Fire trines, Saturn Retrograde,the buck stops here.

Fire Trines Astrology Tara Greene

Moon is in FIERY self-expressive passionate Leo today and moves into VIRGO at 9:20 pm PDT/ April 7 @ 12:20 am EDT

We are under the earth trine of MARS to PLUTO at night in EDT and GMT and you may be feeling more embodied and grounded than usual.

SATURN turns RETROGRADE in SAGITTARIUS -August 25@ 1:06 am EDT/ 5:06 am GMT 

Planets, as they station retrograde or direct are at their strongest. Sagittarius rules religion, foreigners, airplanes, terrorists, courts, judges, higher education, laws, comedy, taxes, death, and seniors. We may feel this energy screeching to a halt also in our dreams. Airplane strikes or slowdowns and travel restrictions and airplane accidents may be higher with Saturn Retrograde. Saturn very literally rules the father, so any issues with your father’s well-being may come up strongly.  If you are a father, you may want to look at how your fathering style is. Are you unconsciously doing what your father did to you. This aspect can help you say “The buck stops here.” Heads are already rolling in governments everywhere. So expect more of the same. Saturn is like LEAD and we may be feeling tired, as responsibilities pile up. This energy is also repressed authority and can result in anger, rage, foreign terrorism, shootings at schools and universities. The courts are going through a lot of pull back of laws. The cosmic TAX man and ruler of the 3rd dimension may have some old lessons to teach all of us over the next few months. They are all GALACTIC ones.  You may feel Saturn’s regressive pull in your dreams, males or authority figures, or your dad or deceased people may appear in your dreams.  If you are born in the last week of Sagittarius this Saturn Retrograde will affect you the most, also late Gemini and latter degrees of Pisces and VIRGO. 

LEO Moon sextile Jupiter at night and inconjuncts PLUTO
The LUNAR Sextile is harmonious but the inconjunct to PLUTO, Lord of the underworld -the soul world where we dream at night is not. Your sleep may be disturbed by vandals, criminals, and other shadowy figures. 

LEO Moon square Mars in TAURUS also in the wee hours, early a.m. GMT
The mood is “All about me.” The EGO is king and wants to fight.   The mood is pushy, and when push comes to shove, Taurus energy just won’t budge, road rage may be one aspect. Don’t rile authorities, don’t tempt the LION. Holding clout over another becomes the temporary mood.

LEO Moon trine Uranus and ERIS in ARIES he A.M. and SATURN Rx. in the evening.

This is a GRAND FIRE TRINE developing all day.  This is a high energy aspect which can be unpredictable and chaotic. It’s a good brainstorming, “heart storming” energy. If you don’t expect any concrete outcomes then you will be fine. This is a very freedom oriented energy with people being idiosyncratic and rebellious. 

Very good positive energy for all fire signs and air signs. You can be over the top energetically so be careful to use the excess energy wisely. Working out is recommended or dancing.  A lot can be accomplished today.

Leo MOON inconjuncts CHIRON in PISCES

Take those overwhelmed feelings where you are the big psychic sponge of the world’s woes and do something about it. Leo moon wants to act with passion. Start a movement, raise some money, be charitable. Remember that Leo’s have a soft tender side too. 


Trying to tango with a mermaid is the first image that pops into my mind. It is very much The Little Mermaid story who doesn’t accept herself and wishes to be with the Prince. Venus in Pisces can be too much the martyr and have no boundaries and low self esteem. The Challenge of an inconjunct is to try to bring two totally different energies together. Learn how to be proud, and strong, and have an ego, and be the Princess yourself. It’s all about role playing anyways that is something that Pisces likes to do. Act as if…. and see what happens. 

If you are born with this aspect then take that advise to heart. 

Moon enters VIRGO to turn the volume down for most of the weekend. 

Yes its intense. THE BIG CARDINAL CROSSESS of Sun opposed to JUPITER and square PLUTO are full tilt on! At 18+ 19+ degrees of ARIES-LIBRA and CAPRICORN these are the hot spots. It can be devastating for some and liberating for others. Change is the name of the game. 

and to add to the FUN, MERCURY turns RETROGRADE on the 9th/10th at 4+ degrees TAURUS and will remain RETROGRADE until May 3rd when it stations at 24 degrees ARIES conjunct URANUS and ERIS! 

EAT my words is MERCURY”S Motto. Doesn’t Trump say this a lot these days? We’ll see who eats whose words over this next month.  More on Merc Retro shortly.

