John Lennon, October 9 Happy Birthday wishes

Yes John Ono Lennon would have been 74 years old today. Sadly missed by the entire world.

John Lennon wrote and sung Imagine the most enlightened song ever written. It is conceptual song which would never have been written without Yoko Ono’s conceptual art influence on John.  

JOhn Lennon Libra Birthday tara Greene


I believe all Love songs are the soul’s cry to return to Source.

LIBRA’s are ruled by Venus which is in Libra now. Venus is adding beauty to Cardinal Cross.

and Happy Birthday to Sean Lennon too born in 1975 on his father’s 35th birthday. 

Other famous folks born this day

Joe Pepitone b. 1940 New York Yankees 

British P.M. David Cameron b. 1966 totally conservative hawk

Sharon Osbourne Ozzy’s wife- good business woman

Jackson Brown and american pop folk singer in Rock and Roll Hall of Fame since 2004. 

Mexican Film Director Guillermo de Toro b.1964 maker of Pan’s Labyrinth, Hell Boy,The Hobit, an Unexpected journey

Jaques Tati , French film maker b. 1908 

P. J. Harvey -British Musician 

Alastair Sim famous British actor who played Scrooge in A Christmas Carol

Robert de Sorbon, founded Sorbonne University, Paris born in 1201

Camille De Saint Saens composer b. 1835.

Alfred Dreyfus in 1859 famous criminal 

Karl Schwarzschild, German astronomer b. 1837

Aimee Semple McPherson, evangelist b. 1890

Yusef Latif, jazz musician, b.1920

John Entwhistle bass player from the WHO b.1944

LEE WILEY – American jazz singer b. 1908

Thank you all you Libra’s.


All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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IMAGINE by John Lennon  

AS TIME GOES BY- Lee Wiley 1956 written in 1931 by Herman Hupfeld  

Running on empty- Jackson Browne 2004 

Full Moon, Karmic lessons in love, advice

September 16-19

Monday is lite and detached breezy with Aquarius moon

Moon opposes Mars in Leo, quincunx Jupiter and the late Virgo Sun

Ego battles will have to change position to be of service.

Sept 17  walking on clouds

Mercury sextiles Mars on wee hours, edgy speedy dreams.

Moon enters PISCES  -we go dreamy, out of focus, spiritual doormats or compassionate

Moon conjuncts Neptune mid afternoon- wool gathering is what to do. Falling in love again.

write creatively. Watery moon makes romantic Trines to Venus in Scorpio and serious Trine moves on Saturn too. then sextiles pluto.

Chiron and Moon meet in Pisces -so sensitive, easily bruised, hurting, healings are happening.

Moon quincunx MARS in LEO- big ego’s and spiritual types with no ego’s -crash into each other. Don’t argue. Don’t plead- Pisces types.

Moon and Mercury in LIBRA also quincunx for some communications snafu’s here.

Moon trines JUPITER in CANCER- remember those beautiful  water trines? its back


VENUS conjunct SATURN and the NOrth NODE -KARMIC LESSONS in LOVE or Romancing the Stone

at 8 degrees 45 minutes of SCORPIO. It’s deep, sex, love, power, Peace loving Venus surrendering to deep intimacy, ready to commit. Many people will decide to go for it. Make LOVE REAL, Make it Last.

Wedding Horoscope Astrology Tara Greene

If you want to launch a creative business project this is the aspect to do it on.

But it’s also Tests of the heart,  lessons in love. It may be hard for some.

You will see the power -trips,like having alien specs where you can see the truth like in THEY  LIVE.

So Mazel Tov to some, and the School of hard knocks in love for others.

Venus sextiles Pluto for an extra serious, long-term plan note.

sept 19

FULLL MOON at 26 degrees Pisces 7:14 am ROLLING in the Deep

Moon opposes Earthy Sun in Virgo. The 6th house /12th house opposition highlights service to others, co-operation at work,in our communities.

Pisces forgives what Virgo can only fret and worry over. Both sides can work.

