Scorpio New Moon, big change times


Death Rebirth Scorpio Napoleon Brousseau charcoal drawing

Death, Rebirth, Transformation charcoal drawing by Napoleon Brousseau

The Annual Scorpio New Moon, October 27 @ 8:38 pm PDT/11:38 pm EDT/ October 28 @ 3:38 am GMT is maxed out with opportunities for major radical, deep soul changes in your life. 

The Dark, Dark, Moon @ 4 degrees Scorpio exactly opposes radical planet Uranus in earthy Taurus at 4 degrees Retrograde during the New Moon. Uranus will be at greatest elongation and closest to the earth and visible to the Naked eye. Scorpio’s love naked.

This makes URANUS’s already chaotic, revolutionary, radical, hi-tech influence even stronger. We will feel it more.

I am here in Sedona experiencing my 2nd New Moon in a month.

Mars is the ruling planet of Scorpio and it squares Saturn and the South Node on the Scorpio New Moon October 27-28.

Mars and Saturn are considered to be two great malefic’s. The South Node is a karmic debt from the past that needs to be paid.

This is a Critical stressed out MOON undergoing major emotional transformations. Issues of spying, taxes, secret, sex, power, ruthlessness, Plutocrats, finances, money markets, lending, inheritance, and transfer of great wealth are being affected.

Mercury in Scorpio is about to turn Retrograde on Halloween allowing us to preview the backpedalling karmic pieces we need to revisit.

JUPITER and CERES conjunct in Sagittarius squaring Neptune and Lilith in PISCES 

The Great Mother and Expansive Jupiter in Sagittarius is helping us imagine a new dream of health and healing mother earth. Lilith is defending the divine feminine for abuse. She refuses to play nice anymore.  Beware of hidden agendas and revenge plots. 

Saturn and PLUTO are within 5 degrees of each other

Heading towards their major conjunction on January 12, 2020. They are rolling down that hill inevitably together now. 


VESTA Goddes of flames and keeping and focus at 23 Taurus conjunct to the PLEIADES trine Pluto and Saturn and Trines JUNO at 27 Virgo

A powerful Goddess earth trine on this New Moon of transformation. Combining the ability to focus on the task at hand by connecting with the Pleiadian energies. Pluto is power and riches and JUNO is the Feminine form of genius, 

CHIRON in ARIES Retrograde is squaring the Nodes of Fate in Capricorn Cancer

We understand the wounding going on on many levels. strength comes from vulnerability. 

PLEASE SHARE WIDELY, all writing is copyright of Tara Greene unless otherwise stipulated. 

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more art from Napoleon Brousseau

More info:

The New Moon comes with MARS SQUARE SATU

via Uranus closest to Earth on October 27

BDSM Canadian sex scandal Jian Ghomeshi

This is a Canadian media sex-scandal. If you don’ know who Jian Gomeshi is, at 47, he was one of the Canadian Broadcast Corporations most popular radio hosts. His show was also broadcast to  public radio stations in the U.S. He had been working for the C.B.C. for the last 12 years.  He created his popular Q radio interview show , interviewing many famous personalities.  Q aired five days a week across Canada on CBC radio and was very popular and acclaimed over the last 7 years. Gomeshi was also a popular Canadian TV Host.

JIAN was a musician playing in a band called Moxy Fruvous before getting into radio. On August 14, 1997, their song “YOU WILL GO TO THE MOON” was used by NASA to wake the crew of STS-85. Note the song title.

 Jian was born in London England, and is of Iranian descent. His family moved to Canada when he was a boy. He is a Canadian Citizen.

His father recently passed away and on October 24 Jian said he was taking a leave of absesce to deal with family matters.

