Straight up truth, Mercury in Sagittarius

MERCURY in SAGITTARIUS  December 9- 28/29

Mercury God and Planet in Astrology Tara Greene

Giovanni Battista Tiepolo [Public domain or Public domain]

The communicator and trickster God of merchants and those who think, talk and message a lot enters the 9th sign to stay until December 28/29 giving us all a short run with truth, honesty, shooting straight from the hip gift of horse sense.

Mercury is in Detriment when in Sagittarius as it is Opposite its ruling sign of Gemini and considered weak.



NOTE: All Gemini’s -Including British PM Boris Johnson, who has  Mars at 1 degree Gemini and Saturn at 5 degrees PISCES which will be squared by Mercury in Sagittarius on Election Day December 12.

and US President Trump will have their ruling planet in a weak position. 

Mercury in SAGITTARIUS keywords: Forthright honest naive inspiring optimistic adventurous good-humored preachers animal rights political activists philosophers teachers spiritual sage.

It’s a good time to plan travels higher education learning of all kinds. Mercury in Sagittarius influence makes us rather scatterbrained. You will be thinking about everything all at once and want to learn more and share knowledge. Mercury in Sagittarius brings mental fire and openmindedness. Its a good time for doing yoga studying religion and spirituality; Foreign languages; writing; publishing; fining a guru or teacher and connecting with like-minded thinkers. This energy will help you to search for higher meaning for truth. You will not be able to lie with Mercury in Sagittarius. Be careful because this energy makes us all a bit naive. Legal matters sports and religion are all Sagittarius topics. Voicing your opinions on political and animal rights will be important. Be careful not to be preachy and hypocritical. Mercury in Sagittarius wants to be “in the know” about everything. 


Dec. 10 Mercury trines Chiron in Aries

– ability to speak the truth about your wounds

Dec 11 Mercury inconjuncts Uranus in Taurus -communications bullish

Dec 19 Mercury squares Neptune in Pisces – communicate your dreams

Let’s look at celebrities with Mercury in SAGITTARIUS


SCARLETT JOHANSSON-Nov. 22 1984 Sagittarius SUN Ascendant MERCURY and Uranus-actress

BRITNEY SPEARS -Sagittarius Dec 2, 1981, Sag. Sun and Mercury-singer

Christina Aguilera- Dec 18 1980 – Sag.  Sun too- singer

Nicki Minaj – December 8, 1982, Sagittarius SUN and Mercury- rapper

BJORK- November 21, 1965, Norweigan singer

Amanda Seyfried- December 3, 1985- Actress

Tina Turner- November 26, 1939, Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius

Edith Piaf -December 19, 1915 French songstress

Maria  Callas- December 3, 1923, Sagittarius Sun famous American Opera

Marie Curie -November 7, 1867 French scientist invented radioactive materials

Rachel McAdams- November 17, 1978, Actress Canadian

Rita Ora – November 26, 1990- British singer and actress

Nelly Furtado- December 2, 1978-singer Canadian


Jay-Z, Beyonce’s better half, December 4, 1969

Emmanuel Macron- December 21, 1977- current French Prime Minister

Jude Law, December 29, 1972 Sagittarius Ascendant too. British actor

Jimi Hendrix, November 27, 1942 Sun and Ascendant in Sagittarius

Jared Leto December 26, 1971 

Jake Gyllenhaal, Dec 19,  1980 

Woody Allen, December 1, 1935

Beethoven, December 16, 1770- Sun Moon and Mercury in Sag. 

Frank Sinatra, December 12, 1915. 

Stephen Spielberg, December 18, 1946. 

Louis Tomlinson, December 24, 1991 former One Direction member

Ricky Martin, December 24, 1971.  Sai Baba, November 23

Isaac Newton, Jan 4, 1643, English physicist, mathematician, astronomer, natural philosopher, and alchemist.

Gordon Ramsay- November 8 1966-British Gourmet foul-mouthed chef

Albert Camus- November 7, 1913, French philosopher and author

Sai Baba, November 23, 1926-Indian spiritual guru

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Corporate love, Venus in Capricorn

Venus in Capricorn From January 23- February 16 Love is serious business.

