End of Patriarchy Mars Retrograde Pt. 1

Mars turns Retrograde in Aquarius conjunct the South Node on June 26 @ 9+degrees AQUARIUS until August 27th. This will be two whole months of Dog Days of summer. All energy action is on standstill. Nothing can really move forward during this time. 

The red macho planet of testosterone, the patriarchy, war, and guns, turns Retrograde for 55-80 days every 25 1/2 months. This is a rare and special transit. Mars will appear 2.7 times brighter by July 31 as it will look in the skies in May. In Vedic Astrology, a Retrograde planet is beneficial and good.  Mars will be almost as bright as it was in 2003 when it was the closest it had been to the earth in 60,000 years. So you will want to be out at night blowing off steam and raging to Mars. 

Mars Retrograde 2018 Astrology Tara Greene

When Mars entered AQUARIUS it did so on a New Moon when Uranus the planet that governs Aquarius also entered Taurus for the first time in 84 years. That in itself is a very rare synchronicity. Both of these are fixed signs.

Mars has just had an important hook-up with Venus. The exact conjunction was on Summer Solstice June 21 conjunct to the North Node in Leo @ 9 degrees+. This transit hasn’t occurred at this degree in hundreds of years. The union of the opposites.  This Venus-Mars opposition is a total symbol of the Hermetic Axiom “As above so below.”

Venus-Mars opposition June 21 is a polarizing opposition, as well as a balance of  the sexes. Venus in Leo, symbolizes the heart, love, leadership, drama, passion. Mars in Aquarius is a detached scientific Masculine energy.

The North Node is our collective “True North” our highest goal. The South Node is our unconscious past, our karma. It is where we repeat the same old patterns and lessons when we are not conscious and aware. This is a huge cosmic symbol in synch with the solstice one of the world Points.

The South Node is our karmic past which we need to be conscious of as it is our motivating factor. We can draw upon the qualities from our South Nodes but also need to release any Karmic past life debts,  baggage,  habits, self-sabotage,  and memories.

The North Node and VENUS

is our evolutionary point of growth-pointing to Leo right now. Venus is the way shower on the North Node in Leo. The North Node in Leo is a firey, masculine, passionate, spiritual inspired, dramatic wholehearted creative, self-expressive energy. The way of growth is women who courageously run like lionesses. Our true north values are straight from our heart/wills. We must follow the Divine Feminine Lion/cat goddess, Bast, Durga, Astarte, Ishtar. Asherah, Atargatis, and many more by hundreds of names.

Aquarius South Node

is a detached masculine air sign known for inventions, revolution, “scientific progress” and individualism in a collective whole. The old masculine detached mechanized way of working, in the past is out. We ate it mechanized cogs in the wheel of the machine. That way of thinking is going down the vortex of the past. 

This Mars/ Venus opposition conjunct to the Moon’s Nodes is a huge turning point in our collective evolution. This is an extremely powerful karmic opposition. The North Node is the Cosmic GPS.

As Mars moves Retrograde everything that Mars governs- men, competition, aggression, war, testosterone,anger, actions, the military, defences, guns, explosions, initiations, spontaneity, and danger gets delayed redacted, and held back, which can produce repressed rage which will explode like a volcano once Mars goes direct. Mars loves action and to be tied down and dragged backwards will infuriate the red planet. For masochists, they will love it. 

As Mars Retrogrades back into Capricorn to station on August 27 @ 28 degrees it will be at its most powerful. Mars will be squaring Uranus in Taurus at 2 degrees adding further tension and potentially even more chaotic explosive energy. Venus will be in Libra then, one of the signs she governs, graciously radiating fairness, justice, beauty, peace, balance and relating to everyone with social flare. She will also be challenging the President and all corporate powers as she will be squaring Pluto in Capricorn. It will take until October 9th till Mars gets to 9+ degrees Aquarius again and action can really begin to move forwards then.

This RED FLAG day of Mars Retrograde

indicates a 2 month very irritating, impatient clawing back period. It’s Rip Van Winkle time on speed. It also makes me think of seeing red. When we see things from other perspectives aspects and energies we see what we couldn’t see normally. Seeing RED is shocking anger and rage. This can be a very good positive thing. One of the biggest dangers of Mars Retro is repressed rage. 

