Saturn turns Retrograde

Just want to remind you Mars is Out of Bounds in GEMINI from March 21, 10:30:41 am EDT until May 24, at 1:45:26 pm EDT. Actions and passions are volatile in communications, decisions and in the media. There are 2 wild sides to every story.

Saturn stations Retrograde May 23 @ 13° 31′ Aquarius at 2:18 am PDT/ 5:18 am EDT/10:18 am GMT until Oct 11th @ 6 degrees 53′ Aquarius

This happens a couple of days before the Sagittarius Total Lunar Eclipse May 26 so that restricting heavy reality pullback will be felt with that.

Saturn trines Venus and the North Node in GEMINI as it stations Retrograde May 23 where it has the most power. SATURN RETROGRADE is always a Big deal in terms of karma, values, money, the crypto markets which are crashing as of May 19. Remember that Saturn rules Aquarius and all things on the internet, science based, innovative, forward thinking, of the collective and higher consciousness.

Saturn wants us to face reality-as it is. Saturn governs career, work and long term plans and goals which not many have been able to make since Covid-19 took over in the spring of 2021. You may want to change careers while Saturn is Retrograde and head out in a completely new and freer direction, Many people are choosing to work remotely. But you need more discipline to do so. That’s Saturn’s alley.

Jupiter in Pisces right now want to escape reality into fantasy and La La Land. Jupiter is trining the SUN as Saturn prepares to Saturn walk backwards.

The trine aspect to the North Node alerts us to follow our highest goals, and new Gemini ideas, to work with others, to work harder on refining the details before we can fully launch ahead in October.

Where are these degrees 6-13 in your Natal chart? What house and what aspects does Saturn the great task masker ask you to complete now.

Saturn rules fathers, seniors, bosses, mentors. Saturn rules career and long term goals and reputation. Aquarius is Saturn’s scientific, retooling revolutionary ideas sign.

Saturn like to keep things the same. As Saturn goes Retrograde expect backlashes to any forwards movements. Saturn still is the great teacher, father Times, limitations and obstacles he demands sweat equity and hard hard work. Saturn is also limits within ourselves the negativities and walls, the resistance to change which Aquarius needs to invent so life can evolve and grow in consciousness.

So do some inventory or your direction and life plans. Its been hard to do with Covid-19. But listen to your higher self and what you need to break free of. Saturn is still reality in whatever sign it moves through. Retrograde reminds you to be here now. STAY GROUNDED. You need to respect history and learn it before you can retool it.

It’s a good time to declutter, and remember to back up computers because Mercury will also go Retrograde May 29/20 just to be alert.

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May all aspects Astrology

May all planets aspects. Mercury turns Retrograde, Eclipse season starts, Saturn turns Retrograde, Jupiter enters Pisces, Mercury  and Venus enter Gemini,
Photo by Brett Sayles on



NEW MOON MAY 11 @ noon PDT/ 3:00 pm EDT 21 TAURUS conjunct LILITH

ECLIPSE SEASON 2021 starts May 26 with a LUNAR ECLIPSE at 5 degrees SAGITTARIUS-right ton my sun.

MERCURY goes home to GEMINI MAY 4/5 goes RETROGRADE MAY 29/30 for a 2nd time in 2021.

VENUS leaves home TAURUS enters GEMINI, Mercury’s home MAY 8/9

JUPITER enters traditional nighttime sign of PISCES MAY 13/14 until July 28

SATURN turns RETROGRADE at 13 degrees AQUARIUS MAY 23/24

Saturn is Retrograde until October 10/11 at 6 degrees 53′ of AQUARIUS.

URANUS moves from 10-12 degrees this month.

NEPTUNE advances to 23 degrees PISCES in a tighter sextile with PLUTO

CERES enters TAURUS May8/9 where she is happier in an earth sign.

CHIRON advances from 10-12 ARIES

MAY 1 BELTANE ancient pagan fertility festival May’s queen, fairies, phallic dances round the MAYPOLE


– romantic, idealistic, very creative – see YouTube video


-serious tests, breakout of the old traditional mold,



We are thinking from home. We are selling the merch and having fun doing it, we are non-stop on social media, dating apps, flirting meeting new people and full of ideas.

MAY 6 VENUS trine PLUTO earth trine

 -good for VIRGO TOO, SENSUOUS, loving this earth plane,love beauty wealth


-wealthy expansion


-love to talk, flirt, get creative ideas wordy. Venus is in her head, and needs two lovers, is fun, charming, everybody’s darling.

MAY 10



Fee is only $22 U.S. by PAYPAL or $28 Canadian funds

May 11 TAURUS NEW MOON at 11:59 am PDT/ 2:59 pm EDT/ 7:559 pm GMT

At 21 TAURUS conjunct ALGOL and LILITH- big taboo breaking DARK MOON

MAY 11 MARS in CANCER Square CHIRON in ARIES and * URANUS in Taurus

  • Difficult aspect where we are feeling the need to be nurtured but can’t ask for what we need. Unexpected or unusual resources can appear if we accept that we can receive the healing balm out hearts so desperately need.


-makes for upbeat, intriguing, genius, breakout, radical ideas convos.

MAY 12/13 SUN sextile NEPTUNE

-highly creative dreamy, visionary.


   Extremely spiritual, psychic, dreamy, compassionate, idealistic, expands spiritual focus, oneness, but also mental illness, deception, projection, karma, jails, confinement, ADDICTION, delusion, debt, oil, glamour, false gurus and VIRUSES’s.


May 15 MARS inconjunct SATURN in AQUARIUS

 – difficult, frustrating, nurture your weird.

MAY 17 SUN trine PLUTO

 – big wealth for PLUTOCRATS, where is your power? what does you soul burn to do?

May 18 VENUS Sextile CHIRON

-talk about where it hurst why you feel so scared to take down your walls and armouring.

