Deep soul work Scorpio Full Moon

Scorpio Pink Pussy Full Moon

Jupiter in Scorpio Astrology Tara Greene

Like the lotus which roots in the depths of the mud, we have the ability to open ourselves to fully flower under an intense Grand Fixed Cross Full SCORPIO Moon @ 9+ degrees.

The Sun in Taurus and the Moon in Scorpio square the North Node and CERES the Great Mother Dwarf Planet both at 10+ degrees LEO which points to the Power of the DIVINE FEMININE reigning and square the South Node at 10 degrees AQUARIUS. Aquarius rules freedom for all beings. 

The 8th sign brings to high tides our deepest feelings about sex, death, power, control, secrets, psychology, money, taxes, rebirth and transformation. It reveals the shadows.


SCORPIO Mon’s are never  LITE. 

I am noticing that the energy of recent planetary events seems to focus BEFORE the planets actual make their conjunctions squares or oppositions. Bill Cosby’s landmark Verdict of Guilty on three counts of sexual assault for which he could face 10 years in prison rings true for the Full Moon in Scorpio’s energy. Full Moons are always completions. Yes, the #MeToo Pink Pussy Power energy is in full Swing.

Scorpio has three levels of consciousness. The lowest Scorpion level, on the ground, defensive, sting and get away, ruthless.

Medium level, the EAGLE-more fully conscious, rising above the depths of bare survival.

The highest level, the Phoenix, transformed into higher emotional levels, rising from the ashes, evolution. 

The emotional intensity is highest under a SCORPIO FULL MOON.

The planetary Rulers of SCORPIO are MARS- the testosterone-driven God and PLUTO- Lord of death and rebirth. They made their conjunction in Capricorn at 21 Degrees on April 26th on Bill Cosby’s trial conclusion date. How’s that for synchronicity? I predicted heads would roll from High Places.  This is a total mind blowing energy.

NEPTUNE in PISCES and Jupiter Retro in Scorpio are Trining the Moon

We may feel dazed and confused. Cue that Led Zeppelin song. Foggy, projecting, dreamy, fuzzy, obfuscating, martyrdom, denial and addictive energies are thrown into the mix. If you are in a dysfunctional of any type of an addictive relationship then this powerful Scorpio Full Moon can help you to see it clearly and have the strength to let the co-dependency umbilical cord wither and die so you can walk away and seek help and healing. 


This SCORPIO Full Moon is one where we can connect with the spiritual nature of sexuality as healing tantric energy. This sex bomb is kundalini energy. The coiled snake at the base of the spine. Be very respectful of this natural atomic bomb, its very Uranian and Plutonic.

 We can see this sex bomb literally in its most negative way in the tragic events in Toronto when  Alek Minassian ran over and killed 10 innocent bystanders and wounded 16 others because he was an angry Incel an involuntary Celibate who vowed to kill “Stacy’s” and Chad’s for revenge he felt he was entitled to. 

The mood may bring out the darkest shadow qualities. People may be nasty and ruthless. Expect others to fight dirty. Watch your back and don’t take anything for granted. The 8th house Scorpio energy is karmic, many old chapters need to be closed and ended now. 

SCORPIO in the Tarot is the Death card #13


PLUTO, co-ruler of SCORPIO, Retrograde in Capricorn is squaring that Uranus-Eris in ARIES conjunction. URANUS is at the very last most critical degree of ARIES where i packs the most punch. Big changes are happening. Witness North Korea and South Korea set to lay down years and years of fighting.


Be focussed serious and take responsibility for your words thoughts and actions.

Saturn at 9 degrees CAPRICORN is trining the Sun in Taurus and exactly sextile the Moon.

Saturn and the Moon form a Yod to Venus at 6 degrees GEMINI

This is a grow up and make up your mind what you want already or get the hell outta my life dialogue.

CHIRON and JUNO are conjunct at ZERO Degrees ARIES the very beginning of the ZODIAC and the most powerful Fiery initiatory energy. 

This symbolizes great new Female Genius wisdom coming in to Heal the earth and inspire women to be healing warrior Goddesses of Love. 

Check out where 9 degrees TAURUS SCORPIO LEO and AQUARIUS and CAPRICORN are in your natal chart.

Check that powerful Zero degrees HEALING point and tap into your Feminine Genius for new healing fast fixes and Amazon warrior goddess moves.

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Inspirational Daily Card

Libra Moon blows us towards some peace on Wednesday but there will be some angst about justice truth and politics. The symbol of Justice is the scales of LIBRA.
The New York Primary may see voters who were left off of voters lists, over 120,000 in Brooklyn alone, or those denied the right to vote as independents  pursuing legal action against the state as Libra moon sextiles Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius.
There is more CARDINAL SQUARE energy on with the Libra Moon to Pluto Venus and Uranus.
Moon inconjuncts Mercury in Taurus already in its shadow phase before it goes RETROGRADE April 28. Get your pre-Retrograde stuff out of the way now. 
Let’s do a card of the day for some inspiration. 
Tarot cards Death Tara Greene
Notice I am avoiding using the word TRUMP.
The Death Card means change. Death, the Grim Reaper is associated with the planet Saturn/Satan and the sign of SCORPIO.  In Canada they just passed a right to die with dignity law as Jupiter which rules laws squares Saturn which rules death.
We are approaching a Scorpio Full Moon on the 21/22nd. 
Life is always about change, releasing, letting go, change, off on , pulsing, life and death one whole quality. You can’t have one without the other. 
The Moon will enters SCORPIO on the 21st in the evening in PST and EST. 
I am writing a Full Moon Meditation article now for the Cosmic Intelligence Agency . So i must run. 
Don’t know about you. But the Mars Retrograde is making me feel exhausted. 
This will be a powerful Scorpio Full Moon full of surprises. 
Blessings TARA
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