2/22 Star Bird Master Numbers


Feb 22, master number, infinity, star bird

Feb 22, 2017 marks the 38th year and the second cycle of Eclipse alignments marking the Return of the Star Bird, or Spirit Eagle.

What is the Star Bird?

The Star Bird has been prophesied by various cultures, the Hopi, Mayan, and others. The Star Bird is real, I personally witnessed and experienced this Star Bird with two other people on Feb. 22 1979 in Isla Mujeres Mexico. I have been told by my guides and other shamans that its origins are from the star Sirius. Many channelers claim their channels are from the Star Sirius. Sirius is also associated with the Hopi Prophesies it is also the Blue Star Kachina. The Return of the Bird Tribes is another book dealing with the same phenomena. 

The number 22 is a Master number and the higher octave of 11. If you have been aware of the 11:11 phenomena which has been occurring for years since digital clocks.  People see the 11:11 or other multiples 2:22, 3:33 etc. all the time. They wonder what it means? Why the synchronicity?

The original 11:11 ceremony was brought into consciousness by Solara who created a worldwide meditation on Jan 11, 1992. I participated in that. I was in Jupiter Florida with a friend of mine and we meditated at 11:11 am and 11:00 pm in our local time zone. It was very powerful. I recently went to Sedona Arizona for the 11:11:11 where I did ceremony at a secret vortex with two others, another woman and a male colleague and friend.

11 is a master number relating to memory. 11 in the Tarot cards is usually the symbol of Strength { Leo} in the Trumps but also interchangable with # 8 The balance, Justice, Karmic Law. When you turn 8 on its side sitting horizontally what do you get? INFINITY.

So it’s all symbolically interconnected in puns as it were. The Universe speaks to us in puns as it does in dreams.

22 is a higher octave of 11. # 22 is the symbol of enlightenment. In the Tarot symbols equals ZERO, NULL, the circle, eternity, never ending nor beginning. In other words God/dess. The number 22 in the Tarot is symbolized by the FOOL. Don’t laugh the Fool is the symbol of enlightenment. It is the Soul itself as an eternal round, a never ending journey. 

And of course literally the Star is the Tarot trump of the Star #17 which is Aquarius energy, When You wish upon a Star.  The # 17 Trump is also part of the tarot constellation which reduces to #8 Karma, Ma’at the Egyptian Goddess of Karmic justice.

This is a day to balance the karma. Jupiter is in LIBRA, the balance.

So on Feb 22 I feel that this should be a constant on going energy meditation. So rather than focus on a sepcific time of day, I am suggesting that wherever you are in the world, if you wake up early in the am on Wed. Feb 22 then mediate on the Star Bird. Or at 2:22 in the afternoon, or 11:11 at night. Or whenever you can.


Stretch, take some deep but natural breaths, in through your nose and out through your mouth. Let go of all concerns in your mind. You are going to go on a sacred journey, to meet a very wise ancient, immortal wisdom guide. Close your eyes. Create and visualize a circle of white light around you in which you are totally safe, protected. If you aren’t visual then command it to be so with your will.

 Imagine that up from the earth, through the soles of your feet, comes tingly bubbles like those cleansers you see on TV with extra scrubbing action, from the bottom of your feet, up inside your veins, arteries, muscles tissues, bones.

Feel the cleansing action go right up naturally and easily, effortlessly through your entire body into each chakra, one by one, opening your internal rainbow of red, orange yellow, green, blue, purple, white.

Then bring your breath down again through the soles of your feet into the earth to ground yourself into the earth’s core go right down into the heart, the molten iron core, the star at the center of the earth,and give thanks and gratitude to Grandmother earth for protecting and nourishing you, for the joy of being embodied. If the earth has something to say to you, wait and listen and receive, and give thanks and then return to the surface, slowly bringing that energy back up into your heart with your breath.

It feels right to me to establish a connection to the original sighting of the Star Bird in 1979 so I invite you to visualize the experience I had with the Star Bird, if it feels right to you to travel somewhere else than do so. You are standing on the Beach in Isla Mujeres at night looking out over the ocean at the crystal clear starry night sky or wherever you feels appropriate. See a Star shoot across the sky from your left. Watch as it suddenly stops mid sky, check in with your body to notice how you feel. Watch as it slowly turns and flies in the shape of the infinity symbol, watch and feel as the starry infinity symbol burns into your eyes, body and soul as a permanent image and link.