May 19/20 VENUS trines SATURN in AQUARIUS

– serious discussions

MAY 20 ITS GEMINI TIME! at 12:37 pm PDT/ 3:37 pm EDT/ 8:37 GMT


– testing PISCES waters with minds.


– food dreaming, split attention

MAY 23 SATURN RETROGRADE at 2:18 am PDT/ 5:18 am EDT/ 10:18 am GMT

-During these 4 and half months of Saturn’s annual retrograde we get to retool, revisit, and rebuild. For all Aquarius with planets between 5-14 degrees AQUARIUS you will feel Saturn’s grinding over you. Saturn rules aQUARIUS too and he is making Aquarians get grounded, practical and live their radical inventive ideals while still respecting the past.




Especially important for all Sagittarians with planets, AC/MC, Nodes at 3-7 degrees of the Centaur sign. This included me. A lunar eclipse is a more internalized, emotional, unconscious effect. It affects your emotional body can affect your home, children, mother, and what feeds you. Eclipse repeats in 18+ year cycles so think back about where you were 18 years ago in 2003.


– ROMANCE is in the AIR


 -talk about love, creativity, write poetry or have to make choices between 2 lovers. Mercury is about to go Retrograde so you could be deciding to leave a relationship.


at 3:33 pm PDT/ 6:33 pm EDT/11:33 pm GMT

EXPECT THIS MERCURY RETROGRADE TO BE MORE DIFFICULT WHEN MERCURY IS IN THE SIGN IT RULES ALL COMMUNICATIONS. PREP IN ADVANCE AND YOU CAN RIDE IT OUT, Its really a revision period to get off of social media, and review, reflect, renegotiate. All the Rx good medicine things. This can have negative effects on the crypto markets.


– difficult love money or power struggles, indicates shaking of the financial situations.


-pursue your dreams, passion for nurturing others, be charitable, addiction highs, pay attention to synchronicity your dreams and visions, meditation is beneficial and feeds and soothes your soul. Be near water if you can.

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Three planets Retrograde in step Astrology

Zodiac Man, Michele da Rodi / Public domain

“As above, so below” is the old Hermetic maxim. But this time it’s more like “here we are, they’re following us.”

As the world is still in quarantine lockdown unable to move forward now, three planets SATURN, VENUS AND JUPITER all turn RETROGRADE within 4 days of each other in step May 10-14th. We, the world and these three planets are all turning back time and not moving forwards.

Be careful what you wish for. 21 Pilots hit song “stressed out” lyrics “If I could turn back time, to the good old days.” has come true. You see the power of the WORD. We won’t feel so alone now with father time Saturn, Beautiful sexy artistic Venus and wise-cracking optimist Jupiter in the crib.


Retrogrades are not to be feared. That fearmongering Fishing clickbait is BS.

Rx is the Retrograde symbol, meaning it is good medicine. Remember everything starting with RE is a clue and a key to how to work all retrograde periods with any planet..Retrogrades are times to Reflect, Renew, Reuse, Regain, Release, Renegotiate, Redact, conversations, ideas communications, and old loves may return under Venus Retrograde . Be sure you won’t regret it.

They are all “personal planets.” Saturn, the ringed planet of REALITY, hard knocks, limitations, maturity, Father Time, the Grim reaper goes backwards from AQUARIUS to CAPRICORN.

GEMINI and CAPRICORN are directly aspected. TAURUS and LIBRA affected by Venus rulership and, SAGITTARIUS and PISCES by Jupiter rulership are the main signs affected. But we are all affected. 

VENUS planet of love, women, money and beauty, always the big fave turns RETROGRADE in GEMINI sign of the noncommital lovers, then Bountiful JUPITER does the backstep in Capricon.

As some states and countries may be opening up the quarantine’s from Covid-19 I simply don’t see it with all this Retrograde action. Venus’ Retrograde is the shortest and only happens once every 19 months but is the most personally meaningful. Jupiter and Saturn turn Retrograde for many months every year.

This is an overview  and I will write more in-depth about VENUS and JUPITER Retrograde shortly

Saturn Retrograde May 10/11 to September 29

From 1+ degree 57 AQUARIUS MAY 10 @ 9:09 pm PDT/May 11 @ 12:09 AM edt AND 5:09 AM GMT to 25 DEGREES 20 minutes Capricorn

Saturn has been in its pre-Retro Shadow period since February 3/4 just when Covid-19 news was coming out and Saturn won’t  be in the clear of its Retro shadow January 3rd/4th 2021

All CAPRICORN’S born JANUARY 16/17 to January 21st/22nd will feel the transit the most as Saturn steamrolls back over those degrees. Any sign with Capricorn and Aquarius planets at these degrees on their RISING, NODES etc will also feel the effects the strongest and personally

Saturn the hard task masker, Father Time, the Grim Reaper, ruler of seniors, testing, obstacles and limitations, depression, heaviness has only given us an Aquarian appetizer since entering the airy hi-tech humanitarian sign on March 21. Many of us have lost elder relatives with Covid-19 as Saturn Retrogrades we may revisit our grief which is healthy and remember its ok to be sentimental. Many people are struggling with depression and suicide. I urge you to reach out to a hotline if you are feeling things are too hard to bear.

Saturn rules history the earth and new archeological discoveries may be uncovered or unravelled. 

On July 1st Saturn re-enters CAPRICORN coinciding with Canada’s birthday and Canada may be in for some very hard times indeed economically and politically. Aquarius and Capricorn are under Saturn’s cold handed and hearted rulership. Saturn makes us take responsibility, it rules careers, long term goals, and patience. We will review our long term goals and use of TIME, while Saturn is Retrograde. Saturn has been teaching us all about patience and many are worrying about how they will persist.

