Venus and Mars,lovers reunite, drama


This is the second meeting of Venus and Mars this year. Venus and Mars usually meet only once around every two years. But every 18 years Venus and Mars meet and conjoin three times a year and this year is one of those auspicious years.  

Feb 22 @ 1+ degrees ARIES fire element- beginnings

Aug 31/Sept. 1 @ 14 + LEO – Fire element with Venus Retrograde in the Underworld -re-evaluating

@ 10:04 pm PDT/ Sept. 1 @ 1:04 a.m. 

November 3 @ 14 + degrees Virgo – Earth element 

Venus is spending a hell of a long time in Leo this year from June 5 until July 18.  July 31 she re-entered Leo Retrograde and stays in Leo until October 9. That’s four months of pride, passion, who is the boss struggles and HIGH DRAMA. “You’re fired” may be the most oft heard comment.

Many relationships are going through great ordeals and turmoil, choices, recalls and recalibrations now with Venus Retrograde from July 25 at zero degrees Virgo until September 6 at 14 degrees Leo. 

Venus in Leo is definitely Venus as the Queen Bee, in furs, The Golden Goddess of passion, leadership, wealth, and power, the heart and strength of will. Mars joins her now and she is symbolically in another place they are like ships passing in the night on the great ocean of pride, love, unconsciousness, beauty, money, luxury, excess, vanity, gluttony, courage. 

Mars is also the King Bee and ditto for all those attributes. He is testosterone, drive, anger, defensive, sex and passion and he rules signs Aries and Scorpio. Venus is love and relationship and she rules sign s Taurus and Libra.  Note the pair rules opposite signs in both their feminine and masculine ruler ships. 

But Venus is also sexual and erotic. Known as Aphrodite to the Greeks, the word Aphrodisiac comes from Venus’s root. Traditionally Men are from Mars and women from Venus and while those gender stereotypes do have their validity, each one of us has both Mars and Venus within us whether we are genetically Male or Female. 

It will definitely be a hot passionate erotic day. August 31 under a fiery Aries Moon on new beginnings. A very spiritual soul mate connecting Sun Neptune Opposition! Moon square Pluto on the 31st- how do we spell INTENSE?  

Be careful of falling in love with love instantly on this energy. 

September 1. Moon trines Venus and Mars and the love In continues. 

Moon conjoins Uranus at days end to keep it spontaneous. 

Venus just recently conjoined with the Sun on August 15 during her Retrograde where she was engulfed by the Light of Source, her ego has been burned up and purified while she is symbolically in the Underworld. Venus was invisible to us until the last week.  How are you to know what you really want now? With Venus in Leo, the issue of ego immolation is the NUMERU UNO mantra. Is my ego in the way of me being able to give and receive love? What heart defences to I have which keep me from loving freely? 

Venus has been making her regular sojourn into the Underworld where she embodied one of the oldest myths of the world that of Inanna, Great Mother, Goddess of All. The myth symbolically represents Venus moving from an Evening Star to a Morning Star. Inanna/Venus goes into the Underworld to help her sister, on the way,  she is stripped of all her royal accoutrements, seven vestments of power, { the 7 chakras and planets} and left to die and rot like a piece of meat on a hook. Her helpers come to rescue her and after 40 days she returns to the upper world restored. She had left her paramour Dumuzi on the throne and he had taken over in her absence. She sends the arrogant bastard on his way and once again ascends the Throne as the Morning Star Venus. 

Mars joins her now and she is symbolically in another place they are like ships passing in the night. Wait until Venus is over her Retrograde and into Virgo until you can sense things from a more grounded practical place in Virgo. 


It is important to find what house in your natal chart the conjunction occurs and the aspects 15 degrees Leo makes to any other planets in your chart.  Here’s a quickie diagnostic using solar natural houses with Aries as the 1st sign.


Venus and Mars canoodle in your 5th house of Love affairs, passion, the creative self- expression will power, sunshine, lollipops and rainbows, the natural Leo house. Show off your love. Have a happening and make love on stage! Paint your lover a painting, write a poem, and make a public declaration of your love. What does your heart really want? Having a family is also part of this equation if you unconsciously want a child it can happen now. 