On October 26 2014 the CBC announced that  “information came to our attention recently that in CBC’s judgment precludes us from continuing our relationship with Jian” He was fired. Later that same day, Ghomeshi announced that he planned to launch a $50 million lawsuit against the CBC “claiming general and punitive damages for among other things, breach of confidence and bad faith”. He later released a statement asserting that his dismissal was related to allegations that he had sexually coerced a past girlfriend into engaging in BDSM activities against her will, Jian asserts that this is a smear campaign.– read link below

Four women initially came forward, some 27 years his junior stating that Ghomeshi  brutally assaulted them physically and sexually. One woman had worked for The CBC and claimed sexual harassment but nothing was done about it but an  investigation is starting. New evidence has come out on October 29 with one famous Canadian actress stating that Gian choked and hit her without her consent. Three other women have also added their names to the list of grievances against Mr. Ghomeshi

Lets look at Jian’s astrology chart to find out who he is, I started this on October 26

JIan Ghomeshi CBC Toronto scandal Tara Greene

Jian is a GEMINI, he has a dual nature, a light side and  dark side and needs to learn through experiencing many relationships.Gemini personalities can be viewed as a bi-polar personality. He also has Athena Goddess of wisdom conjunct his 6th house Sun.

All Gemini’s can be charming and are  wonderful communicators, they are like big kids who always have a million Questions. Gemini’s are curious, immature, irresponsible, intelligent, analytical, non-committal.  A 6th house sun makes Gian also very Virgoish, the other sign that Mercury rules. Jian is a workaholic, a perfectionist, relentlessly in his head, nervous, always ruminating. This placement can make people OCD and difficult to get along with.

Gian’s Ascendant is 29 degrees Sagittarius. As the Centaur to the max, he is an inspirer, a philosopher, somewhat wild, animalistic, naive and uncivilized. Ruled by his jolly lucky Jupiter in Leo he is all about the fame game. 

My intuition told me to put the Asteroid Toronto into his chart. Yes there is an asteroid named after Toronto. It is at 1 degree of Capricorn when Jian was born, right on his Ascendant indicating that Toronto was a place of destiny.

Wow I love ASTROLOGY don’t you?

He is an extreme Sagittarius, too honest, a philosopher, easy-going, casual, a teacher, always questioning ,judgmental.

MOON is conjunct Mercury in Cancer in the 7th house

Jian’s feelings, the Moon and his head, the planet Mercury are inseparable. He is detached emotionally even though the Moon in Cancer is the most emotional  and sensitive  can overpower him.  He is extremely moody and be caught awash in unconscious mood swings. Moon in Cancer men tend to be mama’s boys. Cancer men also wear big  protective suits of armour to protect their soft underbellies.  They can be very defensive. He is sentimental deep down and very close to his family. These planets in the 7th house of marriage, are focused on relating and nurturing others if healthy. 

The Moon Mercury combo focus a T-square to  MARS in LIBRA in the 9th house and SATURN in ARIES in the 3rd house.

MARS opposite SATURN is a Classic difficult SADO- MASOCHISTIC pattern. And even more complex when tied into the Moon and Mercury.

Wherever Saturn is there is  karmic difficulty, obstacles, testing and  restrictions.  Mars in Libra acts nice and charming but is frustrated because the natural masculine energy can’t express freely, it is weakened. This implies a need to be punished for being weak.  Mars opposite Saturn is repressed anger -the need to dominate. There are some major father- Saturn, Mother- Moon complications in Jian’s psyche. They may be from past lives not only this present one.

Jian has an EXACT JUPITER VENUS conjunction in LEO in the 7th house of relationships.

Jian is proud, strong, macho,  charismatic, powerful, domineering. He needs to be the big star, an egotist, vain, self-centered, childlike. This is also a classic very fortunate, very lucky aspect but can be too much. He is the undisputed King and  expects everyone to love him, to do exactly what he wants. IN other words narcisistic. He thinks he is  beyond impunity. Conjunct Venus there is a love of beauty,  women, big romancer. Venus in Leo – he likes younger women he can feel more powerful than. He attracts riches, wealth and power.

That regal  Jupiter Venus Conjunction is also Square to his  Scorpio SOUTH Node and his NORTH Node  at 6 degrees Taurus in the 4th house.