Venus changes a dress from cowgirl gypsy teacher outfit to standard conservative all business suit. Love and values become much more mature, serious, committed, all business, unemotional and into long-term goals. Interesting that this happens as U.S. Primaries start.

Venus in Capricorn love is  practical. “Just the facts ma’am.”  Eat goaty things while Venus is in GOAT territory! It’s good for you.

LOVE is SERIOUS BUSINESS, and real during this short period. .No airy fairy or intense emotional stuff now.

All Venus in Capricorn peeps take love seriously now. MILEY CYRUS has Venus in Capricorn yes I think its true about her re-engagement to Liam Hemsworth. 

Also its KARMIC LOVE, as Capricorn is ruled by SATURN. so be prepared for endings and new beginning in love. Long term engagements may also begin.

Amal Clooney, Business woman Tara Greene

Venus in Capricorn symbolizes receiving love for the job you love to do and how you shine brightest in the world through your career.

ARE YOU? DO YOU? YOU must re-evaluate your success story, from that standpoint.

What you do for a living must be  what you love to do.

Venus is the EMPRESS in the Tarot. Capricorn is THE DEVIL {SATURN} in the Tarot Trumps. 

She’s a Devil in disguise with a blue dress on. 

VENUS rules money, the economy, your earnings and spendings, self-worth, values, luxury. Capricorn is conservative, blue chip, Old boys $.

Saturn ruled Venus of the goatfish will toil willingly to achieve her love or job goals. 

CAPRICORN’S you GOATY ones are the charming apple of everyone’s eye now.

FAMOUS VENUS IN CAPRICORN PEEPS- the cream of the crop!

Scarlett Johannson Astrology Tara greene

ACTORS and other famous personalities

Brad Pitt, James Dean, Paul Newman, Scarlett Johansson, Bradley Cooper, Tyra Banks, Cindy Crawford,  Michael Jordan,  Richard Burton,  David Lynch,  Ru Paul, Elijah Wood, Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Dianne Keaton, Jeff Bridges, Clark Gable, Humphrey Bogart, David Carradine, Kiefer Sutherland,  Howard Stern, John F. Kennedy Jr, Betty White, Danny DeVito, 


Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, Elvis Presley, Justin Timberlake, Bjork, Kesha,  Seal, Dolly Parton, Frank Sinatra, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Schubert, Edith Piaf, Maria Callas, Sarah McLachlan, Neil Diamond, Placido Domingo, Hector Berlioz, 


Henry Miller,Virginia Woolf,  Rainer Maria Rilke, J.D. Salinger, Andre Breton, 

INVENTORS, Designers, Artists

Steve Jobs, Louis Pasteur, Walt Disney,  Benjamin Franklin, A. Celsius, G. Eiffel, Jacques Cartier, J. Kepler, Philippe Stark,Toulouse Lautrec, 

PHILOSOPHERS, Philanthropists, 

Aristotle Onassis, Bhagwan Rajneesh -Osho, Dostoyevsky,  Joan of Arc, William Blake, Robert F. Kennedy, Noam Chomsky, M. A. Rothschild,


Jim Carrey, Seth Green, John Belushi, Andy Kauffman,


Ryan Seacrest, Dick Cheney ,J.Edgar Hoover,

Check out where CAPRICORN is in your natal chart. That’s where the Love light will be shining.

My husband has Venus in Capricorn {our daughter does too}. He is very responsible. V in C people show love by taking care of all the practical details for you, they are totally reliable.  They will get to their goals as they have infinite patience. Usually, they are very career-oriented and make lots of money because status counts.

All earth signs are blessed during these times. Especially Venus ruled TAURUS.

LIBRA ruled Venusians will find these times challenging as they are being prodded by the square to be more real.

Water signs benefit from sextiles.

ARIES and CANCER get the square and opposition. Many choices to make in Love, investments and the job.

Here’s Venus’s schedule:

VENUS conjuncts PLUTO on Feb 5 and the Moon @ 14+ Capricorn more cardinal cross energies.. Mark that date down.  Venus squares Uranus on Feb 6 .

