World Environment Day, Earth Trines from Tara Greene

June 5 is World Environment Day so how’s the environment doing? Pretty Bad.

There’s a new $1.9 billion dollar, 260 kilometer Liquid Natural Gas LNG  pipeline that is being proposed to be built in the North East of British Columbia by competing Canadian, Malaysian and Canadian subsidiaries of Chevron and Apache who own Kitimat one of the companies competing.  The pipeline would transport gas to tankers for thirsty Asia markets. Many Indigenous groups have opposed the Northern Gateway project. – see article link below

GERMANY’s love affair with renewable energy which started in the 90’s is using almost 75% renewable solar and wind energy for several hours a day is apparently hitting some major roadblocks as it is unreliable and chaotic in its present state. Germany has had to implement the use of lignite a cheap fuel source to breach the gaps but it spews more greenhouse gases than any other fossil fuel something which the Greens are not pleased about.  see link below

Yes many thousands of tree huggers are out today which is good but the  constant whispers I hear these days from people who are aware is that the environment is Fucjked and that in 20 years or less life will be unbearable on earth.

We have clearly gone beyond the point of no return as the Oceans will be devoid of life, glaciers are melting at a totally astonishing rate, there will be no water for billions of humans to drink, and the man-made climate change caused by pollution from our greedy over consumption of fossil fuels, nuclear power,and  filthy over- industrialization are causing  major havoc and destruction through flooding, droughts and severe weather patterns.  In spite of environmentalist warnings for over 40 years to clean up our environment and fuel sources we have been asleep. The brilliant Nikola Tesla  proved that there has always been FREE electricity for all humans to use. He was killed by GE. There is solar, wind ,water and all kinds of new environmental saving devices being created every day now by teenagers  to help solve all our environmental problems. Will we use force the NWO to use them? It’s up to each and every one of us. This to me is the main purpose of the GRAND CARDINAL CROSS energy.

We have allowed the powers that be to call the shots as most of seek all the ease and comforts of life without being conscious of the effects of our footprint, like little children. Indigenous cultures always lived in reverence of nature, they knew their lives depending on Her for life. 

In the  Old Testament ” dominate the earth” mentality we have destroyed our own environment. No wonder cancer is the real threat. IT’S’A METAPHOR for the way we live. We are consuming ourselves from the inside out.

MOON is in VIRGO the sign of the VIRGIN GODDESS and the Harvest. Karma -what we sow is what we reap.

Virgo rules the upper Intestines, how we digest our food. YOu are what you eat. Oh yeah and oppose MONSANTO and all GMF’s as well.

June 5

What were you dreaming last night? Moon opposed Neptune?

EARTH TRINES – nice and grounded


Dreaming of Virgin Goddess frolicking in the woods with satyrs, hunting like Goddess DIANA in the woods, or some antique GAME OF THRONES type of feast scene?

Moon trines PLUTO IN CAPRICORN at 12:24 pm EDT At 12 degrees of the 10th sign

Good for Capricorn to plant their long-term gardens today. Hard work is rewarded. DISCIPLINE comes easy today.

Set that new diet regime. Stop eating junk foods, white foods, sugar consumption.  Balance your chequebook. Do something nice to clean up your local environment. Lobby for change in environmentally healthy benefits. 

Moon squares Sun we are a week from the next Full MOON in Sagittarius

an awkward quincunx from Uranus could produce major chaos from environmentalists, and protestors of all types world wide.

Moon opposite Chiron makes us feel how fragile we are 

Saturn and the Moon sextile each other

some serious deep-rooted tactics can be brought up and intellectually analyzed. 


Ace of Cups Tarot Tara Greene psychic


is the inherent potential of all the CUPS- water, emotions, the heart flow. It is the HOLY GRAIL, the Feminine, open, receptivity, the womb. Stay very open emotionally today.  Allow all feelings to arise, accept everything that arises with unconditional love.

June 6 

Is an easy aspect day. Moon sextiles Jupiter  then goes VOID OF COURSE all day at 5:13 am EDT

VOID OF COURSE MOON’s are good for doing very mundane things. Don’t start new things. Catch up regroup, rest, your emotions want to chill.

Sun sextiles Uranus in Aries early in the day.

Moon enters LIBRA at 10:01 pm 


All writing is copyright of Tara Greene.


EARTH SONG by Michael Jackson