Uranus Retrograde, deja vu chaos

Just got back from my second ocean sail from Marina Del Rey, I even got to drive the 30 foot sailboat for a bit. It is wonderful if its not too windy and wavy on the ocean.I do get a bit seasick. The sea lions were out swimming nearby in the harbor and sunning themselves on the dock and rocks.  You can call me Salty Tara now.

I realized that while Neptune in PISCES is squaring my Sagittarius SUN/Moon mid-point exactly that of course I had to come to the ocean, Ruled by Neptune of course, and HOLLYWOOD- also ruled by Neptune, photography, images, glamour.

It’s Sunday I am prepping to return to Toronto tomorrow late in the day and arrive in the wee hours of Tuesday.

Mars trined Chiron early today and conjoined with Saturn.

Uranus has turned backwards today till December 25 Christmas Day. It is a  Revolutionary review time. See your life through new eyes. Revive your rebellious side. Fight the good fight.

If you are feeling bored and stuck with the energy now this is a good thing. As Uranus Retrogrades back to be in aspect to the last Cardinal Cross on March 16  2015 you may have to go back to “GO” for where you were then. See my 7th chakra meditation for opening the crown chakra. http://www.taratarot.com/id189.html

Uranus Retrogrades back from 20 degrees to 16 + of Aries.

The AQUARIAN AGE needs to backstep a bit before bringing others up to the new ways of thinking where we are all one inclusive unit of higher consciousness.

ARIES born April 6-12 will be feeling this aspect the most intensely.

All Cardinal signs CANCER’s, July 9-14 LIBRA’s born  October 9-15  and CAPRICORN’s born January 7-12th will feel the impact stronger than others as it is personal.

This is a good time to review the revolution. What has changed? what hasn’t changed? You can make moves to unbolt and life the hatches on whatever it is you have worked on.

Uranus governs higher thought, it can be a major evolutionary consciousness processing time.Get ready to dump the old programming and clear the computer Your mind for new downloads and revamp your Luddite thinking. Uranus is chaos, it’s also damage control time.

Moon enters Sagittarius early Sunday July 26  getting us off to a happy upbeat good-humored next few days.

The Moon has squared Venus in Sagittarius  putting pressure on those Virgo’s to lighten up.

Moon Trines SUN and Mercury later at night

Shine bright like a diamond. The mood veers to adventure, travel, expansion, questioning your journey. Waxing philosophically  and good cheer.

Moon squares NEPTUNE at night /next day EDT

great night to attempt Lucid Dreaming. The Sagittarius Moon holds memories of past life adventures. Set your intention to remember your dreams.  Also drink a glass of water before you go to sleep.


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Dawning of the Age of Aquarius  






Fascinating Grand Trine big social Healing weekend

Mr. Spock illustrates the  Grand Trine formation.

Mr. Spock fascinating Astrology by Tara Greene



last day of May

CANCER Moon Trines Neptune in Pisces in the wee hours-

when you wake up your dreams would be very emotionally toned, dreaming of water, childhood memories, your home, imaginative, cinematic, other -worldly.
Gemini Sun Trine Mars in Libra@ 9 degrees AIR SIGNS

Shine on you crazy diamonds and charming go betweens. Also good for  Aquarius peeps who maybe will feel somewhat accepted under this transit. A great social weekend outdoors, at the Barby, dancing, mood is UP. Expect to meet nice new LITE friends. Very chatty, flirty. Gemini’s  can take some polite socializing lessons in being extra NICE.  Good day to go SAIL AWAY as big wind blowing and great water trines too.
Cancer Moon trine Chiron in Pisces + Saturn in Scorpio
These are very healing aspects for old unconscious childhood wounds. Y ou may be feeling very vulnerable, especially if you have planets at 16-18 degrees of Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio. Stomach upsets, and vulnerability in spots that may be weakened in your body will surface now. For women Scorpio rules the reproductive organs. If you are “on your Moon” you may be flooded with emotions and your bleeding will be heavy. Take it easy on yourself.

I am having some issues with my back. I have had a vertebrae that has been slightly bothering me and after doing yoga last weekend it’s been hurting me more all week. Lower back issues, perhaps I feel like I am carrying too much weight.

Where are you feeling vulnerable?

Saturn is sitting on my Ascendant Retrograde right now and moving back into my 12th house for the next few months. I need to be finishing my book and working more behind the scenes to prep for my rebirth in the fall.

DO you also have a Scorpio ASCENDANT around 16-18 degrees? We are in the same boat. Allow yourself to cry as much as you need. Don’t hold those feelings down anymore. I know you think they will destroy you, others or overwhelm you. It’s only by damning them up and suppressing them that you think they can do that. They can’t.

The day ends with CANCER MOON CONJUNCT JUPITER again

Another very fruitful fertile aspect. GREAT DAY to plant your garden, seeds will sprout very quickly. Also have a great gathering with family, a lovely dinner, really enjoy and open your heart like the Grail to receive all the ABUNDANCE BLESSINGS in your life.

May 31/ 11:32 pm PDT Moon  goes Void of Course all day /2:32 am EDT June 1st  

so chill this Sunday. No one really takes days of rest anymore. You don’t need to be religious to do this. IT’s  a very good idea to have a day or rest. We are all much too busy in the world.  

JUNE 1 Moon enters LEO at 6:43 pm PDT/9:43 pm EDT

makes no aspects this evening. Just be with the LION. Listen to the LION, the big cat in your soul.


All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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SAIL ON SAILOR – Ray Charles & The Beach Boys