The Scorpio SOUTH NODE sits right on top of his 10th house his highest PUBLIC career position like a spire.

SOUTH NODE is past lives or the story we unconsciously are imprinted with when we are born. I read this as meaning that Jian has also been famous before, he has had lots of power. South Node in Scorpio is all about  sex, power, control, secrets, manipulation, unconsciousness, psychology, death,  transformation, kinky sex, taboos, spitefulness, violence. The South Node is where anyone is the most vulnerable, as we tend to fall back unconsciously into our own entrapments.

The North Node is where Jian needs to direct his intentions 

4th house NORTH NODE is in the most private part of his chart. A Taurus North Node is very grounded, practical, earthy, humble and sensuous.  It is creative, also relates to communications and is ruled by Venus. Jian needs to let go of his need for sex money fame power and manipulation and become a simple hard-working , private, self accepting man. The 4th house is home, parents, roots foundation, emotional security, children, nurturing others and endings.

Jian was born in the 60’s with a URANUS PLUTO Conjunction in Virgo in his 8th house of  revolution sexual, freedom. He is a creative genius, someone who always marches to his own drummer. He is a malcontent. The planets square his Gemini Sun. He believe she is fighting, acting or promoting a revolutionary idea through his work and his beliefs.

NEPTUNE the planet of spirituality imagination creativity, self-undoing, addictions,delusions, in Scorpio- sex addictions,  and his only Retrograde planet in the 10th house of worldly success and fame. HE HAS DONE THIS BEFORE.  Neptune is squared by his Natal JUNO at 20 degrees of LEO. Juno is the feminine form of intelligence and genius. they even have Juno awards in Canada for music. Some very smart outspoken women will be the downfall of his romantic illusions.

Jian also has a quincunx or inconjunct from Neptune in Scorpio to LILITH in ARIES in the 3rd house. HELL hath no fury like a woman scorned. This shows a huge split in Gian’s psyche. LILITH and Ceres are in a square to each other -there is friction, and tension around women and sexuality and controlling them, that demands release.

He is a mama dominated boy, with CERES the Mothering principle in CANCER where it is smother, and square to LILITH. This is the classic MOTHER/WHORE Split. Ceres is also conjunct Jupiter and Venus in Leo furthering amplifying MOM in his split psyche which he acts out unconsciously on women.

CHIRON the wounded healer is at the very last degree of PISCES. This degree has been called the last stop or the last incarnation degree. Jian is suffering the self-undoing, the unconscious addictions, the feeling of being suffocated from within his own psyche. He has reached maximum falling off point.  Chiron in Pisces is incarceration, martyrdom, endings. 


SATURN conjunct his natal NEPTUNE in his 10th house of fame.

A KARMIC self-undoing about SCORPIO issues, sex, secrets being outed, power, control manipulation, revenge. A public fall from fame to ignominy.


PLUTO in Capricorn in his 1st house of self is opposite his natal MERCURY in Cancer at 12 degrees in his 7th house of relationships. URANUS in Aries is also squaring his communications planet from Aries in his 3rd house. Unexpected chaos, death, humiliation, scorn, revenge, the soul and the identity unravelling, dying. 

Pluto brings death, his father just recently passed away. Pluto will destroy our sense of self- the 1st house to lay us low to learn who we rally are. We must confront our own fears, our own self- hatred.Pluto rapes us into consciousness.

PLUTO is the Soul, our shadows. Jian has undone himself big time. his shadows are now out in public for all to see. He revealed his BDSM issues to fend off the accusations which has only made it worse.

Transiting North Node is conjunct his MARS in LIBRA which is in the CARDINAL CROSS Fire from Uranus in Aries in his 3rd house of communications and PLUTO in Capricorn. He will never be seen as Mr. Nice guy ever again.

Transiting Jupiter in LEO is square to his Neptune his dreams, illusions, delusion. addictions. Jian had gotten too cocky, too proud, Jupiter also conjunct JUNO. Smart women speak out.

