Global resistance

Those who cannot remember history are condemned to repeat it.

Late Terminal Capitalism Napoleon Brousseau
Late Terminal Capitalism Napoleon Brousseau

Please watch this informative video from Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on the Global Resistance movement that is going on and gathering speed.

The only thing to fear is fear itself.

We must be aware of what’s really going on. This is not a conspiracy theory. It’s important that you question everything, everything. Watch the video. And i send blessings of light and protection to Robert Kennedy Jr. carrying on the legacy of his Father and President John F. Kennedy to stop a corrupt government since the 1960’s. Right now is one of the most dangerous times in history.

As a lightworker who came to this planet to teach and to enlighten people I feel it is my job now to step up and make you aware. I use astrology to help navigate these times. I use my higher guides to tell me what I need to know. We must all be able to tune in and listen to our own higher guidance or gut instincts and not panic.

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Put on your revolutionary thinking caps and shoes

Mercury is in Aquarius for a short spin February 7-25. The messenger will be raising our minds capacity for innovation, invention and seeing the higher perspective. Put on your winged hats and shoes and let’s think fast and inclusive.

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SEE THE BIG PICTURE with detachment.


MERCURY will be Squaring VENUS and MARS dancing very close together. We need to bring together our minds and our sexuality into one unified field. The Age of Aquarius is noted for being a gender neutral time. This is the age of information new technology and inventions. The time for revolution and freedom.

MERCURY is the planet that governs 2017 as the MAGICIAN. TAROT Major Arcana symbol #1

Mercury is an airy element, it brings detachment which is useful to defuse the emotional charge. This aspect allows us to organize our thoughts and actions, it gets us to reach out for allies and form support groups. It brings us HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS.

Everything that happens in the world and in our personal lives is a mirror of our own selves. Mercury rules perception, consciousness itself. While Mercury is in AQUARIUS we can see that actually we are all ONE big consciousness of the God source. There are no enemies we fight aspects of ourselves that have not being integrated. 

Trump is us. That’s why most spiritual teachers are saying Trump is a huge teacher for us, he is what indigenous peoples call a TYRANT teacher. A friend of mine keeps producing these I love Trump videos and tweeting them and she is the most liberal person. It is not really about petty politics, although Republicans and alt-right peoples seem to be gaining strength in the world right now as a backlash to being forced to be too liberal. It is all very complex. If we don’t integrate our own shadows, what we fear, what we deny, what we try to wall off and keep out those shadows only grow stronger.

AQUARIUS energy is all about WE, not ME. 

The revolutionary fervor for inclusivism, LGBTQ rights, women’s rights, immigrant’s rights and a more tolerant open accepting society will gain strength now. 

MERCURY/HERMES is the patron god of financial gain, commerce, eloquence, and poetry, messages, communication, including divination, travelers, boundaries, luck, trickery, and thieves; he is also the guide of souls to the underworld, PLuto’s realm.  In Egypt he was known as the great scribe THOTH, whose thrice, three times wisdom brought the Emerald Tablets and HERMETIC wisdom- ” as above so below.” 

In Egypt he was known as the great scribe THOTH, whose thrice, three times wisdom brought the Emerals Tablets and HERMETIC wisdom- ” as above so below.” 

In Celtic areas, Mercury was sometimes portrayed with three heads or faces, and at Tongeren, Belgium, a statuette of Mercury with three phalluses was found, with the extra two protruding from his head and replacing his nose; this was probably because the number 3 was considered magical. His image is related to fertility charms. The Romans made many statues of Mercury, drawing from the ancient Greek tradition of herms or erect phalluses.

Mercury did have his own major festival date on May 15 the Mercuralia. Water from sacred wells was sprinkled on heads. 

Mercury was often accompanied by a rooster or cock which is also the Chinese Zodiac animal of this year. Rams or goats, symbolizing fertility, and a tortoise, referring to Mercury’s legendary invention of the lyre, an ancient harp, from a tortoise shell. Tortoises are long considered symbols of ancient knowledge and wisdom.