The Star slowly become larger and “falls” slowly lower down and moves towards you on the earth. See it shapeshift into a Starry Bird with a small dove like head and grows an eagles’ wings. See it flap its starry wings and fly lower and nearer to you, flying 50 feet in the air above you, radiating brilliant white/blue starlight. Feel the awe, the excitement, the essence that you are experiencing a miracle, a very mystical magical metaphysical event. Watch the Star Bird as it crosses over your head. Receive the essence.

 Welcome the Star Bird/ white dove/Holy Spirit/Angel Gabriel/ Blue Kachina into your heart, your consciousness.

Feel what happens, sense it in your body.  Keep breathing. Open your heart to the revelation, to this reality, It is real. Stay grounded, breathe.

Ask what the Star Birds’ message is for you. Ask the Star Bird/Angel to announce what your Divine mission and calling is.

 Stay open, Trust whatever comes up. If you are visual you may see a scene, or hear a voice, or feel energy or a tugging, dizzy, or shiver, something in your body, depending on which sense is stronger in you, or all of the above.

If you are not visual don’t worry. If nothing seems to be happening, trust that you are getting the connection. Instruct your mind to open.Ask the Star Bird/Angel what it needs from you what you can offer to it.There needs to be an exchange of energy for balance. In all cases even if you think you don’t see, get, hear, feel anything, just Trust this truth that the Star Bird/Angel will always be with you, protecting you, guiding you, always.

The Star Bird symbolizes, and is the authenticity of the miraculous as part of our beingness, that we come from the stars, from heaven. That we are infinite beings, we are part of the Infinite Love of the universe. The Infinity symbol made by the Bird shows that all time is now. Time is an illusion, what you do, moment to moment affects the past and the future all at the same time. You can fly anywhere! You are free! You have wings! You are an angel.The Star Bird returns to announce this. We are the Star Bird. We are one consciousness, one heart.

Take as much time as you need, to listen, the more relaxed you are the deeper your journey will be.

Take your hands and cross them like wings over your heart, as a sign and anchor that you and the Star Bird/Angel are one. Lightly tap on your sternum repeatedly at your heart chakra to vibrate the energy/experience into your physical body, heart.

 Whenever you feel ready, give thanks. Slowly open your eyes. Return to the present and write or draw or sing or dance your experience.


The Star Bird is an actual steller messenger, a harbinger of Hope, Peace, Love, Unity, Infinity consciousness. I personally witnessed and experienced the Spirit Eagle/Dove of Light on Feb. 22 1979 in Isla Mujeres Mexico in the Yucatan with two other people, a woman who I had just met who was a German woman a spiritual seeker, a follower of Bhagwan Rajneesh, later known as Osho and my fiancee/ now ex.   

The backstory is we were all totally sober, no drugs, no alcohol of any kind on that fateful night Feb 22  1979.  I didn’t know that Isla Mujeres which means Island of Women in Spanish actually had a Goddess Temple located on it. I was told the pirates used to keep their women captives on this island, hence the name. The German woman whose name I only knew as Gila which is a spiritual name for a devotee of Baghwan was enroute to see Maria Sabina a famed psychic shaman healer who used magic mushrooms as part of her prophesying. Gila was going to ask the oracle whether she should leave her husband and two children in Germany to devote herself to a spiritual life. My fiancee Larry and I had gone to Mexico at my insistance to see if we could travel together first and I directed us to go to Isla Mujeres which I had visited a year before. Gila Larry and I had met at a restaurant and started talking. I suggested going down to the beach to see if we can see any falling stars. I love to watch falling stars.  Standing on the sand gazing out at the ocean  Gila is on my left and Larry on my right. I don’t remember which one of us saw it, either Larry or myself said Look there’s one, there’s a falling star.

If you’ve ever seen a star falling, you will know that they aren’t stars but actually they are meteorites which come into the earth’s atmosphere and usually get totally burned up. Many tiny fragments of meteorites or tektites are scattered on the earth’ surface, rare larger ones are very valuable and sought out by collectors.

So to our collective left we see the star doing it’s usual arch across the sky, usually we see a “falling star” lasting a second or two in our field of vision as they usually burn out rather quickly. This “falling star” went across the sky covering about 45 degrees then STOPPED. So we saw a star in fast motion arch across the night sky and come to a full stop! What? The star looking like a very bright clear large star against the backdrop off other distant stars, began to wobble, and began to get slightly larger. I have recently compared notes with my ex-husband about what we saw on that night and he agreed with me on almost every detail in our retelling of our experience.
I distinctly remember that the star then turned left and made a downward curved motion then curved around and came back to the central point, paused for a moment then moved to the lower right then wheeled up and made a curved higher turn back to the center again from where it started. The star described a perfect INFINITY SYMBOL, or lemnescate.

