Money, Beauty, power, sex, death, rebirth


Venus Trines Jupiter and Pluto. The Goddess of LOVE and Sex enchants the brothers JUPITER the HEAD God on Mount Olympus and PLUTO LORD of the Underworld with her magic girdle which makes her irresistible. This is all about money, beauty, sex, death, power, rebirth. And healing from sexual abuse as well.

VENUS as Love the Divine feminine the heart and relationships is the bridge between the Masculine Patriarchal As above, so below.

these are very big aspects. There is also great healing energy for WOMEN as it points to VENUS, women healing from sexual abuse which Jupiter the philandering rapist and Pluto another rapist symbolize.

Use Venus in Her home sign Taurus where she is very strong to do healing rituals tonight. Love your body and send LOVE to heal your womb. You are in quarantine and it is a spiritual Hermitage on one level.

watch the vlog.

I work with many women who have had sexual abuse issues and helo them to heal.

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Scorpio Moon 12 labors of Hercules

Hi just in case you are wondering what’s happened to me. I am so busy getting my daughter ready to go to University in Vancouver before the end of August and there are so many things to get together and I am swamped. And trying to organize flights places to stay making sure the University has everything under Mercury-Mars Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto and Chiron is like the 12 Labors of Hercules.

Scorpio moon Aug 16- 18th is always the most intensely emotional and cathartic. Its all about the biggies sex money power control.

Deep soul excavation work can be done.

Aug 16 Moon conjuncts Chiron in Aries

Your moods and energy may be unusual and quirky very erratic and up and down as Moon opposes Uranus Rx in Taurus.

Moon sweetley sextiles Saturn in Capricorn and some serious goals can be met or old issues dealt with.

Moons squares Retro Mercury- but not for long now in PDT

Aug 17 in EDT and GMT

Ego power struggles. This can be used positively to expand your leadership your heart and will power. 

I have to go if you don’t see me posting that much its because i am so busy getting my daughter ready to go to University in Vancouver. 

It’s all my 22nd Wedding anniversary on the 17th so I will post something early tonight

blessings to you and hope you will hang in there with me


Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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12 Labors of Hercules

Museo Nazionale Romano di Palazzo Altemps Blue pencil.svg Wikidata: Q1816007 Ground floor Accession number Inv. 8642 Credit line Ludovisi Collection Source / Photographer Marie-Lan Nguyen (September 2009), Twelve Labours Altemps Inv8642, marked as public domain, more details on Wikimedia Commons

Pluto Retrograde, world soul retrieval time

PLUTO turns RETROGRADE April 20 @ 19+ degrees Capricorn @ 5:49 am PDT/8:49 am EDT/12:49 pm GMT.  The Lord of Death takes a back step and returns to his natural home in the UNDERWORLD, the world of the shades.  It’s world soul retrieval time. 

As Pluto in Capricorn rules Corporate power, sex, control and secrets, this stationary Retrograde time is extra powerful.

From Enter the Void,2009 English-language French drama film written and directed by Gaspar Noé

Like Death times 2. We can see that Bill O’Reilly’s dismissal by FOX news is exactly tied into his astrology chart.

Born Sept. 10, 1949, time unknown so Noon is used in New York City,

Bill O'Reilly astrology Tara Greene

Bill O’Reilly natal chart with transits

Bill has transited Pluto conjoining his Natal Jupiter in Capricorn which is conjunct EROS the God of erotic love, in the natural 10th house of career and worldly fame. His natal JUPITER is square to his Moon, Mercury, Venus, Neptune, Lilith and the Nodes of Fate!  PLUTO kicked the butt of all of those personal planets plus NEPTUNE the planet of delusions and addictions and false prophets all in one fell swoop.

Transiting Uranus and ERIS the planets of sudden disruption, chaos, and revolution in ARIES have been squaring his Jupiter too. 

 Bill’s natal Moon in Aries, an impulsive, fiery, independent, unconscious macho warrior energy is opposite to his natal VENUS in LIBRA at 25 degrees, in a T-square with Natal Jupiter. He is a huge womanizer. He also has Lillith conjunct his Moon natally which is the classic Mother, Whore split. The Moon is always MOM, and Lilith symbolizes the projection of the dark devouring femme fatale onto women, but it is always the man’s own sexual shadow and fear of the power of the feminine. This deluded man thinks it was always the women’s fault. JUPITER has been sitting close toVenus and to his Natal Mercury at 14 degrees LIBRA

Transiting JUPITER has been sitting close to natal Venus and to his Natal Mercury at 14 degrees LIBRA. Cardinal Crosses have taken him down. 

Plus NEPTUNE has been opposite to his Natal SATURN in VIRGO, illusions about power and addictions and control issues and now Neptune is opposing his SUN at 17 degrees Virgo. Bill will be disappearing from the public for the next few years. 

The Solar eclipse of Feb 26 @ 8 degrees of PISCES was opposite to his Natal Saturn in Virgo and square to his Chiron in Sagittarius. Enuf about BILL. 

 Death takes a back step and returns to his natural home the UNDERWORLD, the world of the shades. The pressure valve between JUPITER PLUTO URANUS and ERIS is being slowly released. Here that soft hh hs sss, like a snake in the grass? 