Venus Mars do the beast with two-backs in your 4th house, at home, privately, sensually, very tenderly. Cook your lover a wonderful sensuous erotic meal. Build her something beautiful like Vulcan, not like Mr. Spock, Venus’s husband, he was lame and ugly but made such beautiful things he won her heart, for a while. Make lots of money and buy her lavish diamond rings and golden faucets. Make her/him feel safe that’s the most important thing. Love is the best and safest resource. 


Venus Mars are in your 3rd house of communications of course. So tell her/him/them how much you love them. Talk about it, discuss, dissect, write it, debate it, and rap it. Of course there is a million questions in your mind and heart to figure out. This may not be the best time for you with Venus Retrograde because it delays making decisions which you already are terrified to commit to anyways. Wait. Something else you are not naturally inclined to do. 


Venus Mars make a love shack up in your 2nd house of resources. How much do you value your relationship and yourself? Is your relationship in the black or in the red? For you love means emotional security and safety. Grandstanding and power shows don’t work for you. You need the real open hearted merge. You need a commitment. You want a family. If they don’t want the same things then set them free.


Leo you are the hottest, most passionate, on stage, powerful King or Queen on the block right now. Your heart is full of strength, giving and joy. A lot depends on which sign you have given your loyalty too. Don’t ignore any doubts or shadows in your heart. It must be real and not a show. No acting or fakery no matter how good they are. Pride must go.


Venus Mars meet up in the 12th house, the most secret darkest hidden rendezvous for you. This can mean a secret affair or it can be a secret fantasy. This love affair is in your own unconscious. Is this the love that dares not speak its name or see the light of day? No one is perfect. Stop being a martyr. Stop worrying. Wait until after Venus moves out of Leo to see what is going on behind the scenes. Jupiter is in your sign this year and it’s time for you to harvest the rewards.


Venus Mars in your 11th house. New relationships may start through groups, or political or pleasure oriented organizations. You are push pulled between revealing yourself and hiding behind your oh so cool persona. Don’t deny the fire. You need it, rebellion is high, and freedom is beckoning. You need to embrace chaos and change. Love the one you’re with.


Venus Mars in your 10th Solar House. Are you in love with someone rich famous and powerful or lusting after this yourself? This aspect certainly gives your extreme charisma and puts you in the spotlight, for better or for worse. Be careful how you use power. Be an enlightened Scorpio and feel all that heat passion power control, dirty secrets and don’t let it control you. Are you doing what you love to do in your career?


Venus Mars in your solar 9th house make you want to travel, to learn, to fall in love with exotic strangers and romantic places all over the world. If you can set this in motion with your lover or to find yours it’s one of the best ways to figure out if you two can survive. You are redefining your love philosophy, your sense of right and wrong. You yearn to be with someone who gives you space while you search for teachers, gurus, the Promised Land, truth. Love is a path to enlightenment. That’s what Rumi wrote about.


Venus Mars in your solar 8th house of transformation, Scorpionic passion, the “sacred marriage” house. This is a pretty hot house for you to find yourself. You may be feeling overwhelmed, and possessive, needing to define what resources you have to give and share. Love is not like a business. It is messy, emotionally intense, spontaneous, doesn’t always pay dividend. Yes sign the pre-nup if you must but take the plunge.


Venus Mars in your 7th house of marriage and all “others.” You are definitely feeling attractive these days. Newfound passion is heating up your desire to commit. There is power in a duo besides an entire group of friends and colleagues. You need to share the same desires for reform, to create your own type of relationship, to free the world by your own example. Boundaries and limitations are meant to be broken together.


Venus Mars in your 6th house of work and service. Love is not a chore, you don’t need to work to prove you are worthy of love. Love needn’t debilitate you or make you sick. Just be the beautiful soul that you are. Love is a powerful form of spiritual service to each other and the world.  Of course there may be new relationships at work, although mixing office and love may be tricky. Your down to earth soul mate is coming, keep the faith.

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