The Star Bird is also similar to Quetzalcoatyl who was both a human man and a divine being, a Christ like figure who preached peace in Mexico, his return is part of the Mayan prophesies.

Wherever you are on Wed. the 22nd in the world please take timeout at 2:22 pm at your Local time. If this time is not possible as it is a working day, I then propose 11:11 pm in your local time zone as the optimium time to meditate. 

I feel its more important for people to meditate on receiving the Star bird energies at all times rather than I specific time.  

Please pass this information on to as many people as you can.

The STAR BIRD returns again.I have been instructed to bring this message

out into the world now to help assist you in awakening, in remembering who we really are like the dove to the ark. The Star Bird is a cosmic vehicle of

 Peace LOVE Unity Ascension


we are the Star Bird

all time is NOW!

I invite you to join me on this day in a world wide meditation to anchor experience

and unite our consciousness with the Star Bird


 If you feel called by this and remember the Star Bird it is in your memories.


to know the truth that you are an infinite soul, a higher dimensional cosmic being,

both human and Divine, that all time is now, we are ONE.

The Star Bird symbolizes, and is the authenticity of the miraculous as part of our beingness, that we come from the stars, from heaven. That we are infinite beings, we are part of the Infinite Love of the universe. The Infinity symbol made by the Bird shows that all time is now. Time is an illusion, what you do, moment to moment affects the past and the future all at the same time. You can fly anywhere! You are free! You have wings! You are an angel.The Star Bird returns to announce this. We are the Star Bird. We are one consciousness, one heart.

Take as much time as you need, to listen, the more relaxed you are the deeper your journey will be.

Take your hands and cross them like wings over your heart, as a sign and anchor that you and the Star Bird/Angel are one. Lightly tap on your sternum repeatedly at your heart chakra to vibrate the energy/experience into your physical body, heart.

 Whenever you feel ready, give thanks. Slowly open your eyes. Return to the present and write or draw or sing or dance your experience.

I am very eager to hear from all of you who participate. We need to share our experiences, to coroborate them. Please email me at taragreenetarot@gmail.com or through FB on my page Tara Greene Tarot Psychic consultant http://www.facebook.com/pages/Tara-Greene-Tarot-Psychic-Consultant/193065840714514

Many blessings, we’ll meet as One in the heart of the Star/Angel.

Please share widely, all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Why Daniel Craig refused $68 Million to NOT do James Bond

The planets have the answer. Daniel Craig is a perfect example of following your truth and showing the world that it isn’t all about the dough.

Daniel Craig, James Bond, astrology Tara Greene


His turn as James Bond has been the most successful of all the Bond Franchises. Are you a JAMES BOND fan? Who is your favorite Bond? Sean Connery? 
Daniel turned down SIXTY EIGHT MILLION DOLLARS to escape doing two more Bond films. He must have really hated it.
Daniel Craig is a PISCES born March 2, 1968 Chichester England no birth time

His SUN is at 11°56′ Pisces, remember that famous photo of him from Casino Royale, walking out of the ocean like Venus did?
His Moon at noon for a public figure would be 18°16′ Aries conjunct his NORTH NODE his highest spiritual goal at 19 degrees Aries which Pluto is now squaring and will continue to square in the next year. Look for Daniel to create produce or launch or helm something new which is meaningful to him.

Retrograde Mars will also cross his Natal Neptune at 26+ degrees of Scorpio over the next month. Also a sign of an ending, a “I give up the fight” meaning. 

JUPITER will conjunct his Natal PLUTO at 21+ degrees of VIRGO and then his URANUS at 27+ degrees VIRGO in August. This is a very rich rewarding time for Daniel in terms of his health and his sanity. Uranus in ARIES has been transiting in a quincunx to his Natal Pluto already. His soul needs have won out. 

With Neptune exactly on his SUN, he isn’t in it for the money. Plus SATURN in SAGITTARIUS is testing him with a reality check an JUPITER in VIRGO is keeping him humble and grounded. He’s rather sweat the small stuff. Neptune rules Hollywood, films, photography, glamour.

He would rather do projects which have a deeper meaning to him.

All of you who are born around March 2 PISCES and also SAGITTARIUS born around December 3rd and GEMINI born around June 2 and VIRGO born around September 4 YOU are also under the SPELL of NEPTUNE enchanting you and putting you in a fog, are you feeling confused? Neptune is waking your up, spiritualizing you. Booglarizing you baby as Captain Beefheart used to say.If you need guidance I am here to be your spiritual and planetary guide.