With so many Planets moving Retro right now it’s a great time to go sit in a cave and be as hermitlike as you can. Venus is still in her shadow period until May 18th  even though she is moving forwards. It’s time to go deeper than you ever have before into really mucking about with your own shadow. You’re own most verboten, hidden, repressed fears, denial, projections, nightmares, and illusions. I know that sounds like Neptunian stuff but they are all part of the collective Unconscious. The world outside is a mirror of our inner state. No one is perfect. This is deep soul retrieval to resurrect the purity of the original soul state. 

I am totally feeling this having had a warning by a doctor today that I must take care of my health. It’s been a very stressful couple of weeks with other matters which I cannot speak about with my family. Self-realizations are strong. 

What I saw in meditation is that we must deal with the core of our own self-abandonment issues. Our own SELF-denial. That is our true soul’s spiritual eternal self that must be retrieved while Pluto is retrograde. I have started on this issue. It has been totally PLUTONIC for me. 

Death, letting go, rebirth, the shadows so blindingly real, so scary, so dark, so power hungry, so corporate, so secretive, so manipulative, so sadistic, so neurotic, so egotistic. 

We see it everywhere in the world. PLUTO will continue his journey through Capricorn retro until September 28 which feels like a very long time from now. 

PLUTO has until 2023 to complete its scourging of the corporate world for better or worse. The darkest side of PLUTO in CAPRICORN is Fascism, a police state, The Handmaid’s Tale, or the complete destruction of the corporate world or the world itself going up in an Atomic explosion. This is the Age of the KALI YUGA. 

KALI projected onto New York Building

Call upon KALI to bring death and destruction to those in High places who abuse power, who manipulate others, whose secretive, sex, money, power, greed, issues dominate the world’s stage.  Even if we are forced to bow down to these false power mongers our souls must remain true to ourselves. 

Please share widely, all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Mercury in Scorpio,obsession, deep think time

MERCURY ENTERS SCORPIO September 29  – December 4th

where the message will be deep intensively revealing conversations about our shadows and secrets.

M in S is about transformation in the way we communicate,intimacy issues, what and how we reveal to ourselves and others, 

Mercury in Scorpio is the sign of spys, hidden secrets, psychology, intuition, rich business, shared resources,

James Bond, Freud and Jung’s territory, 

It perfectly mirrors another debt ceiling 8th house of big banking, finances, bankruptcy.

Mercury is the MAGICIAN – in the Tarot – thoughts are magic

SCORPIO is DEATH – rebirth, transformation-  put those two images together in your mind.

This will be an intense roller coaster ride to magically change of consciousness.

Don’t try to keep secrets during this time. 

It’s around 9 weeks of in-depth soul-searching and transformational ideas.

 Deep patterns of Obsessive thinking can be broken now.

Mercury in Scorpio Napoleon Brousseau Tara Greene

The Groom decapitated by his bride even

Digital Photograph by Napoleon Brousseau

We’ll be focusing with hindsight at the November 3 Solar Eclipse

and stirring up  a cauldron filled with intimate sexual secrets bubbling up to the surface,

and of more power tripping surveillance secrets revealed, cheating, stealing,

soul to soul communications will be the norm, It’s INTENSE.

while the Messenger is in the 8th house, everyone will be wearing x-ray vision,

X is for the Mysterium of it all. You know Scorpio’s all have THOSE penetrating eyes- 

Scorpio magnifies all your feelings and thoughts so be careful of thinking from the dark side, that unevolved stinger side of Scorpio.

Like a boomerang it will always come back at ya.

EARLY MERCURY RETROGRADE ALERT on Oct. 21 @ 18 degrees 23 minutes and turn DIRECT at 2 degrees 30 minutes

It will take until December 17 for Mercury to pass its Retrograde station.

Which houses and cusps does this 16 degree span cover in your chart? Which planets and aspects do these degrees trigger?

Mercury goes Retrograde on my Ascendant, and Retrogrades back into my 12th house, this is apropos for me as I am redoing

my website and my whole way of approaching Ascendant, the world and others- Descendant straddle.

Get a heads up on this and check out where this soulful dark side  Mental reload will happen for you.

Relationship issues will come to a head.

The 8th house is really the soul mate house,opposite the 2nd house

of personal values and resources it’s opposite to all “others ” the 7th house of marriage. It’s shared resources,

The 8th house is how do we share our sexual power? money? spiritual resources. Yes 8th house is also spiritual

although we don’t usually think of it that way. All of the water houses relate to spirit as emotions/water is the substance,  the karmic glue

that draws, seduces us to it and surrounds us from the womb, 4th house- Cancer, to 8th house wet intimacy to Pisces- symbolic water and dissolving into the Spiritual ocean of Bliss, similar to what we knew in the womb.


Mercury will Trine Neptune Oct 1 deep healing conversations,-Venus was just activating this Trine- so a revisit is in order.

Quincunx Uranus Oct 8

Conjunct Saturn Oct 8 big serious DEAL MAKER DAY

Turn Retrograde Oct 21 @ 3:28 am PDT

Mercury sextiles Mars and Pluto Movember 1

Mercury quincunx Uranus November 1

Mercury sextiles Venus November 8

Mercury Trines Neptune in Pisces November 9 

Mercury Goes Direct November 10 @ 1:12 PM PST

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Digital photograph by Napoleon Brousseau –

Would I lie to You? Annie Lennox