Aquarius New Moon revolutionary freedom

February 4 Dark Moon @ 15+ degrees Aquarius @ 1:03 pm PST/4:03 pm EST/ 9:03 pm GMT is at the peak of the wave of electrical, inventive, revolutionary, freedom loving, Higher consciousness group-minded lunar new beginnings. The perfect new moon for new intentions,and all those Aquarian things.

This New Moon begins the Chines New year of the Pig. Gung Hai Fat Choi

The Sign of Aquarius is the Card #17 in the Tarot THE STAR 

The Star Trump Tarot

-Piedmontese_tarot_deck_-Solesio-1865 Trump 17 The Stars

              F. F. Solesio (editor) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Mercury and Lilith are both conjunct the Sun and Moon, indicating the Dark Goddess, dark moons revolutionary new message. A revolution in Revisioning and reversing the dark from being seen as something negative, bad, or evil; to be feared and repressed is at hand. I am working with a colleague on workshops and an oracle deck whose aim is exactly this. Make the dark positive again. Restore the dark to a place of peace and safety. We were all born from the darkness within our mother’s wombs. The Womb/void is a safe place, the only place where soul and spirit becomes flesh. 

Uranus, the modern ruler of Aquarius is at the last 29th critical degree of fiery Aries and its MAJOR CHAOS time. With Mars, the warrior planet, hot on its tail, there is an urgency and insistence an impatience for change, freedom, change and revolution. 

URANUS is opposite ATHENA the warrior Goddes in Libra and squaring the Nodes. There is a fated theme of a changing of the guard, and of imbalanced relationships.

ERIS the Dwarf planet of Disturbia is conjunct Mars and this makes the energies rather disturbing, frenetic, and the outcomes rather unknowable. 

Chiron the wounded healer at the last degree of the Zodiac is also intensifying the tsunami of wounds, until February 18th when the Centaur trots into brand new territory in ARIES and begins a brand new 50-year cycle. Cleanse let go, stop being a martyr. 

Saturn and NEPTUNE are sextile @ 15 degrees Capricorn and Pisces

This is one of the major if gentle aspects of 2019. A supportive sextile between the planet of solid materialism and immaterial subtle spiritual Neptune helps loosen the grip on consumerism and brings a much-needed breath of reality to the confusion, projections, delusions and illusions, fake news and all kinds of mumbo-jumbo.

If you have planets at 15 degrees LEO you will feel this energy pressuring you as a Yod or Finger of God and you will feel pressure in a gentle way to put some meat on those dreams.

Venus is at one degree Capricorn on the world point. Love your career and you made find love at the office over the next month.  Pluto is moving on up almost at 22 degrees the next year big degree. 

enjoy this high energy Dark Moon. revolutionize your life.

please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Gemini Moon is constantly on the go

As true to the nature of a Mutable Gemini Air sign this Twin moon day is busy. There are 5 aspects in PDT and EDT. 7 in PDT.
1. Moon trined JUPITER in LIBRA early this a.m. 
a great gab fest was had by all. Did you have pleasant dreams at being at suave cocktail parties where you were the hostess with the mostest?
Gemini Moon square Neptune Tara Greene, collage by Emily Trinkaus

collage by Emily Trinkaus 

Your Mind on Neptune with a Gemini Moon 
2. MOON Squared Neptune in PISCES
Neptune rules the dreamscape. You may have found it difficult to wake up this morning. Or did today feel like a dream? Feedback, please.  This is quite a creative and magical energy.  Start to speak your dreams out loud, this makes the ideas real. Neptune is ethereal. 
Are your romantic dreams coming to fruition or R U lost in a love fog? 
3.Gemini Moon inconjunct to PLUTO
I can’t decide whose strings to pull.What Gemini said that? 
4.MOON sextiles VENUS in ARIES-sexy talk – happened already still in effect
That Venus Amazon warrioress sure is on my wavelength today.
5. GEMINI MOON conjunct MARS- sexy talk  @ 7:21 pm PDT/ 10:21 pm EDT
Go out to a party or have a great chatty, flirty time with as many people as you want. The action is in your zone right now.
6 and 7th aspects in PDT tonight/ on the 27th tomorrow after the witching hour.
6. GEMINI MOON opposes SATURN @ 9:53 pm PDT/ on 27 @ 12:53 am EDT/ 4:54 pm GMT
This seriositizes your words and intentions. The ever mutable Gemini moon loves to play with words. There’s a new one for you. Saturn in Sagittarius Retrograde is a warning that you must be careful not to do the usual run off at the mouth. Always speak the truth, look at the consequences of what you are saying or else you may hear from the lawyers or tax man. Be careful of not getting caught by the Cosmic COP. 
7. Gemini moon sextiles Uranus in Aries- 11:18 pm PDT/on 27th 2:18 am EDT/ 6:18 am GMT
Be prepared for wild and crazy totally outta the box ideas. The big light can pop ON. A good time to commune for an organizing or committee meeting or simply with your tribe.
Tomorrow is not so busy. 
There is one major aspect. 
The ever looming MARS – SATURN opposition is on SUNDAY  I’ll write about it separately.
Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene
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