Royal Baby Sussex Astrology

A new Royal Baby Boy is born May 6,2019 @ 5:26 BST weighing 3.2 kg, 7 pounds 3 ounces in London England at Portland Hospital a Private American facility in complete secrecy. The Duchess’s labour was reported shortly before 14:00 BST on Monday, by a brief statement from Buckingham Palace followed 40 minutes later by confirmation of the baby’s arrival.

Let’s look at this history-making bi-racial American Royal being.

Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor

Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor

The New Royal, 7th in line to the British Throne is a double earth sign Taurus born with the Sun on the powerful 15th degree of Taurus, a Taurus Ascendant and Moon at 0 degrees of communicative dual air sign Gemini.

Born at dawn with the Taurus Sun on his Ascendant, the boy, later named ARCHIE HARRISON MOUNTBATTEN-WINDSOR is a doubly earthy Taurus. Who will be sensual, strong, good looking, stubborn, and creative with rich taste.  He is a Venus-ruled woman loving Feminist with Venus in fiery Aries and will adore his Fire Sign Leo mom. The SUN also symbolizes his father Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex. The father has the most profound affect on this child. and vice versa. Baby Archie will lead his father in a different direction. 

His Numerology is 5. The #5 in the Tarot is the Hierophant, High Priest or Pope. Indicating his role as a spokesperson. Number 5’s tend to do things the hard way. This card is also associated with Taurus so this kind of makes him a Triple Taurus.

Taurus’s are Fixed signs, strong-bodied, attractive, sensuous, practical, uncomplicated and very creative. Taurus like to make things, love music and art and can be lazy bulls. They crave stability and love to be in nature. Growing up at Frogmore cottage or in a pastoral setting will suit him perfectly. Taurus and speak slowly. Taurus rules the throat, and this baby will be an exceptionally charming communicator. The Queen is a Taurus too.

Harry is a Virgo, which is in harmony with his son’s Sun and Rising sign. They will both appreciate beauty. The boy will have broad shoulders a Taurus trait-like his dad. Harry is of course “over the Moon” and will be a very doting dad. He will be attending to every detail of his son’s life. Harry will have to get over his fear of germs when changing his son’s diapers. When it’s your own child you get over that.

Meghan is a Leo and will be a very proud protective loving affectionate strong lioness mom.

Meghan’s son has a lot of Fire in his chart. Meghan is a Fiery Leo Queen herself. Chiron, Asteroid Vesta, Venus his ruling Sun sign planet, Eris And Mercury which governs his Gemini Moon, plus Jupiter and Ceres in Sagittarius. They will blend well. 

The synchronicity begins.

THE MOON always indicates the Mother and Symbolizes Meghan.

The boy has a GEMINI MOON at Zero degrees in his first house of self-identity. He identifies and is emotionally tied to his mother very strongly.  The Moon is also his own emotional needs and wants.  He will have a clever, charming, curious, airy, detached, communicative, easily adaptable nature. Gemini is dual-natured, which fits perfectly for his dual race and dual citizenship. The boy has CHIRON the wounded healer in Aries sextile to his moon. He will want to help everyone much like his parents.

The SUN and MOON are 15 degrees apart and in different elements, he was born two days after a New Moon. Even though the Sun and Moon are close they are not totally compatable.

The boy’s chart is quite unusual as all the planets are on one side of the Zodiac the Eastern hemisphere. They are imbalanced and will attract all the signs they themselves are missing. 

The baby’s Mercury is in Aries ruling the Moon. The baby will be fast-talking at times and speak early. He may have a flair for languages like his mother. Mercury is conjunct Uranus, out of sign but still conjunct. He will have a unique way of thinking and talking. He is an inventive pioneer, and is destined to be an innovator working for the Collective Higher consciousness of Aquarian politics.

With Uranus in Taurus on his Ascendant signifying the unusual revolutionary nature of his bi-racial UK-US citizen he shakes up a thousand years old Royal Family. He will be bullish for radical change, revolution, new technology, freedom and rebellion.

