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I didn’t expect to do this but Mars spontaneity made me.

Keep this and reference it as a love and energy guide till we get to Taurus time.

Venus & Mars painting Tara Greene astrology


Yes Mars is now in Aries did you feel it tonight?  Mars in Aries energy is in the moment, instant gratification. Pump it up.

Venus enters ARIES Friday followed by the MOON.

The Emotional thermometer starts to rise. It’s getting steamy.

It’s fun, young, a very up mood to fall headfirst in love and party this weekend!

Yes its a 3 alert “muy caliente”  weekend. Lots of martial energy is dangerous and wild, JackAss type risk taking, spontaneous combustion on all levels.

FIRE FIRE FIRE  and lots of seduction

Aries/ Mars energy is  a cheetah, the fastest running animal but only for short spurts.

Check out where 1+ degrees ARIES is in your chart where you will burn. 

Fire poetry Astrology Tara Greene

New loves, new beginnings, new adventures  abound on all levels.

Watch out for road rage.  ARIES is me me me- selfish.  Tempers can burst easily. 

Moon trines Saturn Friday evening PST/ Sat morning EST to bring a tinge of sobriety to the act.

VENUS & MARS conjunct Feb 21/222 this is the big EROTIC love spark with NO OTHER ASPECTS on Sunday.



Of course you are NUMBER 1. U R HIGHLIGHTED. Venus/Mars in your 1st house of self. This is YOUR TIME. You are feeling at peak  energy.  You are very charming and charismatic. From the beginning of March, Venus squares Uranus and Pluto. Pushing the changes around your self and others are featured. March 7-15 as Mars conjuncts Uranus and squares Pluto, everything will feel intense and hectic. A reigniting of old  issues from last year may have to be dealt with. At the Spring Equinox,March 20, the Total Solar Eclipse at the last degree of Pisces is right on the Zero degrees Aries point which is another activation trigger. Many things also need to be completed before the Sun enters your sign.


Venus/Mars energies are in your Solar 12th house of the unconscious, spirituality, dreams, addictions, creativity and psychic energy. The bull sees RED and you may be easily passionately romantic.  You may also be easily enraged like  like the bull in the China shop.  Venus, your ruler is bringing you new confidence and passion deep within. New adventures are sparking you to explore all those hidden realms of the psyche. You usually move slow and steady and your tendency will be to put on the brakes.  This is a great time to face your addictions with food , alcohol,sex or drugs and deal with them. Trust your intuition, gut feelings and your passion. They make a winning combo. 


Venus /Mars are in your solar 11th house  You get the sweet sextile by aspect. This is traditionally the house of receiving love. So just open your mind to that. You will be chatting up a hurricane with anyone you want to. You are at your charming best. It’s a good time to work with groups, inspiring new collective visions. You are especially inventive and inspired to try all things new. You will feel connected to your tribe. There can be oodles of canoodling and tons of new friends and relationships may start, try to stay focussed and not get too scattered socially.


Venus/Mars in your 10th house of worldly fame and career. The pressure is on between family, home and fame and fortune,and  your worldly status. You are under further pressured in the already tense square of Uranus and Pluto. Venus will be squaring every degree of your sign untill March 17. Love takes precedent over work. Do take time off for dates and pleasure. At mid March, Mars will bring extra energy and intense pressure. You can garner many rewards for ingenuity. Major issues you have denied and swept under the rug are calling to be brought out into the open. 


VENUS/MARS in your 9th house of travel, optimism, philosophy, foreigners, adventure, teaching and publishing. Lion’s you are in a BIG GRAND FIRE TRINE with Jupiter in your sign, and Saturn too. This is excellent.  Be careful not to burn out too fast. Do travel, fall in love with some exotic foreigner and have long-distance love affairs. Get those creative juices flowing. You will be feeling excited, passionate, charming, and full of energy. Go to the gym, joins book clubs and  take classes to meet people.You are shining brighter than the SUN. Your heart is about to burst. Your courage knows no bounds. There will be MORE drama than any soap opera. Don’t you love it? 