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You are not into material things these days. You are into Love, creativity, compassion, Oneness, creativity, Soul mates,communing, yoga, dreams, healing your wounds, needing to create boundaries, healing your addictions, delusions and illusions. Life is magical and bewildering. 

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Pure lust, Venus conjunct Jupiter again

There are lots of amazing energies coming up this week.

The first is August 4

Venus Retro conjunct Jupiter at 28 degrees Leo is super positive, pure lust, a repeat of the previous conjunction on July 1st on a Full Moon in Capricorn at 21+ degrees Leo. SUPER PASSIONATE!

see my previous article about this   https://infinitynow.wordpress.com/…/full-moon-plenty-in-ca…/

The spark that was lit then gets re-ignited or could flame out as Venus is Retrograde. Venus will crossover the 21st degree again activating those love/lust/passions on August 17/18 Retrograde. August 17 is the Anniversary of the first Harmonic Convergence in 1987 and I was there in Sedona on Aug 16 & 17 then. It’s also my 19th wedding Anniversary! The degree will also get incendiary with Venus moving Direct on September 27 on the next Total Lunar Eclipse!!!! HOT STUFF!

Now Re-consider what you really want, what makes your pulse race, makes you sweat, sends shivers up your spine.

Today go out and do and share what your heart is totally lusting for and is  passionate about. Crow it out, tell the world, wear your heart on your sleeve. Play like a child, be a fool for love. Dance, sing, art, create. 

The image for this energy is the Tarot card Strength called LUST in the THOTH deck which I use.

Thoth Tarot sex tara Greene


The Goddess is upholding the Holy Grail of pure inspiration and spiritual Fire. She is riding the lion of courage and taming her animal instincts. What turns you on?  

The Lion is the King, and the Holy Grail is the womb’s blood. 

What would you love to do more than anything else? Yes, that’s it. Ride that energy. I wil guide you in helping figure out what your passion is. I a surprised that so many people haven’t a clue as to what that might be.

I know what I love to do more than anything. Travel and teach. With Saturn entering Sagittarius that’s exactly what I will be doing, and writing and publishing. Come with me to Sedona in a month. I have just enlisted Three Trees to offer brilliant sound healing journeys on September 13 the night of the Solar eclipse in Virgo at 20+ degrees. see video below.

The passion of Fire as spiritual, sexual, emotional, mental energy is also what’s available in SEDONA, the red rocks greatly support and amplify that energy. 

That is where my passion is. Come join me this September.

email for details taragreenetarot@gmail.com ASAP. Deposits need to be in by September 6th.

text me 416 230 5347 or call 416 461 1999


Please share widely 

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Roll out the red carpet, new oracle

MARS & VENUS are now in ARIES at the Zero trigger point. A new beginning.Very MARTIAL.

Aries Moon goes zoom zoom zoom and everything is coming up RED, Aries official Fire color.

Triple Fire alarm.

Fires in the news:  DUBAI skyscraper

Venus and Mars are getting ready to make the beast with two backs Saturday night/Sunday morning

Moon does the Cardinal Cross with Uranus and Pluto on Saturday

2 grand fire trines  EST Moon to Saturn and Moon to Jupiter. Saturn is hard. Jupiter is EASY. 

Hot stuff for Sagittarius too. Check out the Zero degrees  HOT SPOT  is in your chart I’ve written enough about all that.



crop circle ET ascension Tara Greene

#27 Pewsey White Horse Lunar Compass 4.08.07

As Aries energy is NEW. I was inspired to use this original deck today created by my friend Joseph Mark Cohen. He is a very talented Kabbalistic Astrologer and teacher. He used to lead crop circle tours in the early 90’s. He had permission to use all the crop circle images. The deck is being added to. A very highly esoteric deck.

The crop circles are mysteries. These temporal temples are charged with very high spiritual energies and frequencies for those who are aware enough to tune in. Whether you believe they are a hoax or made by E.T.’s the images are worthy of being symbols which can be read and used for divinations and oracle work.

This Compass tracks a ley line which runs near the Horse itself. The compass shows the 9 lunar months which humans take to gestate in the womb. It can also be a cosmic compass pointing towards the Galactic Center at 27 degrees of Sagittarius. 

The 267th degree of the Zodiac has the gematria of the MERKABAH, the chariot of consciousness. This is the teachings that Drunvalo Melchizadek has been teaching for many years as well. This information is based on the info on the back of the card. 

The meaning: A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent upon arriving. 

And with all this Aries energy there is fast driving and no braking.

Please share widely

Tell me what you’d like to see me write about here. 

