Heart,mind, Love and justice, Mercury and Venus in Sagittarius

Nov. 18

Mercury entered the last fire sign of Sagittarius yesterday and will remain in close proximity with the loved up planet until the two conjoin November 21 at 2:55 pm PST, 5:55 pm EST, 10:55 pm GMT. A marriage of heart and mind.

Cue the Joni Mitchell song

“Women of heart and mind”

This is a great planet combo of Venusian good looks, and honest communications, unpretentiousness, love of justice, demanding truth in politics, a love of freedom, travel, higher learning, philosophy, metaphysics, sports and animal Lovers.

Mercury in Sagittarius is sage intelligence but considered a detrimental placement of Mercurius because it’s opposite it’s rulership of Gemini.

I have a sage mercury and I know my mind is always and has always been multidimensional and easily distracted, always asking deep truth questions, it’s made more exaggerated by the plethora of info on the net.

Anytime Mercury and Venus come together in any sign it’s a winning combo of hearts and minds entwined.

This aspect should see a strong pursuit of justice in the recent FTX crypto Sam Bankman -Fried crypto scam of the century and other political issues such as woman fighting for freedom in Iran. I will look at Iran’s chart to see when the Ayatollah regime collapses.

Mercury Venus Sagittarius things to do

Love learning, love travelling, love adventure, love humour, Love honesty, love the great adventure of love and life, think about your faith and trust that the universe has your back, feel the unity of your hearts intelligence with your mind’s, both have brains..

think the truth,

Walk the truth,

quest for love, truth and justice

while these two personal planets link up until December 6/7 when Mercury enters Capricorn-and December 9/10 when Venus enters Capricorn.

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