Mars Retrograde is not a time to act, start, or buy anything new. It’s great for repurposing things, consignment, recycling, redress redo revamp and thrift shop buys. Many, many things will need to be renegotiated and remade. Many relationships will end as people’s values are re-evaluated.

Look back and release the anger

This is a good time for men too look back in anger, and reflect on how dangerous and violent the Patriarchy and the prevailing cultural model is. This is a good time for men to re-educate themselves to use masculine energy in a more holistic balanced and positive way. This means honoring their own feelings,their own inner feminine, called the Anima, the soul, which has been the first aspect to be shut down and raped within themselves first. Which I just realized is of course why men rape women. This is classic Stockholm Syndrome. Those who have been raped of their feeling or dignity take it out on anyone lower than themselves. or whoever they can dominate. That is what a top-down Hierarchical Patriarchal structure is. Indigenous men in traditional societies defended protected and supported when necessary the Divine feminine, the earth, and all Our Relations.

Choose love, courage, and the passion to live from your heart. Leo is the sign of the child.  Venus in Leo The lioness fiercely protects her children and works collectively with other lionesses who share power. The old patriarchal military-industrial model is over. The detached scientific progress model is over. 
This is very positive. Choose love.

Part 2 of remedies and more remarks soon. 

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Red flag, Mercury squares Mars, conjuncts the Sun

Mercury owns this MONDAY. He is the closest buddy planet to the Sun. Known for governing thieves, he is a trickster planet. He reminds me of the swift meeping road runner in the cartoons, who outwits Wile E. Coyote. Coyote is also known in Native Teachings for being the trickster too. This is the two sides of Mercury as he is an androgynous planet. He is both roadrunner and coyote, a dog chasing his own tail, another version of the Orobouros snake. All the wisdom in the world can be surmised through Loonie Toons of course.

I was thinking that during a Mercury Retrograde in Virgo such as this one, that we need to plead for Mercury Mercy.  It’s a red Flag Retrograde Mercury day. 

The MOON  is still in “eats anything” Goaty Capricorn which trines MERCURY in EDT and GMT in the wee hours.   

which trines MERCURY in EDT and GMT in the wee hours.   

Moon sextiles CHIRON in PISCES

Do watch what you consume on all levels.

Moon squares URANUS, still in wee hours and at 3:00 am PDT goes VOID OF COURSE.

A cardinal cross to bear in our dreams here in PDT and EDT. It will be 10:00 am GMT when Moon goes VOID.

The trickster in VIRGO squares MARS in SAGITTARIUS

for a convivial, fisticuffs-friendly punch-up or a rousing rowdy row of words in the afternoon. All in good fun. Expect tempers to flare and hackles to be raised in the morning to afternoon.

MOON is VOID OF COURSE until 2:28 pm PDT/5:28 pm EDT/ 9:28 pm GMT when it enters AQUARIUS the double Lightning sign.  I think all the signs need to be renamed and reGoddesized.

Lightning MOON trines JUPITER in LIBRA 

this is only the 2nd aspect since Jupiter enters the sign of Balance on the 999. Get that thinking cap on and take notes. 

SUN conjuncts MERCURY which is the end of a Mercurial cycle and the beginning of a new one tomorrow. Mercury moves into a masculine phase now at 4:40 pm PDT/7:40 pm EDT/10:40 pm GMT.

Remember to stay centered and grounded. Walk in nature as much as possible. The latest trend is Shinrin Yoku 森林 浴  which is translated as Forest bathing. Robin Hood knew what he was doing. Walking in the woods, spending time with trees  is incredibly healthy.  


We are barely over the last eclipse and heading for the next one on Friday Sept. 16 with a big powerful Lunar eclipse of epic healing proportions at 24+ degrees PISCES smack dab on CHIRON the wounded healer, opposite Mercury in Virgo RETROGRADE and squaring Mars in SAGITTARIUS.  The Pisces Lunar eclipse is

The Pisces Lunar eclipse is governed by NEPTUNE at 10 degrees PISCES still Retrograde and exactly square to SATURN in Sagittarius. Yes that soft-focus Neptunian lovething versus that hard-edged cold steel unavoidable tax man Saturn is still upon us. No squirming away from it.