Venus sextiles Mars Feb 7 

Venus sextiles Chiron Feb 8 on New Moon CHINESE NEW YEAR of Fire MONKEY 

Venus TRINES JUPITER on FEb 9/10 MARDIS GRAS – good one

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Sagittarius time, Horse sense

Mercury is in Sagittarius as of Nov. 20 -Dec 9th. Although Mercury is in detriment in Sagittarius, the sign opposite one of the signs it rules. This is great timing. Sagittarius energy is optimistic, easy-going, aiming higher. The Sun also drives through the Sign of Sagittarius on Nov. 22 in his annual monthly visit.

Mercury also rules Virgo, and Jupiter the planetary governor of Sagittarius and Pisces is now in Virgo. Mercury and Jupiter are in mutual reception for the next three weeks or so. This facilitates grounding the mind, focussing on daily tasks, getting things orderly and accomplishing a lot.

VIRGO you can stop worrying so much during this phase.  Mercury in Sagittarius lightens up the mental buzz making it easier to laugh, relax and trust.

Mercury is the TRICKSTER God, a hermaphrodite, the messenger of the gods.  Which Caitlyn Jenner is embodying these days. 

The mind travels very far, fast, and metaphysically in fiery Sagittarius.

The Galactic Center is in Sagittarius in both Tropical and Sidereal astrology. We can expect forthright, “hoof in mouth” communications. Brutal honestly, with horse sense can inspire, and bring optimism to even the darkest mental prison. The energies feel pretty dark around the world these days. 

I felt my energy lift today with Mercury in Sagittarius. Be of good faith and good cheer. .

Speaking the truth: Mercury in Sagittarius and  SATURN SQUARE NEPTUNE – outing fake psychics

A young educated professional client came to me recently who has been shamelessly ripped off by a local psychic charlatan.  I just happened to be looking at their add on yelp last night wondering who had given them good reviews. This woman had been letting herself be manipulated for almost a year by this psychics who has a storefront  in Toronto. The story was that she was manipulated and told not to tell anyone else, or work with another psychic or the fake psychics “powers wouldn’t work.” The same tactics rapists, kidnappers, psychopaths and tyrants use.

The final straw was this psychic tried to extort her for $20,000 to help her [ the woman} do better financially. That was what finally woke her up and she refused to answer her calls or texts.

I hear so many stories like this. It really sickens me. These fakes give real authentic spiritual counsellors a bad name. I seem to always see people when they have already been taken and wasted hundreds and thousands of dollars. It is a crime to prey on desperate, deluded people and manipulate them. These fake psychics  are the Bernie Maddof’s of the spiritual world. I wish she could sue her and try to get her money back but it was all cash. This is black magic and extortion. It will come back to these phonies 9 times over. They usually have storefronts, lots of candles and advertise the “love spells” reunite lovers’ “change your luck.” It’s all about manipulation, control, and lies.

I can understand and empathise that your life can be very hard. I’ve had heard thousands of stories and have witnessed many horrific events from clients and in workshops. Many people simply have not taken responsibility {Saturn} for themselves for creating what exists in their own life. There is no quick fix. Only you, in truth have the power to change your life. No one can  manipulate anyone else either as they aren’t puppets. If you don’t take responsibility for yourself, then you are actually unconscious and like a puppet and allow yourself to be victimized by someone else who knows this simple psychological truth and takes advantage of you, in relationships, family, career and in the government and culture. It is rampant in the world. There is No hocus -pocus in that.

But it is time to wake up. It is the 21st Century. It is all spiritual and a physical illusion. Everything is energy. Psychological processes through Tarot and astrology and past life regression will help you understand yourself first. I always empower everyone I read for. 

Have you ever been ripped off by the fake psychics? have you tried that “free reading” over the net? there are hundreds of those to. Tara-Medium who i often get mixed up with is a major player. No real person only an astrology program and owned by a guy in China who also owns about 50 more under different pseudonyms. They phish. They have huge advertising budgets. 


As Mercury is never far from the Sun, mainly these are Sagittarius peeps too.

SCARLETT JOHANSSON- Sagittarius born Nov. 22 1984, with Sagittarius SUN and Ascendant, Mercury and Uranus in Sagittarius too.

BRITNEY SPEARS Sagittarius Dec 2, 1981 Sag. with Mercury in Sagittarius. 

Christina Aguilera Dec 18 1980 also Sag. 

