Virgo Love-in, New 11:11 GPS.

VENUS conjuncts the NORTH NODE 8/8 15 at zero degrees LIBRA, her home sign..

Venus will be in her home sign of LIBRA until December 4.

This is the Last Hurrah for LIBRA North Node for the next 3 days. Venus sends it off with a big kiss.

This is one of the four major CARDINAL POINTS in the Zodiac.  The North Node has been hovering over this point for awhile, since mid-september. For the last 18 months we have had the North Node in Libra and working on diplomacy, finding balance. peace-keeping, relationship issues have been the main sign post. There have been many break-ups over this time period as well as Libra is a feminine ruled sign and women are re-evaluating their relatonships. 

We are entering a whole New Virgo phase on November 11th, 11:11, Remembrance Day and on a New Moon. I find it significant that our highest spiritual goal, the North Node, will be guiding us for the next 18 months begins with the 11:11 symbolism. This is about remembering who you really are.

11:11 meaning Tara Greene Tarot reading

The North Nodes always move backwards in the Zodiac.

I will write about the New Moon in Scorpio in more detail.

The New GPS cycles starts on 11:11 in PDT @ 5:02 pm / 8:02 pm  EDT. Nov. 12 in U.T.

Do you see 11:11 all the time? It symbolizes a pre-encoded memory trigger it is a conscious gateway. Created by Solara it was one of the first world-wide meditation events in 1992.  Not just for making wishes on. It is meant to help you remember who you really are. To make you conscious.

The North Node is our highest spiritual goal and what the collective needs to evolve towards, it’s what we all need to aim for. We will be following the Virgo carrot  for these next 18 months.


The SOUTH NODE is our past,the karmic black hole of unconsciousness. It sucks us back into our past. The PISCES SOUTH NODE is very SPIRITUAL, but can also be ADDICTIONS, DENIAL, DREAMY, DELUSIONS, religious fanatics, GLAMOUR, Co-Dependence and can be dangerous. 

I use the True Node which is an exact motion for these empty focal points in space. Other Astrologers use the Mean Node which is averaged out for rates of motion. The Mean Nodes  changed about a month ago. Either way they are in close proximity and for the next 18 months.

Gotta love those Virgos. If you are a Virgo this is a huge year for you. Virgo’s need to come out from their work desks and live a little this year. Get that raise, go on a trip, have fun. Without Virgo’s who would do our taxes? Keep everything neat and tidy? Be faithful servants? Worry so much? Analyze everything? Virgo’s are our health professionals, dietitians, naturopaths, herbalists, pharmacists, lab technicians, engineers, clean-freaks, community servers. They get the work done.

Virgo is an intellectual earth sign. They take all of Gemini’s curiosity and give it form. Virgo’s love information, reading, and often have photographic memories. They also make good editors with their natural eye for detail. VIrgo is ruled by MERCURY, a dual, hermaphrodite sign. There will be lots of transexual health issues and workplace equality as well will be in the news. 

With all this Virgo energy we all need  to be connecting with the earth. it is good for us to walk in nature. Virgo spends a lot of their time in their heads. Virgo is practical reality. Being present.

The South Node in Pisces is what we have to be vigilant we aren’t sucked into, like reality TV shows, they are not real. Idolizing Hollywood stars, rock or rap stars is largely manufactured to keep you away from noticing what is going on in your real life. PISCES has no boundaries, they are the martyrs of the Zodiac, and this is not healthy. Pisces is very charitable and compassionate and that is good, but healthy boundaries and separation of self and others is vital. Pisces is passive, hides from harsh reality, gets lost in video games, porn,religion,dreams and fantasy. Pisces is addictions, alcoholism, pot smoking all the time, sex, shopping, ayahuasca tourism, yoga, or gym workouts, Bible thumpers, health nuts and morphing into different identities. All of these aspects are in denial of who you really are at Source.  We need to move out of this  projection that something “out there” will make us feel whole or safe us. We need to  get onto the real work of cleaning up our very material messes. 


