyone to follow. Get going, Neptune is pointing out you should follow your intuition and your dreams. You have been feeling lost since June 22 and probably feeling listless and tired, afraid to go out. Clear up the illusions and projections since then. The North Node is your highest GPS get with it. Today is your wake up from the dream day.


Great timing Sagittarius with the SOUTH NODE at 19+ SAGITTARIUS squaring NEPTUNE and the NORTH NODE too as NEPTUNE turns DIRECT. Get moving on all those whistful dreams which you’ve been sleeping on can begin to be born anew now. Writing, speaking, teaching publishing, armchair travelling for the short term. You can creat your adventure anywhere,


You gave been squared {screwed?} by Neptune turning  Retrograde in June, Anyone with Virgo planets at 13-22 degrees would have felt this Retro the strongest and will feel the release of moving forwards more personally now.  Your health should improve as Neptune moves ahead.


Reflect on all the literal nighttime dreams and fantasies daydreams and wishes you’ve been percolating on since June 22nd. If you kept a dream journal make sure you read it over. Neptune moving ahead clears the foggy, insular, loneliness up.

December 5 


This is a wonderful uplifting spiritual and sexy enhancing energy for everyone. Make big wishes. Meditate on what you want to see the world evolve to and hold that vision. Do what you can to make it happen. ENsoul the world with love.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Shields up! Dream big dreams

July 13  Thursday is Thor’s Day, The Head honcho God in Norse Spirituality. He is aka ZEUS in Greek spirituality. 

zeus Jupiter horoscope Tara Greene

  PISCES MOON squares VENUS in GEMINI in the a.m.

You may be seeing double in your dreams, your Doppelganger, or shadow twin may make an appearance. This also points to very sexy dreams. 

Moon inconjuncts Mercury in LEO @ 12:46 pm EDT

see my article from the other day https://infinitynow.wordpress.com/2017/07/11/how-to-deal-with-astrology-obstacles-this-week. Get your psychic boundaries ready as big egos are likely to overpower your sensitivities today.

MOON sweetly sextiles NEPTUNE its ruler @ 2:27 pm EDT

You will be daydreaming at work or fantasizing about whatever your soul desires. Neptune rules addictions, delusions, illusions, it’s hard to tell which is which. Take time out to stop and do a meditation at this time. Your ability to connect to spirit, angels, and higher guidance will be strong. 

Pisces MOON inconjuncts JUPITER

  • see article link above for more info on irritation provoking inconjuncts. This one with JUPITER in LIBRA speaks of relationship projections and the need to talk about it.
  • Moon sextiles PLUTO in CAPRICORN      
  • This aspect brings our desires to merge with the ALL into very practical tactile down to earth scope. Plot your dream map. 
  • MERCURY inconjuncts NEPTUNE in PISCES 
  • – see that link to the previous article again, I wrote about this as well. 
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  • I am writing about the upcoming HUGE solar eclipse, should be out soon and planning to do live weekly Astro-tarot FB posts and on YOUTUBE as well. I need to focus my writing on less and more serious things and finish my book!!!
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  • Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene
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