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Inspiration, dreams, Ascension, daily card Abundance

Woke up feeling very good today.

Was having dreams of a very powerful woman- dressed like a soldier with a very well designed black and white uniform with her face in a baklava. She was sitting with her lover- dressed the same as her.  They were arguing. She was threatening to shoot him if he didnt tell her the truth.  They kept fighting, then she shot him and the bullet was in extreme slow motion I could see the lines of air spinning off the bullet and it entered the man’s body and I felt as if I was inside his body being shredded and torn as the bullet ripped through his flesh. The inside his body part lasted for minutes which felt like agonizing hours. It reminded me of that famous scene at the end of Zabriskie Point where the house blows up in slow motion. Then I woke up and couldn’t stop reliving that scene.

Feels like a dream symbol of this war, this split between the Masculine and the Feminine. She is mad and she isn’t going to take the abuse anymore. I can see this dream on many levels. All parts are myself, but we also dream the Collective’s dream. 

How many of you have had dreams similar to this?

Inspirational TAROT  for today

Queen of Tarot Tara Greene Toronto

COSMIC TRIBE Tarot Queen of Pentacles/Disks

Mother of Manifestation

Queens are associated with Water and Disks are earth. This is a totally FEMININE energy.

The Queen of Disks is the Goddess of Manifestation, birth, sensuality, money,body awareness, fertility, ABUNDANCE.

She is associated traditionally with the Sign of Capricorn which is Cardinal Earth, the sign of the Winter solstice.

We tend to have totally patriarchalized the sign. It is Ruled by SATURN who is known as Father Time, Lord of KARMA.  We think of Capricorn as corporate structure these days. With Pluto in Capricorn, the Plutocracy, I renamed the sign Corporacorn. Corporeal means the body, being embodied, real, in 3D. You like the new name? 

But originally Saturn would have been associated with the GREAT MOTHER. She who gives birth to all life on planet earth. We are all born of WOMEN.  As the patriarchy took over, 5000 years ago- really, a tiny spit in the eye to TIME HERSELF. 

If we personified TIME as FEMININE we would think of and experience it differently. Female time would naturally be about Nature, natural birth, cycles of planting, tending  harvesting, seasons of fallowness, like Winter in the tarot card of today. We would be back in pagan time, in NATURE time not workaholic Western TIME, which is all AIR, Masculinized, detached and in danger of becoming even more so. 

I was thinking about what happens in 2023-2024 when Pluto will enter Aquarius- the OTHER sign Saturn rules Traditionally. Aquarius is new technology, and is all about revolution, individual and collective freedom, breaking down what Saturn-the Patriarchy-Plutocracy  has built up. It is also just the natural order of things.

I have been asked about ascension a lot lately. Drunvalo Melchizedek talks about it  as a main focus of his work , writing and in his workshops which I attended in Sedona in April.

To me Ascension is being able to tune into the Higher dimensions, which have always been around us. It is all about conscious awareness, questioning.

Lets shift our consciousness to Feminine TIME to balance. Moon is in Libra, Mars meets the Moon tonight.

Time to birth harmonious relationships.


All writing is copyright of Tara Greene but may be reprinted with permission and original attributes,linkback to this blog.

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Beltane, May Day, pole dancing Astrology from Tara Greene

April 30 its time to go romping in the woods. Its Walpurgis night, the night before May 1st, Beltane..

the VEIL BETWEEN THE WORLD’S ARE THINNEST just like at Halloween or Samhain, the energy is the same.

The Faery Queen goes out a riding in the woods tonight.

It’s  a magical “no time” or TWILIGHT.

Dancing  around the MAY POLE is an ancient fertility celebration of the maiden and the horned god who would meet in the dark, make love as strangers, embodying the Goddess and her young consort.

pole dancing Tara Greene May day


This is the night when Maidens would go wander in the woods, as FLORA, the flowers, NATURE SPRUNG newly born,maiden has nothing to do with virginity, they are simply young, and eager to mate, as they are in touch with Nature’s rhythms, to give themselves to a stranger in the woods, the Green Man, also called PAN to the Greeks,the Horned Stag, called Cernunnos, in Latin, he is raw male phallic, sexual energy and virility, he is youthful, 

Here is his ODE

CARD OF THE DAY for women CERNUNNOS the horny man

horned God beefcake

If a man had been created in

the horned God’s image

he would be free to be wild,

without being cruel,                                                                                                                       

angry without being violent,

sexual without being coercive

spiritual without being unsexed,

and truly able to love. – Starhawk, The Spiral Dance

READ MORE about BELTANE -http://www.taratarot.com/id175.html

So this night is considered at night SACRED SEXUAL LIASONS. The ancient had no morals on life’s necessities. Children conceived this  night are considered to be magical and to belong to the realm of FAIRY as in The MISTS of AVALON. The maidens do not know the man they mate with in the sacred Marriage ritual.