As Saturn re-enters Capricorn again we will retrace where we have been. We may be shocked to remember how much our lives have changed. It feels like life during wartime came out of the blue and the enemy is invisible. The only story on the news is Covid-19. What was supposed to be two weeks is now almost two months of quarantine worldwide? Saturn has crashed the markets, driven up unemployment and bankruptcies and created job losses for millions of people worldwide in an unprecedented way. We must REmember what we took for granted every day, We must Remember what our “normal” lives were like and not forget. Saturn rules the bones and our ancestors its important to connect to the wisdom of the elders and to respect the ancestors who made it possible for us to be surviving now. Arthritic problems and knees especially are Saturnine.

Saturn is associated with fascism and dictatorships and his conjunction with Powerful Pluto on January 12 predicated the Covid-19 virus along with Neptune in Pisces. Pluto also Retrograde now since April 25 takes us deeper into the collective shadows in the world. Absolute power and control using any ruthless means are what Saturn and Pluto are really all about. So let’s take stock of what the hell has been going on. Saturn is reality and our reality needs a good review. At the end of September as Saturn turns Direct freedom and responsibility our ours to take.

VENUS RETROGRADE  May 13 to June 25






VENUS is also Out of BOUNDS at her most Northerly OUT OF BOUNDS declination. This means Venus is really a free spirit and doing her own thing. How Gemini like. 

All GEMINI’S born May 26 until June 12 will feel Venus Retrograde the most. The Planet of Love Retrogrades all over these degrees touching each one. Gemini’s will be redeciding which way they want their hearts and minds to go all over again and again and again. Venus rules love and during her Retrograde old emotional wounds may be reopened, reminding us of old lovers and we may reminisce about this.

ALL SIGNS with planets, Ascendant, Nodes at those degrees of GEMINI will feel the effects most personally in those parts of their Natal charts. Venus rules TAURUS and LIBRA and your sign will be feeling the Backwards Venus review the most too. Pay attention to Taurus and Libra planets and where you natal Venus is. 

GEMINI rules the lungs and Covid-19 is all about the lungs. Gemini also rules the two halves of our brains. Gemini is the symbol associated with the Tarot Trump CARD The Lovers #6

VENUS RETROGRADE can indicate old lovers returning. Old mysterious texts from ex’s may mysteriously reappear. You cant stop thinking about that conversation, especially if you didnt get completion.

The last time Venus was Retrograde in Gemini close to these degrees was in 2012 when VENUS made a very rare occultation of the SUN. It won’t happen again in our lifetime. This Venus Retrograde could pick up threads from where we were then.

As Mercury rules Gemini it’s a good time to review your marketing plan, website blog or socoal media. Also review your love life plan, what do you want in love? Gemini’s tend to be noncommittal its time to talk to your heart about what it wants. And rethink how what and why you communicate and think as you have been.  Are you conversing comes from your heart or your head? Are you loving what runs through your head? We are all brainwashed since we were born. Time to, dump the computer your brain, and prep it for a fresh way of thinking, questioning and seeing the world. 

MERCURY enters GEMINI on May 11th joining Venus Retrograde on May 22 on a NEW MOON in GEMINI that is an important date as Mercury also Squares NEPTUNE Venus ‘s HIgher octave that dates too.  This may be a day of very sharp insights, inquiring minds and hearts want to know. 



MAY 14 @ 27 degrees 14 mins. CAPRICORN -September 13 @ 17 degrees 24 MINUTES 

JUPITER pre-shadow is February 19 at 17 degrees +

JUPITER is finally free December 6 at 27+ Capricorn

ALL Capricorns born January 8th to January 18th will feel Jupiter’s Retro effects the strongest.  Any planets, Rising, Nodes, asteroids, Chiron etc, in CAPRICORN at those degrees will be affected the most 

As Jupiter rules the SAGITTARIUS SOUTH NODE its Retrograde period is important.

There will be a Lunar Eclipse JUNE 5th at 15 SAGITTARIUS  to pay attention to as its effects may be delayed in some ways.

JUPITER the GREAT BENEFACTOR the one who gives optimism, faith, grants, philosophy, bonuses, good humour, bailouts, expansion, International ventures, rules honesty, sports, animals and naivety, is moving Retrograde it will slow down the adventuring gypsy spirit and travelling, which has already been taking place, Education, civil and International laws, immigration, airlines.

JUPITER rules politics judges and laws. There may be a change in politics or a candidate and laws will be reviewed and changed during Jupiter Retrograde. Many political heads of state will change and roll too.

It’s time to listen to old comedians because we need to keep our humour up after being in quarantine for so long.  Dark humour may have a resurgence. Old teaching methods and historical reviews will be poured over for transparency and truth. Reflect on your philosophy. uts a good time to learn new things or reread something to see it in a new light. Online education will get an overhaul to meet new demands. Online sales and marketing may need a back to the drawing board review. Refrain from shopping and buying new big-ticket items while Jupiter is Retrograde. Some basic things we need but extravagant purchases should be stalled. Repurpose is the name of the game.

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Heavy weight loss as Saturn turns Retrograde

April 28 Saturn turns Retrograde until September 18.

Saturn is the Heavy weight planet. As Father Time turns backwards we will  be in weight loss mode. This can run the gamut from literally losing weight to weight loss in your career,  family ties, in reviewing the steps, structures, hard knocks, limitations, depressions, karmic patterns of  father and authority issues we’ve dealt with up until now.

Saturn is the Devil #15 in the Tarot.

If you are 29 years old your Saturn return will cause you to looks back and go deeper into what is blocking you unconsciously with daddy issues. You must look into those old karmic issues before you can fully mature.

Look at which house or houses Saturn makes as it Retrogrades from 20+ degrees  31 minutes back to 13 degrees 55 minutes of Capricorn on September 18.

and the aspects saturn will make to any planets angles, nodes asteroids etc. 

I’ll write more soon for each sign.