MARS at 23 Aquarius and ATHENA at 21 Aquarius are in sextile and form a YOD or Finger of God to VESTA the Goddess of investments in CANCER at 20 degrees.  

Vesta in CANCER is in sextile to MERCURY and the SUN in VIRGO which forms a YOD back to ATHENA in AQUARIUS! 

Then ATHENA is again involved in a sextile to ERIS and URANUS still in an exact conjunct at 23 degrees + a few minutes which are both forming a YOD to the SUN in VIRGO and very close to Mercury too. This is a real wild card. 

That’s a triple YOD involving ATHENA, with the SUN, MERCURY, MARS, VESTA .

ATHENA the warrior AMAZON Goddess, is clearly putting her spin onto this Lunar eclipse. More about this shortly.

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Love chaos, raging bull and Miley Cyrus.

Monday November 23. It’s only a month till Christmas! 

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The Moon enters “we hate change” and totally sensuous stubborn Taurus. 

This is a very active and frustrating day and totally Venus/Taurus with a little bit of Mars and Saturn thrown in too for good measure. 

If you are a Taurus batten the hatches, its not safe to go out to those pasture today. 

This day could turn out to be a big bull shit stew with 5 Quincunx’s in it today. !!!!!

Label this one. I can’t get no satisfaction but especially for earth signs All fixed signs will feel it. Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. 

What is a quincunx or an inconjunct? It’s a 150 degree aspect between planets. They are in totally different elements and do not know how to relate to each other. Like chalk and cheese, feminists and the GOP. It may be a terrible face off especially with Taurus, being so stubborn. I see Right wing Bible thumping Republicans refusing to budge but also willing to go after whatever their red flag is like a raging bull. Expect the ante to up.


Bull Moon is inconjunct to the Sun- feeling and will are gnashing their teeth at each other.

Moon is inconjunct to Uranus- NO  to anything radical or with a whiff of change whatsoever. 

Moon is in conjunct to Mercury- no comprende me amigo. 

Moon is inconjunct to Mars- women are from Venus and men are from Mars and they are in two different galaxies.

Moon is inconjunct to Saturn- diagreements in politics, foreign policy, legal reform. 

Venus in Libra is inconjunct to Chiron in Pisces

you know Bieber’s song Sorry? and Adele’s song Hello? These are songs for this. 

Venus is also opposing Uranus

expect freedom to reign in the relationship department. Love outside the box. 

and at the end of the day in PST

Mars in Libra sextiles Saturn in Sagittarius

A little balance enters stage left. 

 It is Miley Cyrus’s 23rd birthday today. She is a freewheeling goofy Sagittarius who loves animals and telling it like it is. Miley has a heavy Moon Pluto Mercury conjunction in Scorpio in her 6th house of work. Suddenly all that sexuality had to come out. Pluto by transit is about to go over her Natal Uranus and Uranus square her Natal Uranus/Neptune conjunction in Capricorn. This is the hallmark of this entire generation who are around 23 years old now. I have been seeing many young people with these aspects and issues coming to me lately as they are confused and don’t know what to do. They need to find their higher calling and change the system. 

These aspects are especially affecting anyone born on November 23rs. These are her solar return aspects.

This is a description of what’s affecting your Sun for the next year. 23 is a strange number. 

Call me up and I’ll advise you how to work this. 

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Scorpnado, 4 elements, Father’s Day Astrology

Monday starts off with those OBSESSIVE  deep INTENSE SEXY POWER Hungry SECRET CONTROL issues as

Moon enters the maw of Scorpio @ 3:38 am PDT/ 6: 38 am EDT

Once a month its death and rebirth time- this is NOW.

Scorpio Moon makes a nice little Trine to Mercury Retro- around Noon  EDT

what was it that I forgot, they did?  Expect to feel the rage in hindsight.

NEPTUNE planet of BEAUTIFUL DREAMERS, and All things ineffable, ephemeral, that which MONEY CANNOT BUY goes RETROGRADE.

RE-DREAM those dreams. Old soul mates will return. DEBT ROLL BACK> This could indicate a financial turn around which  could point to some major problems later this year. Watch for gold stocks to rise in August.




the MOON Psychic Tarot Tara Greene


 expect very obsessive, sexy dreams tonight. Don’t drink too much water before you go to bed.