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Seeing red, Retrograde alerts!

The Aries New Moon energy lasts 3 days Match 27-28 or before you see the first sliver of a waxing Crescent Moon. Stay in that still dark Void space over the next 3 days to gain wisdom and direction. It is a RED TENT time for the world.

Red Tent New Moon astrology Tara Greene


March 28 Speaking of RED, Tuesday is MARS Day, the RED planet.

The Aries Moon, ruled by Mars, is forming those CARDINAL crosses to Pluto, opposing Jupiter in LIBRA and conjunction Uranus. These produce tensions as we all know. Especially for those who have planets Angles at 13-28 degrees Cardinal signs.

The tension is building up to March 30th Jupiter-PLUTO square.

Should I stay or should I go? Is what leaped into my mind.  More on that later. This is another part of the long-term breakdown of communications, honesty, secrets and, power and control in Governments, about radiation, poisons, toxic garbage, and that which has outworn its use. 

RETROGRADE HEADS UP!Retrograde red alert astrology Tara Greene

Three planets turn RETROGRADE in APRIL 

MERCURY goes RETROGRADE April9/10 – May 3rd

Mercury Turns RETRO for the second time this year, @ 4+ degrees TAURUS. April 10 is also a FULL MOON in LIBRA. Mercury has been in its “shadow zone” which is the degrees that the planet retrogrades between since March 16th. If you are feeling communication snafu’s already this is why. Mercury goes back into ARIES April 20th, driving backward looking into a rear-view mirror and turning Direct @ 24+ degrees ARIES squaring URANUS and ERIS! It will take MERCURY until May 20/21 to be able to move ahead again.

SATURN turns RETROGRADE APRIL 5 @ 27+ degrees SAGITTARIUS until August 25th

Red alert Georgia O'Keefe artist Tara Greene

Saturn spends about 5 months retrograde every year.  Moving back from his conjunction to the GALACTIC CENTER, the source of the mother’s milk, the milk which spurted from the greek Goddess Hera’s breasts which flew across the skies. While Saturn is Retrograde in SAGITTARIUS we will see the issues affected by Saturn in Sag. get reviewed.

On a personal level you can go back and finish any task which takes patience, persistence, determination, hard-work and which has long-lasting effects on career, education, traveling, publishing, teaching, religion, seniors rights or testifying. Saturn Retrogrades back to 21+ Sagittarius. and leaves SAGITTARIUS on December 19th near the WINTER SOLSTICE in Northern Hemisphere, Summer SOLSTICE down under. 

NOTE THIS DATE: SATURN leaves SAGITTARIUS officially for the next 28-29 years and will remain in Capricorn until 2020. 

PLUTO TURNS Retrograde April 20 -SEPTEMBER 28

Pluto goes home to his home in the underworld for 5 months every year.  While Pluto is Retro everything that this planet, which I believe will be renamed as a Planet turns back to re-obsess about, sex, money, power. On the global level issues about big banks and government, nuclear energy, Plutocrats, control, and secrets turns back on itself.  We will be reviewing, reversing, reimplementingand renewing our personal soul searching power points, and redressing issues around the misuse of power in the outside world. 

APRIL has  5 RETROGRADE planets, Jupiter and VENUS are already RETRO.

VENUS turns DIRECT in PISCES on APRIL 15 @ 26+ Pisces. 

Expect things to be turtle paced in: the love, money, expansion,

MERCURY RETRO: Taurus-Aries:  communications, analysis, computers, thinking, material assets, real estate, the stock market. 

VENUS RETRO: Aries-Pisces: love, money, relationships, creativity, women in general, weddings, interior design, fashion and beauty, spirituality, dreams, intuition, artists.

JUPITER RETRO: in Libra: relationships, justice, communications, peace, travel, social life, marriages, legal,system, beauty, women.

SATURN RETRO: SAGITTARIUS: Repealing of laws, judges, education system, politics, religion, foreigners, immigrants, travel, publishing, truth, honesty, open spaces, humor, fathers, elderly, pensioners, philosophers, Patriarchs. 

PLUTO RETRO: CAPRICORN: Re-examination of politics, Plutocrats, those in power, super wealthy, secrets revealed. power manipulators, the 1%, career instability, job losses, leaving existing structures behind. On a personal level re-examining your souls’ desires. 

Use these RED LETTER dates well.

Please share widely. All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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