Moon Roar, Love SEXtile Kama Sutra Astrology from Tara Greene


and it has wreaked  havoc with my emails, banking and other confusions always associated with RETROGRADE planets

How’s your love/wealth/career life?

so we are still reviewing our old affections, relationship REdux.

Big beautiful very intense emotional Full WOLF MOON wanes


VENUS in Capricorn squares MARS in Libra early in day

Does anyone remember when the amazing comedian Andy Kauffman got into the boxing ring and wrestled with women?

VENUS square MArs Astrology


I’ll let a picture speak a thousand words.

and humor  is important

It’ll be a delish Leo ish dramatic, jostling for center stage, party hearty, ROARING time till Saturday early evening…

so make the most of those high spirited courageous passionate moon vibes.

Good night for dancing you asses off on Thursday & Friday nights.

Also declaring your heart wide open, LEO is very romantic.

Jan 16 late PST   & JAN 17 EST

LEO Moon opposes Mercury in AQUARIUS

– hearts beat speaks louder than intellect,

Moon SEXtiles URANUS  early in the day 

do I have to say anything about this?

Try out lots of different KAMA SUTRA positions

LEO MOON -always on top! Never forget that.

Speaking of Unusual positions- Try out QUINCUNX’s – these are 150 degree incompatible signs/angles.

LEO MOON quincunx’s CHIRON in PISCES -THINK water beds, showers, hot tubs, Aquariums, Oceanside, lubrication

Leo Moon quincunx’s PLUTO- THINK – Scary, dark, money, offices, medals, ticker tape machines, Wolf of Wall Street

Leo Moon quinncunx’s VENUS REtrograde- Think – cross dressing, vintage finery, old wine, garters, innocence, uniforms.

LEO Moon SEXtiles MARS in LIBRA- dominatrix time, play switcheroo, refined music, quality, artsy, expensive champagne.

Jan 18

Moon squares SATURN IN SCOPRIO in the wee hours-


Moon quincunx the SUN later in the day

irritable, cranky, come down off your high, sober up….



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FEVER Peggy Lee

Don’t let it bring you down- sung by Annie Lennox American Beauty

Monday Moon’s in Leo, ROAR, debt ceiling

MONDAY -The last day of September goes out like a Lion with the Moon in Leo.

Beauty and the Beast Vogue Drew BarrymoreTara Greene AstrologyDrew Barrymore on a Vogue Magazine cover 

The week starts off quincunxy- no not some weird new sex fad. Feline Moon makes off kilter and no Scottish sex jokes there either, aspects to Chiron the wounded healer, a centaur. So very animistic instinctive sort of a week beginner.

Moon TRINES URANUS @ 1:11 EDT you felt this last night on the West coast.

let that kitty out of its cage. Unleash your instinctual pounce.

MOON CONJUNCTS MARS in LEO @ 7:03 pm PDT @ 20-21 degrees The LION KING/ QUEEN 

Check out where that degree falls in your chart. It’s where you will experience HOT HI DRAMA. Be BOLD, brave, heroic, roaring, proud, daring, get all the applause, stand up, wear your heart on your sleeve. Leo is the sign of creativity, self- expression, The perfect night to go to a karaoke bar. To Come out from under that lampshade, or wherever you are hiding it and SHINE YOUR LIGHT for all, or just a special someone to see.

Great energy to be in a play, see a play, something high drama, dance, make art, sing.

It’s also a childlike aspect so do let your INNER CHILD PLAY,PLAY, PLAY. Like that song “Son of a gun, we’ll have big fun on the bayou.”

To hell with worrying about a Debt ceiling.

Leo rules the HEART so if you’ve been to shy to tell someone how you feel you will have the courage to do it.

Make a beautiful dinner date, and it will be hot, hot, hot and heavy

especially as Moon also squares VENUS in SCORPIO @ 9:48 pm PDT/ October 1 @ 12:48 am EDT

That means, the power changes. You know, King for a day, Queen for a DAY,

Now the women have the reins. Then the Moon goes Void of course.

You have an amazing time to explore anything while in the void zone. And wake up happy and in  a place of freedom,with no aspects.

ENJOY ENJOY! ENJOY! While You can.   You create your reality,  have a passionate sweet time while it lasts.

MARS in the Tarot is THE TOWER Trump #16 and LEO is Trump #8 STRENGTH, Yah I know the 8/11 thing.

The TOWER and STRENGTH side by side.  Literally this means being a Tower of Strength.

October 1 Moon enters VIRGO @ 11:52 am PDT/2:52 pm EDT  REALITY, back to work, sets in.

October will be a doozy. It begins  all soft and dreamy 

MERCURY TRINES NEPTUNE OCTOBER 1st @ 3 degrees 03 minutes of Scorpio /Pisces 

thinking makes it happen, makes it real- focus all day, remember Mercury is in Scorpio

Virgo Moon opposes Neptune in the evening- how grounded was all that? You have to balance that conundrum out.

The Sun begins contact with the BIG T-square PLANETS October 1.

SUN SQUARES PLUTO in Capricorn 6:27 pm PDT from  9 degrees 01 minutes of LIBRA.

POWER TO The GOAL oriented PEOPLE, challenges to those in power, Corporations, and face offs with the Real people in power.

SUN OPPOSES URANUS on Oct 3 @ 7:11 am PDT @ 10 degrees 31 minutes Libra/ Aries Retrograde

Revolutionary forces are at work, the Republicans oppose everything President Obama does.  Change is the new black.

LIBRA Moon squares Pluto, opposes Uranus and Conjunts the Sun on the 

NEW MOON OCTOBER 4 @ 11 degrees LIBRA- will write more later.

I forgot to credit Napoleon Brousseau with that drawing in my Mercury in Scorpio article –


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ROAR Katy Perry 

On the Bayou- Doug Kershaw