Salman Khan, Bollywood actor, a Capricorn

Jay-Z, Beyonce’s better half, December 4, 1969  Sagittarius

Isaac Newton, Jan 4, 1643  English physicist, mathematician, astronomer, natural philosopher, and alchemist.

Jude Law, December 29, 1972 Sagittarius Accendant too.

Nicki Minaj December 8, 1982 SAgittarius

Jimi Hendrix, November 27, 1942 Sun and Ascendant in Sagittarius too. 

BJORK, November 21, 1965 

Tina Turner, November 26, 1939 Sagittarius

Jared Leto December 26, 1971 

Jake Gyllenhaal, Dec 19,  1980  Sagittarius too 

Edith Piaf, December 19, 1915 Sagittarius , French songstress

Maria  Callas, December 3, 1923, Sagittarius famous American Opera Singer

Woody Allen, December 1, 1935 , Sagittarius

Beethoven, December 16, 1770 Sun Moon and Mercury in Sag. 

Frank Sinatra, December 12, 1915. 

Stephen Spielberg, December 18, 1946. 

Louis Tomlinson, December 24, 1991, One Direction singer 

Rachel McAdams, November 17, 1978 

Ricky Martin, December 24, 1971

Sai Baba, November 23, 1926

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5 things to help your love crises

Venus is almost stationary now, approaching her Retrograde phase July 25. Venus at zero degrees Virgo, is renewing Herself, she is returning to her pristine Virgin state in the sign of the Virgo the Virgin of course.

Venus Tara Greene love astrology

This symbolizes to me, that we have reached a new stage of evolution. Virgo, the 6th sign symbolizes the capacity to embody communications. Mercury rules the Mutable earth sign. Speech is related to power and to sex.  Venus is female sex, whereas Mars is Masculine sexuality.

For me I see Venus’s Retrograde symbolizing a time for women to learn to love, honor, explore, respect and embody their power and their voices. It’s also about your self-worth. Venus is VALUE. How much do you really LOVE yourself?

Venus in Virgo is into order, details, learning, memory, perfection. Venus the Goddess is perfect after all.

The Vestal Virgins are symbolized by  the asteroid Vesta. But I believe that Virgo was the Virgin meaning whole and complete inside of herself ,very ancient Goddess that these Virgins worshipped, she was more like Demeter/Ceres or Gaia.

Women need to learn to explore and enjoy and care for their bodies. Venus loves pleasure. As Virgo has a solitary side, being the Hermit in the Tarot, Venus in Virgo symbolizes learning to love and pleasure you self..

Venus’s Retrograde phase will see the Goddess of love and money return to reorganize, remind, retire, remodel, regenerate, refuse, relish, rewind, retry, relegate, review her assets and to relax in Leo, sign of passion, hi- DRAMA, heart, will, giving love, love affairs, children, and creative self-expression until September 6.

Venus’s number is 5. As your love life,

5 things to do when you love life falls apart over the next 40 day Retrobate period.

1. Make an alter to Venus, you can set this up in any space. This alter honors the Goddess and it should contain blue, gauzy sumptuous silky fabrics. Put out beautiful fresh flowers, luscious chocolates, silky cushions, beautiful jewellery and all manner of fine offerings to delight the Goddess. Use images of the Goddess Venus, this could be a woman who symbolizes everything beautiful sexy and romantic. Scarlet Johansenn or Marilyn Monroe or whoever you like. You need 5 candles, some incense, good-sized sheets of white paper  and colored pencils.

2. Dress up so you feel like a Goddess or that you embody the Goddess.

Sit and meditate at the alter.Go into your heart  and ask what does my heart really want in love? What do I value? How much do I feel I am worth?  This isn’t about what you maybe want. Sit with this question. You may get very frustrated. Breathe through the panic untill you feel or sense and answer even if it s vague, call upon Venus to guide you..

3.With your non-dominant hand, take a colored pencil and allow your hand to move on the paper with your eyes partly closed. Let your hand flow, don’t try to direct anything. you may find your hand moving as if of its own accord. feel yourself being drawn. spend some time with this. Open your eyes and look at the images or colors. Try to see what Venus has revealed to you. You can do this over and over again. When you have a number of images look them over, then begin to write a story about them.