His chart is not excessively complex.

Venus rules his Taurus nature. Venus at 18 Aries is the apex of a T-square to the North and South Nodes of the Moon-exact later today and Saturn Pluto.

This is a huge karmic significator. This boy’s job is to be a feminist and change the patriarchy- Saturn and the Plutocracy. He will initiate many philanthropic endeavours with the wealth and privilege he inherits. 

Neptune is also the apex of a T-square with Mars in Gemini and Jupiter Retrograde in Sagittarius

The boy will be a dreamer, imaginative creative and spiritual. Neptune rules Hollywood, film, actors and he may naturally be drawn to this world. He will be naturally curious to learn about the world, a natural traveller. He will want to teach, write publish and higher education will be extremely important. Mars in GEMINI brings out his dual nature, this could indicate bi-sexuality or a blurring of his sexual nature. He will be brought up in a yoga household with Grandmother Doria, Meghan’s mom a Yoga teacher along with Meghan and he will be interested in yoga, mysticism, politics and religion. He may exhibit creative artistic and musical talents. He will love to study history the military geography languages and be very sporty with a good sense of humour. 

Lilith at 0 Pisces indicates his compassion for women. He will be attracted to strong women like his mother, 

The final dispositer in the chart is MARS in GEMINI. His role is to communicate to question, to be a merchant and ideas person a thinker.

His NORTH NODE in CANCER in his 4th house indicates his highest evolution is to home, being with his Mom and dad, he will crave emotional privacy. He is a soft-hearted nurturer who will want to mom everything. The way to his heart is through his tummy. He is a sensitive boy who will cry easily. He needs to be sheltered from the Public. He is definitely a mama’s boy, which is a good thing.

His South Node in Capricorn conjunct SATURN which symbolizes Prince Harry his father and PLUTO the planet of Plutocracy in his 10th house of worldly fame squaring VENUS and ERIS in ARIES the disrupting planet in his 12th house of the Unconscious indicates a karmic soul evolutionary need to leave the Power, status, fame and Royalty behind. His mother as Venus is instrumental in helping his soul evolve in this way. Harry as his Princely dad is an old karmic connection for the young Archie.

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Royal Baby birth predictions by Tara Greene

The world is waiting with bated breath for the historical birth of the Royal Baby of Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan which is expected at the end of April or the beginning of May.

I am going to predict when I sense the new American Royal baby will be born using astrology and my intuition.

The Prince and the Duchess have decided to keep news of the birth public which is entirely their decision to make. Despite the huge public interest in them and everything Duchess Meghan wears, does,or doesn’t do they are not in direct line to the Throne and have much more leeway. They are not celebrities. 

Duchess Meghan is a California girl and a thoroughly modern millennial. She has been imbued with yoga since she was a child by her yoga instructor mother Doria Ragland. Duchess Meghan has been embracing a more holistic, organic lifestyle incorporating modern and ancient relaxation techniques like meditation, and was seen visited a holistic shop in London with Harry recently stocking up on products to support her in her birth.

WHERE will MEGHAN have the Baby?

Having royal babies in hospital only started with Princess Diana, only one generation ago. Royal babies were always born at home just like everyone else was from the beginning of time. Every woman’s body is biologically primed to give birth naturally. 

Meghan will uses hypnosis as Asteroid Hypno is conjunct to her Moon symbolizing motherhood in Libra. As a feminist Meghan will want the empowering experience of a natural birth. Birth is not a medical emergency 80% of the time. Intervention is required very rarely. Meghan will have a  100% natural drug free birth. This will be made public and encourage many women to follow suit to go back to Cancerian How it used to be natural birthing. 

HOME AND WATER BIRTH is all Natural 

I feel Meghan desires to have a home birth at Frogmore Cottage in a birthing pool because she is a Cancer- water sign Ascendant and Mars in Cancer too. She will have a personally picked female Gynecologist and other trained midwives and a doula on hand and Harry of course to rub her back and support her, and her mother Doria too of course.