Mercury just turned RETROGRADE DIRECT exactly on his natal MARS in LIBRA in his 9th house of justice and honesty, turning inside out communications about other people’s, especially in relationship opinions are of him.

Chiron in Pisces has been squaring his natal Mercury and Traniting Neptune is blinding his Moon.

read the sordid details here

The  SOLAR ECLIPSE on April 29 2014 at 8 degrees of Taurus and the more recent October 23 Solar eclipse at zero degrees Scorpio triggered Jian’s Nodal axis- the South and North nodes which also hit his 10th house of worldly fame .

One last thing, on the day the CBC  announced that it had fired Jian, MARS the planet of action, war and aggression exactly crossed his Ascendant, his persona and conjunct his Asteroid TORONTO.

Who could make this stuff up?

I expect Jian’s career to be totally ruined in Canada, he may face a court case. Although he could resurrect himself  in another country like his home, England or in the U.S. I bet Howard Stern would love to talk to him. Jian has his Mercury conjunct the U.S. Sun and the Star SIRIUS the star of death and rebirth so I would literally expect him to have a new career on  SIRIUS RADIO– who could make this stuff up? He is a talented interviewer, despite his violent nature.

Doing violence to women though is a grievous charge. Not one woman went to the police at the time and filed a report on him.  Women stating that he assaulted them must still be proven. With Sagittarius on his Ascendant there will likely be a court case that Jian will be dealing with over the next 2-2.5 years when Saturn enters Sagittarius on Christmas this year.

Not until Saturn crosses his Ascendant  in December of  2017 will Jian be fully reborn. 

I had a psychic flash on Halloween that he would commit suicide. A narcisistic person could not deal with the shame.

What do you think about this story?


all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Decoding dreams, healing. Reptilians, spiritual night work.

Do you keep track of and remember your dreams? A night with out a dream is like a soul’s message missed. It’s so important to your overall health to track your dreams. I have done so since I was a child and have dream notebooks going back 30 years.

Tonight as the Sun opposes Chiron in Pisces ask to receive a healing dream. Chiron is connected to the Asclepius the place of healing in Ancient Greece.  Psychotropic plants, like Datura  and magic mushrooms and other herbs were used to induce altered states of consciousness. Dreams were considered to be the essential mode of healing in the Asclepius.


Get comfortable before you go to bed, stay in a half awake state and imagine that you are on the steps of an ancient Greek temple. See its beautiful symmetry and architectural details. Go inside. There is a small fire burning and men and women in togas walking around. Go into another anteroom where there is alow bed. Lie down. See yourself drinking a healing potion to detox and remove negative energies. Ask Chiron to come and bring you a healing dream, a dream from which you will wake up feeling in perfect health, as if reborn.

Dreams seem nonsensical but the soul speaks in images, symbols and puns.  There is a collective archetypal symbols in all dreams but each individual had their own set of symbols which have personal meaning. The Aborigines in Australia are so connected to what they call the Dreamtime that is how they can follow ancient trails. They say they come from the Dreamtime or a parallel Universe 30,000 years ago. Stuart Wilde also said a similar thing. That humans are not part of any genetic lines to monkeys or apes and are a completely new type of being who appear around 35- 30,000 years ago. INteresting.

Wow I was dreaming so deeply last  night.

In one part of the dream a very muscular man who was working with my husband, they were going to renovate an Indonesian looking home together  pulled a yellow crocodile out of a floor. I believe I was in Indonesia or some exotic location in my dream. The crocodile was bright yellow.

Thoth Sobek Crocodile Reptilians Tara Greene

From Nefertari’s temple walls The great scribe Thoth and Sobek

Crocodiles symbolize ancient reptilian knowledge. In Ancient Egypt SOBEK was a chief deity, one related to impregnation, robbery, fertility,pharaonic power, the military, He was mainly worshipped at Faiyum, Shedet and Kom Ombo.

