Divine Goddess energy, Juno and Vesta today

Friday Feb 24 There are very few MAJOR additional planetary aspects today. The universe is kind today at least not heaping extra burdens on us on top of the already SUPER INTENSE once we are dealing with. 


MARS OPPOSITE URANUS  EXACT on Feb 26 later on eclipse day




And last but NOT LEAST -VENUS turns RETROGRADE March 4-April 15

Today the Aquarian Moon sextiles both VENUS and MARS 

The SUN sextiles JUNO in Capricorn at 6+ degrees Pisces/ Capricorn.

Juno Goddess of June, Marriage, female genius Tara Greene








Juno painting by Ilene Satala.

This is a lovely positive, enlightening, spiritual, creative aspect for women to connect with their own very special Feminine Form of Genius through JUNO. Her symbol looks like a magic wand.

June named for Juno Tara Greene

Also known as Zeus’s wife Hera- don’t buy into her long suffering wife routine- that is what the Patriarchs reduced her to.
She is the Goddess that the month of June is named in honor of. She is the Roman Goddess of marriage. Most weddings take place in June to honor this ancient Goddesses blessings for a happy marriage.

Reclaim your JUNO- She has 8 arms, like any woman she is great at multi-tasking. Her symbols are the peacock. Many Goddesses are associated with this regal bird. The thousand-eyed peacock’s tail allows her to see everything. Peacocks are the most magnificently beautiful birds. The males show their beautiful tails off to win the hearts of the females.We defintely know that the females are the prizes. They dont need to show off. They have intrinsic inner beauty.
If you have something peacock blue wear it today in Juno’s honor. Strut your stuff. Be the magic wand. This is on my North Node. Nice. I will meditate with Juno today for guidance.


MARS squares VESTA – 20+ Aries/ Cancer- Keep the Home Fires Burning 

VESTA Fire Goddess, tara Greene

This will light a fire for your devotion to VESTA, the Goddess of the sacred Fire within. Vesta was not a literal virgin, that is a later Patriarchal submission of Women’s sacred sexuality. Virgin meant a woman who belonged to no man. Vestal Virgins served in the Goddess temples as sacred Hierodules, or Tantric Priestesses. Every woman had to serve as a living Goddess for one year before she could marry. 

VESTA is the root word for investments so we still honor this Goddess daily, through all financial transactions, Wall Street, money markets, etc. 

Vesta symbol of the Goddess

She is the sacred flame of the hearth that must be kept lit. The sacred fire of spirituality at the core of everything.  Light your own fire of Kundalini energy and keep the focus. 


This is  a day to focus on the Divine Feminine. 

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Mars enters Taurus, sexy bulls Astrology

Mars enters Taurus March 31 -May 11

Uranus in Taurus Napoleon Broussuea art, tara Greene astrology

                      Art by Napoleon Brousseau India sketchbook watercolor 

Mars, the male action planet fires into feminine earthbound VENUS’s territory now. Mars sexy’s up All Taurus people and things. But Mars is weakened in Venus’s feminine abode and also when he’s in the opposite sign he rules, Scorpio. But the warrior needs to take off his armor and rest his body and recoup from the wars.

MARS in Taurus is like the Tarot card of the Prince of Disks

In ancient times it was recognized that warriors had PTSD. When they returned from battles, they first had to go to the sacred temples of the Goddess to be cleansed and renewed from their sin of bloodshed. There they were healed of their traumas by ritually being made love to by menstruating Tantric priestesses who embodied the Goddess. These women possessed magical healing powers because of their sacred menstrual blood and their dedication to the Goddess. The men would have been eternally grateful to the priestesses and to the Goddess for blessings and healing them in this way.  After a period of time, these men could return to normal life in their communities with their families, wives, and children, whole and renewed. 

Mars in Taurus is full on sensuality. It’s a slow hand. Time for all signs to get massaged, smothered in chocolate syrup. As a lazy sign, we can really use this position to SLOW DOWN, smell the roses, and give your couch lots of attention. Taurus has great taste so do buy beautiful perfumes, wines, and clothes. Mars in Taurus is sooo stubborn. So don’t expect much negotiating, in fact, expect NIL and you won’t be frustrated and start to stomp those hoofs of yours. 

DON’T WEAR RED unless you want to stir up an angry bull who will charge at you.

Will the markets pick up? No, Mars in Taurus is not in good shape. Venus will leave also Taurus on April 11.  Mars in Taurus is good for the real estate market though. Taurus rules all hands-on, blue-chip earthy investments. 

Mars in Taurus invites you to get back to nature. Walk in the woods, start your gardening. Plant your seeds, hoe your garden. Make love on the earth. Fix up your house. Take pride in your possessions. 

According to Rex Bills rulership book Taurus governs, 

April, Australia, copper, architecture, Dublin Ireland, Cypress, Georgia, Holland, money, Persia, Poland, tonsils.

Mars in Taurus peeps are often great singers. This aspect loves art and music,go to concerts, sing, buy art to beautify your abode. 


Michael Jackson, Madonna, Celine Dion. Mariah Carey, Selena Gomez, Mick Jagger, Kanye West, Lenny Kravitz, Kesha, Sade, Debbie Harry, Queen Latifah, Lou Reed, 


Tom Cruise, Bruce Willis, Charlie Chaplin, Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro, Keira Knightley, Courtney Cox, Rachel Weisz, Bette  Davis, Jamie Lee Curtis,


President Kennedy, Sir Isaac Newton, Hitler, Salvador Dali, Muhammed Ali, Andy Warhol, Franz Kafka, Tim Burton, Fidel Castro,  Rudolph Steiner, Stanley Kubrick, Samuel Beckett, Galileo Galilei

enjoy Mars in Taurus time, do slow down and smell those roses. 


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SLOW HAND- the Pointer Sisters