PISCES MOON is easy today sextile sun and Uranus in Taurus

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Reality Recheck Saturn Retrograde

Saturn Retrograde, backing down on his own turf- the corporate mountain of worldly success.

saturn astrology Tara Greene

Saturn’s Atmospheric Changes

Yes the planet of Karma, Time Taxes, death, old age, pensions, senators, plumbers, seniors, heavy laborers, architects, leaders, chiropractor’s, who was known as The DEVIL,in the Tarot #15  turns Retrograde we all have to do the hard work of getting down to business. It is most truly a Reality recheck.


Saturn is the Old Master the great tester, the obstacle maker, the one who piles the traps, trials, and tribulations higher. Saturn is like lead, he is never lightweight. He teaches us to work hard and to have patience and persistence and never lose sight of our lofts goals the top of the mountain of success.

Saturn rules Reality per se. Anything that takes physical third-dimensional form is governed by Saturn. Saturn is the bones, the skeleton, he is the patriarchy, the father, the old boys club. Saturn is the rules and the how things work. Saturn is the builder the architect. We all have to pay homage to Saturn as he rules time aging and death.  

This indicates Senators senior CEO’s and those who hold places of high success in the world may be falling from their perches. The jury is not out yet on Zuckerberg and Facebook  Starbooks is recently in Trouble and of course, this indicates Trump and any other world leaders about to fall from their perches. 

This can also indicate the Queen being voted out of leading the Commonwealth. Queen Elizabeth is the longest-lived reigning royal. She has been Queen since June 2,1953, 64 years. On May 16 week leaders meet to vote Prince Charles in. The Queen is turning 92 years old on April 21st. I’ll write more about this soon. 

As Saturn moves backward through his own home turf he is in a better place and he wants to put business in order.

But uh uh uh. NOT SO FAST. ANY and ALL unfinished business father issues psychological and karmic authority issues, shadows tests and obstacles that you haven’t dealt with- GUESS WHAT? Saturn will delight in roasting you over the coals to get you to deal with them now. And I would advise you to face that scary scary place now because it will take another 29 years till you get another opportunity.  And see it as an opportunity please. 

Everyone born between March-May 1988 and December 1988 until February 1989 have Saturn from 2-9 degrees CAPRICORN which is the exact degrees Saturn is Retrograding through.  From the soul’s perspective, you have to get down and get dirty in the mud of your own filth. Not to wallow in it or throw it at anyone else in blame, but to own it as your own. MY SHIT!


All countries with these degrees prominent will get their proverbial coals raked over.

this includes  Libya – December 24, 1951, January 1, 1993 – the Czech Republic January 1, 1993 – Slovakia January 1, 1984 – Brunei January 1, 1956 – Sudan January 1, 1901 – Australia  January 1, 1960 – Cameroon

People you may have thought you broke up with could come back into your life. Saturn does symbolize people and karmic relationships and events. You may have to fix something again. Issues around parenting, your children, parents, especially your father, and taking responsibility for stuff is important.  

Use these intense five months to really do your deep inner work Saturn is known as the Devil. Face your demons and shadows and come out stronger.

If Saturn transits an angle in your chart the 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th house cusps. The effects will be more pronounced as that angle governs the development of the 3 houses in that quadrant

I am available to help you deal with and navigate through Saturn’s school of HARD KNOCKS.


all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Seeing red, Retrograde alerts!

The Aries New Moon energy lasts 3 days Match 27-28 or before you see the first sliver of a waxing Crescent Moon. Stay in that still dark Void space over the next 3 days to gain wisdom and direction. It is a RED TENT time for the world.

Red Tent New Moon astrology Tara Greene


March 28 Speaking of RED, Tuesday is MARS Day, the RED planet.

The Aries Moon, ruled by Mars, is forming those CARDINAL crosses to Pluto, opposing Jupiter in LIBRA and conjunction Uranus. These produce tensions as we all know. Especially for those who have planets Angles at 13-28 degrees Cardinal signs.

The tension is building up to March 30th Jupiter-PLUTO square.

Should I stay or should I go? Is what leaped into my mind.  More on that later. This is another part of the long-term breakdown of communications, honesty, secrets and, power and control in Governments, about radiation, poisons, toxic garbage, and that which has outworn its use. 

RETROGRADE HEADS UP!Retrograde red alert astrology Tara Greene

Three planets turn RETROGRADE in APRIL 

MERCURY goes RETROGRADE April9/10 – May 3rd

Mercury Turns RETRO for the second time this year, @ 4+ degrees TAURUS. April 10 is also a FULL MOON in LIBRA. Mercury has been in its “shadow zone” which is the degrees that the planet retrogrades between since March 16th. If you are feeling communication snafu’s already this is why. Mercury goes back into ARIES April 20th, driving backward looking into a rear-view mirror and turning Direct @ 24+ degrees ARIES squaring URANUS and ERIS! It will take MERCURY until May 20/21 to be able to move ahead again.

SATURN turns RETROGRADE APRIL 5 @ 27+ degrees SAGITTARIUS until August 25th

Red alert Georgia O'Keefe artist Tara Greene

Saturn spends about 5 months retrograde every year.  Moving back from his conjunction to the GALACTIC CENTER, the source of the mother’s milk, the milk which spurted from the greek Goddess Hera’s breasts which flew across the skies. While Saturn is Retrograde in SAGITTARIUS we will see the issues affected by Saturn in Sag. get reviewed.

On a personal level you can go back and finish any task which takes patience, persistence, determination, hard-work and which has long-lasting effects on career, education, traveling, publishing, teaching, religion, seniors rights or testifying. Saturn Retrogrades back to 21+ Sagittarius. and leaves SAGITTARIUS on December 19th near the WINTER SOLSTICE in Northern Hemisphere, Summer SOLSTICE down under. 

NOTE THIS DATE: SATURN leaves SAGITTARIUS officially for the next 28-29 years and will remain in Capricorn until 2020. 