Couples would also take vows to be in relationships for a year and a day, sort of test driving a relationship  to see if they are compatible.

It is considered unlucky to marry in MAY as this month is dedicated to the wedding of the GOD and the GODDESS  alone.

 Another important custom is bathing in dew gathered before dawn on Beltane Morn, your beauty will flourish throughout the year. Sprinkled with the dew insures you of health and happiness. Or drinking from the well before dawn of Beltane is also good luck.

 Left over Food from May 1st eve should be left out for the fairies.

 This is the banishing of WINTER, the SUN grows stronger to ensure renewed life, food, abundance on the earth.


The Goddess is wearing two masks today as befits GEMINI. Curiosity is the perfume of the day.


early in wee hours bringing extra magic and heightened clairvoyant abilities.


Stubborn bullishness does not jibe well with Mars in Libras deference. There will be horn locking.


this is airy, past lovers, reappear, finish off the old relationship superficiality. SEX is easy, childlike, bringing laughter.


Gemini’s PETER PAN patter does not sit well with PLUTO;s heavy boundaries.

Moon sextile URANUS in ARIES-

you will see relationships in a new light. Freedom impulsiveness fuels this sexy MAY DAY>


Once years ago I let a lover go off to another woman for a night. He was so gorgeous every woman wanted him. He said he loved me and I let him go to prove I could although it hurt like hell. Old wounds from crossing ones own limitations come up in order to be healed and let go.

I am in SEDONA and will be leading a MAY DAY Ceremony at BELL ROCK at 4:00 pm PDT. 

And we are also doing a memorial for STUART WILDE who passed into the Aluna worlds one year ago this day. Yes I know Stuie is not gone, only 18 inches away. It is a formality. My friend has come all the way from ROME to Honor Stuart.

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50 ways to leave your lover PAUL SIMON 


Beautiful Grand Trine blessinsg just what we need

April 25 Moons in Pisces to wash away the tears, to bring on the tears, to open our hearts.

Ah a rain of spiritual calm, cleansing blessings after the INTENSE  Lucky  13 GRAND CARDINAL


Pisces Moon astrology Tara Greene


Love and DEATH- that was the name of a famous Woody Allen movie.

Carl Jung said there are only two emotions LOVE and FEAR

which do you choose?

embrace death as part of love.

In every situation we die to something, an idea a feeling, a way of being in order to be born anew.

We die to our ego’s to love fully.

SPIRIT MOON makes sweet sextiles to PLUTO in  Capricorn, cant you hear the whispers, its OK

everything’s going to be alright.

I went out and walked early this morning in Sedona.

I made a video which I am uploading. I came back and meditated everything became clear focused.

SO I know it is the same for you.


beautiful GRAND expansion, feeling centered, at home wherever you are, no matter how tumultuous it feels.

PISCEs conjuncts CHIRON the wounded healer.

USE your dreams for healing. The Ancient Greeks went to the Asclepion to heal.

PISCES MOON and VENUS conjunct at 1:03 pm PDT then goes void of course will Saturday morning.

MOON JUNE CROON this is soul mate territory. UNconditional love, Fall in love with strangers,

walk in BEAUTY, give away your beauty, surround yourself in BEAUTY, that’s a NAVAHO prayer.

SUN conjuncts MERCURY in TAURUS at 4 degrees


the SUn is SOL/soul the light AND body mind CONNECTION.

Grounded communication.


All writing is copyright of TARA GREENE

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Spring in to action, slowly, Astro scoop from Tara Greene

spring Archimboldo Tara GreeneSPRING by ARCHIMBOLDO 1563

Inspirational Card of the Day

March 21 the First official day of Spring and things begin to heat up for the first few days of the weekend.

Remember this is S-L-O-W SPRING Mars Retro cha cha-ing.

Friday the Moon enters SAGITTARIUS @ 8:39 am PDT/ 11:39 am EDT to lift our spirits.

Sagittarius,the 9th sign is concerned with the truth, aiming higher, International relations, laws both man-made and Higher spiritual laws, philosophy, travel, learning, teaching, love of animals and sports- Baseball season is starting soon being optimistic and easy.

The Centaurish Moon TRINES THE SUN which is great for early Sagittarius and  Aries and Leo

and feels good if you have any planets in the first 5 degrees of said signs. 