Venus/Mars in your 8th house of SEX AND SIZZLE, birth, death and transformation. The planets affect all aspects of your  life. The erotic  planets help you let down your hair making you feel way sexier than usual. You will be enlightened to the fact that All work and no play make you life dull. It’s also a great time to start your own business or find the job you love. Mars/Venus are in a hard quincunx aspect, it may be difficult for you to use this energy. It can make you worry more. Your tendency to perfectionism and over work is also a denial mechanism. Your health may suffer in order to show you how to slow down to become more whole.


Venus/ Mars are in your 7th house of LOVE and MARRIAGE opposite your Sun. You are one hot tamale. The urge to merge is strong. Venus, your ruling planet is not strong in Aries.  Many relationships may end now due to the Cardinal cross pressure added in. From now till the spring Equinox it will be very intense. Spontaneous outbursts and raging crying fits may be common. You can be desperate for love. Don’t jump in too quick. There is danger of raging fire-breathing dragons in the house. It can be good to get married under these aspects as well if you always want heat in your life.. 


Venus/Mars is in your 6th house of  work, perfection, discipline, and health.  Mars rules your sign so these planets empower you a lot.  Sex is your work. I am sure you are lapping up 50 shades of Grey and now feel vilified.  Fire and Water create intense steam. With the 150 degree inconjunct to Mars/Venus you need to dig deeper into the shit pile and bring it all up. Don’t just inhibit deep anger issues by acting them out. They need to come up in a safe psychological manner. Health issues may be crying out for your attention especially the reproductive organs.


Venus/ Mars in your 5th house of LOVE affairs, creativity, giving love, will power, the heart.  You could be feeling like you’re shining brighter than the SUN even with Saturn in your sign. You are in a GRAND FIRE TRINE with Jupiter your ruling planet in Leo. You are feeling confident, courageous, the star of the show, and your heart is open wide. This brings enormous creativity, many love affairs and admirers. Do be careful about inflated ego and upstaging others. Your natural “hoof in mouth disease” may be exacerbated. This is also very fertile for having children. There will be drama. Optimum time to start creative projects too.


Venus/Mars is in your 4th house of roots, home, family, privacy. The pressure is on between family, home and career status, as you are further pressured in the already tense square of Uranus and Pluto. Venus will be squaring every degree of your sign untill March 17. You may feel extra passionate at home.  Use this energy to beautify, rebuild, move or renovate your house. It’s very fertile for having children.  Venus will be squaring every degree till March 17. During the middle of March, Mars will bring extra intensity and pressure. Love needs to take precedent over work. Take time off for dates and pleasure. You can garner rewards for ingenuity. The issues you have denied and swept under the rug will be brought out into the open. 


Venus/Mars are in your SOLAR 3rd Aquarius. You are receiving the sweet sextile aspect. Communications, inquiries and  adapting a totally open mind will bring many new exciting people and relationships into your life. Your are normally detached so a big burst of passion busting through your usually cool, calm exterior may surprise those around you. Declare your true feeling for someone you may have just thought of as a buddy or friend. Short travels, and getting involved in community issue may also be places to ignite new passions and loves. You are a creative fount of new ideas. Find your tribe and bond.


Venus/Neptune in your Solar 2nd house of resources, money, self-worth. You are nature shy, quiet and hidden. Venus is exalted in Pisces so you can be feeling way more confident, romantic and desirable with the opposite sex. You yearn for your soul mate. Please stay very clear and try to get grounded as you could easily be swept off your feet, attracting someone who you just simply melt into who needs to be fixed. All that fire can bring up old issues of anger, and being a victim from your unconscious bubbling and boiling up which you will need to clear first before being able to have that alchemy with your beloved which you so much long for. Use this energy for your own creativity as well. 

The fire inspiration will begin to take form as Venus Trines Saturn on the 24 and Mars does too on the 25th. 

The Spring Equinox will be a very intense time for all of us.


all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Martial Law,Mars and Saturn Astrology from Tara Greene

YES WE ARE UNDER MARTIAL Planetary Law this week. Literally, Mars and SATURN the two heavies, meet and are laying down the LAW. plus MERCURY RETROGRADE in SCORPIO is rubbing salt in everyone’s karmic open wounds.

