Dark Goddess dreams, Lilith and Neptune 

Lilith in SAGITTARIUS is now in a 90-degree square aspect to NEPTUNE in PISCES

Lilith/Eve Astrology Tara Greene

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The Dark Goddess LILLITH truly is the personification the New or Dark Moon phase of every single New Moon. We are in a New Moon in Gemini, the sign of the mind, the lungs, and our dual natures. Lilith is opposite to the New Moon degrees @  11 degrees SAGITTARIUS.

Lilith is a real force and a living symbol of women’s menstrual periods, the most powerful time of the month for every woman. When women bleed they are at the height of their psychic powers. Traditionally women worldwide would retreat to their special sacred caves, their menstrual huts, red tents or moon lodges as they sat together and bled directly onto Mother Earth as a ritual thanksgiving to the great mother who birthed all the children of the earth. It’s a sacred blood ritual, a giveaway, and a renewal.  The woman bled for 3 nights as the moon was dark and dreamed and divined and envisioned. When they emerged they would lead their groups or tribes through their visions. Women were honored simply because they bled, and that energy is LILITH’s energy.

Lilith is a creature of the night. she is said to have an owl on her shoulder symbolizing wisdom, 360-degree vision and the ability to fly through the dream world.

This aspect and the 3 day period of the New Moon allows us to connect with Lilith in a very deep and intimate way in our visions, meditations and most especially in our dreams. I saw someone driving a car with a Lilith license plate the other day.

Visualize Lilith and ask her to come into your dreams as the Night Hag or bringer of wisdom.

NEPTUNE in PISCES rules delusions, projections, addictions

This gives us easy access to her powerful energies to heal many repressed emotional and karmic energies.We might also want to look at our deepest darkest taboos and shadows with Lilith in this square as she is the most rejected darkest aspect of the Divine Feminine.  Remember that LILITH is EVE’s shadow and vice versa. They are two halves of the same Female Archetype. Examine issues about sexual repression or porn addictions in depth. Look at any fears about expressing oneself authentically and refusing to compromise as Lilith did.  Look at where you were treated like Lilith and felt totally rejected because you were a feared person. Remember that Pisces is the 12th sign and symbolizes Karma. Many women are now remembering their ancient connection to the Goddess, long buried in their cellular memories, dreams, visions and intuitions and their subsequent burning, torture, and denigration for hundreds and thousands of years.  Write from that place.

WARNING: You may have very sexual dreams if you call Lilith in. She was made infamous by the ancient Patriarchs as a succubus who seduces men in their dreams and steals their semen to create her 100 children every day which she then eats. Lilith is not a vampire. Women will feel this energy too. Lilith symbolizes unbridled sexual passion, that’s what the men were feeling so insecure about.  In Tantric sexuality, the most purifying, spiritual and powerful sex is when a woman is bleeding. There is a sexual freedom at this time.

LILITH will be in a close but not exact square with Neptune especially as the Blue Planet turns RETROGRADE on June 16th @ 14+ degrees PISCES.  They will remain within a degree of a square until the end of June.

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