PLUTO TURNS Retrograde April 20 -SEPTEMBER 28

Pluto goes home to his home in the underworld for 5 months every year.  While Pluto is Retro everything that this planet, which I believe will be renamed as a Planet turns back to re-obsess about, sex, money, power. On the global level issues about big banks and government, nuclear energy, Plutocrats, control, and secrets turns back on itself.  We will be reviewing, reversing, reimplementingand renewing our personal soul searching power points, and redressing issues around the misuse of power in the outside world. 

APRIL has  5 RETROGRADE planets, Jupiter and VENUS are already RETRO.

VENUS turns DIRECT in PISCES on APRIL 15 @ 26+ Pisces. 

Expect things to be turtle paced in: the love, money, expansion,

MERCURY RETRO: Taurus-Aries:  communications, analysis, computers, thinking, material assets, real estate, the stock market. 

VENUS RETRO: Aries-Pisces: love, money, relationships, creativity, women in general, weddings, interior design, fashion and beauty, spirituality, dreams, intuition, artists.

JUPITER RETRO: in Libra: relationships, justice, communications, peace, travel, social life, marriages, legal,system, beauty, women.

SATURN RETRO: SAGITTARIUS: Repealing of laws, judges, education system, politics, religion, foreigners, immigrants, travel, publishing, truth, honesty, open spaces, humor, fathers, elderly, pensioners, philosophers, Patriarchs. 

PLUTO RETRO: CAPRICORN: Re-examination of politics, Plutocrats, those in power, super wealthy, secrets revealed. power manipulators, the 1%, career instability, job losses, leaving existing structures behind. On a personal level re-examining your souls’ desires. 

Use these RED LETTER dates well.

Please share widely. All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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How to use Jupiter Retrograde to Rejuvenate your life

Jupiter will turn his big back on us as he turns RETROGRADE, as he does every year, on Feb 5th/6th @ 23+ degrees LIBRA and the BIG PLANET will Retrograde back to 13 degrees 13 minutes until June 8/9th. RETROGRADE planetary times get a bad rap but they are very important and ought to be used very positively.

This means its REJUVENATION time!

As Jupiter is the planet of optimism, faith, trust, foreigners, freedom, risk taking, gambling, religion, truth, higher education, honesty, justice, politics, the military and travel as ruler of SAGITTARIUS and PISCES all of these things will now go SOUTH. Restrictions on these things is already being set up and will be reviewed. This is not a time to move forwards. Do not gamble. 

 Over the next four months things contract. All of the forward progress made will be poured over, investigated, re-examined, sent back to the courts, as many laws will be repealed maybe over and over again. Back to the drawing boards to overhaul, pick apart and rebalance in all phases of your life. RE-examine your goals, education plans, business expansion, health, investments and your spiritual path. 


JUPITER is the WHEEL OF FORTUNE in the TAROT #10 which is also #1

Jupiter has already been in its own shadow phase since Jan 22 just after Trump’s inauguration. The upcoming eclipses on Feb 10/11 and Feb 26 are also Retrograde affected. 

All leaders, which JUPITER symbolizes will get grilled over the coals, especially Donald Trump and all of his appointees. Expect non-stop protests, court battles, back and forth, tit for tat. It’ll be like watching some grand tennis match. Be careful of whiplash. 

This is a good time to do all the RE- things. Review and renew your faith or become cynical and atheistic. It’s a good time to reflect, reject, relax, renew, review and rest.

ALL Relationships will go through serious examination as Jupiter in LIBRA now.


just before MArch 8 which is INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY

VENUS does her once every year and a bit RETROGRADE turn @ 13+ ARIES until April 15/15 @ 26+ degrees PISCES.

Because Trump and his cronies are so anti-women, misogynist, bible thumpers and back in some crazed dark ages. The women’s march that we saw in Washington the biggest one-day event of its kind will see another one then and world-wide. Putin has just made it legal for Russian men to beat their wives again. Do you remember PUSSY RIOT? They were on trial, jailed, whipped by police in public and incarcerated for a long time for daring to stand up to the old Russian Orthodox religion. They did an art performance in a church that was what they did wrong. The Republicans are trying to make it illegal for protesters to protest. This is Fascism in the making. WOMEN must lead the fight or loose their rights.

Venus will move into her next phase where she will become the MORNING STAR during this phase. Venus is the ancient myth of INANNA who goes through a shamanic death and rebirth initiation into the underworld. She leaves her consort Dumuzi on her throne. She is instructed to take off every vestige of her royal accouterments until she is reduced to being a rotting piece of meat on a hook. Her sister Ereshkigal is like Persephone, Inanna’s opposite, the QUEEN of the UNDERWORLD. Inanna has helpers who come and rescue her, she eventually recovers her life, her flesh and restores herself and returns to the Upperworld to find Dumuzi partying and forgotten about Inanna and drunk with his own power. Inanna has him dispatched and sent away. She regains her throne sets her Queendom straight and engages in this endless cycle of rebirth as a Virgin Queen whole and complete unto herself over and over again since time out of mind. 

We need to integrate INANNA’s archetypal story into our own lives. What outward symbols of power and ego needs do we need to give up?  Who are we when we are reduced to our essence? This is a dark night of the soul aspect. Jupiter represents hope and when Inanna is all alone and barely conscious, that is what this symbolizes. The Dark Night of the SOUL is what the world is encountering as Jupiter and Venus both retrograde.

If people don’t get off their asses now and fight, fight, fight, for their democratic rights every day, while the planets are retrograde and major changes can be redressed removed, rescinded, etc. then they are doomed. Please get off your couches and act.  If people got as enthralled with their freedom and rights as they do about the Super Bowl or Beyonce’s pregnancy or The Bachelor the world would be very different and much better. 


SATURN, LORD of reality, seniority, seniors, the Lord of Death, SATAN, turns RETROGRADE @ 27degrees 38 minutes of SAGITTARIUS exactly on the GALACTIC CENTER.  

