Pyramid of Love, Daily Tarot Card

Under a bovine sensuous Taurus Moon a Grand Earth Trine looks like a Pyramid of Love.

Moon trines Jupiter, then trines Venus and Mars it already happened.

That’s a GRAND EARTH TRINE at 15+ degrees. 

This is more money, luck, love energy. Very good for all earth signs and water sign which are Feminine.. Fire and Air signs which are  masculine are out of their elements.

Enjoy the sensuosity, slather yourself in raw organic chocolate, its OK to be lazy, smell the roses, get a massage. make love, sing, Taurus rules the throat and heart chakra. 


Harmonius Tarot, Tara Greene

King of Disks Harmonius Tarot by Los Scarabeo

Always  trust those Tarot cards! LOL my  motto. The synchronicity card of the day has the no bull of Taurus on this lovely card. You can see Venus’ 5 pointed star pentagram symbol on the golden disks. Walk in the Garden of Paradise. 

Moon in Taurus inconjunct Mercury in Libra so communicating in words won’t work. 

Moon enters GEMINI at 11:24 pm in PDT/on the 29th 2:24 a.m. EDT

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Natural Saturday, celebrate your wealth Astrology

Its Taurus time, we are in the Garden of Eden, is what Taurus teaches us.

Moon sextiles Neptune in the middle of the night to bring on strong sensual dreams. Do write them down or record. I’ve been dreaming really intensely of late. 

Moon trines Pluto


Celebrate your wealth. Wether it is actually physical or metaphysical. It is all the same just a matter of different vibrational density.

Revel in you body, Taurus slows down, slow dances, tastes every flavor, discerns and savours.

belly dance Taurus Tara Greene

Belly dance, Get a massage, walk barefoot  in the grass, chill, relax, let go.  In nature, a park, your backyard, or whatever your grounds are. DIY is Taurus, gardening, knitting, cooking.

Pluto is soul riches and Taurus loves rich things. Its Ok to overdue, expect miracles and beauty.

Taurus rules real estate as does the Moon. A good time to buy a larger more palatial place, and practically outline your souls biggest conquering the world plans, or maybe just be a lazy Taurus and be happy to be in your own backyard swinging on a hammock?

Moon squares Jupiter

this is great for big family gatherings, parties, theatre, art  gallery going, dances etc. 

Mon sextiles Chiron at days end

cuddle up sweetly next to someone who loves you and who makes you feel safe.

Happy Saturday

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All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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