These deathly times, cosmic colonics, Astrology imperatives

Thinking about a ray of hope for the future. The Scorpio emphasis now with Saturn and North Node in Scorpio is heavy, Saturn is Lead and Scorpio is Death/dead. Sounds like Goth beatnik poetry.  Saturn rules reality, everything in matter, in form. Saturn is everyone and everything’s physical world teacher, he was  known as the Grim reaper. Saturn is the imperative.

Scorpio is the sign of death and rebirth, transformation, it is a process, like alchemy. Tibetan Buddhists sit in cemetary’s and charnel grounds  to understand the  temporality of life. We are learning from two deathly hallows symbols. We need to appreciate the beauty in death and change. Saturn is karma, we need to take responsibility for what we have created.

So of course we are experiencing  huge emotional upheavals, much death, change, power issues, secrets being revealed, for each one of us and countries in the world. This is a time of healing the past, letting go of old resentments which coagulate and stagnate spiritual and emotional growth and expansion. The more we hold onto something with grudges, resentments, victimization, blame, scapegoating, revenge, the more we hinder our growth and dig deeper holes for ourselves.

The North Node which symbolizes our highest growth direction has been in Scorpio since August 29 2012 and will stay there till February 18,2014.Scorpio is the sign of the emotional glue that attaches ,fixes us to come back to this mortal plane.

As the North Node shifts into compatible, relationship, peace seeking, balanced, Justice and equality oriented LIBRA there is much more hope coming for the next year and a half after that. That’s 4 more months to complete your past resentment , have a cosmic colonic and move on.

Where is the 8th sign in your Astrology chart?

That is where you obsess, where you hold resentments,  where you secretly curse them righteously for. Scorpio is a Fixed sign and it is very difficult for Scorpio’s to let go of control and holding on when they deep down unconsciously that it is totally futile to try and resist Death and change, It is impossible FGS. So just give it up and do something new.

I have a Scorpio Ascendant myself. I know this territory it is my teacher.

this situation in Egypt is very troubling. The bloodshed hurts us all we all feel it.

So lets all pull our emotional shit together and expunge that old crap, purge ourselves. I actually need to go have a check up colonoscopy,  which I realise is totally symbolic as well.

Get out your journals and really sit with these questions. What am I holding onto? Where am I holding these resentments in my body?

What is it doing for me? There’s always a pay off even if it seems negative, there’s a fear of something that the holding pattern  is protecting.

How can i best let go and move on?

Moon enters Aquarius Aug 19 and squares Saturn so you will be able to detach and look. 

Mercury will enter its home sign of Virgo Aug 23 and it will be much easier to do detailed, focused, analytical work on oneself.

Be honest with yourself, Imagine feeling totally clean, clear unhampered from all that shitty baggage. Weight loss for the soul. You will be free!!!! Freedom can be relaxing, exciting, peaceful.

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LET IT GO by Luba 1984 

“Too many doubts, Too much fear, Too much danger
When society constructs   Our human nature oh
Live by the rules   Live by the laws    Live by commandments
Notions preconceived Can lead to utter madness”