That is a very profound symbol. Reviewing the law, who is in charge, corporate structure. Saturn turns DIRECT @ 21 degrees SAGITTARIUS on AUGUST 25th.It will take until NOVEMBER 29/30 until Saturn actually moves forwards.

SATURN RETROGRADE is restructuring, reordering, and resetting your reality.

The most important word to remember in a JUPITER Retrograde is REJUVENATE.  One of JUPITER’s other names is Jove, which is the same as Jehovah or God. To rejuvenate literally means to return to God, or the God force within. Spend a lot of time meditating, searching and asking for the answers within. The only authority to listen to is your own higher self or guardian angel. There is no outside authority that has the power to make you do anything against your will or unconscious agreement. 

In dissecting any astrology chart Retrograde planets represent karma. 

Do use these next few months to examine deeply your own unconscious beliefs and shadows. Jupiter symbolizes trust, Venus is LOVE, Saturn is the Mother, the earth and structure. It would be a good time to do past life regression, dream recall, and recapitulation.

Check out where in your own natal chart JUPITER VENUS And SATURN Will be retrograding to see where you need to reset all of the aspects in your life.


all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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drops of Jupiter- Train




Seven to do’s because it’s Saturn Retrograde

It may take a while till we feel the effects of the Lunar eclipse. But there is a lot still happening.

The SUN conjoined MERCURY March 23 after the eclipse.

This sparks  new energy and new ideas. The eclipse was very close to the Zero degree ARIES world point. This is a true turning point. Ultimately new thinking caps and new bright ideas will emerge.

March 24  Mercury @ 5+ DEGREES ARIES trines Mars in Sagittarius @ 3:45 pm PDT/ 6:45 pm EDT

Under a void-of- course Moon. This is an upbeat pursuit of truth, adventure, travelling, optimism and justice. Be daring, be bold, be passionate. 

It’s GOOD FRIDAY March 25

The archetypal story of an anointed Higher consciousness being, called Yeshua or Jesus, knows he must die and sacrifice himself for a Higher Purpose, traditionally to the Great Mother, as a martyr to bring higher consciousness to the world. The story of death and rebirth is a terribly ancient one, since humans first became conscious. All life is a continuous unending cycle of birth death and transformation.  That is under Saturn’s realm.  Easter in the Bible was tied into the Jewish Festival of Passover which is based on a lunar calendar. Usually the two coincide but this year Passover is very late and begins April 22 on a Full Moon. 

The real meaning of EASTER or OESTRE is an ancient pagan fertility festival tied to Spring. 

rabbits, easter, hare, Goddess, tara Greene

Kelly Louise Judd image

ISHTAR, ASTARTE , TARA, OESTRE ancient Goddesses of fertility were honored with symbols of hares, sacred to the Moon, the lunar monthly fertility counter, and rabbits which are very fertile. The symbols of eggs and rabbits were taken on as an overlay on ancient festivals by the Christians. Anyone who studied pagan symbolism can easily see this. 

SATURN TURNS RETROGRADE  March 25 @ 16+ SAGITTARIUS, 3:00 am PDT/ 6:00 am EDT/ 10:00 a.m. UT

LORD OF TIME STANDSTILL and begins to slowly turn the Karmic  wheel backwards. 

wheel of Time, Tara Greene Buddhist



We are going into DEJA VU time, as the Great wheel of time slows and appears to revolve backwards until August 14th where Saturn will be at 9 degrees 47 minutes of Sagittarius. Lets think back as to where we are headed in that future and where we were. Saturn was last at 9 degrees 47 minutes of Sagittarius on December 20, 2015, think back what you were doing and what you were planning for 2016.

SATURN in SAGITTARIUS is very optimistic, altruistic, honest to a fault, pursues justice, higher  philosophical perspectives, education and relating to exotic and foreign things, persons and travel. Saturn rules the Patriarchy, authority, the old boys network, history. In Sagittarius this is politics.  Expect a total change in the political run for president now over the next few months. Sagittarius reveals the truth. 

JUPITER’s square to  SATURN right now amplifies the more optimistic side and expands Saturn’s usually cynical bitter restricting influence on any sign. This  is positive and pressuring. As Saturn moves slowly backwards it is like going through a wormhole or time tunnel, we get to go back to the past to change the future. 

Saturn Retrograde gives us tine to mature,to work on things. It’s like the necessary time spent to let the dough rise, or setting a bottle of wine away. You cannot rush when something is ready. Use this time wisely to carefully craft your master plan, because all of Saturn’s energy has to do with long term goals, career, commitments, maturity and plans. 

Some commitments may break up now or at least must be reexamined. Honesty is truly the best currency now. 

We will have to go back to the drawing board where all ideas are conceived and nurture tweak and reset them in stone before they can really begin to be birthed next August. 

Saturn in the TAROT is THE DEVIL #15. Ultimately the DEVIL is the material plane. Temptation. EGO. It is ultimately not real. This can be a good time to revisit what your fears are. Are you being governed by your ego? What devils do you project onto others? This is a pretty hot topic now. 


1. Revisit all your goals for 2016.

This is important to do now as there are energy shifts coming in the fall. It’s OK to change your plans.

2. Scrap what you are not fully committed to

Only put your energy into long-term goals that you are really into for the long run. Its better to focus on one higher goal.Draw out what your peak looks like, why you want it and what you expect from it.

3. Re-commit your vows, in a relationship or in your career .

This is a good time to remake vows, personal and relationship. Second that emotion. Saturn rules career, redraw a career mandala or where you see yourself in 7, 14 years. 

4. Ask the advise of a mentor or more mature person’s experience. 

This is good to do now. You will be more open to hearing their advice. Also think about your retirement or any long-term distant goals and how to plan for it.

5. Finish up old legal, tax or educational courses. 

Saturn is the tax man, get any old unfinished business done. Immigration, wills or other legal matters of this sort should be finished over the next few months. Finish up the courses already.