 I had both of my children at home, 100% drug free, no tearing, no stitches, no blood whatsoever. With my first child, my son, midwives weren’t legal yet I trusted them totally and a back up doctor was arranged at a hospital if  I needed.

The fact that Meghan is 37 doesn’t matter. She is very healthy and fit and I am sure she has had medical tests done along the way. 

Full  Moons tend to bring on labour. The Moon was full on the 19th and as yet there is no word. Is Meghan in labour? The Queen officially must be the first person notified before anyone else but of course Doria will be present at the birth.

Queen Elizabeth turns 93 on April 21st.

Duchess Meghan and the Queen do have a lot in common.The Queen’s Moon symbolizing her mother is at 12 degrees LEO and Meghan Sun is at 12 Leo. Queen Elizabeth’s mother Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon was also born on August 4th the same day as Meghan. The Queen’s Ascendant is 21 Capricorn and Meghan’s Ascendant is 24 Cancer. they are opposite almost exactly. That’s a very strong connection. The Queens SUN at 0 TAURUS squares Meghan’s Nodes of Fate at 1 degree Leo North and 1 Aquarius South Node.  They have a karmic connection.  Meghan would want unconsciously to have her baby and the Queen share a birthday plus its Easter sunday too. 

Let’s look at Meghan’s chart

Duchess Meghan and Royal Baby Astrology

Duchess Meghan’s Astrology chart and royal baby

Duchess Meghan is a strong willed fiery passionate energized born to be the “queen” as all Leo’s are to the role. She is an actress and Leo’s love drama. 

THE MOON in a woman’s chart symbolizes her own mother and her mothering style

Meghan’s Moon is in Libra a Masculine Air sign which gives Megan grace, beauty and charm  and the desire to seek balance and to be an ambassador or go-between. Meghan Moon is very well positioned conjunct Saturn and Jupiter the planet of the father, obstacles, maturity and karma and the great benefice give Meg an added sense of that-karmic issues with her Father big time- plus extra luck and wealth.Saturn conjuncts Jupiter only once every 20 years. In the sign of relationships the planets of hard work and good fortune have certainly blessed Meghan purely.


According to a specific Conception point technique the Mothers chart point to a Gemini or masculine sign. Harry’s is Capricorn a feminine sign. I feel that they will have a girl first then a boy within 2 years. The girl will have a traditional first name but some distinctly non-royal traditional middle names.

Saturn conjunct Jupiter and the Moon is a description of having a baby when you are older and more mature yet very fertile. 

Meg has VENUS in VIRGO she is a hard-working intelligent meticulously organized woman. She is a control freak and becoming a mother will change her with Mars in Cancer in her 12th house of the unconscious. Mars in Cancer can show an unconscious drive to be a mother and to defend women and children. 

Meghan has a powerful LILITH URANUS Conjunction at 24-26 Scorpio where Lilith most naturally rules and she is a fearless higher consciousness, uncompromising woman. As you see Meghan will do things her own way. She is a rebel and a rule breaker. Lilith-Uranus are opposite Chiron the Wounded Healer at 22 Taurus.Meghan wants to liberate the women of the world. 

HARRY’S MOON  which symbolizes his Mother Princess Diana is at 21 Taurus in his 4th house indicating how deeply connected he was to his mother. That’s a powerful conjunction.Meghan is meant to heal her own wounds of being rejected for who she is through Harry’s championing and love of her. He projects his mother onto her. She will heal his wounds too. 

Harry’s North Node his highest spiritual goal is in Taurus in his 4th house

To be a father and a husband and to fiercely protect his family’s privacy. Harry’s Taurus Moon trines his Virgo Sun and Pluto, Saturn, which symbolizes history and tradition and fatherhood and The South Node, the karmic past are creating a Grand earth Trine in Harry’s chart. Everything is happening exactly as it should it’s all fated. Harry still appears to be very boyish to me which is wonderful Becoming a doting father will  mature him greatly. 

