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Ed Sheeran Astrology 

Ed Sheeran is the #1 male pop star in the world now. This astrology analysis of his Natal chart was written June 14, 2013. I have added brief 2017 notes.

My daughter Leah, and I love music, pop music and classical music. She has turned me on to 22-year-old British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran’s music for over a year now. 

Ed Sheeran Astrology Tara Greene

Ed has come from relative obscurity in North America with his first hit being “The A Team,” then  “Give Me Love” and “Lego House”, with Harry Potter star Rupert Grint playing Ed in the music video. He is currently on tour with Taylor Swift, the American country music cross over singer. He was nominated for a Grammy and sang with Sir Elton John { who originally signed on to manage him years ago} on the broadcast, he is now mainstream in his popularity.

His huge success came in 2014-2015 with the release of Thinking Out Loud from his album X. The Video has 1 and a half BILLION views. His most recent album Divide has been setting all time records. 

The flaming red-haired, bed head tattooed singer was formerly homeless. He is a high school dropout and has been recording and producing his own songs since he was 14. He seems to be the most down to earth unpretentious person you would want to meet, with a sweet voice, and an amazing range of song styles, he writes very beautiful lyrics and plays in a very simple folk singer style on a 3/4 size beat up guitar. I am really enthralled with his music. I play it for adults who wouldn’t normally be exposed to it and they all love it too.

I feel Ed is the perfect example of the New Masculine, he is definitely masculine but with a very sensitive, emotional, tender, heart-felt empathetic side. His Feminine side is very well-developed so he is balanced.  So lets check out his Astrology chart.


click on chart to view largerEd SHEERAN ASTROLOGY CHART

ED SHEERAN is an AQUARIAN born February 17 1991 in Halifax Great Britian. I have no birth time so use Noon for a public celebrity. 

His Sun, is at 28 degrees Aquarius. He is an unconventional,  strong individual, independent, stubborn, a natural leader, but not an egotistical one, with high-minded ideals, a natural rebel, he follows his own style. He is very bright, intellectual, analytical, a vessel of higher consciousness. He likes new technology, building structures, feels like he is part of the world tribe. 

The Moon representing his mother, who he is very close to, was in early ARIES at noon. But it could also have been in late Pisces is he has been born after midnight. The Moon is super important as it is the emotions, the unconscious, the feelings, instincts. I feel that he was born in the night and his Moon is in Pisces. It is the Moon at its most sensitive, intuitive, creative, spiritual, dreamy, addictive and he has songs about drinking and {in 2017 cocaine} Pisces is the sign of addictions. He is ultra emotional and sensitive and predisposed to having addictive types of behaviors, and he loves cats, very feminine felines. 

ED is also a #3 Numerology

This is the symbol of the EMPRESS in the TAROT. That is VENUS, Goddess of LOVE, relationships, harmony, artists. That makes sense. He has very Feminine qualities.

Mercury is in Aquarius  

His identity and thinking are the same. Apply his communications style, thinking and reasoning to his Aquarian self -image and expression. 

VENUS is in PISCES @ 23 degrees 

NOTE:2017 Chiron is sitting on Ed’s Natal VENUS- he can be feeling vulnerable

Most of his creativity as a singer- songwriter comes from this placement. Venus rules artists and singers people who can morph emotionally into others who are empathetic. Pisces is the most spiritual sign and rules all creative pursuits. Venus in Pisces people are largely reclusive and usually prefer to be anywhere but on the world’s stage. Spiritual, sensitive, imaginative, the Give Me love video shows a woman transformed into a CUPID angel. I have to mention my fave song of Ed’s is SMALL BUMP, where he totally understands the feminine point of view. I have never heard a man write and sing such a sensitive song about a woman’s pregnancy. He is a true romantic. 

Mars is in GEMINI 

Ed has two sides to him. He is a fast thinker, talker, He raps very quickly. He is diverse in his styles, he is upbeat, childlike, he loves to talk and communicate. I am sure he can be indecisive. This gives him charm galore, he is a pixie, with an impish grin.