6. Honor your father and any male person who helped you

Visit your dad, and honor him whether alive or dead for the karmic lessons he gave you. For some this may be good and for others painful. If there are old childhood wounds this is a good time to let that pain out. Inner child work is very important.  

Tell someone you respect a male teacher, how they helped impact your life It’s important to tell that person how he helped make a difference in your life. Call him, email or meet in person, or send an old-fashioned letter by mail. 

7. Learn to use your time more wisely.

Time is a very precious commodity and it goes faster these days. Manage it wisely. 


all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Karmic Justice, Libra Lunar Eclipse March 23



– a variation of this article is published at Cosmic Intelligence Agency

The second eclipse of the year is a North Nodal penumbral Lunar Eclipse @ 3+ degrees LIBRA, the sign of Justice, karma and balance. We certainly need this to bring balance into our own lives, relationships and to karmically adjust the crazy shenanigans happening everywhere in the world. We need to find the balance between the opposites.

This is a FULL MOON in LIBRA invoking the ARIES/LIBRA, “I” Thou , relationship axis, of self and other. Lunar eclipses brings us new emotional cycles and insightful, intuitive and often psychic revelations in relationships, communications, creativity and values. 

This eclipse helps us to see just how out of balance we are and how important karmic choices must be made now. We have to create a  balance of masculine and feminine energies, a SACRED ALCHEMY, the sacred MARRIAGE, within ourselves and in the world. Recently elected Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appointed the first equal male and female cabinet ministers in the world. When asked why, he simple answered “Because it’s 2015.”  Enough said.

This eclipse will reactive last years’ September 27 total lunar eclipse at 4+ degrees ARIES. Think back on what has transpired in your life over these last six months.  

Visibility Lunar Eclipse Tara Greene

Visibility map of Lunar eclipse. effects are most portent in the total visible range

LIBRA is ruled by VENUS and she is now in Pisces where she is exalted. Venus is especially powerful as she is conjunct to NEPTUNE her “higher octave.” They are blessings us with spiritual, dreamy, out of this world cosmic Bliss. Tantric sexuality, knowing the Beloved, cosmic orgasms and uniting with soul mates is the hallmark for Lovers under this eclipse energy. You can also experience this if you are solo simply through breathing and meditations.

Lunar eclipses stir up the electro-magnetic fields, unconscious feelings and emotions. It also amplifies our dreams, so do pay attention to your dreams. This eclipse also increases fertility aspects. If you are trying to conceive a baby or a creative project, use this energy to help you. Check out where 3 degrees Libra falls in your natal chart.

The Sun is conjunct Mercury eight hours after the eclipse. A clear sign of the need to communicate in new {Aries} ways. This bodes well for new relationships or agreements created around this time.

LIBRA is ruled by VENUS and she is still very tightly connected to her Higher Mate Neptune in PISCES. We are under this benevolent, romantic, creative very spiritual, uplifting, compassionate aspect since Equinox 3 days earlier. 

Mars, where the action always is, sextiles the Moon and EROS, at 3 degrees AQUARIUS,indicating some hot dates. Mars also Trines the Sun from fiery Sagittarius. Mars in Sagittarius is a Truth warrior, a philosopher and fighter for justice. This is all good stuff.

JUPITER is conjunct the NORTH NODE and leading us onwards to expansion, faith, optimism, humility, hard work, learning about the environment, our health and work needs. Jupiter is in a TIGHT square {90 degrees} to Saturn about to turn RETROGRADE {16 degrees Sagittarius}  on the 25th on Good FRIDAY, and digging his heals in the tightest as the planet is barely moving. 

JUPITER and SATURN are in a wide opposition and square to NEPTUNE and VENUS. Your love will be tested in the most practical of everyday detailed way. Money issues may be the make it or break it area, or spiritual beliefs or some hidden or not so hidden enemies, like in-laws.  The reality of what IS, very hard and cold is being revealed versus the big dream, illusion, projection of how perfect they are.

CHIRON the wounded healer and the SOUTH NODE of the MOON and GREAT MOTHER CERES are conjunct indicating a karmic releasing of old, very old, karmic issues which we know are haunting us deep down in our souls and where we are the most afraid to go because that is where we are the most vulnerable and also the most healing of places.

These are ancient wounds around the Great Mother,  in all her glorious aspects who has been denied, suppressed, raped, tortured and ignored for thousands of years. This is a deep wound and every woman carries this as well as every man to. The soul is called the anima and is always considered feminine.  A man feels his mothers emotions in utero, so he knows deep down what the feminine feels. A man’s misogyny may stem from his own guilt and denying his own part in usurping the power of the Feminine. It is a huge defense. 

URANUS and PLUTO still in Cardinal crosses. 

LIBRA’s symbol is the ancient Egyptian Goddess MAAT’s golden scales of karmic justice. The Egyptian’s believed that after death, the human heart is weighed on the scales against Maat’s ostrich feather. If the heart is heavier than the feather, then the soul must return to earth to continue working on its’ emotional issues until cleared. Only when the heart is show to be as light as Maat’s feather and the scales are perfectly balanced, then the soul is considered freed of all karmic lessons.  This is the key symbol and one which we can always ask ourselves, How light is my heart in regards to this?

Lunar eclipses, like solar ones occur at similar degrees every 18+ years in what are called Saros cycles.  This is the 18th lunar eclipse in Saros cycle 142 which began on September 19, 1709 and which will end on November 17, 3007. 

The number 18 seems very powerful to me as a Tarot Astrology and Numerology symbol.

The #18 Arcana {Trump} in the Tarot is the symbol of The MOON. It is associated with Pisces and is the dark side of the moon, symbolizing our unconscious, our deepest darkest fears and karma. 

