Oil hack Astrology in the news

Colonial Oil company that was hacked and had to pay $5 million to hackers which had now caused gas and oil shortages in the Southeast is perfectly synchronizes with Jupiter at the last degree of AQUARIUS rules radical hackers then it’s just entered Pisces the sign of oil May 13/14.

As above so below.

The Moon is in GEMINI until 9:30 pm MAY 14

It will be a very MOODY lost at high seas weekend. The first time with Jupiter in PISCES for over 12 years. The CANCER moon accentuates all those feels of course until May 17th a long time to be singing sea shanties.

MERMAID style is Back big time with Jupiter in PISCES. singing whale songs, and protecting the sea creatures.

Sedna the Oceanic Inuit Goddess is also part of Jupiter in Pisces from 28 Taurus. JUPITER in late Aquarius was recently squaring her and will do so again at the end of July and at the end of December.

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Scorpio New Moon deep soul healing

New Moon in Scorpio the Darkest of the Dark Moons, the most transformative. The collective needs deep soul healing now

Scorpio New Moon November 14/15
Scorpio New Moon November 14/15

Moon Trining Neptune in Pisces at 18+

A trine is a 120-degree Positive aspect. Neptune turns on that fog machine in full force. It’s very dreamy, psychic and empowering. What’s real? what’s the truth? You will only know by tuning into yourself into the darkness of the void, in your soul. Neptune enhances your intuition and dreams. Pay close attention over this 3 day period. I may have said Neptune Square in my video, my bad, I’m feeling spaced out. LOL You may be feeling quite Not all here.

For 3 days while the moon is disappeared you need to disappear too.

Scorpio rules the Reproductive Organs.

For women on all new moons before electric lights and when they lives insmall groups, all women would be bleeding together and would retreat to their moon lodges or red tents, to honor their sacred menstrual blood. If you are bleeding during this New Moon please retreat with the Moon. Covid-19 has been a blessing in this to keep women at home. Understand and rediscover the true nature of the power of your periods and the sacred Blood of Life. There is heightened psychic energy at this very dark New Moon.

With Mars just moving directly a lot of frustrated sexual energy will come out in full force. The square to Neptune makes your judgement fogged up too. I know not many people are able to get together right now so your sex maybe more in the imaginal realm but still powerful. A good time to practice KUNDALINI energy to move through any bottled up energy.

This is very feminine energy water of Scorpio and the opposition to SEDNA

The Canadian Inuit Goddess of the Oceans and all ocean life in TAURUS. She has a tragic story her father betrayed her, his father cut off her fingers and she surrendered to being in the ocean and her fingers became all the ocean animals. The Ocean also symbolizes oceanic unconsciousness. Sedna symbolizes the rejected feminine. She must be soothed by brushing her long hair. We need to give ourselves self-care and unconditional love to heal the Broken Divine feminine image. Especially women, This New Moon brings that energy to us as long as we go deep within ourselves and our soul essence to heal the broken parts. We need to give ourselves self-care and unconditional love to heal the Broken Divine feminine image. Especially women, This New Moon brings that energy to us as long as we go deep within ourselves and our soul essence to heal the broken parts.

Jupiter Pluto conjunction in Capricorn still holds sway and empowers the NEW MOON with a supportive sextile. They hold manifesting wealth, faith and optimism. Things will be ok if we trust our own GPS.

Mars is ready to go but it will take until January 3, 2021 until Mars surpasses its Retrograde point at 28 08 ARIES.

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Sun, Sedna, Algol, Deep waters

Sedna Sanna_aux_doigts_coupésQ64626857 / CC BY-SA (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)

May 18 The SUN conjuncts Sedna the farthest out planetoid yet discovered in our solar system at 27 degrees TAURUS conjunct Fixed Star Algol. Sedna was discovered in 2003. 

Sedna moves incredibly slow, taking 11,406 years to complete one orbit. This is close to the 12,000+ year of a half a great cosmic year of 25,000+ years.  The last time Sedona was at 27 Degrees Taurus as she is today, was during the Last Ice Age.

Perhaps that is how old this myth is or even a previous revolution of Sedna, 24,000 years ago when she made herself known to the consciousness of humans.

When a new body is discovered our consciousness is expanded. We have a living entity that links us with our ancient Atlantean times. Sedna has been conjunct to Algol since 2017 and remains in Taurus until 2024. 

Today the SUN, ALGOL and SEDNA are aligned. Algol is another Goddess who was demonized. Yet Sedna a powerful Ocean Goddess is honoured as one of the main Gods of the Inuit people of the far north of Canada. Her story is tragic as many indigenous myths are, showing the hardships that these people took as normal everyday occurrences. There are variations on her story. In one legend Sedna is a giant, the daughter of the creator-god Anguta, with a great hunger that causes her to attack her parents.  Anguta is angered by her and taking her out to sea, throws her over the side of his kayak. As she clings to the sides, he chops off her fingers and she sinks to the underworld, becoming the ruler of the monsters of the deep. Her huge fingers become the seals, walruses, and whales hunted by the Inuit.

In another version, Sedna’s father betrays her because she refuses a suitor. She is left alone isolated and dead after her fingers are chopped off by her father, as she is clinging to his boat after he has thrown her overboard. Sedna’s fingers fall into the ocean and transform into all of the creatures of the Sea. She is the Queen of the Oceans.

Sedna herself symbolizes the primordial Unconscious, a cold, sometimes frozen wasteland of pain and fear. Sedna symbolizes being cut off from spirit and any safe home. Sedna had beautiful long hair. Innuit hunters would call to her and bring her gifts before going to hunt. Combing out her beautiful hair appeased her wrath and she would grant a bountiful catch and ensure the hunters safely on the hunt for seals, walrus, whales and fish to feed themselves and their families.

Sedna is a living archetype that rules our dreams. She symbolizes our pain at feeling alone, abandoned, and isolated. In these quarantining times, many of us are feeling Sedona swim in our veins and in our tears and fears. Pay attention to your dreams now very carefuul. Sedna can help you and support you with her eternal strength.

I was given a beautiful hand made and embroidered felt vest made by an Inuit shaman years ago for a wedding gift. I never realized that it was Sedna sewn onto the vest until recently and I’ve had this since 1979.

With Venus Retrograde in Gemini squared by Neptune the planet which rules the oceans, a heightened dreamscape deep surfing is possible. All dreams with water are dreams of the Unconscious and Sedna is the Mistress of them all, known or unbeknownst to us.

The orbit Od Sedna reminded me of Astrologer Barabara Hand Clow who I workshopped with years ago. In her Pleiadian Agenda book Barbara talked about the earth being in the Photon Band, as the SUN, moves into that band for about 2,000 years and this event happens about every 11,000 years. The last time was when Atlantis was at it peak. There is 10,000 years of darkness and then 2,000 years of being in the Photon Band and Light. The 11,000th year out of the photon belt she calls the Galactic Night. According to her findings, we are now in the Photon Band since the late 90’s for the next 12,000 years.

Watch for Sedna to appear in your dreams whenever water is in them. 

The other aspects are light today.

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