Moon squares Neptune in Pisces and Neptune in the evening

 Great evening to philosophise about life, history, spiritual subject matter, travel, who you know and some jokes too.


The 13 Indigenous grandmothers are gathering at the sacred site of Montezuma’s Well just outside of Sedona Arizona to do ceremony as are other natives and like-minded people who are praying for the waters of the earth and honoring Spring Equinox.

I will be leading a ceremony in Toronto at Ashbridge’s Bay on Lake Ontario. email me

Moon quincunx’s its own ruling Planet JUPITER in the wee morning hours

Kinda like shooting yourself in the hoof.

Moon trines Uranus in Aries

Expect to hear much unrest, revolutions, explosions, bombings today in Venezuela, Ukraine, Egypt, America, England. 

Moon squares Chiron in Pisces

so tell the truth about where you ache and hurt.

Moon sextiles Venus in Aquarius

We recommend that the 9th and the 11th signs get together tonight or if you have prominent Sag and Aquarius planets

MERCURY Conjuncts NEPTUNE in PISCES 2 4:16 pm EDT

A truly great time to meditate as the airwaves will be tuned into the psychic heights. Listen to the silence in between your own heartbeats and commune with the waters and oceanic consciousness. Send love to the polluted waters off Japan from Fukushima, send love to all the polluted waters in the oceans, lakes rivers and in all the aquatic life and in our own bodies. Consciousness with love behind it can alter any reality for the better.

Also be very aware to listen to your dreams tonight.

March 23 

Moon sextiles that Retro Mars in Libra early a.m.

You may be chasing an old love, or the one that got way in your dreams chases you.

Moon goes void of course @ 6:40 am EDT so really relax this Sunday.

Have an old-fashioned bagels and lox , reading the New York Times kind of Sunday we had when I was a kid.



Moon squares SUN- we are half way to the next NEW MOON MARCH 30 at 9 degrees ARIES things are starting to heat up GRAND CARDINAL CROSS WISE.

I’ll write in more depth about all that soon.

Moon winds down the weekend with a soft sweet sextile to Neptune, PST

so sweet dreams and hasta la vista baby.


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SPRINGBLOWN by LAura Nyro 1978  

Planetary recall, sexual review, March Astrology from Tara Greene

Mercury just went direct Feb 28.  Wasn’t so bad this time. When Mercury is in its own element of Air like it was this time in Aquarius, I find them easier. Do you notice this? 


One step forwards and two steps behind.

Pisces new Moon astrology Tara Greene

MARCH NEW MOON starts out with a Bang of a whimper. TWO PLANETS MOVE RETROGRADE. Mars & SATURN.

Mars rules sex and Saturn is in Mars’ ruled Scorpio now. Saturn rules CAPRICORN. 

The two BAD BOYS of the ZODIAC- get recalled. For one thing your sex life needs to be overhauled and reviewed.  What does this mean?

MARS planet of COHONES, macho, war, energy, passion goes RETROGRADE March 1- MAY 19.

ARIES SCORPIO and CAPRICORNS will feel this pull back the most. 

The ACTION PLANET moveing Retro for the next 11 weeks will slow your impulses, pulses and everything right down.

Mars Saturn retrograde tara Greene

The economy, money, power simmers down. Mars turns Retrograde at 27 degrees + LIBRA. Mars ends his Retro at 9 degrees o1 of LIBRA.  

CHECK THIS area off on your chart to see where and in which house/houses the weakening of the drive affects you at.  It will feel different in the 1st than in the 12th house. MARS is spending 7 months in LIBRA instead of its usual six weeks in a sign this year.

Mars only retrogrades once very 26 months so it is a very KARMIC time. We are needing to REBALANCE MASCULINE ENERGY for men and women.

MEN need to change their macho ways of seeing women. This runs rampant through PATRIARCHAL culture. Women parading naked in Blurred Lines, Miley Cyrus overtly sexual displays, these are all PATRIARCHAL demands of women as objects. Sorry ladies if you think this is women’s liberation and freedom it is not. Women cannot display themselves this way in this culture of masculine domination. Yes they could in an ideally Feminine valued culture. It might look similar but men would honor, cherish, serve and respect women totally for that to happen. Women would have equal rights in every way and more so as bearers of children. They would be exalted, highly valued and never raped. They would hold worldly positions of power and be respected and be as free as men in the world. They would be valued as life givers, bringers of feminine values, fairness, caring, cherishing children and all life on earth as Feminine Goddesses. So that’s what I feel this MArs in LIBRA initiation is all about. This is how relationships were in the Goddess worshipping ages, how people lived in the ancient Crete, in the  Malta, in Aboriginal societies, in ancient Sumeria.