JUPITER is RETROGRADE in LEO at 4 degrees

So this is why Ed is a performer, a strong fiery, passionate leader, this part of him expands on stage and in public, but he is also shy, and relatively un-egotistical. He has a big heart, which he wears on his sleeve. He loves children, is an actor playing roles. He loves cats- Leo the Lion. He loves to travel and learn through experience. Jupiter is opposite Saturn indicating he is nicely balanced, he works hard and plays hard.

SATURN represent the father, structure, karma. Saturn is at 1 degree Aquarius which it traditionally rules along with Uranus as modern ruler. This makes Ed a serious rebel. One whose task it is to raise people’s awareness. He will not be labelled. 

URANUS at 12 degrees Capricorn is conjunct NEPTUNE at 15 and this is a generational configuration.

Everyone born in the early 1990’s has this aspect. It symbolizes revolutionizing big business, yet being part of it or at least understanding how it works but getting it to serve the collective and more spiritual goals. Ed has CHIRON, the wounded healer opposite Neptune which is a transpersonal placement. I a sense he is healing the worlds’wounds by being a world server Chiron in Cancer symbolizes a wounded child who is insecure, about home, safety, needs a lot of emotional security.

PLUTO is at 20 degrees SCORPIO

and square to his SUN. Ed’s chart is very simple, he doesn’t have many difficult aspects. Although this one is. Pluto is the Soul, the Unconscious, the shadow, power, control, secrets. He is very much acting from his soul’s urgings. In SCORPIO this is the MOST EMOTIONALLY INTENSE and SOULFUL as Pluto is the Modern ruler of the 8th sign of sex, power, money, etc. Life is not easy with this aspect especially when unconscious. But he seems to be very strong and aware and this deep soulful aspect permeates his vitality and life force, the Sun and is what makes him so charismatic but hidden. He likes to be private.

Ed’s North Node is in CAPRICORN at 27 degrees

He is ambitious for worldly fame. He has recently admitted to this. He is a very hard worker, patient, persistent, focussed, practical, he is strongly goal-oriented. Capricorn North Node’s don’t usually get their fame until they are older and wiser as Saturn the planet rules it and he is all about maturity. But he is an old soul already. 

URANUS will start squaring his North Node in 2017-2018

His career could take on surprising new directions.

His SOUTH NODE{Past Lives} is in CANCER directly opposite, not shown in the chart. this symbolizes past lives, unconscious memories. He must have been a woman in a past life, a mother, a nurturer, very tender, sensitive, compassionate and he has carried this over. This is his romantic side that appeals to so many women. There hasn’t been a total romantic male singer in this generation. He needs to find fulfillment now through his North Node in his career.

Ed has a lovely GRAND TRINE  in Cancer, Pluto in Scorpio and Venus in Pisces. This makes the planets energy blend together harmoniously. A sweet sensitive creative yet soulful power of caring.

This makes the planets energy blend together harmoniously. A sweet sensitive creative yet soulful power energy. This is all water, it’s extremely emotional. 

Ed’s career started to break out with NEPTUNE crossing his Sun about 2 years ago. 

The North Node just crossed his Pluto within the last 6 months making him a favourite at that time.

URANUS AND PLUTO are squaring and conjunct his natal Uranus now with NEPTUNE INVOLVED AS WELL.

Millions of young people are undergoing this very same aspect. It is a world-changing, revolutionizing aspect. When one becomes famous for their soul talents they embody the direction of all the people in that age group. As the Beatles did in the 60’s or Elvis in the 50’s. If you are born in this age group and need help figuring it out, I am here to advise you.

Saturn will conjunct his Pluto in 2014 and that will bring major rewards. He will be lauded and taken seriously. Success is sometimes difficult to manage. This will be a testing time for him. There can be many temptations there.

So Ed’s greatest world shifting is happening now and for the next 2 years. Not that it will be over then, he is very talented. 2015 will also be his best year in 12 when Jupiter conjuncts his natal Jupiter then.

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So here’s some of Ed’s songs,