 All pentagrams for positive magic start in the lower left and go up to the peak then downwards to the right then up and across diagonally to the left, then across to the right horizontally,then down to the left to join where you started.Draw this magical Venus symbol in the air. Prepare to surrender your ego to Venus.

5. Feel the Goddess Venus enter you. Really allow her essence to become one with you.  ask to see through Venusian eyes. Imagine what this feels like. When you feel Venus’s spirit within you, go through then move through your images, get your answers.  You will get clarity. This exercise is something you should dedicate yourself to for the 40 days you know that is a symbolic number while she is Retrograde,

Do it. I will do this too I will invoke Venus here by the ocean on July 25. I will make a LOVE POTION #9 as well.

PLease do share widely so that more may benefit

All writing is copyright of tara Greene

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How to love a sexy freak

DECEMBER 4 Mars enters Aquarius  @ 3:37 pm PST/ 6:57 pm EST

Yes its time to get your freak on. Mars is sex, passion, action. Love your freak, his freak, her freak,everybody’s freak.

Gotta Love those Aquarians, and all things Aquarian. freedom, rebellion, technology, the tribe, individual rights.

Aquarius rules, engineers, broadcasting, faith healers, psychologists, parliaments, communes, ether, blood disorders,  batteries, modern architectures,

Mars in Aquarius this is cyber sex, robot sex, mechanical, shiny sex toys,

It’s detached, intellectual, inventive, tuned into Higher consciousness. 

I am sure you have loved one Aquarian in your life?

NO? If not, perhaps there is something to take note of. Why not?

yes this is the dawning of the Age of  Aquarius, Age of Aquarius. 

Gay marriage, LGBT are all very Aquarian.

Love your iPhone? iPad,is all Aquarian.

Mars in Aquarius is very cool, very detached. No messy dramatic LEO type emotional stuff now.

It’s the sign opposite Leo of course.

YAY for geekdom until Jan 12/13 2015 when Mars enters Pisces.

Mars in Aquarius encourages you to do everything outside of the box , outside of your normal.

there will be mucho REVOLUTIONS protests, V for Vendetta type of energy.

Be aware and awake to inspirational insights, the blast of the Lightning bolt.

This aspect also signifies MALE LIBERATION from the old MACHO hero stance.

Men need to explore beyond their narrow bandwidth of what is acceptable and normally considered masculine.

It is very confining, it keeps men stuck in a cookie cutter way of acting, especially in the corporate world.

This is very important now as the old Patriarchal stereotype of the male predator, the soldier who rapes,uses and abuses women is being outted in the media.

This is the counterpart to the Goddess returning and a NEW EQUALITY and freedom in relationships. 

Uranus is the modern ruler of Aquarius and Uranus is about to square PLUTO on Dec 14/15 in the 6th of the 7 exact cardinal crosses. 

This ties in the revolutionary impact of these times.

There may be a shocking realization for a lot of men, a lot of the population a rippling out effect.

Check out where the 11th Fixed air sign is in your natal chart.

AQUARIUS rules: astronauts, Arabia, Congress, Lithuania, movies, paradoxes, Russia, Syria, Toronto and x-rays.

MARS is putting the passion into the outsider look.

Aquarius is the sign of managers, organizers, co-operatives and shared leadership.

The current popularity of Mockingjay the hit movie, based on the HUNGER GAMES Trilogy

about heroine Katniss Everdeen and her revolutionary role in bringing down President Snow and PANEM  to bring freedom from tyranny is totally apt for this planetary energy.

Mars in Aquarius folks march to their own drummers, are strongly unique in themselves.

In an era of many false choice where everyone follows the herd and everyone has the same culturally defined status symbols. Mars in Aquarius enables you to stop and tune into a higher vibration and learn to sense your own individual heartbeat.  

Just because Aquarius is none for being detached doesn’t mean they can’t be sexy.

Check out this LIST of Famous Mars in Aquarius types

Real Mars men first

Matthew McConaughey  astro Tara Geene


I SING THE BODY ELECTRIC was a famous Ray Bradbury Story that was a Twilight Zone 100th episode. A very Aquarian symbol.





scarlett johansson Astrology Tara Greene



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Are friends electric? Gary Numan 1979  

Le Freak- Chic