June 10 – a varietal day Scorpio intensity continues, feel the seething emotions. 


Scorpio Moon opposes VENUS IN TAURUS – Not drunk in- but stubbborn and sensuously in love.

A great day to get a deep tissue massage or any body work. Deeply felt LOVE in the body.

SCORPIO Moon conjuncts SATURN. Here’s where you get nailed to the cross-


Scorpion astrology Tara Greene PSychic


propose to your beloved, feel the heavies, sink into a deep depression, find the source of your secret life.  A day to deal with death, finalities, endings, funerals, resurrection, wills, your dad, the boss, quit work,  blow it all out.

SUICIDE LINES Will be at their highest. Get help if you are feeling desperate. I have a number of clients who have been decimated in the GRAND CARDINAL CROSS or Saturn.


blow it out in order to heal those wounds.  Much crying. Go see THE FAULT IN OUR STARS and cry there if you must.

Some quirky quincunx’s from Moon to Uranus- the Universal whoopee cushion of chaos, U can’t avoid sitting on it.

Scorpio MOON is Q. to the sunny SUN in GEMINI- 

the Salton Sea is not necessarily a lovely place to meet folks. It’s a metaphor folks.


Deep sentimental moods. Focus on what you want to let go of and what you want to give birth to. Also useful for to get pregnant. rip down walls,come to someone’s emotional rescue, trust those you love you to support you. watch out for big tummy aches too. 

Once you go through the dark night of the SOUL there is the light.

June 11 YES at the end of the tunnel SAGITTARIUS MOON

GALLOPS in just in the nick of TIME 8:23 am  PDT/ 11:23 am EDT

Except for a mind/emotional boondoggle   Moon quincunx Mercury RETROGRADE in CANCER – don’t try to figure it out. All things will pass.

Moon squares NEPTUNE in PISCES @ 9:11 am PDT/ next day EDT

Great night for launching LUCID dreams. Go to bed early do all the right things, intend to remember your dreams.

I already wrote about the Sagittarius Full MOON- it falls on the 12/13 -see https://infinitynow.wordpress.com/2014/06/07/june-full-moon-serious-love-healing-time-astrology/


MOON enters CAPRICORN FRIDAY  the 13th are you superstitious?


MARS SQUARES PLUTO @ 5:44 am PDT / 8:44 am EDT at 12 degrees + Libra/Capricorn 

THE TERRIBLE Duo who co-rules SCORPIO DUKE IT OUT.  Who you gonna blame?

CIRCLE where 12 degrees LIBRA And CAPRICORN are in your charts. Be very aware of the inner WAR ZONE, the ammo  has been lit. 

War, fighting, hostage taking, shoot outs, attempts to placate the crowds may not be happening.  Dangerous, this aspect squares the U.S. Sun at 13 degrees CANCER. Much road rage, battles against the government, violence.  

Feeble attempts to bring peace don’t work.

This is another bout in the GRAND CARDINAL CROSS my HEART and HOPE TO DIE match.

with Moon jumping in  conjuncting PLUTO adding fuel to the fire.

Moon qaures Mars Uranus and later opposes Jupiter.


Go visit an art gallery, have a nice family barbecue, Spend some money on practical beautiful objects.


most of the Feminine energy of Mar s in Libra has been Feminizing men this year. GOAT Moon qunincunx GEMINI SUN Don’t get DAD anything to do with GOATS, no fetta cheese, body rubs, perfumes or anything made from tin. Maybe find an old copy of Giles GOAT BOY by JOhn Barth? You catch my drift.

MOON ENTERS FREEDOM LOVING AQUARIUS at 10:27 am PDT/ 1:27 pm EDT  to radically shift the energy

ELECTRIC ECCENTRIC AQUArii moon qunincunx’s Mercury Retro in Cancer

be very careful about trying to get a group together at any location. Mercury Retro stuff, you know.

BUY DAD some HI tech with a RETRO look, give him a ticket to freedom.  Buy him some rad chillin’ clothes, take him bungee jumping.


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BORN TO DIE- Lana Del Ray