MARS IN LEO squares North Node/Venus/Saturn conjunction

the fire is lit, the direction to transform love, sex, into serious commitment. Bonding, shared resources. It’s hot.

CHIRON TRINES JUPITER IN CANCER  North Node Saturn and Venus in Scorpio

WATER GRAND TRINE highights healing of old family wounds, forgiveness, understanding.

There is new life, a new spark, a new goal of transforming the past – Saturn.


Mercury in Libra opposite Uranus in Aries, squared by Jupiter in Cancer opposite Pluto about to go DiRECT FRIDAY morning.

A lot of my clients are struggling right now. If people don’t look deeply- Pluto in Capricorn, into their own structures, goals and rock solid ego ideals and are unable to change from the past unconscious patterns, they seem to be being drilled, grilled, tested, fried.  You feeling that????

This is evolutionary consciousness stress. Its time to let go of the old you and drop it. Be in no mind, open, like a baby, or the Fool in the tarot.

What is really essential to you? WHAT REALLY MATTERS?

PISCES FOOL MOON Symbolizes the end of a cycle. There is only one Pisces Full Moon a year. 

What needs to end ? What do you need to surrender? Letting  go,allows for new growth.

YOU gotta have FAITH- that’s PISCES

What do you have to feel grateful for?  Make a list. Reframe things so you can see the positive in it all.


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Your love is lifting me higher – Jackie Wilson 

LESSONS IN LOVE -Level 42-    

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Laura Nyro,gets her Saturn Solar return due

Laura Nyro Tara Greene' s favourite singer

One of my favourite women singers and songwriters will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame April 14, 2012.
Laura Nyro was a child prodigy teaching herself to play piano and composed and sang her first song at eight years old.
Laura wrote many songs which other singers had number one hits with. Eli’s Comin’, And When I die, Stoned Soul Picnic,… and many others. She was so personal in her songwriting and aeons ahead as a feminist. A soulful r ‘n b singer, a contemporary of Joni Mitchell. I heard that Barbra Streisand used to watch Laura perform when they were both starting out. You can check out her story here.
They recently used one of her songs, altered slightly for GLEE,  Wedding Bell Blues. .
Laura was born October 18 1947 in New York.  She was a Libra, but there was no exact birth time, so her moon could have been in Late Scorpio or early Sagittarius. I was not surprised that her songs were so personal,deep, raw and intense when I saw her astrology chart.
Laura had a very difficult  MARS, PLUTO, SATURN conjunction in LEO. Difficult karma with men, power, shadows, authority. She had drug problems,was a heroin addict but kicked it.  All that LEO Star power- she was very much the Queen of her own career.
Lots of Scorpio sexual energy of course.
Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Chiron. Her North Node was in Taurus as befits so sensual and pragmatic a singer.
She died April 8 1997 of ovarian cancer at the same age her mother did from the same disease. 
Laura was one of my musical heroines.  I listened to and sung along with many of her albums for hours upon hours for many years. I even named my son Elijah after her song ELI’S comin’, although i wasnt conscious of that. 
Interesting that after all these years, fifteen to be exact, half a Saturn return, the planet Saturn is now crossing her Natal Sun at 23 degrees of Libra and she finally gets the recognition she deserves, posthumously. Saturn represents worldly position and fame. Saturn is reality, bottom line. It works like this.
A whole new generation will get her songs. She opened up and wrote about her deepest feelings and sesires as a woman, the songs were like reading her most private diaries. Takes a lotta courage to do that. The Confession 1968, has to be the sexiest most raw song ever written. 
But I also loved her 60’s Motown and girl group covers he did with Patti Labelle. Here’s is It’s Gonna Take A Miracle
If you have Saturn and Pluto conjunctions and most of you born in 82 and 83 have this signature. You have many power and control issues, are prone to depression and have many demons and shadows to fight with internally. In Libra you are all having your first Saturn return now. Its time to grow up. You were born when the first wave of mass divorces happened as the Women’s liberation movement rippled throughout North America. So committment to relationships is not so easy for many of you. We don’t have precedent for equal balanced relationships. Your generation gets to create the first new template of equal union in LOVE.
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