I am also seeing Harry and Meghan have two biological children of their own a boy and a girl and they will adopt another two or three children as well. Harry has stated that he wants a large family.They will adopt children from Africa and Indonesia as well. 

Duchess Meghan will be unpredictably uncompromising. She must be careful that she doesn’t hurt herself by being so willful. 

WHEN will the Baby be born?

I am feeling the baby will be born APRIL 21st on the Queen’s 93rd birthday since they have such a strong karmic connection. I can hear the QUeen’s voice saying “What a lovely birthday surprise. for my birthday my 8th Great Grandchild was born today to my Grandson HArry Duke of Sussex and Duchess Meghan. 

The Moon is in Scorpio until l3:59 pm GMT. on the 21st.

From Harry’s chart Saturn the symbol of Fathering is in Scorpio at 12 degrees and the highest elevated planet. This indicates his karmic duty in the world and the influence of his father prince Charles. Harry’s Moon indicating also his family is opposite at 21 Taurus. Harry’s South Node, his past is 29 Scorpio and the Moon triggering that would be a very interesting connection karmically to his child. 

The 4th house symbolizing the mother, roots, childhood It is LIbra with Pluto the symbol of power, control, secrets, soul wealth and psychology in the 4th conjunct JUNO the symbol of Feminine Genius. Meghan is very smart. 

The 5th house symbolizes children

Meghan’s 5th covers Scorpio to Sagittarius. The Moon is presently in Scorpio and moving into Sagittarius On the 20th. The Sun enters Taurus and Venus enters Aries which is the symbol of a Wonder Woman amazon feminist. Like Duchess Meghan said about her unborn child. Venus will oppose Meghan’s Moon if the baby is born anytime from the 20th and her Saturn Jupiter up to the 26th. 

Chiron the Wounded healer is also opposite Meghan’s own Moon, Saturn and Jupiter is feeling vulnerable now. I feel the move to her own home finally at Frogmore Cottage has totally changed her need for privacy and being out of the goldfish bowl. 

Meghan is already under incredible pressure because of Pluto Saturn and The Nodes  being at 21 degrees CANCER exactly square to her Pluto in her 4th house.

If the baby is born April 21 the Moon is in Sagittarius making  a Grand Fire Trine to Meghan’s Leo planets. 

Other possible dates and aspects

April 22 SUN conjunct Uranus would exactly symbolize this Royal Sun break from Tradition which Uranus represents. A revolutionary freedom and change in the Royal Tradition. 

April 23 Venus conjuncts Chiron in Aries indicating a child whose mission is to heal the world with love and passion. Moon enters Grounded Capricorn

April 24 Pluto turns Retrograde under a Capricorn moon.  Harry’s Moon is in earthy Taurus that would be a nice aspect.

April 26-28 Moon is in Aquarius  and the Moon is in its 4th quarter.

April 27 Mars in GEMINI squares Neptune in PIsces 

That’s an interesting aspect indicating a great communicator and healer. 

April 28-May 1st Moon is in PISCES This would also make the Royal baby very sensitive creative compassionate charitable. 

April 29 Saturn turns Retrograde indicating a heavy repeat lesson Karma in effect.

May 1 BELTANE The ancient pagan fertility date and one of the Cross-quarter Cardinal direction markers.

MOON is in ARIES May 1-3rd

Mars is in a difficult aspect to Saturn in Capricorn in anyone born on this day. 

May 2 Mercury in Aries squares PLUTO in Capricorn and trines Jupiter a hard but positive aspect with communications with power.

May 3 Moon enters Taurus-May 5th

May 4 is a New Moon at 14 Taurus  opposite Harry’s Saturn.

Whenever the baby chooses to be born I hope it will be healthy and an easy natural birth for Meghan. I say Congratulations to The Duke and Duchess in advance. 

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