Venus Trine Saturn. Real love royal inspiration

This is a major aspect @ 21 degrees LEO/SAGITTARIUS tonight and it lasts until the 15th when Venus makes her next aspect – a sextile to Jupiter in LIBRA which further adds to the Sagittarius optimism expansion and balancing energies over the next few days.

Her Queenly trine is auspicious and brings elove beauty money strength and courage easily. As with all blessings from VENUS as the QUEEN of Hearts in LEO you want to use this one for big benefits.

VENUS in LEO is very high spirited. Are you feeling more open energized ready to be in the spotlight; showing off your leadership talents and strengths?

SATURN in SAGITTARIUS is the Cosmic Cop of truth justice and optimism. SATURN is the real deal the bottom line. No fairy tale romances here this aspect brings long term commitment such as a marriage proposal. Saturn is a tester he throws obstacles up at you and makes you work really hard. Venus softens the hard edges on all financial romantic and foreign dealings- business relationships long distance once especially. 

If you are an ARIES you also benefit from this energy. 

Trines gotta be worked. They can be too easily taken for granted and then you may be disappointed as to why the magic didn’t happen.

Plan your dream adventure travel tour teachings publishing prince of your dreams now. 

Venus’s metal is copper. Leo’s is gold. Sagittarius is tin and Saturn is Lead.

You don’t want to handle much lead so a lead pencil will do. use copper pennies a golden piece of jewelry. There’s a lot of tin items that come from Mexico. They don’t make tin cans out of tin anymore. 

Create a ritual to honor VENUS. She loves fresh flowers beautiful jewelry and glam. Get yourself all decked out and Be VENUS in LEO. Aim those arrows of love towards a higher calling. Get happy be optimistic. Crack a few jokes. Act out your big performance.

“I’m ready for my close up now.”- Famous words. What does your close- up starring role in the world look like? You need to define it.

The energy will be optimistic over the next few days. Then love department gets chaotic as Venus trines URANUS on the 17/18th. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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