Sobek was worshipped from 2686 – 2181 BCE to the Roman Period 30 BCE- 350 Current era. That is over 3, 000 years. His names was originally UNIS which is very US like, and he was Hathor and Neith’s son -she was Goddess of the Sky. He worship became more prominent in the Middle Kingdom. Over that time he changed and Sobek was incorporated with Horus and solar deities. and his  parent were Osiris and Isis.

David Ike and Stuart Wilde and Barbara Hand Clow and others speak of reptilians who are  E.T.’s disguised as humans who run the planet disguised as The Queen, Obama, the Pope etc. and represent the secret governments who  control the power money and keep people ignorant and in fear which is their food on earth. They also run rampant in other worlds as well. As far out as that may seem David Ike is the most popular individual website in the world.

So that part of the dream seems to me a revelation about a secret reptilian agenda being uncovered or unmasked.

I do remember being in Egypt in past lives. I myself am more aligned with the SIrians.

Do you believe in reptilians secretly controlling the world?

What have your dreams been like lately?

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Easter Frenzy Liberty or Death and the Fool Astrology

Sorry I haven’t been posting daily as I intended. There is SO MUCH going on.

EASTER is the DEATH & RESURRECTION SHOW so perfect with MOON in SCORPIO the Death Moon, PLUTO MOON

The journey to the UNDERWORLD, HADES, as VENUS is doing NOW, like the QUEEN of HEAVEN INANNA

has done since the beginning of time, she in the UNDERWORLD after soul mating with the SUN

she will gradually lose her ego, on 7 pegs and be hung like a piece of meat, like JESUS,

but hellers come and rescue her and put her back together and she gradually makes her way to the UPPER WORLD

and regains her THRONE and throw her cheating lover Dumuzzi to the dogs.

SO AMAZING all is in order. I want to check into KIM JONG UN’s Astrology chart

I am having clients begging for readings 

because of the pressure. Not just from North Korea.

GOod FRIDAY was very intense even for Scorpio’s.  Saturn conjunct the MOON

and PAinful for PISCES

and out of whack for Aries  then a Void of Course day

SATURDAY things will just feel a bit off kilter in another REPLAY ARIES/SCORPIO RELAx on this void of course day

navel gaze deeply 

MOON enters SAGITTARIUS  in the evening of the 30th for some well deserved comic relief

Sagittarius is famous for their humour go see a lite movie- are they any playing?


VENUS in ARIES squares PLUTO  in CAPRICORN -give me liberty or give me death

Moon squares Neptune in PISCES – romantic, optimism


GREAT DAY SAGITTARIUS, also good for LEO”S  get inspired ins spite- yes and SCORPIO LOVES SPITE

Moon opposite JUPITER_ make summer travel plans, fall in love with someone exotic.

Moon again goes V/c 10 o’clock PDT sunday late


The Fool Tarot Tara Greene tarot

Dierdre Abbot The FOOL ZERO/22 

THE FOOL in the TAROT TRUMP is ZERO. nothing, full potential, ALEPH  ALPHA and #22 the end, OMEGA

THE FOOL is TRUST and INNOCENCE, living fully in the present


SO GET IT NOW! Don’t worry, YOU are already an ENLIGHTENED BEING, 

THERE IS NO DEAth, THAT IS ONE OF THE truth’s in the Catholic Religion.

MOON enters CAPRICORN 10:35 pm PDT

I am off to take a course this weekend so stay tuned for new offerings,


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Women’s spirituality,nurturing Venus, embodying Love, Goddess workshop with Tara Greene

Womens Venus spirituality workshop Tara Greene


JULY 20 -23  – The TIME IS NOW


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Aphrodite, Isis, Kwan Yin, Shakti, Shekinah,

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Laskshmi, Goddess Tara Greene workshops

 Each woman has potential access to Rio Abajo Rio, this river beneath the river. She arrives there through deep meditation, dance, writing, painting, prayermaking, singing, drumming, active imagination, or any activity which requires an intense altered consciousness. A woman arrives in this world-between worlds through yearning and by seeking something she can see just out of the corner of her eye….

If there is to be change, we are it.
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Women Who Run with the Wolves




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