Virgo’s  also have delicate digestive systems and need to watch their diets. The emphasis will be on healthy wholesome foods, No GMO’s, gluten-free, no fast foods. There will be strong legislation to make all foods healthier and towards old-fashioned home-made slow foods. 100 mile foods. Gut awareness, digestive enzymes, probiotic and newer super-foods will be more mainstream. Virgo symbolizes the harvest, the end of the plant cycle. The awareness of the entire cycle for food, from seeds, to organic foods, no toxic pesticides, and land stewardship will be seen as an entire process. 

Had your guts been acting up with Mars and Venus in Virgo? Mine has the last few days. I have my South Node in Virgo. 

The Pluto in Virgo Generation should be mentioned here as well.. This is largely GENERATION X.

Born August 19,1957-Oct. 5 1971, And  April 17, 1972 -July 30, 1972. They are  58-43 years old. The  youngest just having gone through their mid-life crises.  All of this generation is benefitting from Jupiter’s jog through Virgo from Aug 2015 -September 9, 2016. 

 Born after the huge baby-boomers Pluto in Leo generation its all about ME. The Pluto in Virgo Generation is supposed to be cleaning up the mess. Are they? They will need to start.

And those born in the mid-60’s during the URANUS PLUTO CONJUNCTION in mid-Virgo with Saturn in Pisces opposite that will also be awoken as the NOrth NOde passes those trigger degrees in June 2016. 

Lets get some images of this first symbol degree and the next 10. 

The symbol for the last degree of VIRGO 30-20th degree , the last decan of Virgo 

10 of Discs/coins/pentacles

10 of pentacles, Tarot Tara Greene

The Philosopher’s Stone Tarot 

The 10 of DISKS/PENTACLES/COINS is material wealth, completion of life’s spiritual lessons in matter. It radiates harmony. It is like a treasure chest of jewels. The Number 10 related tour 10 fingers and 10 toes. This card symbolizes a completion and fulfillment of the 10 Sephirot on the Tree of Life, brought down from the Highest Archetypal Levels of Kether {1} to the fundamental material world of Malkuth [ 10}. 

Meditate with this cards’ energy. It governs the collective Psyche to the beginning of May 2016 when the North Node enters the 2nd decan of Virgo. 

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Three time lucky, Venus conjunct Jupiter Lovers Astrology

VENUS and JUPITER consummate for their 3rd and final time in 2015 on October 25 @ 15+ degrees VIRGO a very rare and special occurrence. The planet of women, love, beauty, money and the arts and expansive optimistic planet of  justice, power, truth and faith only meet in a series of triple conjunctions once every 24 years! The last time was in the summer of 1991 in Leo.

Love horoscope Tara Greene

Previous cycles include June 9, 1967, the SUMMER OF LOVE!  and going way back in the way back machine, back, back 865 years to Halloween morning in 1150.

read more about this cycle in detail- link below

In 2015 They first made love July 1st @ 21+ degrees Leo,Canada’s Birthday, auspicious for Canada.

The 2nd time was on August 4 with Venus Retrograde at 28 + degrees Leo  

3rd time lucky is October 25 in Virgo @ 15+ degrees. 

Venus rules women, is women and in the most literal sense, her consorting with Jupiter, King of the Gods symbolizes women’s assent to the top ruling positions in the world, BIG POWER. You know who I mean.

But not just Hilary, this aspect expands women’s ‘power and influence throughout the world. Venus rules Libra the sign of Justice and fairness and Jupiter is Sacred law, or higher laws. This combo expands women’s roles  as equals through education, International laws, publishing,  teaching, comedy Amy Shumer for example, and faith, women taking a greater role in religion, politics, spirituality and seeking religious freedom.  


If you are old enough ,what was going on in your life in 1991 in terms of your self-esteem, love and romance, money education and aspirations?  You have completed a major growth cycle since then.

Since the two met up twice in Leo this year in the sign of the heart, and once in a Retrograde they have had a temp. break up which was dramatic and have now come back together in Virgo which is very different love energy.