First and foremost MARS rules sex. Take a break. It’s an ancient Chinese energy warrior practice to hold back from having orgasms to conserve the precious life energy. Mantak Chia practiced this form of energy meditation for many years. Tantric sexuality uses this practice as well. Ideally it would be time to go cold turkey, I don’t mean having sex with frozen turkeys- to be  celibate and align with this energy. 

It’s a time of rest and renewal. And to REVIEW of all your  RELATIONSHIPS, social scene, arts, luxury, where we spend our energy, what are we truly passionate about. Only if you step back and REflect can you see what the patterns are.

LADIES womb cleansing and sexual virgin renewal time.

EVERY SEXUAL act you have ever had needs to  be recapitulated ladies. I will write about this separately and present a course. This will be by phone and a private FB group and more.

If you have planets birthdays near these dates- JUSTIN BIEBER comes to mind, then watch out for the backslide. backlash. 


We will be revisiting old peace talks, hot spots, sexual equality, including gays, transgender etc.  

Yes Mars Retrograde is literally banging your head against the wall.

MARS & SATURN in SCORPIO rules masochism and S & M. So that kind of sexual punishment and degradation of women like 50 shades of grey will be hotly debated. It is not healthy.

Mars rules the military, so cutting of funding which has just been announced.  Mars is cutting, brain salad surgery and sexual operations. Marrs rules the head. BIG HEADACHE TIME.

MARS rules the Aries countries of ENGLAND GERMANY PALESTINE ISRAEL SYRIA and LITHUANIA and POLAND and such cities of Florence Naples Marseilles. So they will be pulling back.

Mars rules the SCORPIO countries of FINLAND, NORWAY, MOROCCO, QUEENSLAND, KOREA, SYRIA, the TRANSVAAL, and cities of  Baltimore, Cincinnati, New Orleans, Liverpool and Washington D.C. 

Mars rules firemen, and they must be overly careful at this time. Also dangerous explosives, sharp equipment.

I would not schedule surgery during a Mars Retrograde. I would not buy anything new if it can be avoided. There will be problems with energy of all types but especially NUCLEAR EMERGY a SCORPIO item. FUKUSHIMA and radiation from there reaching U.S. shores comes to mind. Take iodine.




LOTS of water emphasis. NEPTUNE at 5 degrees PISCES is conjunct the SUN AND MOON and CHIRON.

It will be very easy to reach higher consciousness, will feel dreamy, FOGGY with a chance of delusion, and great healing. 

A very introspective emotionally recharging time. PISCES is the 12th house, the house of BLISS, YOGA, meditation, forgiveness, endings.  It is the LAST new MOON before SPRING of this bitterly hard winter in the Northern part of the world. So it’s definitely as shoring up time. 

MARS AND SATURN changing direction on MARCH 2 will cause weather pattern reversals. Where formally you were rejected you will be accepted and vice- versa. It’s review review review time. FINISH up all old business. Expect old lovers to return, old issues that you thoughts you;d thoroughly dealt with. Can make you feel kinda schitzy.

The New moon features VENUS SQUARING MARS and the NORTH NODE

significant relationship turning points.  

THE URANUS  JUPITER Square is still in effect so things will be chaotic,in the home, with family, in new starts and directions.

SATURN  RETROGRADE March 2 – July 20

SATURN RETROGRADE- look for which territory SATURN backslides through in your natal chart this is where you will need to look at unfinished KARMIC LESSONS. 

SATURN in SCORPIO for the last 2 years is aligning with death, with letting go, with dying and being reborn.  Saturn in Scorpio is deep intimacy with another, with your self. Saturn in Scorpio asks us to let go of old outworn ways of dealing with power, the shadow, the unconscious, shared resources. 

Saturn in Scorpio has also brought the dire surgery for women with supposed genetic high risk to cervical cancer like Angelina Jolie to the fore and many thousands of women are opting for this cut out the  maybe affected part now hysterectomy to avoid death by cancer later.

From 23 degrees SCORPIO- 16 + Scorpio. This is our usual  4 months Saturn back track.

Capricorns especially you who are being affected by the CARDINAL GRAND CROSSES – retreat for a few months and reset your grand goals.

ON MARCH 5 Venus moves out of her RETROGRADE SHADOW and into Aquarius.

MARCH 6 JUPITER STATIONS DIRECT  at 10+ degrees CANCER ending a Retrograde which began November 6, 2013 at 20+ degrees Cancer. Jupiter will take till June 1st to pass its own shadow period.


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