The number 18 in Hebrew, CHAI, means Life.  We can breathe, LIBRA, an AIR sign; new life into our relationships and into our understanding of our hopes and fears to bring more balance.

The Moon at 3 degrees LIBRA is conjunct to one of the most massive Black holes there is, in GALAXY-87 called ADONIS by astrologer Alex Miller-Mignone. This super sucker of all light and matter’s event horizon is 326 LIGHT YEARS across. That is staggering.  The short story of ADONIS the handsome youth who was born because of a magic spell from jealous Aphrodite/Venus and was eventually forced to split himself into being Persephone’s lover in Hades for part of the year and to spend part of his year with Venus on Mt. Olympus as her lover and part of his time alone.  

I find it fascinating that this Black Hole degree perfectly symbolizes where we are out of balance in our precious time for relationships and where it all gets sucked into these days.

Libra is an Air sign, the mind, it’s about communications after all. The net, our cell phones, sucks us into a Black Hole. They are useful tools but also keep us overextended like Adonis, running from one thing to the next frantically trying to appease others’ needs, our job, boss, partner, children with our own. We desperately need a middle more balanced way.

LIBRA is symbolized by the TAROT Trump #8 JUSTICE, also #11.

Justice Tarot Trump

Justice’s color is emerald-green, relating it to the heart chakra and Archangel Raphael. Its sound is F#. The symbol means an ox goad. The Hebrew letter is lamed.


For the ceremony and meditation we want to bring in as many attributes as we can.  Use what you have.

Minerals and Stones associated with Libra

Smoky quartz, rutilated quartz, Herkimer diamonds, Moonstones, emeralds, lapis, kunzite, coral.

Stones for Aries

Red garnets, bloodstones, carnelian, ruby, amber.

I would use watermelon tourmaline as it has both the green tourmaline for Libra and the red for Aries.

Set up an alter or sacred meditation space.

Use lots of smudge and incense for Cardinal AIR.

Coriander, rose, sweetgrass, sandalwood, and vanilla for LIBRA. Put on quiet meditation music. You can prerecord these instructions with pauses to listen to as you do the meditation.

Use white or green for Venus and red candles for Mars/Aries. The MOON’s color is silver. Use silver candle stick holder or put dimes, quarters or silver dollars on the alter and wear silver jewelry.

Libra rules the skin, small of the back and kidneys and adrenals. Cleansing and toning herbs are angelica, thyme, burdock and bearberry.  The Moon rules the breasts, the left eye, the lymph, bodily fluids and saliva, ovaries. If you have any problems with these areas bring them into your meditation, and use Reiki to amplify the healing energy.

Begin by smudging yourself first.  Light your candles.  One for each direction. Always move clockwise whatever tradition you use. I start in the East, other traditions start in the South.

Call in the four elements and the four direction into your sacred circle.

Call in the four Archangels, Michael, Gabriel, Ariel, Raphael in the same order..and yourself as one equal entity, half of the other. Muslims and Jews, Catholics and atheists, men and women, straights and gays.  See the wholeness of self and other as yin and yang, the polarity which is necessary for all of life. Feel the respect and the peace as each discovers how necessary and needed and loved the other is.


With your intentions, use the eclipsed moon’s light to cleanse and purify any residual conscious and unconscious memories, from past, future lives and present life karma which is keeping you from loving yourself completely. Ask to release any blocks and fears of intimacy which keep you from being in a committed relationship.

Take your time. Ask to bring yourself into a place of total harmony, peace and love, firmly rooted in the middle way or pillar of justice.

Sense your heart reborn anew, lighter, clearer in its original purity.

Now visualize your heart weighed against Maat’s ostrich feather and watch until your heart comes into a perfect balance with that white feather on her scales of justice. Stay with this energy.

Be in this as long as you need. Meditate and ask what you need to do now. At the end of your meditation always thank the elements and spirits and close your circle. Write down visions, feelings and questions.

Blessings,   TARA

PLEASe SHARE WIDELY, all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Friday the 13th be an OPTIMIST PRIME

The MOON is aiming higher in Sagittarius on FRIDAY the 13th,Venus’s day.

The Number 13 is sacred to the Goddess. There are 13 lunar cycles every year which coincide with women’s menstrual cycles. The original magic elixir.

Sagittarius MOON squares CHIRON and the SUN

Pain can be healed with humor and optimism

We are half way to the next NEW MOON. That super powerful TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE MARCH 20 the first day of Spring in the NORTH. Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere.. I’ll write more about it later.

Sagittarius continues to gallop on with those POSITIVE Trines to Venus later in the day.
It’s a day to love those Sagittarius peeps. They have a great sense of humor, are easy-going, teachers, philosophers, lawyers, historians, travellers, gypsies. They love animals, especially horses. They can be procrastinators, judgmental and klutzy.

MOON enters Capricorn 11:40 pm PDT   March 14 – a.m.

MARCH 14 Saturn Goes RETROGRADE @ 11:02 a.m. EDT

and if I haven’t expounded on it already I will.


Legacy of the Divine Tarot Tara greene

9 of coins/pentacles/disks

Legacy of the Divine Tarot

This is a bespoke card promising material riches, wealth, beauty, grace and refinement.

Things matter, stuff, wealth, what it can do for you.

The 9’s are always completions, perfections. The 9’s are also closure.

MEDITATE on material riches and gain.

What physical things, projects, objects, job, wealth, career or health issues do you need to put a cap on?  What do you need to bring to perfection in the physical world?  This could be a baby, a book, a promise, a home, a dream ready to come true.

Use the Sagittarius’s Moon spiritual exuberance and optimism to aim your arrows true.

And Saturn rules the bones. We will put flesh on those bones till next September 17 when Saturn re-enters Sagittarius. With hard work and discipline, focus on those long-term goals and build those dreams util they become real. Fire and earth magic is what brings the immaterial into the material.

But remember not to get too materialistic. Good to remember you are more than the physical world.


All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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