Venus and Jupiter in Virgo, a mutable earth sign, of perfection, hard work, humility,  concerned with being of service to each other as well as their jobs and community. Making love work is a job and it requires daily discipline and attention to details, with each party carrying their own weight for the same life goals.

These two planets in Virgo,the sign of the perfectionist can sometime be so critical and have such high standards that one or both of the partners is never happy and always complaining.  Issues over hygeine in sex, promptness and order are very important. Being out in nature together is also necessary. Love is organizing and mapping out a 5 year life plan and they will get it accomplished. Love is enjoying their love through every day simple things, like sharing intellectual ideas and feeding each others minds.  This is a more mature relationship, it’s not all about me and my ego needs anymore.  For Virgo love ,all that drama is simply a waste of precious time which could be spent much more productively.Take your cues from the planets, build a practical working, loving relationship. 


ARIES- this is in your 6th house of work and service. 

You may find love through work. If you’re not happy with your health or body, its easy to exercise, diet and you may meet a certain someone, jogging at the gym or at Whole Foods. Ground your fire.

TAURUS – this is in your 5th house of love affairs!

Your earthy sensuality is like honey. A very fertile, creative, open-hearted time for you. There will be many loves to choose from. Pregnancy comes easy so unless you want this be careful. Don’t overspend.

GEMINI- this is in your 4th house of roots, family, coming home.

You will want to nest, set down some roots, stop your wandering ways. You are ready to get serious, this is very grounding for you in all ways. Reconnect with family, share and trust more. This is a positive time for you.

CANCER- this falls in your 3rd house of communications

Take off some armour and open your heart. You will be feeling more emotionally secure and trusting.  The way to many people’s hearts is through their stomachs. Also open to receive love and nurture what you love in all ways.

LEO- this falls in your 2nd house of resources and money

This could be a great windfall if you share. Learning to be less dramatic may be a steep learning curve for you. You’ve got what it takes, present yourself  in a more conservative and humble way. Help others by serving them. 

VIRGO- this aspect falls in your 1st house of self-identity

Virgo your self-esteem is sky rocketing. This is excellent payoffs everything you’ve worked so hard for. It’s easy to relax and trust life. You are coming out of your hermit-like phase and are ready to shine your love-light.

LIBRA- this aspect falls in your 12th house of the Unconscious

Relationships and values are changing. All that glitters is not gold you have discovered. You want a deeper and simpler heart connection. A relationship of equals is what you really desire. It takes mutual work, you can do it.

SCORPIO- the aspect falls in your 11th house of wishes hopes and dreams

You are more willing to trust in relationships. Love and power are more interesting when shared. Your are open to new kinds of relationships, even open marriage. Radical new love affairs can come from unexpected quarters.

SAGITTARIUS- this aspect falls in your 10th house of world fame and career

Open your heart,  have faith, teach others, lead and show the way. Find your tribe and you will be happy. You need to walk your talk and speak the truth. Many dreams are coming true for you now. Love and work are inspiring. 

CAPRICORN- this aspect falls in your 9th house of travel, teaching, philosophy, justice

You cannot live just for money and power. Follow your bliss and everything will fall into place. Your responsible nature will be rewarded but there is a pay back involved. Nature will remind you of where you are going.

AQUARIUS- this aspect falls in your 8th house of sex, money, power, shared resources.

Your radical leadership and ideals need to manifest .The world is not just  an iPhone. Occupy your body, enjoy love and earthly pleasures.  Your vision must include love, beauty and nature to help change the world for the better. 

PISCES- this aspect falls in your 7th house of marriage and all “others.”

Your soul mate dreams needs to get real. Wishing and hoping and  the laws of attraction won’t cut it. This is the Garden of Eden. You need to create Heaven on Earth. Loving is not martyrdom. Accept your earthly mission of love.


If you are single ladies or gentlemen then make three wishes to attract your special love . You will see Venus and Jupiter  with Mars aligned in the night sky until October 25. Venus herself is known as the wishing star. Jupiter in the Tarot is the Wheel of Fortune. Spin that Wheel make your three wishes. Three times is luckiest. 

Wishing you all the best blessings,


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All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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