How to manifest dreams with Venus Retrograde

Venus Retrograde, newly born as the Morning Star, leaves the zero degrees Aries point April 2, which resets us back to the Vernal Equinox point energies of March 20 again.

Venus re-enters Pisces on the 2nd @ 5:25 pm PDT/ 8:25 pm EDT/ April 3 @12:25 am GMT.

Venus 1024px-Birth_of_VenusSandro Botticelli [Public domain]

Venus in Cancer water born, Botticelli Sandro Botticelli [Public domain]


The transition from the Divine Feminine  in her Amazon warrioress energy; fiery, masculine Mars, rules Aries, which has been and will be again, defensive, aggressive, head strong, independent, and spontaneous while Venus is in Mars, ruled Aries.

 Now the moods change drastically into Feminine, watery, psychic, emotional, super sensitive dreamy Pisces where Venus is Exalted. Things will feel very different over the next few weeks. Venus in PISCES brings up love addictions as well as all other kinds of addictions to our attention as well.

On April 15 VENUS TURNS DIRECT @ 26 degrees PISCES exactly conjunct to CHIRON the WOUNDED HEALER and in square to SATURN which wil also be RETROGRADE at the GALACTIC CENTER at 27 degrees SAGITTARIUS. The turning points of all retrograde and Direct planets are when they are the strongest. Take NOTE of that date, which falls in the middle of EASTER weekend and during Passover.

Venus Direct astrology Tara Greene

On April 28 VENUS re-enters ARIES again, now moving DIRECT. Forward march until JUNE 6th when Venus enters her home sign of TAURUS. That is the time of new manifestation.

Check out where these degrees VENUS traverses in your Natal  chart.

While VENUS is in PISCES again, as she was on January 3rd, old friends, lovers, issues, feelings, dreams addictions and issues may return. You may find yourself reflecting on someone, a deceased loved one, a past lover or friend. An old dream or project that you didn’t finish can now be reworked. Old lovers or friends may also reappear. Venus first entered ARIES Feb. 3rd and turned RETROGRADE at 13 degrees ARIES March 4th. Think back about how this correlates into your life now..

As Venus moves between the Masculine sign of Aries and her own exalted sign for the first 5 months of 2017, we are reintegrating a new cycle of the integration of Male and Female energies into the Feminine.

With VENUS in PISCES the values, emotions, feelings and sensitivity to psychic energies, for compassion and forgiveness, take precedence even if they are only felt on the unconscious realms, in our dreams or in our reflections and meditations.

Dive deep into the ocean of divine love which is Venus’s birthplace as well as all life on planet earth.

Five things to do while Venus is RETROGRADE in PISCES 

  1. SPIRITUAL BOUNDARIES AND DREAM As intuition and dreaming is enhanced pay attention to your hunches, the subtle feelings, and remember the need for spiritual boundaries and protection. Do pay close attention to you night dreams, record them, and incubate them through intention, meditate on them.  Lucid dreaming, seeing Soul mates and future lovers, friends, and help meets may appear in your dreams. Note this. 
    2. Many people may meet their SOUL MATES while Venus is Retrograde in Pisces, it’s an ancient tradition in VEDIC, Indian classical astrology. Modern Tropical astrology sees Retrograde planets as disadvantaged. Retrograde planets are bigger in the sky, thus the very literal idea that they are stronger.  Focus on calling in your soul mate.


 Venus in PISCES can bring up old Addictions and temptations of all kinds, love, sex, drugs, alcohol, shopping, avoidance and being in denial. This is the perfect time to go to rehab, and work through those old toxic karmic patterns. Heal yourself and cut out all of the emotional leeches you have allowed in your life. Let go of old toxic relationships on all levels, most especially internalized ones and eliminate all actions which further the victimhood role. Be compassionate with yourself first. You can forgive the others later. 


Spiritually you will find you need to be a recluse, as the 12th sign of Pisces is naturally. It is easy to get overwhelmed with feeling everyone else’s feelings while Venus is in PISCES. Make sure you have proper psychic boundaries. Going on a yoga meditation or a spiritual retreat near water would be ideally timed for Venus in Pisces energy. Washing away old abusive emotions, using water as a spiritual baptism is highly recommended. Drink lots of water while Venus is in PISCES to literally be in harmony with the elements.  Ritual cleansing through rebirthing and bathing in mineral waters would also be recommended. Use Himalyan crystals salts, Epsom salts, rose water, crystals and the like and soak away your “sins.” 

5.This is also a wonderful time for all creative people, visual artists, musicians, singers, poets, actresses, etc.  A play, or painting, may be re-run or re shown. Allow your soul to express itself through writing, dance, singing, toning, playing and painting.  Cretaivity is the Source as well as self love. Connect to the healing unconditional love which we are all born from and will return to. We never actually leave it. 

Venus in PISCES is a time of completing old DREAMS.  Relationships that have ended during Venus Retrograde need to be mourned, and tears will fall easier with Venus in Pisces.

PLEASE SHARE WIDELY all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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Serious Retrogrades,slow culture Astrology

I don’t  know about you but Mars Retrograde has me feeling really exhausted. On top of Mercury in its shadow, Saturn Jupiter and Pluto are also Retro. Are you feeling tired? It’ts more to do with where MARS is Retrograding through your natal chart and the aspects its making.

The best thing to do is slow down and just chill. We spend too much time racing around anyways these days. Time some time to value SLOW CULTURE, cooking, slow handed love.


Turtle is a very revered animal to Native Indigenous people’s. North America is called Turtle Island.  Turtle carries its home wherever it is. There is no need to go anywhere else because everything it needs is attached to it. Remember it’s not the vehicle you travel in that matters, it’s the quality of your life journey. Turtle plods along, taking its time to observe and be present. How you travel has everything to do with what you find at the end of the journey. Turtles live to be very ancient wise beings because they never hurried, time operates differently for them.  Turtles see the world and slowly advance, knowing there is no need to rush. This is how to win the race now. Let’s take turtle’s gifts as medicine for the Retrogrades. 

Turtle spirit animals, Tara Greene


Moon enters Sagittarius April 24 which heats things up and inspires philosophical queries, long distance travels, overly honest communications,  and a love of nature, sports and animals. 

Moon inconjuncts the TAurus SUN which is the How do we slow down now issues?

Moon conjuncts MARS late in day PDT

and Monday EST. 

Mars Retro conjunct Saggy Moon wants to trot off into the wild west. 

So i would do a slo-mo review of: past travels, learning experiences, Sagittarius lovers, things you promised and never fulfilled.   Things that happened to spontaneously  combust, travel plans you wanted to take but didn’t for whatever reason, educational courses that didn’t happen,  or you never finished, all those New Years resolutions, failures, inconsistencies, and other areas where Mars was not functioning fully. Just let all that go…more baggage. You don’t need to go slower than slow.

Look back at where you were 2.2 years ago when Mars was last Retrograde from March 1st- May 21st where it retrograded backwards from 27  -9 degrees LIBRA.  What was going on in your relationships at that time? Old lovers may return again.

Don’t push yourself, this wont work, rest as much as you need and can. This is a recharge time. 


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