Yes its serious Mercury Retrograde havoc. Huge Solar eclipse in Scorpio Sunday and I’m trying to finish my  eclipse article. I had a crazy week last week.  How are you doing?  IT’ll feel terrifically INTENSE. RED ALERT!!! Shootings, volcanic explosions, dangerous, trigger happy.

MERCURY Retrograde’s from 15 – 10 degrees SCORPIO this week. If your birthday is October 25- November 5th you are getting the brunt of this. My Ascendant is 18 degrees Scorpio. Happy birthday to my cousin Debbie.


Did you see the Movie Be Kind Rewind? It’s  Feel good sweet and fun. We may need to be reminded of the sweet life.

Like a pimple ready to pop, or on the verge of a huge orgasm that you are clenched teeth attempting to stop, this aspect has its own REward.

If you work it well. It’s a rewind,  karmic memory tapes energy. We are being forced at gunpoint to surrender. ERASE the old programs.

 BE EXTREMELY  MINDFULL of every thought and word that escapes your mouth. Words have incredible power.

USE this time wisely and meditate on what’s actually going on between the two halves of your brain, mind/body split.

Use Black Tourmeline for protection.

Black tourmeline crystal protection Tara Greene

Use this archetypal  shaman’s journey time – to traverse the upper and lower worlds or the corpus callosum.

Check out where the re-writing, reviving, regret, relevant, rebooting, TOTAL RECALL of where your emotional soul memories  live at 13 degrees 19 minutes of SCORPIO is in your natal chart. And how, by the aspects- square? opposition?

NEED Spiritual assistance? – see link below-

The whole purpose of your life, everyone’s life,  besides experiencing yourself as Love, as Divine, as ONE, as part of ALL THAT IS, is to be conscious emotionally of what you have done in the past, and take full responsibility for it.

That is the meaning of TAROT TRUMP # 21 THE WORLD or the UNIVERSE 

Tarot Trump #21 Alan Moore Tara Greene

#21 Trump from ALan Moore’s Graphic Novel  PROMETHEA 

Usually the Universe has SATURN’s symbol on it.

 Then when you own it  you are freed, then you change the past, present and future. RESPONSABILITY that’s SATURN’S KEYWORD.

KARMA is emotional SUPER GLUE. It’s what keeps us coming back here on the meat wheel and we keep getting stuck like flies.

If you killed someone in a past life, you still carry that imprint, unless you’ve gone into total acceptance and forgiveness- PISCES energy.

 I met a man yesterday, in his 70’s who told me that he had dreams of being in the Luftwaffe and seeing Hermann Goering.  He was very aware, he knew that he had been a Nazi in World War II. Now he  is Jewish and he can’t forgive himself. He felt stuck and couldn’t resolve it. We have all been the Nazi, Jesuit, murder and Jew, witch, heathen, infidel, innocent and victor.  KARMA makes perfect sense and perfect balance. If you’ve killed Jews in a past life then of course you are bound to come back and experience life as a Jew. It is a form of voluntary compassion. It also symbolizes self- hate when unconscious. The Nazi, Jew or Muslim who hates the “other” really just hates themselves.

The person from your past life is most likely your mother, father, sister,brother, husband, wife, child, boss, neighbour, assailant.  

So name it, love it, release it, be free. STOP HATING YOURSELF. See how much you are in denial of this.

MARS is ACTION! The BIG DIRECTOR of the cosmos- is yelling ACTION- It’s your movie. It’s your move.

It’s here, FORGIVENESS. It’s available. Whether you call it Jesus, Allah, God, the Goddess, Repentance, Grace, It’s all the same energy.- sit with this all week and especially on the SOLAR ECLIPSE.

Mars, ruler of Scorpio and Aries- at 9 degrees Virgo opposes CHIRON in Pisces. So bring on the healing on late October 30- Oct 31 EDT.


I’ll continue with the rest of the week’s aspects next. please respond, Ask questions.

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HAPPINESS IS A WARM GUN- Across the Universe 2007