DNA Tortoise painting by Napoleon Brousseau


Gives us the ability to think outside the box. We can see things in entirely new ways.  Put on your Mercurial thinking cap and your sandals and download those universal consciousness ideas. 

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Anger levels up, disruption is the word

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It’s the last day of January. The gentle Pisces moon energy of compassion and healing lingers on for most of the day. How have your dreams been?

Moon conjunct Chiron in the a.m. we may be feeling vulnerable, scared and hiding out in our dreams,  reflecting the energies of the collective unconscious.


Moon inconjuncts JUPITER in LIBRA also at night

Difficult bedfellows? Break ups in you dreams? can’t communicate? You know those silenced dreams where you can’t speak?

Moon squares SATURN in the early morning

You may wake up feeling that cold water of reality has been dumped on your head. OMG what a nightmare I had. I dreamed some crazy right-wing old Patriarchy is running the U.S. Now. Oh darn that’s not a bad dream. It’s real.  You will be feeling achy and grumpy.  Saturn is bitter and cold. 


But the moon conjuncting VENUS in PISCES will lift your spirits

VENUS is square to the GALACTIC CENTER, Tune into those higher vibes. Stay heart centered. MOON goes VOID OF COURSE at 9:36 am PST

MOON enters ARIES we are getting more angry, demonstrative and like loose cannons

Moon conjuncts MARS @ 6:52 pm PST/ 9:52 pm EST/ FEB 1 @ 2:52 am

BANG! The firecrackers are lit. You think people have been angry the last few days? This is just heating up. 

NO such thing as patience. I am feeling Mars in ARIES affecting me already. It’s spontaneous, it doesn’t think before it actS, IT’S ON DEFENSE, ITS THE WARRIOR ZONE.



Eris By Dante Rossetti, Astrology

The communication revolt is on. People are making their dissent and resist messages loud and clear against the Plutocratic dictations of Trump. This is only getting more and more embroiled. It is like the 60’s all over again. It’s got TWITTER- the Uranian internet invention to vent on and every other internet way to rant, troll and attack. 


ERIS by Dante Gabriel Rosseti 

All of this verbiage and what does it accomplish? 

I am trying to find some quiet in all the cyber noise. It is upsetting here in Canada to have that hate crime in Quebec but the Country seems to be pulling together sportively. The thing is where did that crazy French Canadian racist white kid accused of six counts of murder get his gun? 

President Donald Trump fired acting Attorney General Sally Yates Monday night for “refusing to enforce a legal order designed to protect the citizens of the United States,”(Yates) has betrayed the Department of Justice,” the White House statement said.

Does Donald still think he is on CELEBRITY APPRENTICE? – Betrayal is a strong word to use. How about ” We disagree that the acting A.G. used her own conscience? “

I am glad that Ms. Yates did the right thing and listened to what was true for her. It takes real courage to do that.


All of this DISSONANCE is being amplified by newly discovered Dwarf Planet ERIS. She is the Goddess of discord. ” I can’t get no satisfaction” is the song meme for 2017. Trump is using it to his advantage. I do believe all of this shuffling of people around is to create a coup in the U.S.  

The Psychologist Carl Jung wrote

“in all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order,

in all caprice a fixed law, for everything that works is grounded on its opposite.”  Jung’s advice is to seek out the “secret order, to sense a plan, a meaning, a purpose over and above the soul/anima’s nature.”

In this time of dissonance, the remedy is resonance.

In other words, we must break through and open our fears and defenses to be vulnerable and open to all of this to find the true archetypal energies which are being played out now.

Resonate with the highest vibration, pray.

This also spells a lot of CHAOS which is necessary to open things up, break them apart so that something new can emerge even though it can be very uncomfortable.

“May you live in interesting times.” Ain’t it the truth. 

Please share widely, all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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